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Ben Faucher-­‐Folie   Graphics  Design  

Puttee Casting    

Ben Faucher-­‐Folie   Graphics  Design  

Before opening  2D  Design  I   created  a  blac  and  white  outline   of  the  logo  I  wanted  to  use  for  the     puttee  mold    

This was  the  final  result  from  the   colour  edit;  as  you  can  see  the   image  is  pixelated  and  the   background  is  transparent      

After designing  the  logo  on   photoshop  I  imported  the  bitmap   onto  the  blank  canvas    

The pixelated  image  didn’t   bother  me  because  the  lines  left   on  the  image  gave  me  an  idea  of   the  shapes  within  the  logo  

I wanted  to  just  have  the  outline   with  no  background  so  I  edited   the  colour  properties  and   changed  it  to  monotone    

I went  over  the  image  using  the  line  tool   on  2D  design;  the  image  behind  I  used  as   a  template  and  always  compared  the   lines  to  the  unedited  bitmap  

Ben Faucher-­‐Folie   Graphics  Design  

I continued  doing  the  lines  ontop   of  the  image  until  all  the  shapes   was  created  to  a  high  quality  

After the  lines  created  a  solid  shape,  I   created  a  contour  solid  line  round  the   outside  of  the  solid  shape.  This  line   will  be  the  base  of  the  puttee  cast    

I continued  to  compare  the  lines   to  the  bitmap  and  the  unedited   version  of  that  image  insuring  a   quality  final  product  

I copied  the  final  lines  onto  a  new   canvas  and  joined  all  the  lines   together;  from  edge  to  edge  so  on   the  computer  it’s  a  solid  shape  

Once the  contour  lines  I  made   another  canvas  and  designed  a   square  box  and  positioned  circles   to  align  up  with  the  other  box’s  

Once that  box  was  designed,  I   duplicated  it  and  positioned  the   individual  lines  created  for  the   logo  

Once the  designs  was  finished  I  ensured  that  the  files  being  used  had  no  issues  or  errors  before  using   the  laser  cutter.  Once  that  check  was  finally  done  I  forwarded  the  file  onto  the  laser  cutter  and   adjusted  the  settings  for  the  material  I  was  going  to  use  for  the  puttee  cast  molds    

This was  the  final  outcome  from  the  2D  design  work  I’ve   done.  The  outcome  of  this  design  is  excellent;  there  was   no  issues  producing  this  using  the  laser  cutter.  If  this   was  going  to  be  massed  produced  then  there  is  room   for  improvement  such  as  the  space  on  the  outside  of  the   circles  could  be  reduced  saving  material  and   furthermore  increasing  the  profit  margins.  

Ben Faucher-­‐Folie   Graphics  Design  

Before using  the  puttee  in  this   cast  I  had  to  ensure  that  the   casting  will  be  secure  in  place  

Once I  was  sure  it  was  filled  Ieft  it   to  cool  down  and  then  took  off   the  clips  securing  the  pieces  in   place  

After ensuring  I  have  the  cast  in  a   secure  position  whereby  it  wont   fall  over  whilst  the  puttee  being   pored  out    

I lifted  off  the  top  few  layers  to   reveal  the  emblem  that  was   created    

I started  to  pour  in  the  puttee   into  the  mold  ensuring  that  its   filled  entirely    

I took  off  all  the  other  parts  to  the  layers   to  reveal  the  hidden  parts  to  this  casting   and  I  was  happy  with  the  results    

This was  the  final  outcome  from  the  2D  designs  for   making  this  mold  is  really  shown  in  the  final  puttee   casting,  I  didn’t  expect  the  quality  of  this  final  outcome   to  be  so  high  and  for  it  to  have  near  to  no  problems  in   the  process,  I’m  happy  with  the  result  of  the  puttee   casting.  

Puttee Casting  
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