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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== Establishing True Intimacy In Marriage Our culture tends to view sex as merely a physical activity. For some of us, before we were married it was intimate, new and exciting we wanted it all the time. But after we got married, it became boring and a chore. Establishing true intimacy takes time and the results are greater than merely a physical relationship. Throughout the bible it states that a man either lay with her or knew her. To lay with her was merely a physical encounter which after a while can become boring. But to know someone is to take the time to see what pleases him/her. It is to know your spouse in every way: physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. That is why couples who are dating or engaged should abstain from sex until marriage so they can really get to know one another. This is Gods plan and sets you on the road to a healthy relationship and obedience to God. However for most of us, we now have to deal with the issues of keeping intimacy and sex exciting. Regardless of where you and your spouse are sexually, there are ways to heal and re-establish intimacy in your marriage. Whether you are just starting your marriage or hoping to reconnect, it can be difficult to take down the defenses long enough to be truly intimate with your spouse. To truly enjoy sex and intimacy, you will need to let your guard down and show yourself to your spouse in a trusting, loving way. This can be tougher than it sounds as it puts you in a vulnerable position. In a secure and loving relationship, vulnerability should not be an issue, but sometimes we hang on to outdated defense mechanisms out of habit. Even when our spouses have betrayed our trust or hurt us in some way, we must trade in our feelings of insecurity, vulnerability, and suspicion with feelings of oneness, closeness, and trust if we want to rebuild the intimacy. As you open up to each other, surround each other with caring concern, show unconditional love and support. Never ever laugh at a spouse for a sexual overture. This is not only degrading at the moment but will set the stage for insecurity in the future. If you dont really like the lingerie she walks into the room wearing, do not comment on it in a mocking way. Try to appreciate the attempt she is making and notice the love and attention she is bringing to the relationship. Likewise, if he does not live up to your expectations every single time you make love, be kind about it. He is, after all, just a man and not a machine. Enjoy the closeness and dont take for granted the love he is showing you. All attitudes of trust, commitment, and closeness will translate to the bedroom. For women, when we are tired, we just dont feel sexy and we do not want to make love. Our attitude is dont touch me. However, if we just ask the Lord for strength and mentally prepare ourselves, we will enjoy our time with our spouses. Also, share your needs with your spouse and listen with an open mind to their needs and desires. Rather than falling into a safe routine, communicate positively about what you want sexually while being aware of the others needs. Your emotional connection will help you to be free to make a more meaningful physical connection. Rather than going through the motions of a performed routine, you can really connect in a spiritual and physical way.

Trust and openness can be particularly difficult if you have suffered from infidelity in a relationship in the past. Many people seeking marriage advice online are having problems of infidelity in their relationship with their current partner. Good advice for marriage is all about establishing trust and commitment within the relationship. Start where you are now. If you are looking for pre-marriage advice, work on starting with trust and intimacy from day one. If you are recovering from marital problems, sit down together today and begin the healing process with clear communication, love, and forgiveness. (c) 2008 by Jewell R. Powell

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