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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== Spice Up Your Love - Try Something New Often, new sexual positions are all that's needed for a bit of sexy adult entertainment for the evening. Trying new sexual positions can fling open new sexual doors, stimulating new undiscovered sensitive spots or stimulating more of the old favourite spots simultaneously. Trying new sex positions makes you feel very sexy because you are being adventitious and the view can often look a lot sexier too. You do need to bear in mind that when you are trying new positions that you may not get it right first time around. Some positions need practice, some require balance and some require you to be as bendy a piece of elastic.

When you and your partner have got into position, if just thrusting doesn't stimulate anywhere sensitive don't give up. Instead try grinding and rotating your hips to the left and then to the right. Move your hips in a figure of eight, and waggling from side to side. Try dipping in just half way, and fast and hard. Try all the different techniques that you can think of because some positions favour different movements and a lot of the fun is exploring which movements work best. Be prepared to not get it right first time and be prepared to laugh, after all, sex is supposed to be fun. Beginners Here are a couple of positions for you to try. Doggy - The woman gets down on her hands and knees and the man kneels behind with her, with his legs in-between hers and he enters her vagina. With his hands on her hips he can pull her back on to his penis as he thrusts. The Rising Position - The woman lays on her back with the man kneeling between her legs. The man lifts the woman's legs so that he has a leg resting on each shoulder. For deeper penetration the man should lean forwards. Girl on Top - Hey girls, saddle up and ride your stallion, Ye-Haw! Straddle in a kneeling position across your partner's groin, so that his penis will comfortable slip inside you. It is a great position to take control. Try leaning forwards of back to change the feel inside. Also tease your partner by playing with your breasts and clitoris. Accomplished Lovers Give the usual sex positions a new twist with the help of every day things around the house. Doggy can be a new experience if the woman has her knees on the pouf or the bed, and her

hands on the floor. The missionary or other positions where the woman lays on her back can be spiced up by simply places pillows under her bottom changing the angle of her pelvis. Girls get on top but instead of kneeling across his nether regions, try squatting with your knees pointing out a bit like a frog. You may need to hold on to the headboard or your partner's hands for support. This is a very raunchy, porn star twist on an old favourite. Outrageously Kinky Lovers Invest in a good book or search up sexual positions online, you'll find dozens of different sex positions and variations of old ones. Make a point of trying only one new sexual position a week. This gives you ample time to give it a few tries, and to really test it out and practise it before making your final decision. You will naturally remember and re-use sex positions that hit the right spot for you. If you're feeling very kinky, you may consider buying a sex swing. Swings offer new slants on the old love making positions and can make you feel very naughty. S. Roberts write for an adult review website. Visit for the latest Sex Toy Reviews.

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