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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== Important Dating Etiquette for the Ladies There are high chances that you have already heard that there are some rules that you need to follow when calling the man you are dating. One of the areas of major concern is how and when you should do the calling - that is if it's okay to call him in the first place. In case your boyfriend does not call, should you call him instead? If so, how long should you wait before you make that call? If you just get his voicemail when you call, what should you do? These are some of the delicate questions that bother many of us. There are some basic rules that will help you to handle your dating well by making appropriate use of the phone. Go slow One of the most important things you will need to bear in mind is to seldom use the phone. Do not get into the habit of calling your boyfriend every now and then. Although some people will advice you that you should never call him at any point, this is again going to the opposite extreme. You should be aware that your boyfriend will reach some conclusions about you depending on how you make use of the phone. There are basically two conclusions that your boyfriend may come to when you are used to calling him often. This may tell him that you are already deeply in love with him. As much as you would like him to know that you love him, when he sees that he has won you already, he will relax his efforts. The first things that will go are his phone calls. He will be comfortable in the security that you won't go anywhere and hence won't bother calling.

The other reason may completely ruin the relationship. Your incessant calls may make you come out as a desperate lady, which will not put you in a favorable position. This can easily put off your boyfriend, and he will disappear even more. Men prefer doing the chasing. If the tables turn and you seem to be chasing him instead, he may bolt. When to call You should generally keep away from the phone. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if you both reach an understanding that you should call at a certain time, and then you should go ahead and do it. But this should not develop into a habit. Are you thinking how to make him call? To learn how to handle men who don't call and recognize if the guy is really interested in you OR he is not. You can find all the answers by visiting Why Doesn't He Call

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