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annual report 2011 1

Chairman’s Report – Warren Kitchin On behalf of your NHBA Board and our executive staff, it gives me great pleasure to present our Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2011 and our Business Plan for the years ending 30 June 2012 and 2013. My thanks to our members for your considerable support for the NHBA and the various events and programmes we delivered throughout the last year. There has been a noticeable growth in interest in our activities over the last couple of years. This is only possible with consistent member-funding support which allows us to develop quality services and events that are attracting an increasing number of members.

Delivering Member Value

Our aim is to deliver very real value for money to our members through a range of services and events that addresses member business needs in the areas of: • Minimising crime through tailored security patrols and our new NHBA Crime Prevention Tool Kit/communications programme which we recently launched with our Mayor, Len Brown and Police Superintendent, Bill Searle. We currently have one of the lowest crime rates for a commercial business district in New Zealand. • Improving transport access to our business district for freight/courier services and our employees with private vehicle ride sharing and public transport initiatives • Economic development through encouraging awareness and trade between members, and the sharing of collective business intelligence via events and seminars that we facilitate on a regular basis • Providing advocacy on key issues is also a developing part of our focus and we will continue to reach out to special interest groups within our community to gain a better understanding of key issues by which they are affected. We have established effective networks and can assist through communications and connections to key influencers/decision-makers within Council and Central Government organisations that can initiate changes in our local environment.

Operational Highlights and Achievements Over the last financial year we have:

• Restructured our activities and inducted a new executive team led by General Manager Janine Brinsdon • Maintained operations within budgeted guidelines NHBA annual report 2011

• Expanded services and our funding base to include new initiatives in the areas of Crime Prevention and Transport Management with significant funding support from the Ministry of Justice and the new Auckland Transport section of Auckland Council • Focused on improvements in member communications, both in hard copy and through electronic media and the NHBA website We are now starting to see the team efforts of the last 12 months pay dividends through very good communications with Auckland Council and other government agencies. The previous North Shore City Council and new Auckland Council, its Auckland Tourism and Economic Development (ATEED) team and the Upper Harbour Local Board continue to provide valuable guidance and support as we work through the establishment of a new policy framework for the operation of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) such as NHBA. We have also taken an active part in the review of the new Upper Harbour Local Board’s Annual Plan. Our aim is to sharpen the focus on economic development opportunities centred on North Harbour and Albany for the near and medium term as a northern gateway for commercial, education, tourism and sporting activities.

activities if we are to retain our core targeted rate which funds our base resources. I would encourage you to become involved in this process and welcome any feedback on how we can be of further service to you.

In Summary

A special thanks to our voluntary Executive Committee of local businesspeople for their efforts in assisting with planning, governance and co-ordination through our subcommittee framework. Through our subcommittees we seek to provide effective guidance and support to our executive team in the areas of Transport and Security (Chaired by Kevin Moore – Crown Records Management), Member and Marketing Services (chaired by Pamela Peryman – Kristin School) and Finance/Audit which I have chaired. I would encourage you to take an active part in the Association’s activities. I look forward to welcoming returning and new Committee members in due course and wish all our members a productive year ahead. Yours sincerely

The Year Ahead

To align with the Auckland Council planning framework, we have needed to prepare a Business Plan that stretches out over the next two years. We believe this assists us with our long-term planning and provides an opportunity to seek longer-term funding to retain our core resources and services which are now supported very heavily from thirdparty public funding sources. In the New Year we will be seeking your support for the ongoing operations of NHBA through a poll of members. We need a strong positive vote for the continuance of NHBA’s

