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A MESSAGE Welcome to our ‘new-style’ magazine and edition 12 of INSIDE. With a distribution of 1000 printed copies, boasting more content with the inclusion of Tristram European customers in business. There are some excellent reviews in this edition, including the Tristram European exclusive Tiguan Allspace 7-seater Turbine Special Edition, ŠKODA Karoq, New Polo and NEW Touareg, which I am particularly looking forward to seeing and driving. I will be heading off to a Dealer Conference late July to learn all about the New Touareg and then shortly after, arriving back to the dealership with the Touareg V6 S which we will have available for customer ‘private viewings’. You can find out more about how to book a ‘private viewing’ in our UPCOMING EVENTS on page 29. I am particularly looking forward to the Tristram European Ultimate Field Days Experience 2018! If you are in the market to purchase and we can twist your arm with a ‘Field Days Offer’ then please get in touch, as this will be a day not to be missed. Helicopter one-way experience, an Off Road Driving experience on location at Mystery Creek and I will be there with my Sales Manager Team & Gary Molloy, my Customer Experience Manager. An action-packed event this year and lots of great product to view and also secure, with the new models coming through.

FROM MARK vehicle handover, sometimes these tings can be lost in amongst the information overload and the excitement of collecting your new vehicle from us on the day. These video’s will provide a step-by-step guide to take you through the ‘how-to’ of these features. There is some great reading in this edition so do take the time to read about the new Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht on page 9, fashion from our friends Federation and sponsored Devonport home stylist, Kate Alexander as well as a feature article on Northchill, which are long-standing Tristram European customers.

Enjoy the read!


Speaking of new models, T-Roc looks like it will make it to New Zealand territory and we hope to see this in the last quarter of 2018. If you are unsure about T-Roc, think Golf like size, but in the form of a small SUV with some real ‘headturning” style! Tune into the next edition of INSIDE for more information on this. Have you visited Tristram European’s website lately? I’d encourage you to take the time to visit the site, to experience a new look and feel, whereby we have really wanted to provide users with some real insight into what the Tristram Experience actually looks like. Shortly, we start a series of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) video’s, which is based on feedback we get from our own customers around common questions or areas in which they require us to provide a demonstration. Although we do provide this on

Mark Hayward Tristram European Director


Motor PlayingVehicle with fire! and Marine Finance Caleb Antonio-Rooney on a European show in Sydney, We believe that here atputs Tristram we have where in Business the first show the car caught fire! A terribly the best Managers in the industry, proven by scary moment, but he managed to get out of the car both Davide Punturiero and Daniel Southwell taking very quickly and suffered what sonumerous ever. A out the Business Managerno of burns the Year title near escape. times, and having over 25 years’ experience between them. Caleb then went back for the Sydney City Speedcar 50 Lap Classic in the week of May. Thisfor was Davide and Daniel canfirst offer flexible finance both aprivate huge event that wascustomers well publicised the and business with aacross comprehensive Tasman New Zealand. Caleb knew it you was are going range ofand products to help you fund what to be a tough looking for. race to make it with over 60 cars entered. Despite that, we thought he would give it WHAT FINANCE? a shot!DO HisWE objective was to make the main event of We don’t just offer MotorheVehicle 24 cars and to his credit did! HeFinance? had his Let work cut us help you get your new: Boat, Jet Caravan, out as well having to come through Ski, the B main. This Motorbike in this weather, even new drivers. Swimming Pool. meant he or qualified 23 out of thea 60+ Starting the feature from grid 23, he... progressed to finish WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH INTEREST RATES? 16th. Caleb ended up one of the 7 New Zealanders of Interest rates are currently stable, but there are the night out of some 15 top kiwi midget racers to rumours in lending circles that a rise could be on the complete the feature and one of the youngest drivers cards in the future. FINANCING WITH US VS THE BANK In most cases financing through your bank will be dearer than financing through us, as we have the ability to offer a range of products for consumers, businesses and/or trusts. Our approval and document processes are also a lot faster and easier than that of the banks. HOW ARE CUSTOMERS STRUCTURING THEIR FINANCE? More and more customers are opting for consumer lease or business lease products. This makes for lower monthly repayments because of the residual value and flexibility if business situations change. WE ALSO HAVE YOU COVERED FOR INSURANCE: When it comes to insurance our competitive products are comprehensive and include Genuine Manufactures Parts, fitted by an authorised factory repairer, thus maintaining the factory warranty on your vehicle. Like with our Finance, we can also provide marine, motorcycle, household and business insurance cover.


in the field. A massive achievement considering this was his rookie season, in a completely different car and track which was a lot faster and wider than what he is used to. He would have got up to speeds of 150k’s quite an experience for him but he did a great job. Upon returning back to New Zealand, Caleb received a call from the Australian car owner (of the car that he drove in Australia) and he said people are talking about him over there saying he has a big future. Caleb actually caught the attention of the media people over there and was interviewed twice on live TV that was streamed to USA, NZ and Australia in fact anywhere in the world could have view it. It was confirmed NZ had 15,000 viewers alone watching the event and there was so many kiwis that came over for the event as well to just watch. The car owner also mentioned today that the media people who interviewed him said he was one of the most

well-spoken drivers they have interviewed and came across as very professional which is awesome to hear. On top of his 50 lap race he also made it into the test team representing the New Zealand team against Australia sadly the kiwis lost but all in all a great experience for Caleb. This was his last race of the season and Caleb now look’s toward gearing up for next season which we believe is looking very promising considering how he has been driving through the last part of this season and he has certainly finished on a great note!



