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How To Choose a Bartending School In order to be a good bartender, you have to actually make drinks. The whole point of bartending classes is mainly to learn how to prepare drinks (you learn other stuff also, see everything you learn in bartending school here). You're not going to learn nearly as well by just watching! To get the best learning experience, you have to go to the physical class, meet the instructors, (get dressed!) and start pouring some drinks. Choosing a Mixology Bartending School Once you have made the decision between online and in-person, the next thing you have to do is actually choose a school. Chances are, if you live near any big cities, there will be one or two reputable bartending schools to choose from. How to find the bartending schools in your area? Google it! Bartending school offers students a quick, professional entrance into the field of food and services. While many people think that bartending schools are a waste of time and money, it actually offers the most pertinent and accurate bartending information available. A good school will provide students with the necessary knowledge to become a top-notch bartender. It also will give students a chance to obtain hands-on training and experience immediately. Excepting the fields of law and medicine, almost any occupation can be achieved with little to no schooling. These other fields still require years of practice, interning, and working at lower wages before achieving a sustainable and worthwhile career. A professional trade school will usually help to reduce that training and working interval by teaching you exactly what you need for a particular job. Bartending school works the same way as a trade school. A bartender should be familiar with the history of alcohols, the different tastes and colors of the liqueurs, and the different types of wine. These are not taught in a work environment; many workers are often unfamiliar with these basics even after years of serving alcohol and being behind a bar. Not having learned these types of information will be detrimental in the long run when it comes to informing customers who ask for opinions and suggestions on wines and liqueurs. Being vague or giving incorrect information will not only affect your reputation and overall tips, but also reflect poorly upon your establishment. While mixing and layering drinks can be learned from watching bartenders and working in a restaurant with a bar, you will never be able to learn the intricacy of the trade in this manner. Every bartender has his or her own tricks and knowledge that is kept secret in order to rake in the best tips. A good bartending school with professionally certified bartenders teaching

each class will help students gain insight into the career as well as teach students how to build a good customer base and have returning customers. It is also important to learn the ins and outs of successful customer service to avoid any incidents that may damage your reputation. If you would like to learn how to become a true professional in the field of bartending, then consider going back to school. Dial (866) 936-4948 for your 100 hours behind-the-bar training and experience firsthand why it's important to take a class first. continue reading this, consultant, browse around here

How To Choose a Bartending School  

It's a good idea to visit the school before enroll...

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