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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== How to French Kiss a Girl There are many ways to express our affection to the lady of our life and one of the best among them is to give her a close, passionate and a loving kiss! Kissing is an art and though it doesn't take a great deal to master it, still there are some simple and important things to know, so that you can successfully kiss your girl and give her (and yourself too!) a sensational experience! There are many , positions and variety of kisses, but the crux of this article is to let you know, how to French kiss a girl. French kiss is also called 'Soul kiss', as the breath of the two lovers, which is supposed to bring life to the soul, passes through their mouth, while they are softly and closely diving in the depth of the French kiss. How to French kiss a girl? Well, there have been various movies that have some pulsating French kissing scenes, that really show the warm passion a French kiss can display. Remember, the French kiss scene of Johnny Depp's and Amy Locane's, Cry Baby (1990). It is still, one of my personal favorite romantic kissing scenes, that highlights the basics of how to French kiss a girl. French Kissing a Girl Demystified If you wish to learn French kissing, then remember, there is no right way or a wrong way to French kiss a girl. The technique is undoubtedly a key factor, but more than that, it is the passion and emotion you are investing in it. Remember guys! A kiss is a kiss, and if you try to move further and expect more (I guess, you read between the lines!) then it's highly probable, the girl will push you back and you will lose a golden chance, or may be if you really enthrall her by a nice kiss, you may get the further signal(Lucky you!). All this can happen, if you are trying a French kiss on your first date (How stupid!) or may be on second or even the third date. So, understand the situation and then proceed! French kissing Tips Some of the French kissing tips are mentioned below. The kissing techniques and tips will help you create an everlasting memory of your French kiss and she will keep telling her friends about the experience for many weeks! Be Hygienic! Guys, unfortunately, but I have to discuss this! It doesn't take some rocket science knowledge to understand the fact that a clean and imposing personality is a necessary prerequisite, while you are thinking to approach your girl for a kiss and especially the French kiss! If you don' t brush your teeth regularly and never use a perfume, your girl will surely run away even before you approach her in the intimate zone! The idea is to look presentable and attractive, so don't overdo anything and go for a make over. Just keep it simple! Carry mouth fresheners like mint that can give a good aroma to your mouth. Many guys prefer chewing gum. Well, not a bad idea, but the issue is chewing gum causes more saliva production in your mouth and for a French kiss, it's not great, if you are full of saliva! Avoid chewing gum and have some good mouth fresheners. Avoid spicy foods or food stuff with intense smell like garlic, onion, milk, coffee and tea. We all know, how our

mouth smells after having them (yuck!), so better avoid it. If you are a smoker, then do take care that you don't smoke just before the kiss and spoil everything. You got to decide you want a French kiss or puff a cigar? Look smart and adorable! Understand and Seek Permission! An unexpected and unwanted French kiss isn't a very bright idea, unless you both have some amazing understanding levels. And even if you do have, just conveying your desires to your partner can sound very sweet and nice to her! Besides this, if you are just a newbie in your relationship, then try to read her body language. Is she inching closer to you while you are sitting with her? If she bites her lips, smiles often and that too a lot, touches your arms and face frequently and plays with her hair! Guys! These are all signals! I understand you can't be an expert in reading body language, but since she is your girlfriend, I suppose her eyes will automatically convey you her feelings. And last but not the least, if you are such a nerd that you can't read her feelings (duh!), simply ask her to try out a French kiss! Who knows, if she has been waiting for a long time! When you seek her permission it will also send the message that you care for her thoughts, feelings and priorities in her life. Male chivalry never goes waste! Surprise French kiss is a good option for people who are very intimate in their relationship and can manage it anytime! Relax and Prepare! Once you both are ready for the French kiss, make sure that you choose an environment that doesn't disturb you too much and you both are comfortable with it. Be confident! Don't get nervous or aggressive! Confident means to have that romantic charm and passion on your face. Nervousness will let you bump your heads into each other and cause uneasiness while you both hold each other. On the other side, don't be a neurotic and erupt like a volcano. Have patience and keep your emotions pent up, so that the process of kissing lasts longer and intensifies with time. Guys! Patience is the key! French Kissing Techniques Now, the stage is set, and you are ready for the beautiful experience! Angle of the Head and Movement Of The Eyes! You both are close, feeling each others breath! If she tilts her head in a direction, then you will obviously tilt your head in a direction opposite to hers. You are getting closer now and lips are just about to touch! Hang on there. Look into her eyes, so close and so beautiful! Don't say anything, let words be non-existent for sometime. Diving deep into her eyes, slowly close them! The reason behind closing the eyes is that firstly, it will help you experience the pleasure of kissing more intimately. Secondly, looking at two crossed eyes, so close can be a bit distracting for some guys. Just close them and be prepared to take all the sensations away with you. Start Softly! Start with a gentle kiss on her lips with your mouth closed. Softly rub your lips on her lips and keep kissing slowly, gently and intimately! You shouldn't be too soft or too hard, be a man and keep it a bit hard (she should feel being kissed, after all!). Remember not to start with your tongue immediately and spoil the act. Have patience and enjoy brushing your lips on her lips smoothly. Move Further, Open The Lips! Guess what, she loved the touch of your smooth rubbing of the lips. Great! Now open your lips slightly and cover her lips slightly! Remember guys, open it slightly and not to full extent!

Position the Hands Properly! It becomes imperative to hold her with your hands, as the intensity of the kiss is increasing and you simply want to give her a support so that she can forget everything and just dive with you in the French kiss. The best place to keep your hands while French kissing is to put your left hand on her hips and right hands on the area between waist and underarm. Once she is in your arms, be a player and increase the intensity of the kiss. If she starts kissing harder, you can also give her back. She will hold you by your shoulders or will put her hands around you, don't mind that (why would you!) and just stick to her and enjoy the French kiss. She may touch your face or play with your hair, well, i don't think anybody of you would mind that! The Climax! As you are getting closer and the intensity of the kiss is slowly increasing, It's time to switch over to some serious French kissing! Since she too is enjoying the French kiss, open your mouth wider and gently put your tongue inside her mouth. This is the essence of the French kiss, the tongue plays a crucial role in French kisses. Tongues are very sensitive and touching her tongue will give you some real sensation. Slowly and gently, roll your tongue over her tongue and smoothly keep touching it. After some time, she will start the same process on you (wow!). Move your tongue in circular motion over her tongue and keep flicking her tongue. You will feel the depth of the kissing! When you both are just reaching heights of the French kiss, you can even try sucking your partner's tongues or gently bite her tongue! These small gestures can be very passionate and can increase the depth of your French kiss. Breathe! Breathe! And Breathe! One of the common errors while French kissing is that people don't think of breathing. Such a close and passionate kiss needs you to breather timely. So, make sure you are not holding back air and keep breathing through your nose! Your mouth will be busy in kissing! Last but not the least, after you both are done, just thanks her for the beautiful experience and don't forget to complement 'Honey! You were awesome!' Be sincere and frank with your thoughts. Even she will love to share her experience, so that next time you both can improve the French kiss. French kiss can also boost your kissing confidence and help you spice up your love life! These were some of the tips on how to French kiss a girl. So, when you meet your girlfriend next time, you now know what to give her and ask her for in return! All the best! ==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ====

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