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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== Overweight and Sexual Joy Some of us consider that the problem of overweight affecting sex life is slightly exaggerated, but for those who experienced it on themselves it is pretty pressing question. Of course overweighed people can and do enjoy sex as much as their slimmer counterparts, yet it costs them much more efforts and stamina. Sex is emotion in motion, where the motion becomes the hardest part for 'heavy weights' of us.But it is always possible to find some comfortable positions. These are not the most exotic sex positions ever, but you have to settle with the fact that you will never be able to practice Kama Sutra. Yet, even these positions can be very hot and horny if you get involved with all your big heart and other prominent parts of your body.I don't mention the importance of psychological comfort because it is obvious. You should feel comfortable in your body, love your body and take good care of it. It is a must. Otherwise you won't be able to enjoy sex in any position.Missionary position does its duty just perfectly, the only remark, you will need to add some pillows to make it less tiresome. Find the angle where penetration is the most comfortable for you and place there couple of pillows. The amount of pillows depends only on your comfort. Try to keep balance on your hands while thrusting. But the point is to enjoy sex not carry out your duty. Experiment with missionary position, it can be also very exciting.Actually a pillow should become your sex buddy in all positions, as it adjusts the angle of penetration and helps to keep the balance, which allows you to last longer during thrusting. Another position is a woman lying on her side with her knees bent and couple of pillows under her hip. Place the pillows so that both of you feel comfortable, because if you use too many pillows penetration will be easier for you but may be unpleasant for your woman. Good old doggy style is available for people of any sizes. It provides the deepest and tightest penetration. Yet there are some body shapes for which even doggie becomes mission impossible. I talk about those of us who have big bellies. In this case, you may try a lying doggie. Your woman is lying on her tummy and you penetrate her from the behind. Just don't lay the entire weight of your body on woman's back, keep the balance on your hands. For deeper penetration put a pillow under your woman's butt.If of you are overweight, woman on top does not sound like a great idea, but still you can try some variations of woman on top position. For example, if she doesn't have strong leg muscles, she can bend backwards a bit and move up and down using her feet, or she can just move herself back and force, or place her legs on your shoulders. Either way, she doesn't have to do the entire job. Help her by placing a pillow under your own butt and give her a bit of lifting. Another advantage of this position is perfect clit stimulation.No matter what position works best for you always remember to kiss and caress each others bodies during intercourse.If you really fancy your partner you have to make your sex an amazing and exciting experience for her. Apply your creativity and imagination; introduce role play or bondage play in your sex life. If it is not an easy task to give or get orgasm by actual thrusting or by being penetrated try different . These little buddies can make you and your partner climax in no time. There is a great variety of adult toys. To avoid embarrassment you can. You can also do it together with your partner and believe me, this initiative will be appreciated. Don't concentrate on keeping the balance and avoiding of placing your weight on your partner. Go sensually about it.

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