NORTHCHILL Introducing Graham & Michelle, owners of Northchill. Tells us a bit about your Business & what you specialise in? Q. HOW MANY STAFF DO YOU HAVE WORKING FOR YOU? A. We are a Pukekohe based transport business that is focussed around the food industry, we operate 22 large linehaul trucks and 27 trailers and various utes and forklifts, we move temperature sensitive freight for the likes of Foodstuffs NI, Fonterra, TipTop Bakeries and Mcdonalds moving their product all over the North Island on set runs, we also run 3 large 23m long linehaul units between Auckland and Christchurch weekly, we have 27 staff with Michelle running the admin side of the business with her sister Stacey working along side her, we have an Operations Manager who runs the day to day side of the business and we also operate our own workshop with two full time mechanics to undertake all the maintenance and servicing of our fleet as some of our runs are 7 days a week so preventative maintenance is critical to our operation.

from our current customers growth as well as the larger companies in our industry not looking after their customers and then us being approached to look at doing the work, its not always about the price as price becomes insignificant if product isn’t delivered as and when it should be, there’s an old saying in business and that’s ‘if we don’t look after the customer then somebody else will’ and so many big companies lose sight of this. Q. YOU’VE BOTH BEEN LONG STANDING CUSTOMERS OF TRISTRAM EUROPEAN’S. WHAT MAKES YOU CHOOSE TO CONTINUE TO DEAL WITH TRISTRAM EUROPEAN? A. We have been dealing with Mark and later Penny for probably the last 8 years, we bought our first Golf for Michelle from Bill Tapper then everything progressed to Tristrams so the relationship has continued on, we’ve bought numerous vehicle’s for both personal and for our business and they are just good people to deal with, nothing is ever an issue and if a problem has ever arisen it has been dealt with promptly and efficiently.



A. We believe have a great reputation in our industry, we operate top of the line trucks, we treat our staff like family so we don’t have the staff turnover like the larger companies do and we have never advertised, we don’t operate in the on the ‘spot’ market as all our runs we operate are on set runs whereby they run the same routes everyday, our growth has come

A. Your biscuit selection in your café could do with a makeover!


Q. WHAT GETS YOU OUT OF BED EACH DAY? A. Working with a great team at Northchill ltd, and everyday being different

Q. BEST ROAD TRIP YOU’VE BEEN ON IN ONE OF YOUR AWESOME TRUCKS? A. I don’t get to drive much anymore due to the size of our business but we have a chemical tanker that we carry timber preservative in, we retained this contract from a business we owned and sold a few years ago, there are only two of us that are approved handlers for this product so every now and then I will jump into my own Kenworth and head over to the back blocks of the Hawkes Bay and Levin and deliver to two sawmills there, once I’m out there I love it!. Q. ANY DODGY MOMENTS OUT THERE ON THE ROAD? WHAT WAS THE WORST? Probably the worst was coming across an accident at 2am in the morning way out west in Queensland Australia when we lived over there whereby an elderly lady had fallen asleep and side swiped a bread truck

in the middle of no where and I was the only person there trying to keep both people calm and alive until the services arrived. Q. NEXT PLANNED HOLIDAY AND WHO’S GOING? I’m off to Holland and Belgium in July with DAF trucks then Michelle’s flying over to meet me there then were off to France and England then back thru Dubai for a few days on the way home. Q. HOW WOULD YOU SAY NORTHCHILL BEST ALIGNS WITH TRISTRAM EUROPEAN? I feel both our companies share the passion of doing the best for our customers and our staff, your business is only ever as good as the staff you have got working for you and if you get that right then the business will prosper and grow.



When I first picked up a camera just over two years ago I had no idea what I was doing. What I did know, was that I wanted to create cool shit, for cool people and have fun doing it. During my 5years studying to be an Osteopath I worked as a Brand manager for Red Bull NZ. Here I developed my passion for coming up with marketing campaigns and executing them. I was during my last year at Red Bull that when faced with being sent to Austria on behalf or Red Bull New Zealand for an international competition, I decided that being able to create videos may be kind of useful.


Since then I haven’t looked back. I have been blessed with super talented and super supportive mates who have given me opportunities to shoot content for them and their brands. As a result, I have worked on content for companies such as Air New Zealand, Federation Clothing, Burger Fuel, Red Bull and Lululemon. With the decline in old school advertising methods such as TVCs and billboards, and the emergence of a generation engulfed in social media, I decided this is where I wanted to concentrate my efforts.

Social media is the one place Barry next door can have the same impact as a huge corporation such as coca cola. It’s all about the message that is told, and that’s where I feel I can add value. Ultimately, I want to create cinematic, narrative driven content. I want to evoke an emotional response. I want to use credible, genuine people to build connections between my clients and those they are wanting to reach. For me it is about providing a dynamic and nimble process for my clients.

I offer content creation and social media management packages tailored to all budgets. These packages consist of a collaborative campaign creation process, an online review process and online post scheduling. I’m always looking to add like-minded brands to my growing family, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me and let’s have some fun taking your social media content creation to the next level. Make sure you check out my website www.newwavecollective.co.nz and you can reach me at hello@newwavecollective.co.nz


Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht Boat Review

Words by Sarah Ell Photography by Bryce Taylor and Riviera

If, as the bumper sticker suggests, the worst day’s boating is better than the best day’s working, surely not much beats a workday afternoon anchored off Waiheke, drinking champagne on a 50-foot powerboat, and calling it research. This is the situation in which I found myself, checking out Riviera’s new 4800 Sport Yacht. After all, if you’re on a boat designed for super-comfortable cruising, it’s only natural that a responsible writer should thoroughly investigate its potential for relaxation and socialising. Riviera is a well-known name to New Zealand boaties, and the 4800 offers just what you’d expect from this Australian brand. She’s the second of her kind in New Zealand and is the kind of boat in which you want to arrive at a bay, with curvaceous, modern lines that are definitely going to turn heads. And its twin 600hp Volvo diesels gets to your destination quick-smart too. There’s no sign of the perennial bad weather on the day we head out of Westhaven, and flat water and bright sunshine make for a dream cruise down to Garden Cove on the north side of Waiheke. On the way I have the perfect chance to see what this boat


can do, starting from the ease of manoeuvrability in the marina. The 4800’s equipped with a pair of Volvo IPS800 diesels, electronically controlled and paired with Volvo’s steerable pod system. Even she’s a big boat – 15.23m long and 4.61m wide, with a dry weight of 15,725 kg – big doesn’t have to mean complicated. One touch on the CZone panel switches the boat from ‘Dock Unattended’ mode to ‘Cruise’, activating all the power systems, lights, stereo – and air conditioning – we will need for our journey (you can also turn things on and off manually, but why would you?). Likewise, getting the engines powered up is a simple operation: press the ignition buttons for each of the Volvos, then the ‘start’ button and you’re in business. Using the IPS joystick control either at the helm station or at a second, port station in the cockpit, it’s easy to drive out of the marina berth, back out along

the waterway and spin, using the joystick control either at the helm station or that cockpit station. Then, with the touch of another button, control is transferred to the steering wheel and twin throttles and we’re away. With Volvo’s ‘trim assist’ activated, you don’t even have to worry about adjusting the trim as the Riviera powers up onto the plane – the boat does it all for you, keeping the ride level rather than bow-up. You can, of course, also manually tweak the ride and fuel efficiency when running in more of a sea. And with electronic steering, the helm’s exceptionally light and responsive. With a boat this size, packing that much horsepower, you’d expect to burn through a fair bit of fuel. Interestingly, though, the fuel usage per nautical mile covered doesn’t vary that much as you move up the speed range. Starting with 5 knots in the marina, then 12 knots in the speed lane down the harbour, we opened her up once we’d passed Orakei – into the 20s and then 30 knots, leaving the camera boat in our wake (bloody show-offs! Ed). Watching the figures on the big screen, we were burning 6.6 litres per nautical mile at 20 knots, 6.7 litres/mile at 27 knots and 6.8 litres/ mile at 30 knots (all in flat water). This Riviera has a

cruising speed of 27-29 knots does 35 knots flat out. Once the camera boat catches up off Waiheke, we make the most of the flat water to do donuts at 25 knots for the photographer. The 4800 is easy to steer into big curves and swoops, and makes short work of its own wake when it crosses it. But enough of the active stuff; it’s time to anchor up in picturesque Garden Cove and check out what else this boat has to offer – and there’s plenty.

What lies below The new owners previously enjoyed Riviera’s smaller 3600 Sport Yacht but were in the market for something with a larger second cabin to accommodate guests. The 4800’s quite a big step up, but when they saw the size of the guest cabin, they were sold. They were also attracted by the large ‘garage door’ on the transom. This lifts to reveal the tender storage area, and also creates a sheltered area for the transom barbecue.


Riviera Team Photo

The boarding platform can be lowered to create additional headroom under the garage door, and even further to 700mm below water level, facilitating the launching and retrieval of the tender. An electric winch helps with pulling the tender back aboard. Inside the garage is a custom rack for dive bottles, and a water blaster (using desalinated water from the watermaker) which can reach right around the boat. The Riviera’s decks are synthetic Permateek, so a high-pressure hose-off won’t damage them. A couple of steps up either side from the boarding platform and you’re in the generous cockpit. There’s a large seat across the transom, and an L-shaped settee to starboard, up against the rear bulkhead of the saloon. A removable table here creates an outdoor dining space, with a large, hinged window on gas struts above. The cockpit has a small hardtop. The shade it provides is easily extended with a vinyl cover running almost to the back of the boat, and the open sides of the cockpit can be covered with clears for extra protection from the weather. To port is a wet bar, with sink and fridge with icemaker and a small bench with a handy flip-top rubbish bin. A sliding door leads into the saloon – over a small step onto pale oak flooring, with a longitudinal galley to port and a slightly raised, U-shaped seating area to starboard. A flat-screen TV pops up from the cabinetry forward of this. A two-hob ceramic cooktop and a combined convection/microwave under-bench oven, with drawer-style fridge and icebox are the main features of the galley. A drawer-style dishwasher is an option. The saloon windows – curving down to a point at the back to maximise viewing – still allow for eye-level cupboards above the bench. In the front of the saloon a huge sunroof opens up above the helm – at the touch of a button. This Riviera is a ‘left-hand drive’ model rather than the more traditional starboard

helm configuration. This means the throttle and joystick controls are at the driver’s left hand, leaving your right hand free to dial up the information you need on Volvo’s ‘Glass Cockpit’ – a multi-display navigation and performance-monitoring system.

When you touch the engines’ ignition button the two large Garmin screens in front of the helm power up, as well as a smaller screen lower right. Between TRISTRAM EURO them, you can dial up GPS, chartplotter, fishfinder, radar, engine information or any other combination of information you fancy. The helm seat is a sporty, double Recaro creation and it’s electrically adjustable. The boat has high topsides, but the exterior’s visual impact is reduced with clever styling. It’s not until you’re sitting at the helm that you realise how high up you are, and not until you head down below that you appreciate the scale of interior volume. Four steps down from the saloon and you’re in a second living area, with an L-shaped settee facing a second flat-screen TV. This is a perfect area for the kids on wet days, or a cosy spot for curling up with a book. Opposite is the day head, with a generouslysized shower, and a washer/dryer tucked away in lockers above the head. The master cabin’s in the bow, with a large en suite bathroom and plenty of hanging locker space. But the real surprise – and the deal-maker for the owners of this boat – is the second cabin, aft of the stairs. Using the boat’s entire width under the saloon, it has a single, starboard berth running fore-and-aft and a pair of singles running athwartships, which can be pushed together to form a double. There is a long, rectangular window each side, and the mirrored rear bulkhead adds to the sense of spaciousness. This space is both unexpected and delightful: kids will love it, and adults guests would be more than happy to be assigned it.