Warren Kitchin CA Dip NZIM Chairman

GM Report – Annual Report 2011 It gives me great pleasure to report the key achievements for the year ending 30 June 2011. The outline for our programme strategy for the years ending 30 June 2012 and 2013 are detailed in the separate Business Plan. During 2010/11, our focus remained centred on six core areas of activity – across sectors where a collective voice adds value and access – Advocacy and Representation, Economic Development, Transport Management, Crime Prevention, Networking and Communications. Governance provided by the Executive Committee supports the operational team, and the repositioning of the key relationships and resources has enabled the continuous improvement across these expanded activities. Significant increase in partner funding has enabled us to offer a greater depth of options and increased support across the existing Transport Management and Crime Prevention programmes. The additional funding has also created the opportunity to launch new

initiatives on which we will continue to build over the next 24 months, as outlined in the accompanying Business Plan. Our key funding partners understand and respect that we need to focus only on activities that deliver measurable benefits (back) to a wide range of members, and these activities and programmes must be inclusive and relevant. This stance has provided NHBA with the chance to tailor existing programmes to meet the specific needs of North Harbour – as evidenced by the developments across the CarpoolNow and Crime is Not OK initiatives – and has led to the development of brand-new programmes which will be implemented across other centres within New Zealand. Throughout the 2010/11 financial year, we focused on activities which provided members

with the potential to reduce their insurance and security costs and save time through greater transport efficiencies, in exchange for their commitment to fund our core BID activities. We also provided the opportunity to engage with local businesses through our networking events and for all to enjoy topquality speakers at the NHBA breakfasts and luncheons. I am delighted to report that against the goals set in the 2010/11 Business Plan, we have delivered positive results. Thank you for your support over the past 12 months. We look forward to representing your interests over the forthcoming years. Janine Brinsdon General Manager

Performance Review 1.0 advocacy and representation

Our ongoing commitment was to represent and lobby across local and national government, their agencies and representatives to remove impediments and promote business and commercial values in this area. Details of our impact is detailed within the specific programme summary (Section 2). However, from an allencompassing level, NHBA has established strong connections within the new Auckland Council and Upper Harbour Local Board to ensure the voice of North Harbour is not lost

“Empowering Better Business” amongst the larger regional structure. During the past 12 months, we have worked with other Commercial and Industrial Auckland BIDs – developing greater networks through which to influence change. The business networks and personal influence of the NHBA Executive Committee

have created access to a wide range of contacts and organisations – in particular, key special interest groups – which will be important for the delivery of the goals outlined in the accompanying Business Plan (2012 and 2013). NHBA continues to utilise all its available resources to represent the interests of our community members to key stakeholders, with the objective of making North Harbour an enviable location for business, recreation and lifestyle.

How did we perform against the 2010/11 Business Plan? Did we deliver?






• To make written and oral submissions to the Council’s Annual Plan • To make written and oral submissions to Upper Harbour Local Board

• Auckland Council • Upper Harbour Local Board

• Effective representation and consultation • Quarterly presentations and meetings with Upper Harbour Local Board


• To make written and oral submissions to Central Government as required • Establish links with local MPs • To establish links with senior management with NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport

• Government • NZTA • Auckland Transport

• Submissions presented as required • Regular contact established • Strategic meetings held to ensure NHBA members’ needs are understood • Clear consultation process established

Organisational Development

• Up-skilling of NHBA Board members Consultation with NHBA Board members regarding strategic direction • Review of BID boundaries and rates

• Auckland Council • Governance Specialists

• Strategic planning and governance training held and offered • Decision to postpone changes to boundary until June 2012 • Decision made to hold rates at 2010 levels annual report 2011 1

2.0 Activities and Member Services

2.1 Economic Development

Bachelor of Business Studies scholarship

NHBA ‘Empowering Better Business’ Expo

Developing tomorrow’s business leaders and providing a strong foundation in enterprise were key drivers behind the launch of this programme. Created in partnership with Rangitoto College, six students from their School of Business programme were selected as finalists and were privileged to be mentored by the following six NHBA member companies: • Actionmail

Prime Minister John Key presenting the Bachelor of Business Studies Scholarship to Matt Jilling.

• Linkplas • ZeroDown (Rad9)

The $15,000 three-year sponsorship was made possible through the ongoing financial support of these businesses. The winner was announced in August 2010 – by Prime Minister John Key.

• Roofing Industries • Sealegs International • Speedy Signs.

