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The Life of Birds

A number of birds are in their nest, Soon mama and papa came back to rest, Later the birds hear a sound, so they poke their heads up to look around. A flock of birds were next to their tree, with five times their number and flying with glee. The little birds plus mama and papa go to join their flight, Flying in the sky with lots of hieght! A fourth of the birds needed a break, So they flew down to rest next to the lake. They leave those birds and continue to soar, And they all turn starboard. These birds are equal to, A number of birds with the same numbers as the little ones were perched on a bran Not more than just a tranche. Those birds come flying in, Asked if they could join in for some din din. The flock answered: “of course” , So they flew down to get some main course. Down on the ground they landed and saw, More birds! And they were in awe! “A huge flock of birds!” they screamed, “Can we join in for the time being?” “All you have are two birds squared, How can we ignore that request of your ?” So they happily went into eating some worms, when two more birds came flying down to the berm. They had a nice greeting, and joined them for eating. As the birds are happily feasting, Can you tell me the number of birds that are eating?

Survey: 1. Is the poem on a single A4 sheet of paper?

2. Does this poem use 2 fonts?

3.Do my fonts support the theme of “Bird�

4. What did you like about this poem?

5. What do you think could be better?

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