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Microsoft Xbox One Handheld Controller Device Candid Review Microsoft’s Xbox ONE handheld device debuted with 40+ improvements over its predecessor – the award-winning 360 controller – without sacrificing what you’ve become accustomed to from a quality gaming handheld device. Here are some of the newest features directly benefiting you and your enjoyment of your Xbox ONE gaming experience: Impulse Triggers – The ‘rumble’ feature has long been a staple in the gaming community, now you get to feel the precision of each moment targeting specific areas of your hands down to your fingertips. This takes the ‘rumble’ experience to a whole new level! 30ft Wireless Range – For those intense moments of sweat beads dripping down your face as you’re maneuvering around an enemy in a single-player experience, or you need a extra ‘arm room’ to toss a Hail Mary touchdown pass down the end-zone to your Xbox Live fantasy football buddies. Newly Designed D-Pad – It’s been totally revamped to make executing precise movements a breeze unlike the clunky D-pad on the 360 handheld devices. New Wireless Radio – Enables faster data transfer to the console. Pick-up-and-Play Controlling – Kinect instantly recognizes who’s gaming and which controller they’re holding so you’re instantly signed in to your account without the hassle. Expansion Ports – Useful for add-on devices like wired/wireless headsets for your online gaming pleasures.

Here Are Good Reasons Why Gamers LOVE The Xbox ONE Handheld Controller One of the BEST things about this controller is the ‘Impulse Trigger’ feature. It’s the ‘rumble action’ you’re used to -- only better! When you shoot a grenade launcher, drive a race car down the speedway or run from a falling boulder before it crushes your in-game avatar, you’ll experience *tiny rumbles* triggering at precise moments during your gaming. This adds a level of realism that, by itself, is worth the price of the controller alone. But there’s more. To add icing on the cake, the D-pad is finally improved to perfection. It now rests in a depressed setting in the same location as the 360 handheld device. Only it’s been re-designed to work flawlessly with video games relying on it precise button presses more than others such as fighting games or puzzles. It’s a massive improvement over the 360 D-Pad, which most gamers felt awkward. Lastly, the improved grip on the thumb stick, fluid trigger button layout and removal of the bulging battery pack for a more streamlined and comfortable feel adds more value to the Xbox ONE Handheld controller device.

Here Are Common Problems and Negatives About The Xbox ONE Handheld Controller First, let’s address the elephant in the room. At roughly $59.00 USD, the price is on the steep side of handheld gaming devices if you’re gaming on a tighter budget. One alternative is investing in cheaper 3 rd party controllers. Keep in mind 3rd party controllers usually come with its share of nagging problems. They can be made of cheaper material; breaking easily. Not work as precisely as the official version. Or simply be poorly designed and affect your gaming experience. It’s an option, nonetheless. Another complaint is that the popular headsets, Turtle Beach, are incompatible with the Xbox ONE handheld device. Some gamers believe it’s a ploy by Microsoft to ‘force’ buyers to spend more money on newer headsets while abandoning their older models. Finally, the bumpers feel a little cheap and make ‘clicking’ sounds when pressed. They can also be rather challenging to press causing uncomfortable long gameplay. A typical creative solution is modifying the button layout to avoid the RB and LB buttons altogether. Here’s Our FINAL Verdict... In conclusion, the Xbox ONE Controller had big shoes to fill. Microsoft’s gaming division was faced with the mind-numbing task of not only matching the excellence of the 360 handheld, but exceeding it. And it does. The improved d-pad, ‘Impulse Trigger’ feedback mechanism, insanely comfortable grip and ergonomics along with other ‘tweaks’ makes the Xbox ONE Controller a great addition to any Xbox ONE gamers arsenal. It’s the best for this reason. And it’s official. Oh, and did I mention how cool the Xbox logo on the controller looks? It is so slick - :) Hopefully, my impression of this controller helped you make your final decision. If you wish to proceed to order your Xbox ONE handheld device, simply follow the link below. Thanks for reading my review.

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