Empowering Better Business represents more than NHBA’s strap-line. It focuses the development of projects which provide the platform for efficient and effective economic growth: informing and connecting the local business community. NHBA’s inaugural Business Expo, hosted April 2011, is an example of this strategy. NHBA kept the exhibitors’ cost of entry competitive to ensure it was accessible to both small and large companies. Based on the post-event feedback survey, over 80 per cent of these organisations intend to exhibit at 2012’s Expo, even with a higher stand cost – as the benefit of building business within North Harbour is evident and considered invaluable.

How did we perform against the 2010/11 Business Plan? Actions




Economic Development

• Research the need and manage and co-ordinate the NHBA ‘Empowering Better Business’ Expo

• Local business exhibitors • Media • Kristin School

• 34 exhibitors attended • Local business connections established

Business Support

• Provide opportunities for members to attend relevant education and training seminars • Provide members with information on business grants

• Auckland Council • ATEED • Training Specialists

• Greater knowledge, capability and financial support for members

Did we deliver?

Communicated this information via FYI/ website only. More faceto-face meetings required

2.2 networking Connecting Business

business breakfast Five Business Breakfasts (formerly CEO Breakfasts) were held in the 2010/11 financial year with sponsorship attracted for 80 per cent of these functions. The attendance per event has grown to 84 members and their guests in 2010/11. Quality speakers covered a wide variety of topics which provided education and practical knowledge for the business community. Sponsors have used the Business Breakfast as an effective forum to announce innovation, new product and 2 NHBA annual report 2011

services or to reiterate their ongoing commitment to the North Harbour business area.

Representative of our Business Breakfasts speakers and sponsors

After 5 NHBA Business After Five attendance has grown to an average of 60 per event which reflects the value of the connection with other business owners as well as the quality of the host companies.

Representative of our After Five sponsors

Steve Maharey September 2010

Paul Reynolds November 2010

Graeme Avery May 2011




Business Breakfast

To host 4 per annum


After Five

To host 6-8 per annum


Gold Sponsorship

To attract 10 sponsors


2.3 Transport Management

Transport access to the NHBA BID area has been one of the primary issues for the Association since its inception in 2003. The economic and social impact of inadequate transport infrastructure and services is of key concern to members with75 per cent of those surveyed (2008) identifying transport-related issues as their number one concern. NHBA’s Transport Strategy for 2009 to 2011 was founded on the following guiding statements: Vision: Our vision is for the North Harbour area to be a vibrant commercial district with superior transport accessibility. Mission Statement: “The North Harbour Transport Management Area (TMA) (formerly Travel Efficiency District (TED)) will bring together business and government leaders to plan, develop and promote an efficient and diversified transport system.”

In the latest Transport Satisfaction Survey (May 2011) over 35 per cent of our members had utilised the NHBA TMA programme to effect change and improvements across their travel management activities. The level of member interest and engagement in our transport initiatives provides a solid platform to build from in 2011/12.

NHBA Transport Programme

NHBA’s Transport programme for 2010/11 committed to achieve the following objectives – in addition to those stated in the 2010/11 Business Plan: • Effective transport advocacy for efficient transport infrastructure and services • Development and promotion of diverse travel options for members, their personnel and other commuters

Part funding by Auckland Transport of a Transport Project Manager for NHBA ($23K 2010/11) has enabled NHBA to focus on the implementation of core projects aimed at:

• Provision of organisational foundation for travel management through securing appropriate resources to drive reach and influence key stakeholders

• Reducing traffic congestion

• Development of linkages between transport and other core programmes across the NHBA portfolio of member services

• Decreasing single-occupancy car use • Creating a structured organisation for the promotion and co-ordination of efficient and effective Travel Demand Management activities

• Creation of tools (technology, media, representation) which communicate the impact of TMA initiatives

How did we perform against the 2010/11 Business Plan? Did we deliver?





