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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== How to Get Pregnant with a Boy Everyone has preferences in life. It can be choosing tea over coffee or apartments over bungalows. Sometimes, our choices are profound but they may have a logic or not. Sometimes, we like something just for the sake of it. Especially, when it comes to gender of the baby. Some like baby boys and others adore baby girls without any strong reasons. Just like that. So if you too are one of those people, in fact one of those couples who want to have a baby boy then you have come to the right place. This article tells you what to do to have a boy, in more precise words, how to get pregnant with a boy. Given below are some of the popular ways that would increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy. Tips on How to Get Pregnant With a Boy Before that you must understand one very essential thing about the relationship between gender of the baby and . Women have the XX sex chromosomes and men have the XY chromosomes. The baby girl (XX) is born when the X chromosome of the man is paired with X chromosome of the women and the baby boy (XY) is born when the Y chromosome of the man is paired with X chromosome of the women. So the sex of the baby is essentially decided by the of the father. But the sex chromosomes of the man that is X and Y are a little different from each other. X is a girl sperm and Y is a boy sperm. The boy sperm is a faster swimmer but is weak and dies quickly. On the other hand, girl sperm is a slower traveler but is very strong and can live for many days. With this information, you can create conditions that are favorable for the boy sperm and get pregnant with baby boy. Sexual Positions: As you know it is important to make the boy chromosomes reach the eggs as early as possible. There are a variety of sexual positions to get pregnant with a boy that can help the boy sperm in making the journey easy and quicker. You should try positions that deposit the sperm as closer as possible to the egg, that is a deep penetration is essential. Rear entry is one of the promising positions to conceive a boy. It helps to shorten the distance between the egg and the sperm thus, resulting in increasing your chances of conceiving a baby boy. Apart from this, a missionary position is also known to be beneficial. A woman should lie down with the pillow under her hips for few minutes after the intercourse. Apart from this, try to refrain from sex 3 to 4 days before the date of ovulation so that the sperm counts increase and so does the chances of having a baby boy. Ovulation Period: If you are a woman, you have to know , so that you can have sex on that day. If you are wondering how to know when you are ovulating, then pay attention to the , such as, thinner cervical mucus, lower basal body temperature, softer cervix, tender feeling in the breasts, and increased sex drives are some of the common ovulation symptoms. But it is not enough. You have to meet your gynecologist to know how to get pregnant with a boy and find out the right date of ovulation and have sex on that day. The trick here is that, boy chromosomes are faster

swimmers and the egg is readily available so they can reach the egg faster and you can get pregnant with a baby boy. So, ovulation period is the best time to have a boy. Diet: You should also pay attention to your diet to deliver a happy and healthy baby. It is important to note that pH level in the body plays a major role in determining the sex of the baby. As you know, Y chromosome is weaker and so cannot survive in low pH levels. To keep the pH levels high, consume a lot of alkaline foods such as meat, pasta, fish, flour, vegetables, caffeine and chocolates that are high in calories and highly alkaline as well. Also ,try to eat foods high on potassium and avoid eating foods high magnesium and calcium, such as dairy foods, etc. You should any way follow a healthy diet, but on the day of ovulation, when you are planning to have an intercourse, try to have a good food throughout the day. These were some of the with a boy. The above suggestions, if followed properly, can increase your chances of getting pregnant with a baby boy by around 50%. But the whole thing is about timing. You must try to bring the above things at the same time and there are high chances of you getting blessed with a baby boy. ==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ====

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