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My first day of school I am excited about my first day to kindergarten. I woke up early, but cannot find my uniform. My mother came to the rescue, only to find out that I had slept in it.

There I am walking up to school. The school is so big‌..

Who am I I like to practice MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I like to this because I learn discipline and respect. I learn to respect my MMA teachers because most of them are Marine Marine Corps Veterans.

Hunting This is me when I got my first deer. I was so happy. It was worth being in the cold. The look on my dad’s face meant everything to me. me. He was so proud.

Fishing Here is a special time my dad and I fishing on a warm summer day. We caught 20 white bass. Hmm.It is going to be be some good eating!!

The Future Me My main plan in the future is becoming a medical doctor. This idea came to me when I was seven years old while I was visiting my grandmother at the hospital. After a number of operations, my grandmother passed on and I decided that I would dedicate my life to assist those critically ill.

There I am the head of surgeons.I have plans of building my own hospital where I can treat patients and assist those without the ability to cater for hospital bills.

I built my own hospital where I am treating patients on a daily basis. I am doing what I love doing which is helping people who are critically ill and saving lives.

This is the orphanage I established where I can assist children without parents in order to be able to get proper education and basic needs. I feel much honored to have shared my book of memories with all of you.

Book of memories for ben  

Final Book of Memories

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