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==== ==== Find more Informations here ==== ==== Dating by the Name So, what can we gather about a person that is important prior to our date? First is compatibility. Emotions are held in the vowels while consonants represent our attitudes. Thus, the first question is, do you have similar vowels? The more vowels you have in common, the easier it is to -get- the other person. The first vowel in the first name[1] is the most important as it determines our overall communication style. The ideal is to find someone with your same vowel. However, that would be quite limiting. The next best is to find a person with a compatible vowel. The most compatible vowels are the -A-O-Y' or the -E-I-U' groups. For example, the person who has an -A' as their first vowel in their first name is most compatible with other people who have an -A', -O' or -Y' as their first vowel. Likewise, a person with -E', -I' or -U' as a first vowel is most compatible with others who also have one of those letters in their first vowel position. Another important aspect of is sexual desires. Are you comfortable with public displays of affection? The -A', -O', -Y's are less comfortable than the -E', -I', -U' people. Also important to realize is that people with an -ER' in their name need physical touch if this combination is in their first name and they have been taught an extreme position about sex if -ER' is in their last name. This means that the person has either learned to totally abstain from sex or that sex is a top priority. More than one -ER' combination implies that sex is all the person has on their mind. Decide how important a sexual relationship is to you before you date so that you have your desires and boundaries firmly in place. Do you wish to date a leader? Look for a -C' or a -K - as the first letter in the name. Do you want someone who is ambitious? Look for a -B' or -T' as the first letter. Do you want someone who is smart? Look for -J', -S' or -W' as their first letter. If the letter appears in the first name, it means that this characteristic is innately theirs. If the letter is in the last name, it means that the person has been taught to be this way. Do you wish to date someone who enjoys money and what it can buy or someone who is happy focusing on other things? The combination -NAN' loves to have others spend their money on them and are good at attracting people who are willing to do this. Some love to receive money as a gift while others detest this as a sign of not caring enough to purchase them something. Is that important in the person that you are ? There are five areas that are important when considering marrying someone and since we ultimately marry someone we date, wouldn't it be wise to look for people to date that agree with us in those areas? We will consider those five areas in our next article. All letters represent qualities and characteristics, as do letter combinations. If you wish to learn more, read Wyeth's book, -Know the Name; Know the Person- available everywhere.

[1] Reading the name left to right, what is the first vowel that is seen?

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