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In support of the North Harbour Business Improvement District

Business growth Collective representation Strong government and community connections

North Harbour Business Association’s programmes and initiatives have added real value to the businesses within its catchment area, and many of them are happy to point out the difference it has made. Here are just a few of the supportive voices in the North Harbour Business Improvement District. Business Development

Networking opportunities

“The decision to become a Gold Sponsor with North Harbour Business Association has proved invaluable. Our involvement has led to increased income streams and our profile within the community has increased. The golf club has become a centre for social networking among businesses within the Albany area. This is why we will be Voting Yes Again in 2012.”

“We have been a member of the NHBA for a number of years now and greatly value their support, opportunities and contribution to our local business area. We are particularly appreciative of the excellent business networking opportunities and the significant focus on crime prevention in our area. That’s why we will be Voting Yes Again in 2012.”

Warren Collett, North Shore Golf Club

Stuart Lees, Zero Down

Business Development

Crime Prevention

“We have found NHBA events to be a good way of connecting with new suppliers and partners and while this is often mutually beneficially to both companies, there is the added advantage of supporting the local businesses community as a whole. That is why we will vote Yes again in 2012.”

“I found the NHBA very supportive after the two burglaries I had last year. The crime prevention programme that has been put in place since then has been beneficial. That’s why I will vote Yes again in 2012.” Colin Gray, Colgray Motors

Paul O’Brien, EasiYo

Local Representation

Business Opportunities

“The NHBA team is such an asset to local businesses. They really add value by being a focal point for local issues. That is why I will vote Yes again in 2012.”

“The NHBA is an important part of our business, providing vital information and networking opportunities. That is why we will vote Yes again in 2012.”

Ken McInnes, Ivoclar Vivadent NZ

Harbour Travel

Transport Management

Industry Training

“The NHBA has been instrumental in organising free bus travel for our students and staff members, and the CarpoolNow scheme has also been very beneficial for us. Our relationship has given us the opportunity to meet with the business owners in the area – it’s a win-win. That is why we will support through Associate Membership again in 2012.”

“Massey University is pleased to be working with NHBA to develop and deliver training modules aimed to add value to members. Our partnership is important in terms of the ongoing economic development of our region. That is why we will support through Associate Membership again in 2012.”

Pam Malcolm, Unitec 2

Richard Trowbridge, North

Andrea Davies, Massey University

North Harbour Business Association

Empowering Better Business In 2008 businesses and property owners in the North Harbour industrial estate gave the North Harbour Business Association a mandate to provide them with a range of services under the auspices of a rate-funded Business Improvement District (BID). That original range of services covered the areas of Crime Prevention, Transport Management, Business/ Economic Development and Advocacy support on business issues, all of which directly benefit the local community, businesses, employees, students and visitors. During the first four years of operation we have established ourselves as a touchpoint for local businesses, providing and effective communication We have been able to clear links, quality events, effective expand our services advocacy and representation, and by securing additional quality advice on crime prevention and transport management.

Income 2012  ember Targeted Rate M $310,000 E xternal Programme Grants $150,000 Events $52,600 Sponsorship $45,850 Other $7,400

third party funding and business sponsorship.

It’s time to once again seek your support as a business or commercial property owner, in a vote of approval for the ongoing operation of the current targeted rate, which makes up approximately 60 per cent of our income. Since securing the targeted rate funding in June 2008, the NHBA has developed a range of services designed to add real value to members in the area. We have also been able to expand our services by securing additional third party funding for our activity programmes through grants with key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Justice and Auckland Transport, as well as attracting business sponsorship. This additional funding now makes up approximately 40 per cent of our current income. We are looking forward to continuing to develop and improve these services in our second term as a BID. Our thanks in advance for your interest and support. Vote YES again in 2012!

Expenditure 2012 Personnel $154,900  rime Prevention C $139,700 E vents and Communications $124,700 Transport $72,000 Administration $42,000 BID Ballot $15,000 Office Premises $11,000 IT/Communications $6,000

Warren Kitchin CA Dip NZIM Chairman 3

NHBA Empowering Better Business The NHBA focus is encouraging growth, efficiency and innovation in the North Harbour Business Improvement District. In the past three years we have developed, refined and implemented projects that are having have a real impact on local business, especially in the areas of crime prevention and transport management. We have forged valuable relationships and we are beginning to see good results. It is not job done, however, but job started.

