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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== Pregnancy After Gallbladder Removal A gallbladder surgery, commonly known as cholecystectomy, is a form of surgery in which the gallbladder is removed. The gallbladder is the organ that resides in the abdomen and is located under the right side of the liver. Usually, the gallbladder has to be ejected out due to the presence of gallstones. These are stones that can cause the bile flow to disrupt. When the bile flow is not smooth, there are high probabilities that the liver may endure swelling which is injurious for the over-all health of the individual. Gallbladder stones are most prevalent in women and it is at this point of time that women are worried about the question of conception. They wonder as to how and when they would be able to develop chances of conceiving. A majority of women are plagued by a quandary that clouds their perception of pregnancy. They are often found asking and getting perturbed on the issue of whether they will remain in a position of getting pregnant after the surgery. Cholecystectomy Surgery Procedure The surgery is performed through a laparoscope, due to which there are three to four incisions or cuts that are made through which the instruments or tools required for surgery are inserted. In one of the four tubes that are inserted; there is a camera that is attached to it. Through this camera, the surgeon is able to see the abdominal cavity. In order to alleviate the clarity of the site, there is gas that is let lose into the abdomen. The camera is equipped to capture images which are simultaneously displayed on a monitor. These pictures that feature on the monitor indicate if there is any discrepancy in the gallbladder. It is through this method that the surgeon is able to work and perform the surgery without making a large incision in the abdomen. Instead, the surgery is performed through the tubes inserted that have certain required instruments perforated through the tubes. Is Pregnancy After Gallbladder Removal Possible? Certainly, a woman can get pregnant after a gallbladder surgery has been conducted. There is no risk that you endure if you conceive. Thus, getting pregnant is definitely not a risk. However, rest is important after the surgery is conducted. It is also a must that one needs to abstain from certain activities that may potentially interfere with the recovery process. One must be prepared to expect that is ought to change momentarily, having to deal with restrictions formulated for your own good. How to Promote Pregnancy After Gallbladder Removal Here are some pointers that may help you in realizing that while getting pregnant is not a problem, following certain precautions and guidelines may help in facilitating healthy pregnancy. Curb Gassy Attacks

In order to curb gassy attacks and gastrointestinal troubles, it is required that you indulge in bland food. Soups and foods that are light on your system must be consumed for a couple of days. It is advised that you do not begin your normal diet abruptly. Be gradual in your approach and understand that your body will take some time to adjust. Eating bland food may help the system to get back to normal and prevent episodes of hyper-acidity and gas. Take Rest Ensure that you take adequate rest after the surgery. Exertion may lead to the area becoming and feeling all the more sore and tender. You may move around a bit, but not too much. Abstain from Sex You must not indulge in sexual intercourse with your partner soon after the surgery. Make sure that you are off sex for at least 5 days. However, if you indulge in a sexual intercourse after the stipulated number of days and you notice that there is a discharge or blood is oozing, it would be beneficial if you consult your concerned surgeon immediately. Keep a Check on the Healing Incision After the surgery, you may find that there is a watery discharge, either clear or pink in color, oozing out from the incision point. This is considered normal after the conduction of the surgery. All you could do is to change the dressing as and when you feel that the bandage has become soggy and can't stand the dampness. Stay Hydrated Drink water in a good quantity. Apart from satiating thirst, it is a proven fact that water has healing properties that helps in the recovery process. Also consume fruit juices and fresh pulpy fruits to promote better healing. Pregnancy after gallbladder surgery is nothing to worry about, however, as mentioned in the above guidelines, sex should be avoided for a couple of days. You may now rest assured and have no quandary about conceiving after the surgery has been conducted. ==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ====

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