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Bengü Demircioğlu

Before I moved to Tel Aviv, I was an Industrial & Graphic Designer based in Milano with a Master’s Degree in Product Design in Scuola Politecnico di Design, Milano, Italy. After my graduation I’ve been working in various design studios in Milano based on lighting, functional bag & backpack design, accessories, brand identity, visual communications, social media content, art direction, luxury packagings for cosmetic brands, exhibition design, branding for restaurants, hotels and corporate companies. Since I have a passion for graphic design, I am always into learning new things, adding new skills to develop myself therefore I was enrolled in UX Design Fundamentals online courses at The Interaction Design Foundation and received a certificate.



Interaction Design Online Course UX Design Fundamentals Interaction Design Foundation

Graphic Designer Ottodesign Graphic Design & Art Direction Studio Milano 2018-2019

Master’s Degree Scuola Politecnica di Design Product Design Milano/Italy 2014-2015

Packaging designs for luxury cosmetics and food brands, branding for cafe, restaurant, hotel and corporate companies, art direction for exhibition design.

Bachelor’s Degree Yeditepe University Industrial Design Istanbul/Turkey 2009-2014

Softwares Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Rhinoceros Keyshot Sketch

+972529696106 digital platforms @bengudem_

Graphic design for social media content, product catalogue design, styling and photo shooting for catalogue. Product Designer Diego Recchia SRLS Design Studio Milano 2016-2018 Functional bag & backpack design, accessories, brand identity, visual communications in collaboration with Mandarina Duck, Beretta, Ferrari, Noeizo. Product Designer Studio Fanticelli Design & Architecture Office Milano 2015 Creating the form, 3D models and renders of a Moroccan Lantern inspired lamp collection.


Graphic Designer & Art Director Madea Milano Furniture Company Milano 2017-2018

Language Turkish Native English Advanced Italian Intermediate Hebrew Beginner

Design Intern Diego Grandi DGO Design & Architecture Office Milano 2015 Communication and layout design of client presentations.


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Fika Branding My Fitness Pal UI Design Edivino Branding Madea Milano Social media content Five Loaves of Bread Food packaging Mediterranea Cosmetics packaging Molino Merano Food packaging La Calce Del Brenta

Exhibition Design

01 Fika [ fee-ka ] noun. A Swedish phrase to take a moment to appreciate the good things in life, usually accompanied by sweet baked goods and a coffee, which inspired for a coffee shop branding project.


App Icon

Category icons

Colour Scheme Navigation bar normal R 243

R 186

R 24

G 96

G 206

G 55

B 66 # F36042

B 233 # BACEE9

B 153 # 183799

Navigation bar selected

02 My Fitness Pal Logo and UI development of a fitness app, by choosing more comfortable, soft colour on the background and creating a bold and clean logo to achieve a more refined identity. Additional features as creating a to do list which can contain events beside fitness to integrate the app into daily life basis.




Colour Scheme Primary


App Icon


Futura Bold Bariol Regular Bariol Bold

03 Edivino Branding of a restaurant & boutique hotel in Capri with an integration of contemporary and modernized Campania elements.


Terrazzo texture inspired by the floor of the restaurant

Restaurant Menu

Gold foil printing on the textured menu cover. The texture of the restaurant’s wallpaper used in the menu cover.

Suite Room Directories

Gold foil printing on the textured room directories cover. The texture of the bedroom walls used in the directories cover.

04 Social Media Content A brief example of social media content creations for Madea Milano by creating collage works combining with illustrations and product photographies done by myself in the catalogue photo shoots.

05 Five Loaves of Bread Branding and packaging design for a new Swiss bread company. Since it’s a new brand to take place in the market, I’ve used vibrant colours with the patterns of main ingredients to be eye-catching.

Logotype A

Logotype B






06 Mediterranea Packaging design for a high-end Italian cosmetic brand for their new anti-aging line. Subtle and elegant texture to feel the ‘‘Action’’ itself on touch. The key to the texture is to keep it minimal in size yet impactful with the gold. It is in production at the moment to take place in the market soon.

07 Molino Merano Packaging design for an Italian flour company’s new line of product which is active yeast for B2B and B2C market. In production to take place in their product family.

New pattern inspired by the bubbles in yeast

Category colours used on EVA name to easily recognized

Highlighting the product itself (Active Yeast)

Colour Scheme

08 La Calce Del Brenta Art direction for exhibition space design for an Italian paint and finishing company La Calce Del Brenta for the Architect@Work 2019.

Concept A

7044 5C

7078 8A

7200 21E

7064 7C

7060 7E

5168 Stella Alpina

Creating an eye-catching atmoshpere with bold, contrast and warm color palette and using their own raw material as styling element with a delicate flower.

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5228 Miele

Concept B A more soft, pastel and cool colour combinations to achieve an extraordinary palette.

5010 dolomia

5086 lichene

5272 menta

5086 lichene

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7206 21B

Thank you!


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