2008-2011: What we have achieved so far Crime Prevention NHBA-sponsored security patrols in the North Harbour BID area seven nights a week. A full-time crime prevention specialist available to all BID area businesses as part of a 30-month programme partially funded by the Ministry of Justice. A Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) surveyhelps to make staff feel safe and protects the property owners investment through prevention and education. These free CPTED’s are made available to all within the BID area. Free crime prevention tools and advice are available in the new Crime Prevention Tool Kit to all businesses and residences in the BID area. More than 700 Crime Prevention Tool Kits have been delivered, with 800 due to be completed by June 2012. Security alerts disseminated quickly through the business community via website and email.


Regular liaison with NZ Police delivers improved reporting process and response plus greater Police intelligence sharing. First BID in New Zealand to have an Memorandum of Understanding with NZ Police. BID area businesses can now enjoy lower insurance premiums.

Traffic Management Traffic cameras at six intersections streaming live on the NHBA website during daylight hours in order to help ease congestion. Regular liaison with Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, MAXX, local education providers and large employers to improve traffic and transport management. Results: Improved bus services to and through the area – routes, frequency and timetabling The CarpoolNow scheme encourages more people to rideshare, putting fewer cars on the road. The scheme already has 220 registered users.

Initiated and developed a Transport Resource pack pack which has been delivered to 60 businesses by the end of 2011, with a further 500 to be distributed before April 2012. Shares the knowledge of travel options available - to keep North Harbour mobile. In excess of 200 free public transport trial cards given to business owners, employees, students and residents in the North Harbour BID area. Submissions to Council on hot issues such as street parking restrictions and temporary signs (eg real estate hoardings)

Business Opportunities Hosted an average of five Business Breakfast or Luncheon events a year with CEO speakers such as Rob Fyfe, Paul Reynolds, and Steve Maharey, and the Prime Minister and mayors. Hosted an average of six After Five events each year, free for members, providing local businesses with opportunities to learn about their neighbours and make new connections. Inaugurated the Empowering Better Business Expo in 2011, attracting 34 exhibitors to encourage local business to business opportunities.

Six issues of FYI magazine delivered to members each year. Redesigned the website to provide more opportunities to reach other BID businesses, their visitors, employees and local students through the new directory and voucher system.

Collective Voice An active voice for North Harbour Businesses, Workers and Residents. Submissions presented on the draft Auckland Council Plan and the Upper Harbour Local Board annual plan. Constant liaison with Auckland Council, the Upper Harbour Local Board, Auckland Transport, New Zealand Police, other government departments and other stakeholders to represent North Harbour BID needs and views.

Operational activities Maintained operations within budgeted guidlines. Sourced external project funding that allows the proposed targeted rate for 2012-2013 to remain at the same level as 2008. Restructed activities and inducted a new executive team. Attracted high calibre board members to ensure sound governance. 5

Your questions answered There is more detailed information about how the North Harbour Business Association works and the BID arrangement on but here are a few key points.

What is a Business Improvement District? BIDs have been used internationally to promote local development since the first one started in Toronto in 1970. There are 46 currently within the Auckland Council structure, providing partnerships between local government, the business community and other stakeholders. NHBA is an independent non-profit organisation funded by a targeted rate collected by the Auckland Council and from appropriate external sources such as the Ministry of Justice. These funds are used to implement the business plan for NHBA which is focused on developing your local business area. As part of the technical establishment of the BID, NHBA is required to undertake this repoll. We urge you to Vote Yes Again in 2012

What is the BID area? The NHBA area is bounded by Rosedale Road to the north, State Highway 1 to the east, Upper Harbour Highway to the south and Albany Highway to the west. This area captures some 1500 businesses and commercial organisations that, together, employ more than 15,000 people. See Map on Page 8.

How does the ballot work? All property owners, business owners and tenants operating within the BID area are eligible to vote. You’ll receive a ballot paper by 17 February 2012, which should be posted by Tuesday 6 March 2012 to ensure it is received before midday Friday 9 March 2012.

