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The other social networks that are out there are not to bad so why facebook?. Why choose facebook as a number on choice to generate thousands of leads on a daily basis? It doesn't take a social network expert to see why this is so.. Facebook is and always will be the core of any type of social media.. For a while we thought the myspace defeated the competition when it came to Social Netorks. Myspace is in no where near to comparison next to facebook.. In my opinion I don't think myspace has been getting much popularity these days. If you go to and you go to top sites and see some of the positions that the most popular sites of today are ranking for you will see clearly that facebook is right under google as the number 2 ranked website in the world. Facebook is where its at for MLM and any type of internet marketing.

Okay Well How Do I Start Doing Great Marketing On Facebook?

We are going to sign up on facebook first before we do any marketing.. Make Sure you fill out the information properly. Information like first name, last name, sex, what year you were born, what are your favorite hobbies, ...etc Why tell people on facebook about so much that I like. You see you have to understand that people are already skeptical towards you as a network marketer trying to establish your self on facebook right off the bat. You want people to feel comfortable and around you but more so people want to feel as if they KNOW you already. People do business with people they know, love, respect and trust. Making friends and getting to know people with always outrank the business perspective of online marketing.!! Understand that concept from now and your business will grow to proportions

you could not have dreamed of. Now on the other hand you don't want to fill out too much information as some of the information facebook will ask you on the sign up page is only optional and really not relevant. After you have finished signing up you want to add a profile picture. Business people and normal people can all relate to a warm smile so let it be authentic.. If your one of those individuals who likes to fake smiles don't bother. If your going to display a mood vexed expression in your facebook profile picture you can already expect to fail.. It turns people off because no one wants to do business with an unhappy face. Take out few pictures of you doing something you enjoy. Try making a pic of you playing basketball with your friends.. It might be you just having a good old time with your friends playing monopoly or playing halo on your new playstation. Pictures of you enjoying you time with your favorite pet is not such a bad idea.. The point I am getting at is that you want to show people on facebook that your human just like they are and you can enjoy your lif just like anyone else. Your primary picture should be a photo of you doing something fun as well but try and make your main profile business orientated as well as enjoyable to look at. Tkae a look at my video tutorial I put out on youtube title Free Facebook Marketing Training part 1 to get a more in depth understanding of what I have just described.

Finally Making Friends!!

So by now you have a fairly decent profile picture.. You have filed out the necessary information on your sign up page. Now your ready to start adding some friends. Okay so now you want to join a group.. You want the groups that your joining agenda to match the type of marketing your doing. If your involved in mlm it would be wise to join a group that is based on bible teaching because thats way off from your target market.. Anything out of your target market is irrelevant. Now what you want to do is join groups everyday that consist of 500 or more members. You want to add 50 friends every day out of how many people are actually in the group. 50 friends a day will be good enough for you being that facebook isn't happy with people who go above that minimul amount. . Just keep joining groups and add 50 friends a day to build your facebook presents. When you join these groups always contribute something to the mebers in your group. Something of value. It might be information about how to do something. Something that could make their live a lot easier.

This is what will also secure your definite success on facebook. Offering vale on facebook in the form of information. I will talk more about that in the next passage. Check out this video I did titled Free Facebook Marketing Training part 2 to get a better understanding of what I just described in this passage.

Posting Your Content On Group Walls And Friend Walls

Now is the part where we actually offer value to the people who we have decided to associate with. One more thing you must learn when establishing your business on facebook is you don't want to pitch your business on facebook to people. People DO NOT care about what business your in or what business opportunity you think would be best for them. You want to brand yourself as a leader on facebook by presenting the solutions to the average network marketers problems. Most people just want to pitch pitch on facebook without offering any real solutions. Most of them won't even admit that they are struggling online. The more information you put out on facebook with general solutions to what the average marketer is faceing the more you will notice your business starting to grow. When you post in groups try not to post in TOO MANY groups as facebook also considers that to be spam like behavior. To many warnings about your behavior on facebook will result in the immediate shutting down of your account. Not something you want any time soon. So take your time when posting please. Your information could be in the form of a blog post or a video link. A webinar link is also acceptable when distributing your content to fifferent groups that your in. Thats basically it for your facebook training!! Checkout the video tutorial I did title Free Facebook Training part 3 to see how I get mor detailed about this. Click here for ... Free Facebook Marketing Training part 1

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