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A case of a Participative urban planning platform USING interactive map making in laval and strasbourg Lyon 26th of November 2013 PUMAS Benjamin Hecht, town-planner

Introduction :

Internet IS always more present 80% of French people have domestic internet access 40% of French people now use internet on their mobile 96% of the 15-30 year-old are connected The average internet user is 41 year-old Conclusion : DIMINUTION OF THE INTERNET DIVIDE IN France

CARTICIPE objectives : •To widen public participation through collaborative processes, based on specifically designed internet tools •An opportunity to involve new people, such as students and young working people. •Increase efficiency of data processing by automated system

First case study: laval (fr)

how DOES carticipe motivate stakeholders and citizens during a urban planning process ?

General INFORMATIONS City: 50 000 inhabitants / metropolis : 95 000 inhabitants Experiment duration: 7 months Object of the participative process: masterplan revision 609 contributions 482 comments More of 3000 votes 11 900 pages viewed 3185 unique visitors 13 press articles

MOBILITY: first THEME IN DEBATE 261 ideas about Mobility (42%) -Parking and roads : 85

33% of the mobility contributions

-Pedestrian development : 70 -Bike development : 56

52% of the mobility contributions

-Accessibility : 11 -Public transportation : 26 Other : 13

10% of the mobility contributions

Comparison with the data collected during a physical participative process

Duration : 2 months Participative dispositive : physical local in the inner-city Data : 961 visitors Contributions : 374 Contributions about Mobility : 51 (13%)

Conclusions Complementarity between the physical and the virtual participative process More contributions on internet about mobility Quality and diversity of the online contributions about mobility Hypothesis : cartographic support a variety of contributors a specific way to write on social networks

Second case study : strasbourg (FR)

focus on citizens’ contributions TO the public debate

Operation launched with a local media partner (Rue 89 Strasbourg) – Possibility to focus on mobilty contributions

General results City : 275 000 Inhabitants / metropolis : 475 000 Experiment duration : 3 months (still in process) More of 400 contributions More of 950 comments More of 6000 votes More of 14 200 pages viewed More of 4300 visitors

MOBILITY IS ONCE MORE the first THEME IN DEBATE 69 ideas about mobility (total : 407), 17% of all the ideas. 910 votes (667 positives votes) 1er theme in debate at the metropolis scale 10 actives contributors on mobility theme The most popular propositions are: Train-tram development Renewal of the existing train infrastructure More park-and-ride facilities Optimization of the train infrastructure instead of new tramway projects

Zoom on the most popular idea : The debate about train-tram Better interconnexion between regional trains and tram Opportunity to create a « tram ring » Re-use of old railway line ? BRT ? >> Quality of the debate, contributions, comments with links to article, other contributions on Carticipe >> Cartographic social network

Conclusions Collaborative process close to a wiki or a forum « Think-tank » for stakeholders and citizens Multiplicity of actors involved in the debate (citizens, associations…) Limits : The point of view of public experts is missing It only expresses the « perceptions » of the citizens

General conclusion Importance of the hybridation of physical and virtual participative process Different public on internet -> more people involved Closer to the ground experience of users, at different scales Limits : Some territories may be more represented than others Some social classes may be more represented than others Public experts and stakeholders are not officialy involved

Links : Rue 89 strasbourg

Participative Urban planning using interactive map making  

Case studies of participative urban planning process using a interactive map makaing plat-form in Laval and Strasbourg (France)

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