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Ben Faucher-­‐Folie   Graphics  Design  


Ben Faucher-­‐Folie   Graphics  Design  



After conducting  my  own  research  into  possible  games  that  my   project  could  be  based  on  I  decided  to  narrow  down  my  choices  to   three  and  further  investigate  into  these  choices    


I decided  to  narrow  my  choices  down  to  assassins  creed  III,  black  ops   2  and  Hitman.  The  reason  for  this  is  due  to  the  amount  of  primary   research  available  to  me  because  I  have  owned  these  games  but  also   the  content  within  these  games  I  can  build  on  to  create  a  special   edition  


One of  the  problems  with  these  choices  of  games  is  the  audiences.   Al  these  games  have  separate  audiences;  Black  ops  2  target   audience  is  very  mainstream  and  universal  whereas  Assassins  creeds   as  well  as  Hitman’s  target  audience  as  big  as  it  may  be  is  very   specialized  and  niche  compared  to  black  ops  2    

Assassin's Creed  is  a  historical  open  world  adventure  game  series.  This  game  series  started  in  November,  2007  and  the   latest  instalment  of  this  Triple  A  game  released  in  October,  2012.  This  game  has  been  released  on  many  platforms  such  as   PlayStation  3,  Xbox  360,  mobile  devices  such  as    Nintendo  DS,  PlayStation  Portable,  PlayStation  Vita,  iOS,  Android,   Nokia  and  Windows  Phone  platforms  but  soon  it  will  be  coming  to  the  Wii  U.       The  game  series  consists  of  five  main  games  and  a  number  of  spin  offs  with  varies  narratives.  The  developing  team  of  the   main  games  in  the  franchise  were  developed  by  Ubisoft  Montreal  and  other  spin  off  alternative  versions  of  the  game  that   were  released  on  handheld  platforms  was  developed  by  Gameloft  and  Gryptonite  Studios.  Ubisoft  Montreal  offered   support  and  additional  development  help  but  their  main  focus  was  the  main  gaming  titles  within  the  series.  All  games   within  this  franchise  are  published  by  Ubisoft  and  this  successful  series  has  won  and  continues  to  win  several  awards.  The   series  main  inspiration  is  based  from  the  novel  Alamut  by  the  Slovenian  writer  Vladimir  Bartol.      

With the  release  of  this  highly  anticipated  game  special  editions  of  the  game  was  bound  to  be  released.  There  are  many  versions  of  the   Assassin’s  Creed  III  special  editions  such  as  specific  store  exclusives  but  there  are  in  total  two  main  versions  of  the  game  released  by   Ubisoft.    

Name of  the  edition     Contents                                                                  Normal  version    

Traditional version  of  released  games.  This  is  the  basic  version  of  them  all.  This  is  for   those  that  are  interested  within  the  game  but  not  those  that  seek  to  collect  perks  or   features  of  the  game  that  are  beyond  and  above  the  normal.     This  edition  of  the  game  includes  the  game  itself  and  a  booklet  going  into  detail  about   the  game  

                                                         Join  or  die  edition    

This edition  of  the  game  includes  everything  from  the  previous  version  of  the  game       This  edition  of  the  game  includes  extra  in-­‐game  content  such  as  a  bonus  mission  and   multiplayer  perks  such  as  player  skins  and  characters.  This  version  also  includes  a  booklet   that  contains    maps  and  drawings  based  on  features  and  the  narrative  within  the  game.  It   also  includes  a  coin  with  the  game  logo  imprinted  on  top  of  it  

