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Works by Benjamin Hope

Nelson’s Pavement #1 2017, oil on board, 20.3 × 40.6 cm, 8 × 16 ins

Nelson’s Pavement #2 2017, oil on canvas, 40.6 × 58.4 cm, 16 × 23 ins

I painted Nelson’s Pavement #2 partly on 22 March 2017—the day of the Westminster terror attack. The sheer number of sirens made it obvious that something serious was happening and yet I felt perfectly safe and people nearby on Whitehall remained calm. Shortly before the incident, though, several groups of French schoolchildren had chatted to me as they headed towards the Houses of Parliament and I can’t help wondering whether or not they were the ones caught up in it. 



Catalogue for 'Works', an exhibition by Benjamin Hope and Ben Hooper, Gallery Different, London 2017.