Traffic Management

• To identify and promote realignment to improve traffic flow, access and safety

• NZTA • Auckland Transport • Police

• Consulted on parking reviews and TM – advocated on behalf of business (Albany Highway/Apollo Drive)

TED (TMA) Programme

• Database management • Individualised Travel Plans • Establish a web based carpool scheme • Guaranteed Ride Home programme • 2/2/2 business travel plan interviews

• Auckland Transport • NHBA Transport Sub-committee • NHBA members

• Monthly TMA co-ordination meetings established • Online Member Database created • Established CarpoolNow – stage 1 and 2 completed with 220 registered users • Findings from 2/2/2 interviews reviewed with Auckland Transport. Provide baseline position for future assessment

Public Transport

• Promote and foster improvement of public transport

• Auckland Transport • MAXX • NHBA membership

• Promoted Free Public Transport Trials across all media platforms • Advocated for improved public transport services and communication resources

What additional benefits did we deliver to those outlined in the 2010/11 Business Plan? Transport Programme Objectives

Projects, Actions, Areas of involvement


Efficient transport advocacy for ongoing infrastructure and service improvements

• Representation to Upper Harbour Local Board • Parking Management • Resource Consent/Travel Management education programme • Albany Highway redevelopment consultation • Consultation with schools (27% of total traffic count) • MAXX – public transport advocacy

• Two-way dialogue and input for overall TMA plans within the Upper Harbour/North Harbour area • Advocated for Resource Consent through travel management programmes – individual employers and organisations • Increased awareness of CarpoolNow • Bespoke MAXX communication material, plus public transport service review

Organisational Foundation

• Increased input from Auckland Transport, NHBA Executive and key stakeholders

• Increased funding levels obtained for 2011/12

annual report 2011 3

2.4 Crime Prevention Programme NHBA-A4-Decal_ARTWOR


Our Crime Prevention programme encompasses: • BIZwatch • NHBA-contracted Security Patrols • Crime is Not OK project




June 2012, against a revised scope and brief. As a result of this competitive tender, ICON Security Group Ltd was reappointed as the selected contractor. The financial savings which were achieved through the restructuring of the security patrol service were invested in the development and supply of resources for the Crime Prevention Tool Kit.

Crime is Not Ok project

The formalised relationship between NHBA, New Zealand Police, Auckland Council and key community groups provided a clear reporting structure and facilitates the sharing of key information and co-ordination of crime prevention initiatives.

NHBA Security Patrols

NHBA’s investment in a proactive, rapidresponse security patrol service – designed to supplement tenant and property owners’ private security measures – continued throughout 2010/11. Following the appointment of an NHBA Crime Prevention Specialist (March 2011) a formal review of the NHBA-contracted security patrol requirements and supporting services was undertaken. Tenders were invited (May 2011) from five security companies for a 12 month extension of this programme to 30

In December 2010 NHBA was awarded a $181,000 grant over an 30-month period, to support the extension of the security and safety member services offered during 2009/2010. This grant supported the appointment of a full-time Crime Prevention Specialist – 1 March 2011. NHBA was one of only several business associations across New Zealand to be granted funding for crime prevention and the only business membership organisation charged with the development of a Crime Prevention Tool Kit. It is expected that the NHBA programme elements will be duplicated across other regions.

Project Summary Member Survey’s The design and delivery of the NHBA Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) survey focuses on the physical environment as expected, with the collation of additional information relevant to business and property owners should a disaster or criminal activity occur. The NHBA CPTED surveys and

subsequent education programme have developed a greater awareness and proactive approach to crime prevention, amongst our members. The addition of clear signage has created a deterrent and encouraged a targethardening culture within the NHBA BID area.

Crime Prevention Tool Kit The production and distribution of an NHBAdesigned Crime Prevention Tool Kit is a critical resource and represents a significant financial investment. Distribution to all members commenced September 2011. It contains approximately 20 practical items, tailored to reflect the needs of the business. Key messages from NZ Police and Ministry of Justice support practical tools such as DNA forensic propertymarking products to improve business and staff safety, target-hardening and promote business crime prevention activities.