Call of  Duty  is  a  first-­‐person  shooter  series  within  the  video  game  franchise.  This  series  originally  started  on  the  PC  but  then  later   developed  and  expanded  to  consoles  and  handhelds.  There  have  been  many  spin-­‐off  versions  of  the  games  have  also  been  released   but  the  earlier  games  in  the  series  were  set  during  World  War  II  and  then  progressed  to  starting  Modern  Warfare  whereby  it  is  set  in   modern  times.  The  main  series  shifted  from  World  War  II  to  the  present  Modern  day,  Modern  Warfare  was  then  followed  by  Modern   Warfare  2,  set  in  modern  times  again  but  progressing  on  the  storyline  of  the  previous  game  and  Black  Ops  set  during  the  Cold  War.   Modern  Warfare  3  was  also  set  in  modern  times  and  was  released  on  the  8th  November  2011  but  Black  Ops  2  decided  to  break  the  mold   and  the  story  is  set  in  both  the  Cold  War  and  in  a  near-­‐future  setting.     All  Call  of  Duty  games  are  published  but  also  owned  by  Activision  and  released  on  many  platforms  such  as  PlayStation  3,  Xbox  360,   mobile  devices  such  as    Nintendo  DS,  PlayStation  Portable,  PlayStation  Vita,  iOS,  Android,  Nokia  and  Windows  Phone  platforms  but   soon  it  will  be  coming  to  the  Wii  U.  Most  of  the  game  series  has  been  developed  primarily  by  Infinity  Ward  but  Treyarch  has  created   some  of  the  main  games  featuring  the  storyline  but  other  games  have  had  help  during  the  development  stage  such  as  Gray  Matter   Interactive,  Spark  Unlimited,  Pi  Studios,  Amaze  Entertainment,  Rebellion  Development  and  n-­‐Space.       The  games  use  a  variety  of  engines  such  as  Treyarch  NGL  and  the  IW  5.0.  depending  on  the  main  developer;  for  example  Treyarch   develop  all  of  the  Black  Ops  series  and  they  use  their  own  engine  called  NGL  but  Infinity  Ward  create  all  the  modern  warfare  games   such  as  Modern  warfare  3  which  uses  IW5.0.  but  other  products  that  relates  to  the  franchise  include  action  figures  designed  by  Plan-­‐B   Toys,  a  card  game  created  by  Upper  Deck,  and  a  comic  book  mini-­‐series  published  by  WildStorm.     The  Call  Of  Duty  series  have  sold  well  over  100  million  copies  and  there  are  40  million  monthly  active  players  across  all  of  the  Call  of   Duty  titles  with  over  10  million  Call  of  Duty:  Elite  members  and  users  but  also  2  million  paying  annual  consumers.  Over  1.6  billion  hours   of  online  gameplay  have  been  logged  in  the  latest  game  in  the  series,  Modern  Warfare  3.    

Call of  duty  is  one  of  the  most  highly    anticipated  game  each  year  and  with  that  the  franchise  decide  to  release  a  verity  of  special   versions  for  this  anticipated  game  game.  There  are  only  3  versions  of  the  Call  Of  Duty  Black  Ops  II  Special  Editions  and  they  are   detailed  bellow  

Name of  the  edition     Contents     Normal  version    

This version  of  the  game  is  the  traditional  version  of  any  released  games.  This  is  the  very     basic  version  of  them  all.  This  is  for  those  that  are  interested  within  the  game  but  not   those  that  seek  to  collect  perks  or  features  of  the  game  that  are  beyond  and  above  the   normal.     This  edition  of  the  game  includes  the  game  itself  and  a  booklet  going  into  detail  about   the  game  

Hardened editions      

This Hardened  edition  of  the  game  includes  online  multiplayer  extra’s  such  as  Nuketown   2025  Bonus  Map  (for  both  multiplayer  and  zombies),  Weapon  Camo,  2  Player  Card   Backgrounds  and  extras  varying  depending  on  the  chosen  console.  This  also  includes  a  2-­‐ Sided  Steel  book    featuring  exclusive  artwork,  2  Challenge  Coins  that  serve  as  your  key  to   exclusive  digital  content  and  the  Call  of  Duty:  Black  Ops  II  soundtrack   (includes  everything  of  the  above  version)  

Care package  edition     The  Care  Package  edition  includes  a  remote  control  MQ-­‐27  Dragonfire  Drone  swell  as   (includes  everything  of  the  above  version)   two  themes  for  your  chosen  console.  Also  included  in  this  edition  of  the  game  is  a  huge     crate-­‐like  care  package  case  to  store  the  drone  safely  and  securely     (includes  everything  of  the  above  version)  

