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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== For Those Who Live The Sinless Lifestyle Though adult toys are often thought of as something for women (and less frequently, men) to use in the privacy of their own bedrooms, there are plenty of options for couples who are looking to enhance their sex lives together. In fact, I will show you the complete package that I would go so far as to say no couple should be without! Whether you're currently single and stocking up for the future or paired off to the forever love of your life, these essential products should make their way into your bedroom a.s.a.p. Set The Mood Plan ahead. Let your lover know at least a few days in advance, that you want to spend some quality time with him or her. You can even send them a handwritten invitation, complete with your own line of sappy or silly poetry (think: roses are red, violets are blue, please let me spend a sexy evening with you), plus the day and time you want to begin your enchanted evening. A formal invitation will let him or her know that you really do have something very special planned. A Bed Of Roses Kit Seduce your lover with a bed full of beautiful fragrant red rose petals. No one will be able to resist this small gesture of love including perfumed silk rose petals tea lights and an invitation card for your lover. The A Bed of Roses Kit is perfect, just the soundtrack and you'll be on your way to a romantic night for two! Time For A Romantic Game If Old Wives' tales remind you not to go swimming immediately after a meal, it's probably not a good idea to jump straight into bed either! Remember, you're planning a sensual evening, not a marathon in the bedroom. Once you've finished dining, lead your lover into the room you've lit with deliciously scented candles, and introduce him or her to a new romantic tradition -- a lover's game. Allow me to give you the Fore-Playing Cards Game Fore-Playing Cards Game Aaah foreplay - whatever you might think of this sexual ritual you can make it an even better experience with Fore-Playing cards. It's the perfect way to start an evening of adult fun with your lover. Includes "sexual suggestion" cards love candles for setting the mood and an invitation to an evening of sexual adventure - all leading up to what you've been waiting for. Take A Sexy Bath

Steam things up with a sexy bubble bath or shower. Fill your tub deliciously with the Glow In The Dark Bubble Bath then dive in for a relaxing and intimate splash. Glow In The Dark Bubble Bath It's bath time! Flick off the lights fill up the tub and watch your bubbles glow in the dark. Just expose the novelty glow in the dark bubble bath to light and water. You and your partner can suds up together in the glow of the bubbles. Let the bath time fun begin!Are things getting a little too steamy? Whip out the Pulsabath Vibrating Sponge Yellow to lighten the mood. You'll both be so hot as you rub every delicate part of each other's bodies Pulsabath Vibrating Sponge Yellow Use PulsaBath wet or dry. Its soft porous spongy texture absorbs soap or lotion making it glide softly on the skin. The PulsaBath Vibrating Bath sponge is completely waterproof so use it freely in the bath shower or hot tub. Its vibrating action will invigorate yet relax tired muscles. The diameter is 4" and uses 2 AA size batteries not included. For a thrilling encounter use it on your lover! You're almost ready for the final stop on your romantic adventure, so wrap yourselves up in some luxurious, fluffy towels and head to the bedroom to end your evening with a real bang! Ode To Lube Lubricants make sex toys and sex play not only feel better, but also more safe. Think about what happens when you're having sex: the body creates natural lubrication so you and your partner don't hurt each other with too much friction. While your body can make a lot of it (especially with female ejaculation) the kind of "slickness" that lubricants provide can be very hot! The same logic applies to using adult toys, either with a partner or during solo play. Really, I don't think there's such thing as too much lubrication. Even if you lubricate naturally, a dab of extra lubricant on your toy or a body part is a highly recommended addition. It's better to be safe and slippery than sorry and sore! Wet Platinum 16.4oz. Wet Platinum Premium Body Glide is extra concentrated making it longer lasting with less need for reapplications. Wet Platinum is guaranteed to never become sticky and feels silky smooth. Great for moisturizing body and skin conditioning. Also revitalizes dry leather and latex clothing without harming material. The silicone based lubricant stays slick under water too! The Sex Toys Perhaps this is an obvious choice, but vibrators are amazing tools for enhancing sexual relations. Conveniently, they come in all shapes and sizes, so it isn't hard to find a good fit. Vibrators are designed to reach the g-spot, titillate the clitoris, and deliver powerful orgasms -- sometimes all