The historical collaborative approach to Crime Prevention and CPTED taken between NZ Police, Ministry of Justice, NHBA, business owners and residents in North Harbour has been a major contributing factor in achieving the current low levels of criminal activity. Recent environmental changes such as new transit routes add impetus to our Crime Prevention activities. Increased community engagement ensures the existing Crime Prevention programme remains focused on delivering members the tools and education required for “Zero Tolerance to Crime”, to reduce apathy, the fear of crime and actual criminal incidents.

4 NHBA annual report 2011

How have we performed against the 2010/11 Business Plan? Did we deliver?




Measures 2010/11


Security Alerts

• Develop clear procedure for members • Liaise with security partners

• ICON Security • NZ Police

• Security measures sent promptly to members/partners • Security updates in FYI magazine • ICON Security reports per quarter

• Security alerts published online • Security newsflashes online • Non-time-sensitive incidents published in FYI magazine

Security Patrol

• Management of partnership • Review contract 30 June 2011

• ICON Security • NZ Police

• Fewer insecurities recorded by patrol • Fewer break-ins reported to NZ Police

• Daily incident reports to Crime Prevention Specialist for referral as required • Improved GPS control • Re-scoped brief saving $40K per annum

CCTV Cameras

• To maintain a network of cameras at exit/entry point

• NZ Net • Auckland Council

• Website hits • Feedback from NZ Police

• Footage requested by NZ Police • Greater co- operation with NZ Police • Increased camera usage (Google Analytics)

Police Liaison

• Regular communication and formal meetings with NZ Police and community partners

• NZ Police • Auckland Council

• Monthly meetings • Security featured in FYI magazine

• BIZwatch meetings are held bi-monthly • Focus on strategic knowledgesharing co-ordination and process • Communications strategy

CPTED Programme

• Encourage adoption and understanding of CPTED principles

• NZ Police • Ministry of Justice • Auckland Council

• CPTED principles adopted and implemented

• Funding received to support programme as detailed above

CPTED Survey

• Researched and designed format

• Executed through one-on-one appointments

• Target 100 CPTED surveys to be completed

• Completed 112 CPTED surveys as of 30 June 2011

Crime Prevention Tool Kit

• Researched, designed and produced

• NZ Police • CPTED practitioners • NHBA member focus group • Local business suppliers

Training and Seminars

• Provide education based on needs identified during the CPTED process

• Business community • Specialist trainers as required

• Demand for repeated and ongoing training • Positive feedback from member staff and business owners

• Completed five events by 30 June 2011

Incident Reporting

• Agreed communication process with BIZwatch partners

• ICON Security • NZ Police • Auckland Council • Community groups • NHBA members

• Improved clarity in process between partners • Greater understanding and accountability amongst partners

• Promoted Crime Prevention Specialist as first line of contact • Increased direct contact with NHBA members • Greater support given at time of incident • Decreased delays in response to incidents

• Tool Kit launched: September 2011 • Original launch date was 1 July 2011 however this was delayed to accommodate feedback from focus group

annual report 2011 5

3.0 Communications

Significant focus has been given during 2010/11 to the creation of a more effective and dynamic communication platform, from which local business-to-business relationships can be developed and supported. NHBA’s impact outside the BID area is evidenced through the growth of our media audience, the expansion of the Associate Membership base and increased influence with key stakeholders referencing our member programmes as examples of best business practice.

Electronic Mediums NHBA Website During the year, we undertook a review of the previous NHBA website with the aim of improving its structure, functionality and user-friendliness. Significant effort has been expended in the research and development of a new website, which will form the foundation for ongoing improvements in member services and communication. The website also features a secure intranet facility to assist with communications to members of the Executive Committee Board. The new website launch date: September 2011.

Social Media We have strengthened connections to social media systems based on outbound message broadcasting, hence our focus on Twitter versus Facebook.


