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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== Reasons I Would Never Date a Fat Man I bet some may oppose my opinion on this, but I hope that there are girls out there who are not hypocrites to admit that all things being equal, they would rather choose the athletic type over the big fat guy. Im slender, but not the Nicole Richie anorexic type, and never in my wildest dream will I date a fat man. Heres why: 1. If I am with a fat man, I may be tempted to eat like him If I am with a fat guy and hes the type who eats every chance he gets, what am I suppose to do? Watch him eat? Thats so pathetic. I mean, I may be tempted to join him especially if hes munching on my favorite desert and that would really ruin my diet. I would rather be with a health buff who knows how to watch his calories. 2. I cant imagine having sex with a fat dude! A fat dude naked in front of me? Sorry, if its cold and heartless of me, but its not a nice sight. Plus what positions can we do with his fat ass? Im the type of girl whod rather keep the lights on to see the masculine aura of my guy. A muscle is hot, fat is not! Actually there are a lot of things I would like to point out in this section. A fat guy would easily be out of breath. I wonder if he has the energy to keep up with me. Athletic guys have the stamina when it comes to intimacy in between the sheets but a fat man will doze to sleep, snoring loud after the first round. Thats actually based on experience and some common sense. Come on ladies, agree with me. 3. Being fat may possible be a reflection of his inner mess Okay, not-the-typical-me, but lets get intellectual here. In a psychological point of view, some people tend to overeat as a way to divert themselves from their frustrations. They turn to compulsive over-eating which makes them obese. They dont overeat just because the food is sumptuous but theres something deeper than that. Honestly, I dont want to date a guy who has a lot of psychological troubles. 4. The physical attribute of a person shows how disciplined he is Again, intellectually speaking (duh!), an obese body is just a reflection of their lack of self-control. We all can look trim and sexy if we want to and the crucial part is, if we exert effort. But what do these so-called-big guys do? They choose to eat and be a loser. Okay you may have naturally good-looking genes, so why let it go to waste? Hit the gym before you ask me out!

5. I dont want to be asked this question: "What did you see in that fat bf of yours?" To some extent we all consider the looks, right? Im not a fat loser, Im gorgeous and I can prove that. If I date a fat guy, I would expect that I would be bombarded with a lot of questions why I am dating him. The last thing I want is to defend my choice to every individual out there. So I see to it, that I am proud of my taste when it comes to guys. Please, dont be a plastic, I know youd be more proud if the guy towering beside you have six-pack abs than a flabby stomach. ==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ====

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