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Communicate A Narrative

Initial Ideas

One of the ideas I had was to promote a feature that PlayStation has worked hard to improve on; The PlayStation 3 came built in with WiFi connectivity that other rival companies lack within their products. I wanted to integrate the wires within the advertisement because that’s the promoting and its iconography that the audience will automatically recognize. I also main feature I will be wanted to feature the console

Note: I wanted to advertise for the upcoming PlayStation 4 but due to the limited information about it available I decided to advertise for the current console on sale

Decided that after creating those drawings in order to see if it’s a possible concept to advertise I decided to do a rough draft using Photoshop but the final outcome was below par; the vision I had for this concept wouldn’t work unfortunately and also there was no clear narrative within this advertisement so I decided to go back and draw another concept with narrative in mind.

Narrative: Subject within frame is holding the PlayStation bag whilst walking down isolated street. She is on her way to her parents house to collect some of the latest games available for her PlayStation. Content: PlayStation Bag The PlayStation bag is a fictional bag but the bag is created to represent PlayStation as a designer brand rather then the traditional electronic goods brand. By changing the perception of PlayStation I would be able to advertise to another audience that has not been advertised towards yet. By changing the perception of the brand we will be able to create brand loyalty and rivalry between designer brands. The bag features recognizable features or iconography that can be associated with PlayStation. The subject in the advert will look aged between 18 – 25 and by doing this I will be able to attract audiences from both genres. I also feel that I need to challenge the audience within this advertisement so I decided to have the subject ethnicity Black because its “out of the norm”, most advertisements for fashion traditional have someone of a white ethnicity feature them so instead I will ‘brake the cycle’ and include a black female as the main subject; by doing this I’m breaking the normal traditions and the audience would be intrigued by this therefore gaining their attention.

Summary of “Initial ideas” !   The development of ideas really helped me understand the need for narrative within any advertisements in order to help sell the product !   I’ve decided on my final idea for the advertisement but I feel that this was only possible due to the test pieces I’ve done and it was a process of elimination.

Initial Ideas  
Initial Ideas