How much will I pay? The funding that comes from the targeted rate makes up about 60 per cent of NHBA’s total budget. This targeted rate is based on 6

a minimum levy of $150 per annum, plus a percentage of your commercial property value. The average levy per ratepayer last ballot was less than $240 per annum. Refer to your rates bill and Auckland Council website for the detailed BID Policy. The strength and effectiveness of NHBA’s initiatives and activities have also attracted significant funding from other sources such as the Ministry of Justice and Auckland Transport, which has enabled us to keep the targeted rate at 2008 levels.

What is the North Harbour Business Association? NHBA is a non-profit organisation run by and for its members. All businesses and commercial organisations in the BID area are eligible for membership, which is funded by the targeted rate. Membership is not automatic but you simply register via The organisation is run by an Executive Committee consisting of a maximum of 12 elected local business people. The committee meets monthly and members are also involved in a number of sub committees for areas such as transport, crime prevention and member services. The delivery of member services and activities functions are the responsibility of the NHBA Executive Staff, comprising a General Manager, Crime Prevention Specialist, Transport Projects Manager and Administrator. As part of its operating mandate, the NHBA holds an Annual General Meeting, giving members the opportunity to be involved with setting the organisation’s future direction and focus. Members are invited to ask questions and stand for election to the Executive Committee. The NHBA demonstrates transparency and good governance in publishing and distributing its annual report. Businesses in neighbouring areas also have the opportunity to be involved with NHBA as associate members.

Summarised Strategic Business Plan. North Harbour is an innovative, forward-thinking business community. It is attracting successful, ambitious businesses as well as quality industry training institutions. NHBA’s objective for the North Harbour BID area to build on the success of the previous four years, to ensure North Harbour becomes Auckland’s location of choice for investment, business and lifestyle. We will deliver value to members through relevant, cost effective service with a focus on economic development and collective representation. These services will be achieved while maintaining the Targeted Rate at the 2008 level, $310,000 per annum. This will be achieved through our focus across the following five strategic areas.

1 2 3 4 5

Crime Prevention Members benefit from security patrols, lower insurance premiums, the free Tool Kit resource through our proactive Crime Prevention programme. We will continue to increase education and training for members, with the support of NZ Police, to deliver the clear message of ‘Crime is Not OK’ in North Harbour.

Transport Promote the use of diversified travel options through the CarpoolNow and Free Pubic Transport Trials. Improve awareness of the Look Before You Leave cameras to keep traffic flowing. Continue to represent the needs of business and commuters with Auckland Transport, NZTA and improve access for freight and staff. Ease congestion through greater advocacy and education to promote and expand transport options in the area.

Collective Voice North Harbour property owners’ and business voices are heard within the new complex Auckland Council structure. Through our extensive relationships, we will leverage and exert our influence to provide improved support services, funding and infrastructure to our members.

Business Opportunities Effective connections with other local business owners through free networking events for members and the online business directory, will continue to create opportunities for business growth within the challenging economic environment. We will provide increased access to business training and support, greater interaction between education providers and business.

Local Promotion Business relationships are enhanced and promoted across all media - including, FYI magazine, and other regional and national media. Local business growth reinforces North Harbour as a desirable place to invest, work, learn and live. View our full Business Plan 2012-2013 online 7

How and when It’s time to Vote Yes Again for your local business improvement district (BID) We are asking you to post your vote to confirm your support for the BID programme by 6 March 2012, thereby ensuring your vote is received by midday 9 March 2012. In 2008 the North Harbour industrial estate established a BID funded by a targeted rate, managed by North Harbour Business Association (NHBA). The BID facilitates a range of services and activities, which benefit the total community, making North Harbour a vibrant and attractive place in which to live, work, learn and play. Auckland Council now requires us to reconfirm our operating mandate via a ballot of commercial property owners and businesses within our BID area. Your vote of support will enable us to continue to develop our core services. Your vote will also provide a collective voice for business and the delivery of programmes that focus on growth, transport improvement and crime prevention. Every Vote Counts. Please look out for your ballot papers which will be posted to you in February 2012 and VOTE YES AGAIN to ensure the entire community benefits in the future from the initiatives and services NHBA delivers.

If you have questions about this process, you can contact: Janine Brinsdon or Warren Kitchin for general NHBA matters 09 968 2222 or Gill Plume for Auckland Council BID policy matters 09 484 7218 or The Electoral Office for official ballot process matters 09 973 5212 or

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