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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== The Best Sex Positions There are a lot of and guides out there with, like, a ja-zillion sex positions... A good many of them are either anatomically impossible if you haven't been doing or gymnastics for at least 10 years, and a good many are just uncomfortable and not particularly good for sexual enjoyment. But you don't need to know a ja-zillion sex positions... what you want to know is: What sex positions really work the best? Are there sex positions that are better than others for giving a woman more powerful orgasms? Are there sex positions that are better for male "staying power"? Are there love making positions that can promote ? Or intercourse positions for "smaller" or "larger men"? And, of course, are there sex positions that can hit the g spot or the clitoris? The answer is, "Yes," to all of the above. I will answer all of these questions in this "how to." And yep, these sex positions really work... and I won't even need any diagrams or illustrations to explain them to you, because they are all very simple variations on what you are already doing. ***Woman On Her Back Sex Positions The basic position with the woman on her back, the man on top, is referred to as "missionary" position. It's a big favorite because you are face to face, and it can be very intimate and loving. Here are some variations that you might enjoy... For women who need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm (and there are a lot of them), there is a position called "The Coital Alignment Technique", or CAT. Here's how it works...

Start in missionary position, man on top. He scoots up about 6 inches so that the angle of penetration is sharply downward, then she wraps her legs around him, crosses her ankles, and then works them down around his calves. If you got this part right, then the top of the penis will now be making strong contact with your clitoris. And then... SHE controls the motion by rocking her hips forward and back. This allows the woman to adjust the pressure and the speed of the stimulation against her clitoris. Once she's got that going, he can start a thrusting motion in time with her rhythm. The whole thing takes a little practice, but once you get it going, most couples report major points on the scream-ometer. For the g spot (and for men who are very large, or if she sometimes finds it uncomfortable when penetration is too deep), try this one... The man sits back on his heels and pulls the woman's hips onto his knees. Penetration is at a sharp upward angle. A little experimentation with the motion, and he might be able to poke at the g spot, or further back at the anterior fornix (another spot that many woman report has powerfully orgasmic results). Added bonus: his hands are free, which means it's possible to the clitoris or breasts, or just stroke her hair and face, or hold her hands. And, finally, for marathon sessions... The man stands at the edge of the bed between the woman's legs. Depending on whether her legs are up or down, the angle can be changed to suit your pleasure. Because it takes weight off the base of the penis, most men find it much easier to withhold ejaculation for much longer in this position... PLUS... the thrusting motion is easier and there's lots of air circulation around your body to keep you cool... Get ready to set your new all-time record! ***Woman On Her Belly Sex Positions All of these "from behind" sex positions are sometimes referred to as "doggy style"... and between that unfortunate name and so many women in our culture having sensitivities to the appearance of their rear... plus, the lack of face-to-face ... there are some women out there who just don't like the idea of these positions. That's a shame. Because many other women report these positions to be their favorite. We're all familiar with the basics so... For a man with a smaller penis... if her hips are in the air and her face is on the pillow, you are now in the intercourse position that allows the deepest penetration possible. (And if you are with a man who is larger, go slow and careful at this one).

And, at the opposite extreme, it is possible to contact both her clitoris and g spot from behind with this little bit of ... She lies down flat on her belly, he straddles her legs, she lifts her hips slightly so that he can slide one or both hands beneath her pelvis. His palm right beneath her pubic bone provides just the right amount of tilt and feels amazing for both partners. From this position, the angle of penetration can hit the g spot, and he can curls his fingers between her legs to stimulate her clitoris (or just cup her vulva, which can also feel very good during thrusting). For bonus points, the nape of the woman's neck (one of the most potent female erogenous zones) is open for licking or light biting... The neighbors will hate you from all the screaming. ***Woman On Top Sex Positions Typically the woman will straddle the man and rest on her knees. Most women love these love making positions because they get to run the show for a change, and... since women are naturally more clever than men with the motion of their hips (unless he happens to be a professional salsa dancer)... she can get a lot of control over the depth, angle, and intensity of intercourse. The problem? For many women, this position begins to hurt the knees after only a short time. The solution? A narrow chair with no arms, a piano bench, or... if you are into home ... a weight bench is perfect. Allowing her to get her feet onto the floor can really turbo-charge any girl-on-top sex positions and, since these are usually intercourse positions that make it easier for men to withhold ejaculation, you can settle in for a nice long love making session! And, finally, for spiritual love making that might just take you, literally, out of this world... The buddhist monks of Tibet have a sacred sex position known as "yab yum"... though, I'll warn you in advance, it takes some flexibility in the guy. Here's how you can yab yum too... The man sits with the soles of his feet together and knees apart (The position is known as baddha konasana). The woman then straddles him and wraps her legs around his back. For extra credit in this spiritual sex position... the man butterflies his knees up and down to control the motion. Now place your foreheads together to align your chakras, place the tip of your tongue

on the roof of your mouth to complete the energetic circuit, and take long... slow... synchronized breaths through the nose. ...And I'll see you on the astral plain! About the Author: Alex Allman is the author of "Revolutionary Sex: For Her," a program built from the collected knowledge of countless experts and from years of working with hundreds of couples, that gives women... - The sexual confidence and techniques to get more (much more) pleasure from sex - Techniques to drive any man wild in the bedroom - building exercises to build trust and bring love into love-making. - And develop a deep understanding of the male sexual mind. Check out more info on the program or sign up for his free newsletter here:

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