Client: Tristram

Sturdily-constructed, the 4800 boasts an exceptional finish. The stainless cleats at the rear of the cockpit are sizeable and solid, as are the removable rails on the boarding platform.

There’s an easy walk-around both sides, with good handholds, to the generous forward deck with its double-lounger featuring independently adjustable backs – it’s a great spot for enjoying the sunshine and scenery. Up at the bow a Muir electric anchor winch does the heavy lifting; you can raise and OPEAN :CADDY VAN SIGNAGE lower it here, or remotely from the helm station, monitoring its progress on screen via the bow camera.

m European

It’s a shame to head back to port, but all good things must come to an end. Our afternoon on the Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht reinforced the things many Kiwis already know about this marque: practical layout,

quality construction and plenty of power for getting where you want to go. The IPS drives provide fingertip control and ease of manoeuvring for such a large boat, and the accommodation provides plenty of space for relaxing, especially in the Tardis-like second cabin. Now, I think I just need one more day out on the water to really check it out properly. RMarine Flagship Ph +64 9 302 2511 or 0800 RIVIERA Email: sales@riviera.co.nz 23 Westhaven Drive St Marys Bay PO Box 147 170 Ponsonby | Auckland 1010 www.rmarine.nz

Tristram European offers Marine Finance, Vehicle & Motorcycle Finance, Insurance & Warranties”. Contact our Finance Team today to confidentially discuss your requirements. finance@tristrameuropean.co.nz or (09) 441 0090

13 Job number: TE181164

Account Manager: Mike Nolan / Karen McKinlay






MRP $55,490 + ORC $1295. Exclusive to Tristram European.

Tiguan Allspace Turbine

SPECIAL EDITION Exclusively to Tristram European, we welcome the Tiguan Allspace Turbine Special Edition. The Turbine edition is not your everyday Allspace. This car has been fitted with 20� (exclusive) Turbine alloys exclusively sold at Tristram European, R-Line Spoiler, Tinted Windows and Running Boards & a gloss black roof. With looks to kill & even more space this SUV has it all!, Room for up to 7 people, advanced safety systems and connected technology at your fingertips, As our first family-sized 7-seater SUV, the Allspace offers much more space, comfort and versatility. Compared to the Tiguan 5-seater, its wheelbase is

longer and has 215 mm additional length. The versatility of pushing forward the second and folding the third row means it’s ready to go when you are, this will achieve an impressive 700 litres of boot space. The Tiguan Allspace is packed with intelligent technology and driver assist systems. It will support you in critical driving situations. Standard features are the area view camera, pedestrian monitoring, front assist, lane assist and side assist with rear traffic alert. The TURBINE SPECIAL EDITION is exclusive to Tristram European and is available for viewing, test drive and purchase now.


Say Hello to the NEW Polo Beats! Bolder, bigger and altogether brilliant, with a new modern and sporty design, it strikes the perfect balance between style and function. It is packed with advanced safety features are great for everyday travel. The effortless smartphone connectivity and high-quality audio calls make it easy for you to access many features off your phone. The new Polo is longer, wider and has an extended wheel base than the predecessor. This provides more headroom and legroom for driver and 16 passengers alike. The new Polo’s user-

friendly infotainment systems has many features with a 8inch touch screen glass display. The park pilot and reverse camera is much clearer, and you can connect your smartphones via App Connect to access selected apps, maps and music. It is amazing what these smart compact vehicles offer, standard safety features include; pedestrian monitoring, front assist, side assist (blind spot monitor) with rear traffic alert, front rear sensors a reversing camera. The Beats Package offers several unique features that distinguishes itself from the standard model. With the Door mirrors in contrasting

paint colour, unique Beats decals on the side skirts. The interior consists of sports comfort front sport seats, and decorative trims all around. More importantly, the BEATS by Dr.Dre sound system lets you optimise sound quality in the new Polo, so you can expect the same energetic and full sound you enjoy with Beats headphones. New Polo pricing starts from $25,490 and availability is looking great from June 2018 onwards.


ŠKODA Karoq. Karoqing in Style & Ambition! It has been ŠKODA who has taken the market by storm, with their SUV range, recently introducing the ŠKODA Karoq. Starting from $38,990, it has proudly taken the place of the Yeti, but still not losing some of the Yeti’s unique clever design, such as the removeable rear seats, to then convert the Karoq into a commercial style SUV. Never has it been so easy to buy European! Karoq has nestled its way into the small SUV leading pack such as; Holden Trax, Mazda CX5, Ford Escape, Mitsubishi ASX, Nissan Qashqai to name a few. But what really gives Karoq that leading edge? If you are willing to spend into the mid $40,000’s, the refinement in the latest technology will leave other models for dust! Here’s what you’ll notice: The high-quality, large screen, Infotainment System, advanced Blind Spot monitoring and Adaptive Cruise Control, Reverse Camera (with exceptionally clear picture.) With the introduction of the 1490cc– the first example of this engine in New Zealand originally designed by Volkswagen. Stretch to the $50,000’s and find yourself in the Diesel 4WD model, which is an incredible vehicle with a 2.0L engine and 7 speed DSG gearbox, dishing out 340Nm of torque. Supply & demand is huge, even this early on in the piece since time of release! Availability is looking great for the second half of 2018 and onwards with this model.



