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Communicate A Narrative

Creation of the bag

I did a Google search using the keyword ‘bag’, this was done so I can view the wide range of bags and to have an idea on what bag shape I could use for my PlayStation bag. The Louis Vuitton bag inspired me because of the iconography within the bag. When I 1st saw the bag it reminded me of the PlayStation USP icons and I wanted to incorporate this idea with my product. I also went onto sites such as to further research on designer handbags. I wanted to see for myself why some bags price tag is higher then others and why. When creating my bag i will have to keep in mind this research because i want my bag to look high quality and look professional using premium fabrics to draw my audience in but keeping in mind my target audience; if my product was on sale the audience I’m targeting will be able to afford this product so I would have to make sure the fabrics i use are not too expensive.

I choose this bag as my base model that I will modify and customize. I decided to use primary research to find out what bag would attract my target audience. I did an interview and gave a selection of bags to choose, the feedback given suggested that this bag was the most attractive so this will be the bag I will use as my base model that I will modify and customize I wanted something to represent PlayStation on this bag. After analyzing Sony's Matrix advert where Morpheus is holding pills shaped like PlayStation icons and seeing a Louis Vuitton bag I decided to do something similar. From my recent photo shoot, I used a photo of the PlayStation control pad and cropped the icons. This will be used in my advert

Then I took those icons and placed them on Photoshop. From Photoshop I made small lines of these: this will help me when putting these icons onto the bag

I wanted to incorporate Playstations USP iconography but make it similar to a Louis Vuitton bag so i layered on a line of icons ontop of the bag and erased the outline of the bag to make it look authentic and professional. I wanted to get a preview of what the finished bag would look like so I changed the layer settings from normal to screen; screen gets rid of all background colours. This is done by eliminating usual background colours such as black or white; these colours are used primary as a base coat for all photos. I could do this myself but it is very time consuming and there are alternatives to this that look far better then what i could produce and more authentic

The outcome of screening the layer was as I planned; this affected the image positively and made the bag look authentic. I decided that this will be the final look for my bag, I will continue to layer on the icons across the bag with no problems. Also once I layer the icons throughout the bag I will select the icons layer and then delete any icons that are outside the bag.

All the bags that I have seen have all had their brand name or trademark logo placed on there products so to ensure my bag looks authentic I placed PlayStations trademark on the bag but when placing it the colours didn’t ‘fit’ in with the other USP icons. The red looked to bright and vivid so using the same tool I used to layer the other icons I screened the trademark logo and the outcome was quite positive.

Summary of “Creation of the bag” !   The development of this was easier then I once thought, I knew that the bag would be a helpful asset to the advert overall and a key feature to help with the narrative behind the advertisement as a whole !   I’ve decided that from this point onwards I will be focusing on the background and location where the advertisement will be set at

creation of the bag