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Communicate A Narrative

What Is A Narrative

Narrative A narrative is a form of a story but can be categories into fiction and non-fiction. The non-fiction narrative can be seen in news Journalism, creative non-fiction, biographies, and historiography whereas fiction narratives can be included in anecdotes, myths, legends, short stories, novels and sometimes in poetry and drama. Narratives can be found in many forms of human creativity and art including speech, writing, songs, film, television, video games, photography, theatre, and visual arts. There are many ways for stories or narratives to be told or expressed but depending on the media platform used will change how the audience viewing or their views towards the narrative itself.

Summery of “Narrative” !   It was interesting finding out what the real definition narrative is and how this word relates to almost every kind of media. Its also interesting how each of these narratives use different ways to entice an audience into exploring deeper or keeping the viewers interested to find out a story.

!   I plan to further research into techniques that many use to interest the audience

what is narrative  
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