Experience the Range of Exclusive Alloys Tristram European has always been recongnised as a dealership that has a unique way of presenting vehicles and trying to push the boundaries to make the point of difference in t he market place. In 2017, Tristram European trialled two types of exclusive alloys which were designed for Amarok & the SUV and Wagon Range for both Volkswagen and ŠKODA. The LUPO, which was designed for the Amarok, gave purchases a unique edge as alloy options were becoming more common and limited in the way of finding something different. The Lupo alloy sold out before Christmas due to its popularity. The KOL offered a black with machine face style ally which offered a “factory” look for those wanting to enhance their SUV, such as Tiguan, Kodiaq, Golf & Superb. The KOL sold out also.

Wheels and manufactured in places such as Italy and USA before brought into NZ exclusively for Tristram European. The 2018 range offers four styles. The LUPO is back in 20Inches of gloss black and looks great on an All Terrain Tyre. The introduction of the Burberry & the Turbine which fit the small SUV range, Superb & Golf, and the KOL is welcomed back into the range also. An upgraded alloy can provide you with a rich and original looking vehicle, and the team at Tristram European have made it their mission to retain a factory looking style to these choices. The range is available now. Only at Tristram European.

These alloys are carefully designed by a dedicated team at Tristram European and the team at BG




Amarok V6. Now with more

GRUNT! Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is putting words into action: the power that highlighted the Amarok concept vehicle shown at the 2016 IAA International Motor Show will soon make it to New Zealand shores. An upgraded version of the current 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 165kW/550Nm diesel engine will be introduced, pumping out 190kW of power (and up to 200kW on overboost with a kick of the accelerator pedal) and 580Nm of torque.

So class leading power and performance is reinforced once again - credentials that are sure to delight both commercial users and private customers alike. The current Amarok engine’s full torque is already available at between 1,400 and 3,000 rpm and the full power output from 3,250 to 4,000 rpm. Permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission with torque converter come as standard on the Amarok. Kevin Richards, Head of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles New Zealand commented; “The introduction of the next level Amarok with an upgraded power plant signifies our intension of continuing to offer the most powerful ute in its class. The Volkswagen

Amarok continues to be a success story for us across the country, whether it be in our tried and tested 2.0-litre models or more recently with our V6 offering. We are hoping to have very limited volumes of the Amarok 580Nm model available to existing clients towards the end of 2018, with full stock coming on-board in early 2019.” V6 Amarok now starts at $69,990 with an entry model introduced. This is available from May 2018. Enquire now with our Commercial Sales Team.


FEDERATION X TRISTRAM n 2017 Tristram European joined forces with local New Zealand brand, Federation, to start a journey supporting each other through branding which then lead on to the design of a unique concept, the Ĺ KODA Fabia Designer Series. The car has turned heads in more ways than one, with Ĺ KODA being a brand on the rise with New Zealand drivers offering a funky concept whereby the buyer gets to choose form the 6 designs and placement on the interior and exterior of the car.


This year, Federation and Tristram have collaborated in the design of Tristram European business shirts for the staff. Look out for more FEDERATION X TRISTRAM collaborations this year




$26,990 or

from $81


per week*

Includes a 2 year/30,000km Service Plan

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Visit www.tristramskoda.co.nz for further information.


Cnr Hillside & Wairau Rd, Takapuna, North Shore (09) 441 0090 www.tristramskoda.co.nz

Tristram European supporting

Mini Motorcross 7 classes of Trail 50 4-5, Trail 50 6-8 & intro MX50 support, MX50 championship, trail over 70cc 7-11, MX65 7-8, MX65 9-11 and MX 85 had a ball and all got trophies and random product prizes, thanks to Fox, Broxy Training, and Motomuck with placed trophies to 5th! MX Timing logged the standout performers and they were Lachlan Bourne in the Impact Gates 85cc class (has been on his 85 less than a year!), Tyler King was perfect winning all races in the 30 strong 65cc 9-11 tristram European class, Hayden Draper won the 7-8 65 lenses online class, Emme Millar clinched the senior Trail Glasgow contractors class on her TTR125, Ollie Smith won in Dingo Groundworx mx50 6-8, Nico Verhoeven won the Wheelfixit intro MX50 4-7, Aston Peck smoked them in Fallow&Co 6-8 intro Trail 50 Eli Hankins won the Kelly Workshop intro Trail 50 4-5!


In the market to purchase & ready to take advantage of crazy Fieldays offers? Transportation to the event hosted by Tristram European Off Road Experience One way Helicopter Experience

Register NOW! https://tristramvolkswagen.co.nz/webform/register-for-fieldays-tickets/

ALL NEW VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG, Private Preview - Tristram European Be the first to view NEW Touareg in New Zealand

28th July – 30th July Bookings essential & can be made online https://tristramvolkswagen.co.nz/webform/book-a-private-viewing/

STYLING SESSIONS - TRISTRAM EUROPEAN Bedroom Styling demonstrations & tips, Everyday Make-Up Demonstrations & Tips, Selecting the right vehicle for you (and the family), Fashion styling, Wine & Cheese sampling

Saturday 4th August 5pm – 7pm Bookings essential & can be made online https://tristramvolkswagen.co.nz:443/webform/styling-sessions-saturday-4th-august-5pm/




Travel Trophies


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By Kate Alexander of Places & Graces Surfers road trip to the coolest places. Slithers of beach reached only by dirt roads. Their passion for catching ‘that wave’ becomes an excuse to plan the most legendary holidays. The closest I ever came to these adventures was being the girlfriend of a surfer. I didn’t get in and actually catch a wave so I had nothing to show for the hunt. Instead I began to bring home travel trophies. Items new and old, fossicked from shops and from nature. These days I travel to hunt trophies, not surf. Even on the shortest excursions – a day trip to my great Aunts 70th birthday with the whole extended family in tow – I’ll find an excuse to sneak off and look at the local shops, art gallery, beach or bush. 31

