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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== Kissing Techniques Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one's breath." ~ Eve Glicksman Those who have been there, know how delicious it is, especially the first kiss. your partner for the first time or the hundredth time, may be different in intensity, taste and technique but kisses are always the gateway to further pleasurable moments in a relationship. While it is said that the first kiss always come by surprise and are stolen by one of the partners (and why not? Stolen kisses are always the sweetest), kisses in the advanced phases of a relationship need to be made more pleasurable, fun filled and exciting. If you glance through various cultures and civilizations all across the globe, you'll be surprised to see that there are numerous . So there is a lot more to explore, research and most importantly, try out with your partner. Why Kiss? It paves the way to strengthen bonding between partners. A study says that more than men (who're mostly awaiting something more after kiss), women do find kissing an intimate, sweet and a great expression of love. First kisses say much about where the relationship will be heading. It is just like an intuitive nudge you get while kissing your partner for the first time. A bad kiss can be a spoiler for further events but a good one can make you stand in the league of good lovers. Kissing softly is considered to be an integral part of foreplay. It all starts with a kiss, nevertheless. Kissing your partner conscientiously and with patience reflects a lot about your personality. Several married couples, interviewed by relationship experts in US have stated that small pecks, hugs and kissing on forehead; although seemingly small gestures, pave the way for great affection and bonding in long term relationships. Are married people listening? Secrets to Kissing Techniques Becoming a super kisser is an ideal way to revive your love life and make it more exciting. Learning proper kissing techniques are crucial, not only because they'll amplify pleasure, but also because they will keep your sex life more exciting. After all, with your partner goes a long way in improving your and emotional well-being. So what are some kissing techniques guys love, or kissing techniques for women. I mean, is kissing different for males and females? Well, not so much in essence, substance and gravity but certainly in approach and intensity. First things first, hygiene is essential. This goes true for both the genders. Bad breath has been rated to be a serious turn off during kissing. Take care that you're wearing light perfume and don't have a disheveled appearance, while you're contemplating a kiss. Don't smoke before you kiss. She, or probably he, will run away, forever. include patience, spotting right time, seeking permission and then kissing passionately. You need to know more on . There are numerous and no matter which one you try, let it be gentle, soft and wet.

Sense your partner's direction and make moves based on that. She steps back. Kiss her on forehead (better luck next time!) and if she doesn't, you know better. Don't lose the golden opportunity. Learning French kissing techniques, the most revered art of kissing, meant exclusively for partners who're decently comfortable with each other, is crucial for pleasure enhancement. A guide on will end all your worries and hesitation regarding French or Soul kissing. Many variations are possible in French kissing viz.. The Bottom Lip Bite: Softly bite the lower lips of your partner or even the upper ones. Sensual for many, not so for some. Take permission before doing so. The Upside Down Kiss: Gained popularity after Spiderman was kissed by his girlfriend, just hanging from a web. Known to be amazingly different and arousing. No, you needn't hang from a web. It is fairly simple to do even on a bed or a chair. Stand behind your partner. Tilt his or her head backwards. Lo! You got it! The Sucking Kiss: When done skillfully, this is wonderful. Gently suck your partner's tongue for few minutes and then ask them for the same. The Candy Kiss: Hold a candy, mint in your mouth and after giving a slow and soft kiss to your partner, transfer the candy to her mouth. Feels tasty. Try it out! Surprise Kiss: Catch you partner unaware while sleeping, sneak on to them and gently kiss them with an open mouth. The moment they open their eyes, they'll respond with more intensity. For more insights about several and kissing techniques, you may go through following articles:

Kissing is an art that is best mastered by practice. These kissing techniques were just some general guidelines on how to kiss. But certainly, they can be a great tool for you to think and analyze about kissing. I conclude this article by leaving you with , that are bound to leave you awestruck. Have fun! ==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ====

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