Hitman is  an  action-­‐adventure  stealth  video  game  series    available  on  Microsoft  Windows  as  well  as  several  video  game  consoles,   including  the  Nintendo  GameCube,  PlayStation  2,  PlayStation  3,  Xbox,  Xbox  360  and  was  developed  by  the  Danish  company  IO   Interactive.  The  game  series  major  success  has  since  expanded  into  a  novel;  Hitman:  Enemy  Within  written  by  William  C.  Dietz,   followed  by  Hitman:  Damnation  which  is  an  official  prequel  to  the  upcoming  installment,  Absolution,  and  a  Hitman  film  adaptation  in   2007,  which  is  loosely  based  on  the  storyline  of  the  games.     The  series  (game  and  novel)  revolves  around  Agent  47  also  referred  to  as  "47"  or  "Mr.  47”.  He  is  a  cloned  assassin-­‐for-­‐hire  with  flawless   record  of  mission  successes  and  this  places  him  in  high  demand  among  the  wealthy  and  elite.  All  Hitman  games  feature  a  mix  of   orchestral  and  electronica  musical  scores.  This  is  essential  to  the  gam  franchise  due  to  music  being  a  key  element  within  the  game   setting  the  tone,  mood  or  warning  the  player  when  situations  or  circumstances  change.  Hitman:  Absolution  was  released  on   November  20,  2012  adding  yet  another  Hitman  game  to  the  franchise  but  more  importantly  this  game  is  to  be  the  debut  project  at   Square  Enix's  brand  new  Montreal  studio.    

Hitman: Absolution,  alike  the  other  games  in  the  series  is  an  action-­‐adventure  stealth  game  developed  by  IO  Interactive  and  published   by  Square  Enix.  It  is  the  fifth  entry  in  the  Hitman  game  series  and  will  run  on  IO  Interactive's  produced  game  engine  called  Glacier  2.   The  developers  have  confirmed  that  Absolution  will  be  easier  to  play  and  more  accessible,  but  will  retain  hardcore  aspects.  The  game   was  released  on  November  20,  2012,  which  is  the  47th  week  of  the  year  (in  reference  to  the  protagonist,  Agent  47).   Name  of  the  edition     Contents     Normal  version    

This version  of  the  game  is  the  traditional  version  of  any  released  games.  This  is  the  very     basic  version  of  them  all.  This  is  for  those  that  are  interested  within  the  game  but  not   those  that  seek  to  collect  perks  or  features  of  the  game  that  are  beyond  and  above  the   normal.     This  edition  of  the  game  includes  the  game  itself  and  a  booklet  going  into  detail  about   the  game  

Hitman Professional  Edition    

This version  of  Hitman  includes  an  agency  gun  pack  featuring  access  to  Agency   weaponry  with  upgraded  laser  sight  or  silencer.  This  version  also  includes  a  premium   hardcover  artbook  and  exclusive  DVD  showing  the  progress  of  the  game  over  six  months   but  also  includes  professional  clamshell  box  packaging  containing  the  Hitman  Absolution   game.     (includes  everything  of  the  above  version)  

Hitman: Absolution  Tailored  Edition  

This version  of  the  game  includes  high  tech  suit  giving  gamers  additional  support  whilst   playing  the  gam  but  also  a  Bartoli  custom  pistol  that  was  originally  developed  for   competition  shooting       (includes  everything  of  the  above  version)  

Ben Faucher-­‐Folie   Graphics  Design  

After my  research  I’ve  decided  to  create  a  special  edition   for  Hitman  out  of  the  three  games  that  I  further   researched  due  to  what  is  currently  available  to  the   public.  Both  Assassins  creed  and  Call  Of  Duty  special   editions  offer  something  that  die  hard  fans  and   consumers  would  be  content  purchasing  whereas   Hitmans  special  edition  is  appealing  but  there  isn't  a   product  for  those  that  may  want  a  personified  edition  but   aren't  die  hard  fans  and  creating  this  edition  is  my  goal.  If   I  did  decide  to  create  a  similar  special  edition  for  either   Call  of  duty  or  Assassins  creed  it  would  be  a  far  more   difficult  task  due  to  the  already  released  editions  offering   a  product  suitable  for  the  audience  I’m  trying  to  target   whereas  with  Hitmans  special  edition  its  quite  a  big  jump   between  the  editions;  there  is  a  normal  then  the  extreme   and  expensive  special  edition  so  there  is  much  more   options  and  possibilities  that  is  available.  This  special   edition  I’m  going  to  create  is  for  those  that  are  fans  of  the   game  but  aren't  willing  to  spend  that  much  for  a  better   edition  of  the  game.  