FYI Online provides a regular link to networking events and business development programmes, newsflash and specific breaking news. Improvements to both content relevance and format have seen increased uptake and member response.

ensure that benefits of NHBA membership is widely communicated, plus involvement and engagement is actively promoted. FYI Magazine is available as an e-book via www. In addition to FYI Magazine, we have dynamic relationships with core publishers, such as The Networker, Albany Buzz, Business Channel and North Shore Times. Make the most of your membership (NHBA) represents The North Harbour Business Association bounded by Rosedale a Business Improvement District (BID) 1 to the east, Upper Road to the north, State Highway Albany Highway to the Harbour Highway to the south and west. and commercial This area captures some 1300 businesses more than 13,000 organisations that, together, employ people.

the Auckland Council NHBA membership is included in in the BID area. rates of commercially-zoned properties benefits, these In order to maximise their membership a registration form. businesses simply need to complete receives a free enhanced Once this is complete, the business Other membership listing on the NHBA website directory. benefits include: patrol security • Coverage by the dedicated training • Free attendance at business improvement seminars and networking events to more than 2000 • Bi-monthly magazine FYI circulated business leaders • Regular email updates, FYI Online

Print Media FYI Magazine Published a minimum of 4 times per year, this publication is the official voice of the North Harbour Business Association and serves the purpose to inform and educate our membership regarding our core projects – Advocacy and Representation, Economic Development, Transport Management, Crime Prevention, Networking and Business Development. The distribution of these 16 – 20 page magazines is conducted by hand delivery throughout the estate plus via postal to all property owners, Associate Members plus key stakeholders. These distribution channels

the official NHBA Businesses and organisations outside networking and business BID area can also benefit from the Associate Members. development opportunities by becoming or associate membership Find out more about membership from the membership and download the registration form section of

‘encouraging sustainable success’

Day-to-day enquiries

‘empowering better business’


(09) 968 2222

Transport Projects Manager: Sue Kohn-Taylor Cheriette Ede Administrator and Events Manager:


• Business Directory • CarpoolNow • CPTED crimesurveys

General Manager: Janine Brinsdon Wright Crime Prevention Specialist: David


• Crime Prevention Toolkit


Chairman of the Executive Committee

• Discovery Pass • Traffic Cameras


WHAT IS A BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT? BIDs have been used internationally to promote local development since the first one started in Toronto in 1970. They are now used in several countries around the world, and there are 48 currently within the Auckland supercity structure. A BID provides a partnership between local government, the business community and other stakeholders. For the NHBA these local stakeholders include the NZ Police, Auckland Transport, and Council Controlled Organisations. A BID’s primary focus is to provide the infrastructure for the long-term success of the businesses located within a specific area and is funded by targeted rates collected from commercially-zoned properties. HOW DOES NHBA MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT ME? Under the umbrella mission statement of “Empowering Better Business” the NHBA represents the interests of businesses in the North Harbour Industrial Estate. The organisation’s key projects deliver financial and social benefits to the three main groups in the Estate: property owners; business owners and their employees; staff and students at local educational and training institutions.

• advocacy and representation


national business and industry associations and core infrastructure service providers to ensure these views and needs are championed throughout the decision-making process. The NHBA regularly contributes to Upper Harbour Local Board meetings and believes strongly in working with other local BIDs and business associations on issues that affect the wider city and region.

Recent surveys indicate that TRANSPORT & more than 75 per cent of INFRASTRUCTURE North Harbour businesses identify transport as their biggest concern, so it is also a major focus for the NHBA. In partnership with Auckland Transport, the NHBA has introduced several key initiatives to provide local businesses and their employees with diverse transport options. These include:

The North Harbour Business Association (NHBA) began as the Albany Basin Business Association, an organisation formed in 2002/3 driven by crime prevention and transport issues that were having an impact on local businesses. In 2008 it became a Business Improvement District (BID), and was renamed as the North Harbour Business Association in 2009.