When someone mentions they’re going somewhere I haven’t been, i’ll tag along for the ride, all the while knowing the real reason I’ve said yes to being a car companion is purely to feed my ‘trophy’ fix. It’s the thrill of ‘the find’. Discovering a gem you didn’t know existed, let alone needed. Your adrenalin pumps from quick decision making – I can’t say ‘I’ll think about it’ or ’I might come back tomorrow’ – because tomorrow i’ll likely be home. Although excitement builds the further away from home I go, international trophies come with the logistical challenge of how to get said trophy home. So I enjoy road trips in my own country, my own island, my own neighbouring suburbs. Especially now I have a wagon with tardis-like qualities. There is very little I can’t fit in my Volkswagen Caddy Crew – even with my partner, two kids and a dog taking up the front four seats. The number one priority when I chose my new vehicle was space. Space for the family AND for my travel trophies.

KATES TIPS FOR ROAD-TRIP TROPHY HUNTING. 1. Do your research. Put your #destination and #vin6. Think about what your trophy will be like ‘out of tage #homewares #shop into Instagram and see where context’. Some items only make sense in the location it takes you. they are found. 2. Plan it out. Know what shops and galleries you want 7. Go unique. Hunt for labels like ‘one- off’, ‘handto go to, what days and times they are open and where made’ or ‘limited edition’. they are in relation to each other. 8. Have one already ? Sometimes I get home with a 3. Have a budget. I always set myself a max budget, new find only to realise I have one just like it. Break then choose wether to spread it small and wide, or out of your comfort zone. or, start a ‘collection’. blow it all on one big trophy. 9. Head into nature. It provides some of the best free 4. Only take a companion if they know the drill. gifts for us to fossick. Trophy hunting isn’t about visiting every every shop. It’s about going deep into a selected few. 10. Buy what you like, not what you need. Trophy hunting is about taking home a memory – a piece of 5. Ask a local. The best discoveries art, nic-nac, or even a photo. Something of no use are ones that haven’t yet made it to google. Find the other than looking beautiful on your mantelpiece and busiest cafe, ask the barista, read the local paper. reminding you of the adventure you took to and it.


Meet the team..




What area of the business do you work in? I work in the passenger sales department of Volkswagen

What area of the business do you work in? Service Department

What area of the business do you work in? parts dept.

What is the most motivating part of your job? The challenge of each day isn’t quite the same as the last, but also the customers the make each day not only unique

What is the most motivating part of your job? Providing customers the right part first time

What is the most motivating part of your job? The most motivating part of my job is definitely delivering customers their brand new cars and seeing how happy they are and how we at Tristram provide the best service we can to them. What is the biggest impact and importance of your job to the company? I am in sales and I want to make the best impression to all of our customers. They are my priority. When people are coming to purchase there new car they’re looking for help to try and find something that is suitable for them and I try and make that as easy as possible and make sure the car they’re after meets the needs they’re after. Why cars? I’ve grown up In a car family. it’s always been something that I’ve been passionate about Where did you grow up? I grew up in the North East of the United Kingdom Favourite holiday destination? My favourite holiday destination has to be Spain. The weather is amazing and I love all of the sites there is to see! Most inspirational person? Kacey musgraves. She is an American country artist who grew from nothing to becoming one of the most famous American artists. She stands for what she believes in and making sure everyone is happy and writes about issues that are meaningful to her! That’s me! Did you watch the Royal Wedding? I did watch the royal wedding and it was amazing! Best part of working at Tristram? My team. I love the people I work with and could not ask for a better group of people Work goals? My main work goal is to make sure that everyone has been spoken to and everyone is happy with the service they receive from us.

What is the biggest impact and importance of your job to the company? To ensure customer satisfaction and they leave feeling positive and confident of not only the brand but our staff.

What is the biggest impact and importance of your job to the company? Helping customers and colleauges Why cars? Started when I got my first car and grew from then

Why cars? Its something I have been brought up into since I was 4, I love the industry and the people you meet and work with

Where did you grow up? Mt Albert

Where did you grow up? I’m originally from Christchurch, but spent majority of my time in Auckland

Most inspirational person? My mum, raising 2 boys and working full time!

Favourite holiday destination? Uluwatu bali Most inspirational person? My grandfather, His wisdom, work ethic, patience, compassion for others and his selflessness I learnt a lot from him. Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Yes…. Set aside the dress it was quite historical Best part of working at Tristram? I’d say the staff, but I find it more of a family environment more than anything. Everyone is amazing! Work goals? To keep building up the service department, get more customers aboard to experience the best a dealership has to offer. Aspire to be a better version of myself for others everyday.

Favourite holiday destination? Anywhere relaxing.. I haven’t travelled much

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? no Best part of working at Tristram? The people are very nice Work goals? Become the best part person I can be

Since 2003, Touareg has remained one of the main contenders in the large SUV market. Often a vehicle of choice for owners who are looking to tick the boxes in luxury, power and abilities without being seen to be driving a vehicle that may be a little too ‘showy’. Now there is an opportunity to be a little ‘showy’ in the New Touareg, which is expected to land on New Zealand turf in July. This year will see V6 and V6 S models, with a healthy availability of supply and 2019 will show the introduction of the V8 model. Expect to be surprised with quite a significant change, not only in looks, but also in the level of technology, cleverly designed space, particularly for passengers travelling in the rear seats as if you are on the taller side, this will not be a problem in the new Touareg.