at the same time. But women don't need to fantasize alone with their vibes. Not only are these toys great for the female body, but they feel pretty great for men as well. Vibrators are the most common of adult toys, so even timid romantic partners should be open-minded enough to give them a try! Ivibe Rabbit Strawberry The next evolution in the iVibe line the Ivibe Rabbit Strawberry is on everyone's wish list! This is the ultimate in sex toys - the vibrator you just can't live without. Put the beaded ribbed strawberrycolored soft shaft to work and let the pearl beads squirm and turn around the vibrating shaft while the rabbit stimulates outside for an explosive orgasm. The usable length of the iVibe is 5" while it has a 1.5"diameter. With so many speeds and functions this is the only vibrator you may ever need! Though hardcore BDSM sex toys certainly aren't for everyone, light bondage gear like Rachel's Bed Spread With Cumfy Cuffs can be just enough to heat things up in a long-term relationship. Partners can experienced heightened sensations through its use, which are stimulating without being threatening. Maybe you and your partner will decide to dig deeper into the world of consensual bondage, or maybe you'll decide to stick to the basics. Either way, you'll enjoy a stronger connection with experimental bondage. Rachel's Bed Spread With Cumfy Cuffs No bedposts? No problem! Bondage has never been easier with these fully adjustable straps made to fit any size bed. Includes comfy wrist and ankle cuffs for the ultimate bed bondage experience. Find an adult partner and take turns strapping each other down for a night of wild sex. Cock rings are typically used to help men achieve firmer, longer-lasting erections. They fit securely around the penis, holding in the blood and preventing orgasm so that couples can enjoy extended foreplay and passionate love-making. Using a cock ring is easy and effective for men with erectile dysfunction, but ED isn't the only reason to use a penis ring. Every man can benefit from the increased sensitivity and sexual stamina, and their partners will surely agree Strap-On Cock Ring Leather Harness With 3 Rings A cock ring is easy enough to slip over your shaft for extra enhancement and support. But for real security and stamina, a cock ring harness won't disappoint. The Strap-On Cock Ring Leather Harness With 3 Rings features enhancement rings in three sizes for the perfect fit. And, its adjustable to fit most sizes. You'll be equipped to saddle up for hours of thick, firm thrusting that will make your partner buck and bump for one wild ride. Toys like butt plugs are highly taboo, but they are also incredibly erotic for couples who trust each other intimately. Both male and female bodies are capable of enjoying anal stimulation, though men are especially aroused by these sensations. Anal toys are also a great way to prepare for ass play using the penis, though sexual lubricant is highly recommended. Classic Butt Plug, Medium Indulge your anal fantasies with a classically shaped butt plug. The Classic Butt Plug, is great for lovers looking for advanced anal pleasure. Anal fantasies just keep getting better and better. So if

you're new to anal pleasure, don't miss out on a comfortable easy way to fulfill your anal desires. Swing Baby Swing! The human body has a limited number of sexual options that is- unless you use a sex swing. The advantages of sex swings include being able to adopt sexual positions not otherwise possible and providing a more comfortable sexual experience for both partners by reducing the limitations of weight and gravity. If you want to inject some fun and play back to your sexual repertoire, there's nothing better than The Love Swing. Enjoy hundreds of sexual positions and take your lovemaking to new heights. Love Swing Do you love to swing? Then you'll love the Love Swing! Swing into any sex position using this comfortable, adjustable, padded adult sex swing. The sturdy straps will hold you and your partner as you stand, sit, spin and swing as a couple into sexy new positions. Get ready for a swinging time! Add these essential products to your adult toy collection, and you and your lover will be set for a lifetime of lovemaking!

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