The sales  within  the  video  game  market  and  the  growth  within  the   software  and  hardware  market  is  rising  and  predicted  to  continue   increasing  as  more  games  are  being  produced  as  well  as  purchased   worldwide  but  the  main  contributors  towards  that  success  are  the  UK   companies  creating  many  successful  double  or  triple  A  rated  games.   For  this  success  to  continue  store  fronts  or  other  way  for  consumers  to   purchase  products  needs  to  be  developed.  One  example  of  a  successful   storefront  is  This  storefront  is  one  of  the  many  leading   stores  in  the  UK  where  consumers  go  to  browse  and  purchase  new  or   used  games.  One  of  the  reasons  this  store  front  is  so  successful  is  due   to  the  accessibility.  For  example  Game  has  an  online  retail  storefront   swell  as  a  physical  shop  that  can  be  viewed  and  accessed  by  anyone.   Having  multiple  ways  to  access  the  store  increases  the  link  between   the  consumer  and  the  product.  Also  Game  takes  pride  in  value  for   games  compe:ng  in  the  ‘price  war’  to  offer  consumers  compe::ve   prices  and  value  deals  to  keep  the  purchaser  interested.   Game  also  offer  ‘trade  in’  services  whereby   consumers  give  in  old  unwanted  items  such   as  games  or  hardware  in  exchange  for  money  

Steam is  a  pioneering  online  digital  distribution  developed  by  Valve  Corporation.  This  program  is   used  to  distribute  games  and  related  media  online.  Steam  brings  together  small  independent   inhouse  developers  to  larger  corporation  software  developers  and  after  the  major  success  of  steam   valve  expanded  their  service  to  include  non-­‐gaming  software.  Steam  provides  the  user  with   installation  and  automatic  management  of  purchased  software  across  multiple  computers,  features   such  as  friends  lists,  cloud  saving,  in-­‐game  voice  and  chat  functionality.    Steam  was  developed  to   rivial  console  hardware  such  as  the  Playstation  or  Xbox  and  give  consumers  another  option  that  is   accessible  to  everyone  but  also  this  software  was  also  developed  to  help  developers  reach    their   target  audience  far  easier  and  offer  them  better  value  deals  to  interest  them.  The  freely  available   software  provides  application  programming  interface  and  Steamworks.  Steamworks  is  a  program   that  developers  can  take  advantage  of  to  integrate  many  of  Steam's  functions  within  their  created   software  products  including  copy  protection,  networking  and  matchmaking  assistance  swell  as   features  to  increase  replay  value  such  as  in-­‐game  achievements  or  micro-­‐transactions  but  more   importantly  support  for  user-­‐created  content  through  Steam  Workshop.  This  software  was  initially   developed  for  Microsoft  Windows  but  then  expanded  onto  Mac  OS  X  version  and  now  it  has  been   extended  and  developed  for  both  iOS  and  Android  mobile  devices.  There  are  over  1800  games   available  through  Steam  on  all  platforms  and  over  54  million  active  members.  It  is  estimated  that   currently  Steam  owns  70%  share  of  the  digital  distribution  market  for  video  games.  

An online  pass  is  a  single  use  code  used  to  restrict  access  to  only  a  single  user.  These  codes  are  a   single-­‐use  serial  number  and  designed  to  to  put  off  the  second-­‐hand  sale  of  a  product  but  instead   allow  the  producer  of  a  product  to  still  receive  profits  from  second-­‐hand  copies  of  their  product.   These  passes  were  first  primarily  used  to  restrict  access  to  certain  online  content,  notably  online   multiplayer  but  then  evolved  and  stated  restricting  access  to  single  play  content  also.  These  passes   were  first  primarily  used  by  the  video  game  industry,  requiring  use  of  a  code  found  in  a  game's   manual  or  leaflets  to  access  to  certain  online  content,  notably  online  multiplayer.