The large front grill really takes the Touareg to a new level of luxury extending through to the interior upgrades with things such as a new style gear lever, large MultiMedia screen complimented by layer after layer of built in technology. Be prepared to be excited by Virtual Cockpit, which provides the driver with an incredible driving experience all round. Pricing is expected to start in the $90,000’s somewhere and final pricing will be released in June, just before Fieldays, which will allow buyers that are prepared to secure theirs sight unseen, a fantastic opportunity to get in first! If you’re wanting to wait to view new Touareg before committing, then make sure you secure your ‘private viewing’ appointment at Tristram European as the first dealership in New Zealand to showcase the allnew Touareg. Details can be found in our upcoming events section.

Noticeably, the exterior lines are more defined and following suit to the latest models such as Tiguan, Polo and Arteon, it offers a much more masculine look overall.


Meet the team..




What area of the business do you work in? Finance and Insurance Solutions

What area of the business do you work in? Concierge – so think welcoming face on arrival / coffee maker / parking attendant / coloured-pencil sharpener / dish washer / general fire-puter-outer etc etc

What area of the business do you work in? Sales consultant for Volkswagen Passenger vehicles

What is the most motivating part of your job? Providing a solution that best suits the customer’s needs What is the biggest impact and importance of your job to the company? Ensuring that the customer has the best purchasing experience and customer service they deserve for investing their money into our products.

What is the most motivating part of your job? Being surrounded by such inspiring people – I arrive home every night still buzzing about how I can improve even more for the following day

Why cars? Like everything else in life, they get you were you want to go.

What is the biggest impact and importance of your job to the company? As often the 1st ( and last ) person that visitors meet at the dealership, my role is incredibly important

Where did you grow up? Born and raised in Takapuna

Why cars? Cars are my second great love, they just get pipped at the post by people

Favourite holiday destination? Turoa, staying at Kings Court Ohakune for midwinter snow adventures

Where did you grow up? I’m not really planning on growing up, I enjoy being a car mad kid too much

Most inspirational person? Barak Obama

Favourite holiday destination? I don’t really holiday, but when I do have free time, you’ll find me in the garage working on our cars with my son

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Yes Best part of working at Tristram? Recently joined the company and all observations to date show a highly energetic team that are motivated to provide the best customer experience is all aspects of the business be it service, parts or sales. Work goals? To create efficient systems and processes so that more time can be spent meeting customer expectations and service requirements.

Most inspirational person? Don’t want to sound clichéd, but my father John and my son Bevan are tied for 1st place

What is the most motivating part of your job? Representing a brand that I would purchase personally (as I get a company car) It’s extremely important to me that the product I’m representing and selling is a leader in it’s field. Also customers joy/excitement/happiness (not sure which words are suitable) when uncovering their new car. What is the biggest impact and importance of your job to the company? Being front line staff we talk to customers new to the dealership, as well as current customers. Whether it be for purchasing a vehicle, or bringing their vehicle in for service, we need to have a deep understanding of what their requirements/needs are, and help accordingly. Why cars? Love cars, was a mechanic when younger, so that probably fuelled the passion, follow all motorsport, with special interest in Kiwi drivers, also love American cars, had a 59 Cadillac for about 8 years, and would like to own an American car again at some stage. Where did you grow up? In the East coast Bays, went to Murray’s Bay Primary and Intermediate, then Rangitoto College, although college wasn’t conducive to my aspirational thoughts at the time!

Best part of working at Tristram? The people win this 1, and the cars a close second place

Favourite holiday destination? That’s a tricky one, for some reason I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, (I have no Italian blood in me at all) and went there briefly with my daughter 18 months ago for 4 days, I’d like to go back at some stage, hire a car and drive top to bottom taking in the sights and culture.

Work goals? To go as far as the company will allow

Most inspirational person? My Mum & Dad, they sacrificed a lot for me, like most parents do!

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Hell no

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? No Best part of working at Tristram? People, we have quite a diverse bunch of staff here, with all people being approachable, and also having good sense of humour which is very important to me, it’s always good to have a few laughs during the day.


Work goals? From a customers point of view, I’d like to earn their confidence and trust in all of their motoring requirements, and on a personal note, advancement within the company.

What area of the business do you work in? Sales Administration What is the most motivating part of your job? The great team I work with and the appreciation of the support I provide What is the biggest impact and importance of your job to the company? Getting the vehicles stocked in to the system, without this none of the work can begin on the vehicles. Also the vehicles need to be registered with new number plates ready for delivery, and at the other end of the process the vehicle deals need to be washed up on time. Why cars? I worked at the testing station at VTNZ whilst studying to be a chef at university. The work life balance wasn’t great in hospitality so I returned to work in a vehicle dealership and recently moved to Tristram European, so have been around the vehicle industry a while now. I think the technology we have today for vehicles is pretty amazing and there are always new features to learn about, so it’s never a dull moment. Where did you grow up? In Sunnynook on the North Shore. Favourite holiday destination? Thailand Most inspirational person? Zoe Bell who is a New Zealand stunt woman and actress. I love adrenalin…. Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Parts of it between glasses of wine! Best part of working at Tristram? The team and the way they look after their staff. Work goals? Get a licence for processing LTSA onsite to simplify things for the business and myself.



GARY MOLLOY Congratulations Gary Molloy on his promotion to Customer Experience Manager! How long have you been working at Tristram? I started at Tristram in Sept 2009 so am coming up for 9 years. What motivates you to come to work each day? Working as part of a great team making a difference in a positive way to the customers experience. Why cars? Enjoy the product and am proud to be a part of the brand and Tristram European. Tell us about your career. What have you done? Where have you worked? I stated as a apprentice jockey in South Arica in 1977 . I completed my apprenticeship in 1982 and enjoyed a long career in the racing industry as a professional jockey and later as a Riding Master at the SA Jockey where I trained the apprentice jockeys. In 2008 I immigrated to NZ with wife and two sons. What brought you to Tristram? In 2009 I joined the Tristram team when my brother in law Kevin recommended me for a role.

