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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== Great Hen Party Games Favourite Hen Party Games 1) Twister: This one needs no explanation; A favourite since 1966! When the game was first brought out critics called it sex in a box. I wouldnt quite say that but its certainly a way to get to know people better! 2) I have Never: I have never is a drinking game. Always a favourite on a hen do, and a great way of embarrassing your friends, notably the bride-to-be! You sit down in a group, take it turns to say I have never. For example eaten Chinese food and everyone in the room that had eaten Chinese food would have to stand up and have a drink. Everyone must swear to tell the truth! 3)Dirty Dancing - The Drinking Game: What better time to watch Dirty Dancing than on a hen night only trouble with that is its a bit tame, so we recommend these drinking game rules to go with it: Drink Every Time .. . - Baby makes an intelligent and/or feminist comment - Johnny looks smouldering - Lisa comments on accessories or make up - You see a dancer exposing a thigh - A cardigan is in view - Line dancing is taking place - The word Kellermans is mentioned or seen on clothing - Anyone is seen playing cards - Baby is seen dancing by herself, or badly - Fruit is seen or mentioned - Anyone is seen soaking wet - Anyone is seen wearing pedal pushers - A disappointed Dad is on screen Rules from 4) Dont fancy Dirty Dancing but like the idea of a film drinking game, search google for drinking game +yourfavourtiemovie 5) Mr and Mrs: The hen party classic, before the hen party ask the groom any questions you like, include ones about the bride, (eg what is the brides favourite food) as well as ones about him (eg what is his favourite food.) At the hen party ask the bride the same questions and find out how well they know each other. Shots or dares for each question she gets wrong.

6) Make the bride a new wedding dress: Out of toilet roll, selotape and tin foil. You need one judge, if you have a buff butler, dj or caterers then they can be the judge. Split in-to teams, you need a model for each team; the bride will be one model and pick another for the other team(s). You then have 15 minutes to make a wedding dress for your models. The judge chooses the winner. The losing team(s) carries out a dare as decided by the winning team. 7) I love my pig: You need a champagne cork (or just about any inanimate object). Sitting down in a circle, each person says (holding the champagne cork) this is my pig, I love my pig, I kiss my pig on the , each person says a different body part and you kiss the cork before passing it on. When all players have been that completes round 1. At the start of round 2 you throw away the cork, and the pig becomes the person to your right, and you must kiss the pig in the same place you described in round 1, still saying this is my pig, I love my pig, I kiss my pig on the . This games only works if people havent played it before and they dont know the twist, it is not a well-known game but always goes down very well. This is a great game to play if you have a buff butler at your party, stand him next to the bride-to-be. 8) 21 Another drinking game, the rules are quite detailed so here is the link on Wikipedia: (drinking_game) 9) Pin the Male on the Model Just like the kids game, pin the tail on the donkey. Except you have a picture of a man and the tail is something else. You blindfold someone, spin them around, point them in the direct of the model. You then try to pin the tail in the anatomically correct position. Whoever is closest wins a prize, or all the losers do shots. 10) Piata: The childrens game originating from Mexico is popular at childrens parties in the UK, but its also a great idea for a hen party. Get a piata, easily available online, and fill it with hen party goodies, condoms, water pistol willys, sweets, etc. ==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ====

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