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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== French Kissing Tips You may conquer with the sword, but you are conquered by a kiss." ~ Daniel Heinsius, A Dutch Scholar. The above lines of Daniel Heinsius profoundly convey the power of kissing! Kissing can be probably called the first sign of physical intimacy and it can also be called an entrance exam for further entry into the other aspects of love making. Since time immemorial, man has devised and researched various , that offer the opportunity for some sensational experience for partners! Generally, kissing is a way to express affection towards our love and French kissing, that is a sort of higher intensity kiss, expresses deeper intimacy and demands some good understanding level between the partners. While the fundamentals of kissing are universally same for every type of kiss, French kissing becomes slightly different from the rest, due to the involvement of the most sensitive area of the mouth. Yes, you guessed correctly, the tongue! So, if you're searching the answer of the question, then ensure that you gain mastery in French kissing, for this is the real test of your kissing ability! While you must have carefully watched French kissing scenes in movies, trying them out practically can be more pleasurable and interesting than off-screen! So, if you are eager to learn and know, how to French kiss, then these French kissing tips are surely going to be special for you! French Kissing Tips: Necessary Pre-requisites Warning: Newbies in relationships and those planning for their first date or even second date, must be aware that French kissing may not be a very bright idea to start with. Reason? Either of you may not feel comfortable as French kissing is more than a kiss, it's not only the question of physical closeness, but even your emotional connectivity might not be good enough to try out French kissing in the initial days of the relationship! Understand that being comfortable is the hallmark of French kissing. The more you both understand each other, the better would be the intensity of the kiss. Most Important French Kissing Tips General French kissing tips that you must follow while French kissing are: Keep the lips moist by applying good quality lip balms. A dry lip is definitely not great for French kissing. The position of head is important. As you both will approach enough to feel each others breath, you will adjust the angle of head. You needn't measure the angle of head with geometrical precision! It happens spontaneously. Don't worry!

The proper angle of head will keep the noses from bumping into each other (laugh off even if you bump each others noses!!) Close your eyes and start with soft and gentle brushing of the lips! Be soft and gentle! Bad odor is the villain in a French kiss, no matter it is due to bad breath, smoking, drinking or consuming coffee, tea and other smelly edibles. Be vigilant about your breath! Carry mouth fresheners in your wallets and purses. When you've kissed and caressed the lips for considerable time, open your mouth slightly and cover her lower and upper lips. As you both start enjoying it, it's time to bring the tongue into action. Slowly put the tongue inside her mouth and touch each others tongue. Gently play with her tongue and swirl your tongue around hers. Withdraw it for a few seconds and again kiss the lips and then again put the tongue inside her mouth. Support her, if she leans forward and cup her face in your hands gently. It's a signal that she too is enjoying the act. Put one of your hands around her waist area and the other at the back of arms. Support her in a way she feels comfortable. Don't grab her or embrace too tightly as your focus will shift from the main task, i.e. French kissing. Don't be too aggressive or too soft. These are the moments that would definitely be cherished throughout your life! French Kissing Tips For Girls The subtle difference in the psychology of men and women makes French kissing quite a different experience for both the genders. Girls who are wondering must understand what a guy expects from a kiss, so that she can be better in her approach. While guys are the customary initiators in kissing, a girl who is comfortable with the guy after few dates can give a hint for kissing her. And if she is someone who is bold and beautiful, then she can herself make the move. French Kissing Tips for Guys Okay guys, do I really need to tell you to initiate French kissing? I can hear you all shouting in unison, never ever. Well, Agreed! While guys are always the initiators, they must understand that making the girl feel comfortable is of prime importance. The simple answer to the question, how to kiss a girl is, make her feel comfortable and she will respond you with the same passion and love! These were some French kissing tips for guys and girls. While something as spontaneous as kissing can happen naturally, knowing about kissing tips can immensely help you to gain mastery and spice your love life! ==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ====

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