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Spring and summer offer the chance to get outdoors, do some gardening or even wash down the porch or patio. Of course, while watering the garden or spraying down the porch, veranda or the car, you may dread bringing out the garden hose. Sometimes using a regular hose can be frustrating. Garden hoses tend to be heavy, they often get kinked or knotted and they take up quite a bit of room as well. If you’re tired of dealing with a traditional hose, you may want to try the Pocket Hose Australia. Of course, before you buy, here is a helpful review of the Pocket Hose and all it has to offer.

About The Product The Pocket Hose Australia is a special expandable garden hose that is flexible and it never kinks or knots under pressure. It’s an accordion style hose that will expand when you begin running water through it. It is very compact – fits into a drawer or a small shelf until you are ready to use it. Once you connect the hose to the tap and turn the water on, it starts to expand until it finally reaches its full length of 15 metres. Then, when the water is turned off, the Pocket Hose actually shrinks and goes back to its original size.

The Pros and Cons Of course, it’s a good idea to look at both the pros and cons before deciding to purchase the Pocket Hose Australia.

The Pros     

Expands to 15 metres making it easy to find the perfect hose length for your needs. It’s shrinks to a very small size and weighs less than 400 grams The hose has very tough, durable skin on the outside, plus a second skin on the inside which helps to keep it from being damaged. If you need a longer hose, it is easy to connect the hoses together so you get a longer hose that will meet your needs. It will not kink or twist under pressure – then when you’re finished, it shrinks down to a very small size so it’s great for keeping in your shed, garage or even on your boat.

What Customers are saying Many people have already ordered the Pocket Hose and are enjoying all that it has to offer. We read a few of the Pocket Hose reviews out there to see what customers are saying and overall, they are quite positive. Many customers commented that they thought this hose was too good to be true, but when they tried it, they were astounded at how small it was and how easy it was to use. Customers also love the fact that they can connect hoses together to get an even longer hose when they need it. When you need a hose but you don’t want to use a heavy, expensive hose that is frustrating to use, the Pocket Hose Australia is a great choice. It’s reasonably priced, it won’t take up a huge amount of space and you don’t have to worry about kinks or knots when using it. Visits our site Oz Seen on TV for pocket hose reviews and to buy pocket hose online

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The Pocket Hose Australia is a special expandable garden hose that is flexible and it never kinks or knots under pressure. It’s an accordion...