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On Site SEO Checklist Written by Benjamin Hübner

Traffic Software Reviews Do you want to know how to increase your websites search engine visibility just by using these simple on site seo techniques? Ensure to apply all the methods listed in this article in order to rank better in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo! This is my on site seo checklist, remember to also take a look at my onpage seo checklist! Remember that the on-site checklist is just important each time you create a totally new site, while the other onpage seo checklist is important whenever you post new content to your websites! Notice : Avoid wasting your time on low income or low search volume keywords by investing some time into keyword research.! Try to remember these steps whenever you setup a new website or blog : 1. Use your main keyword inside your domain name. 2. Really do not make use of anchor texts similar to "Click Here", "Home" or "Read More" for your onpage navigation, instead make sure to use your main keywords here. Use dofollow internal links, and try to add links to related pages to your content whenever it makes sense. 3. Your content sould be unique and well writen on all your internal pages, avoid using dublicated content. 4. Remember to add a sitemap to your website! You can easily use the Google Webmaster tool to do so, but you need to update this file whenever you add new content to your website. 5. Make certain that you are using a correctly formatted robot.txt file. 6. Add a dofollow link pointing to your sitemap file to your navigation. 7. Add keyword rich links pointing to importnat content to your 404 error pages, maybe you want to add a search box in addition. 8. Make use of the Google Webmaster Tool to validate your site. 9. Ensure to minimize your websites loading time 10. Take advantage of Google analytics to track your websites performance and optimize your site on a regular basis. 11. Add new content from time to time. Don´t worry about pulling out new content each and every day, one or two times per month will be fine too. 12. Verify that this web site is xhtml/w3c verified. 13. If your website isn´t a blog, try to add a RSS feed. 14. Use a keyword rich perma link structure. In order to get the most traffic and the highest search engine positions, I highly recommend to follow all these tips and methods. For more information about optimizing your website for the search engines I highly recommend to take a look at my favorite onpage seo guide, also don´t miss to take a look at my blog for more infos about onpage and offpage seo, social seo strategies and other traffic strategies!

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