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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== Kinky Thoughts Have you ever thought about how many different kinky ways there are for you to include in your lovemaking activities? If the question above intrigues you then you will be glad to know that in this article you will discover 3 kinky positions that will enhance your lovemaking activities in ways that you can't even begin to imagine until you experience them for yourself. 3 Kinky Sex Positions For Any Lovemaking Activity! No doubt about it, one of the secrets to enhancing any of your lovemaking activities is by performing oral sex or utilizing a cunnilingus position which is why we have included a kinky cunnilingus positions for you to experience with her as well. Kinky Sex Position #1 - The Sexual Feedback - This is a really kinky cunnilingus position that will have her begging you to get "food" all over your face. To get into this position she is going to get into a half bridge position on a couch as she then straddles your head with her thighs. Kinky Sex Position #2 -The Sexual Ballerina - This is a great position to get into if you are looking for something that will give the two of you more face-to-face contact. To get into this position you both will stand facing each other as she raises one of her legs for you to easily enter her as you are supporting her. Kinky Sex Position #3 -The Sockets - This is very similar to another kinky position "Scissors" however it differs in the fact that while both you and her legs will be inter-crossed, her top leg is going to be placed in front of your chest rather than behind it. You will also be glad to know that in addition to adding these 3 kinky sex positions to any of your love making activities in order to spice up your love life you can also start your love sessions off by applying a high quality female stimulating gel (that contains L-Arginine in it) underneath the hood of her clitoris. Whether you realize it or not using a female stimulating gel with the woman that you love is going to give her the kind of extraordinary orgasms that you both want her to have

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