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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== Mouth Blisters As the name suggests, mouth blisters is a condition that causes formation of small fluid filled bumps in and around the mouth. With the onset of blisters in mouth (canker sores), ingesting food can be quite a painful task. Inner cheeks, tongue and roof of the mouth are some of the common sites of blistered formation. However, sometimes the blisters can also form on the tonsils, thereby making it even more difficult to swallow food. The pain associated with blisters in mouth and throat aggravates while consuming solid food. Mouth Blisters Causes A number of factor can trigger sudden onset of mouth blisters. Development of blisters has also been linked to sexually transmitted disease like syphilis. People affected with cold or flu can also suffer from fever blisters in mouth. It is discussed below: Trauma During meals, we sometimes unknowingly bite the inner cheek, tongue or lips while chewing food. This can damage the soft tissue of the mouth, leading to formation of blisters. Hot or Spicy Foods Drinking hot water or any other hot beverage hastily can contribute to the development of mouth blisters. Eating hot foods can also harm the mouth and eventually lead to blister formation. Spicy foods too can irritate and injure the tissues inside the mouth. Braces Braces may help to correct crooked teeth and realign lower and upper jaw into proper position but one drawback of fitting blisters is that it makes a person highly susceptible to mouth blisters. This is because, delicate inner tissues of the mouth frequently rub on the braces that is made up of hard metal. As a result, the tissues inside the mouth may get injured in the form of cuts and cause blisters. Cold Sores Cold sores manifest in the form of painful fluid filled blisters but they do not occur inside the mouth, instead they are scattered around the mouth, typically near the lower lip. Herpes simplex virus is responsible for causing cold sores. Oral sex with a partner infected with this viral infection or using razors and towels of a person contracted with herpes simplex virus are some of the reasons that spread this viral infection, eventually leading to cold sores. Herpangina Herpangina is a term commonly used to describe a viral infection of the mouth. This condition is typically marked by formation of fluid filled blisters in the mouth that can be a cause of great

discomfort. This infection accompanied by fever is commonly diagnosed in small children. This infection usually causes 4-5 blisters in the mouth and the body temperature may increase up to 104 degree Fahrenheit. However, this illness usually goes away within a week. Vitamin B12 Deficiency People suffering from deficiency in essential nutrients like vitamin B12 are likely to show small bumps in mouth. Low levels of zinc or vitamin B6 can also cause contribute to the development of mouth blisters. Syphilis It is a bacterial infection that is transmitted through sexual contact. The infection causes formation of nodules that appear on the genitals, mouth or the rectum. The nodules disappear within a few weeks after exposure to the bacteria. This is followed by formation of rash that eventually spreads to the whole body. Sores, similar to warts may also appear in the mouth. Syphilis also causes fever, muscle aches and fever. Mouth Blisters Remedies How to get rid of mouth blisters? Options are plenty when it comes to clearing mouth blisters but first it is necessary to find out the underlying cause. However, in most cases, mouth blisters is not a serious issue and many times vanish without any treatment. Eating spicy and hot foods can aggravate the pain associated with mouth blisters. Hence, staying away from these food items is important to ensure that mouth blisters last only for a short while. Including less spicy and salty foods in the diet may prevent recurrence of mouth blisters. In case, vitamin B12 deficiency is diagnosed, taking vitamin supplements may help to clear mouth blisters. Cold sores that appear around the mouth may be treated with topical ointments like Lidocaine and Benzocaine to reduce pain. Doctor may also recommend antiviral medicines like Famciclovir (Famvir) that are to be taken orally. On the other hand, antibiotic treatment at the earliest is the key to get rid of syphilis. like rinsing the mouth with Neem water or water containing zinc can work wonders to alleviate the pain and shrink the mouth blisters. As turmeric displays antiseptic properties, it can also be helpful to cure mouth blisters. Prepare a solution by adding turmeric in boiling water. Once the boiling water returns back to room temperature, rinse the mouth with the solution to get rid of blisters. ==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ====

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