ONLY 4 7 $32in5c.l PART # 231 087 301 KVQ AVAILABLE: EX GERMANY

ONLY $325.74

ONLY $39.76


ONLY $81.83




PART # 1K1 069 601 / AVAILABLE: EMD

PART # 000 087 301 G 041 / AVAILABLE: EX GERMANY

Volkswagen Beetle Range Travel Bag

GTI Coffee Mug

GTI Umbrella

ONLY $101.35

ONLY $98.35


ONLY $32.52



(90mm wide x 130mm length) PART # 1KV 087 602 C 041 / AVAILABLE: EMD

PART # 000 087 313 A 041 / AVAILABLE: EX GERMANY

PART # 5G1 087 315 041 / AVAILABLE: EMD

Volkswagen Range Umbrella

Generic R Phone case

iphone 6 & iPhone 6S Case

ONLY $26.25 incl


ONLY $594.68 incl

ONLY $298.55 incl

PART # 7E0 069 601 / AVAILABLE: EMD


PART # 5G0 084 032 B 041 / AVAILABLE: EX GERMANY

Volkswagen Range Mug

Men’s Volkswagen Jacket

Unisex GTI Vest


Men + Women’s Cycling Jacket


Saddle Bag White & Black


Skoda Helmet


Cycling Bag


Espresso Cup

$39incl 39



Our Top 5 Company Fleet Vehicle Picks



• •

Available in MWB to seat 12 (includes driver) or LWB to seat 16 (includes driver) Choose from manual or Automatic transmission Ideal for Retirement Villages, Schools, Tourism, Clubs


Ambition 70kW Automatic or Sport 92kW Automatic Compact in appearance but deceivingly spacious 30,000km/24 Service Intervals From $27,490 Ideal for Sales Representatives, or those in the Medical Industry, Midwives



From $29,990 Also currently offering 3.9% Ideal for Florists, Coffee Compnies, Owner-Operator Tradies, Marine


From $38,990 Ideal for Real Estate Agents, Rental Agents, Food Industry Representatives, General Sales Representatives


From $43,990 Ideal for Sales Representatives, Higher-level Management with company vehicles, Corporate Companies

We are offering Tristram European customers their first session for $25! PilatesFIT Boutique by Chelsea Kawana is a Boutique Studio located in Hobsonville Point, Auckland. We believe in inspiring you to enjoy challenging your body and mind through effective workouts in a studio that is Welcoming, high energy, motivating and stylish. A place where you can be yourself, have fun and work hard. Improve strength, posture & flexibility while aiming to tone & sculpt the entire body through controlled and precise movements. Feel the burn and let the body reach the shake zone as you work your way through a 50minute session with us. All sessions are fitness-based and highly addictive – if we say so ourselves!

Book now by contacting Chelsea Kawana, Owner Tel: +64 21 2169385 Email: chelsea@pilatesfitboutique.co.nz or by using the MindBody App Address: 148 Hobsonville Point Road Hobsonville Point Auckland 0616



And to share the love we have arranged for you to have the use of a brand new Tiguan Allspace 7 seater vehicle for a weekend courtesy of Tristram European so you can drive around the many open homes we have on offer, get yourself to the auction of, potentially, your new home or just check out all the North Shore has to offer.


! N I W

To be in to win go to: www.cooperandco.co.nz/love and tell us what you love about life and you’ll be in the draw. Competition closes on 30 June 2018. T’s & C’s apply.

Cooper & Co Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA 2008

Harcourts Cooper & Co Greenhithe

for Breast Cancer Cure

Harcourts Cooper & Co and Tristram European working together for good in the community! Pictured from left to right: Yvonne George, winner of the Tiguan for a weekend with Martin Cooper, Managing Director of Harcourts Cooper & Co and Leigh Mosley, Sales Manager of Harcourts Cooper & Co Greenhithe office.

Recently Harcourts Cooper & Co had their annual Greenhithe Pink High Tea to raise funds for an excellent cause, Breast Cancer Cure and were very pleased to break all previous records raising $34,169.70. This year Tristram European came to the party with the donation of the use of a brand new Tiguan Allspace 7 seater for a weekend. This went with two nights accommodation at the Novotel in Rotorua kindly provided by You Travel, Takapuna and was one of the 15 live auctions and 122 silent auctions. The winner of the auction item, Yvonne George, was an enthusiastic bidder from her first bid right up to her last, winning bid. She and her husband are looking forward to trying out all the amazing features of the vehicle as they travel to Rotorua in style, comfort and safety. Community Relationship Manager for Harcourts Cooper & Co, Rosie Stevenson, who has had the pleasure of driving the Pink High Tea signwritten car around the North Shore for the previous 3 weeks promoting the event said, “the bells and whistles on this car are incredible – it has

everything you need and more. I really didn’t want to give it back as it made driving just so easy.” The team at Harcourts Cooper & Co Greenhithe would like to thank the local Greenhithe community, the individuals and companies who came together to provide food and prizes, the people who donated their time or funding to make the event happen and the 196 men and women who purchased tickets, bought raffle tickets or bubbles and who bid so very generously at the live and silent auctions. It is certainly true that events like the Pink High Tea cannot be run without the support of many awesome individuals and companies such as Tristram European. From Harcourts Cooper & Co to everyone who helped in some way – we thank you and we are very proud to be part of such a caring, committed community here on the North Shore.


Cooper & Co Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA 2008


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