• crime prevention

The NHBA holds a range of NETWORKING & events to facilitate effective BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT networking and local business development while also inspiring and motivating business owners and their employees. These events give members access to industry leaders and experts as well as opportunities to showcase their services or products to potential customers in the local area and beyond. The NHBA provides members with five main types of events: • The Business Breakfast • The Business After Five • NHBA Empowering Better Business Expo, held annually • Business Development seminars • The Annual Golf Day Each member and associate member business is entitled to one complimentary ticket to all events with the opportunity to purchase additional tickets for guests. Since the advent of the ADVOCACY Supercity, it is more important than ever for local businesses to be represented effectively at a regional and national level. The NHBA regularly surveys its members to gather information around important issues and projects, especially when it comes to economic and infrastructural development. It then proactively liaises with regional and central government, economic development agencies, relevant

• CarpoolNow: This free carpool matching service launched in November 2010 and offers users a flexible transport alternative, underpinned by the NHBA-funded “guaranteed ride home” • Look Before You Leave: Six cameras strategically placed at key entry and exit points to the estate provide commuters with real-time information on traffic conditions, in turn helping to reduce congestion • Tools and resources: The NHBA advocates with Maxx to develop tailored services to provide alternative transport options for North Harbour commuters. The Regional Transport Authority and national transport agencies consult with NHBA on projects that affect their members Under the guidance of the CRIME PREVENTION NHBA, the area enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the country. This has come about through effective crime prevention from a combination of education, tools, resources and the understanding of how changes in the area can affect crime. Business owners and landlords benefit from these low crime levels through reduced insurance premiums, shared security initiatives and the services of a full-time crime prevention specialist whose role is co-funded by the Ministry of Justice. The NHBA provides its members with services such as: • NHBA-sponsored security patrols • CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) surveys • Crime Prevention Toolkit • Staff training • A clear reporting process for businesses affected by crime





FYI Magazine and Welcome Pack

• Vehicle to communicate news and actions of NHBA as well as articles of interest

• Business • Sponsors

• Produce 4 issues per year • Produce an Information Guide

Email Bulletins

• Topical interest for members

• Businesses and sponsors

• Minimum of one per month

Positive Public Relations

• Respond to Media enquiries as necessary • Generate proactive public relations campaign • Look for local events/ celebrities to help raise the profile of the area

• Local media and businesses

• Minimum of two per month

• To promote and ensure the NHBA website provides ongoing opportunities for members to showcase their products and services

• NHBA • Website developer • NHBA business owners, local consumers

6 NHBA annual report 2011

Who do I talk to?

Postal address PO Box 303 126 North Harbour Auckland 0751

• transport and infrastructure

Website Marketing

elected local business The Executive Committee comprises governance and strategic people who are responsible for the and associated direction of NHBA. The general manager for operational and project project specialists are responsible delivery. operates This structure ensures the BID programme plan. Read our business efficiently and delivers against its business plan at via a targeted The NHBA BID has guaranteed funding from all businesses Auckland Council rate that is collected area (shown inside). located within the BID geographical permanent small a This allows the organisation to employ to or on behalf of the staff and deliver a range of services Association’s members.

Physical address F4, 27-29 William Pickering Drive North Harbour

These projects fall into one of four key areas: • networking and business development

How have we performed against the 2010/11 Business Plan?

Local commitment leads to local results

Did we deliver?

• TV and Press coverage has exceeded expectations • Focus has changed away from celebrity to profiling business achievement ‘Word is Out’ column (FYI Magazine) • Delivered Gold Sponsor’s panels and dedicated direct marketing page • Business Directory – 1300 listings for local business promotion

Financial Reports Compilation Report to the Officers of North Harbour Business Association Incorporated.

Business Directory As at 30 June 2011

Registered Office 12a Saturn Place, Albany

On the basis of information you provided we have compiled, in accordance with Service Engagement Standard No. 2: Compilation of Financial Information, the financial statements of North Harbour Business Association Incorporated for the year ended 30 June 2011. These statements have been prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice as described in Note 1 to the financial statements.

Officers Janine Brinsdon (General Manager) Warren Kitchin (Chairman) Richard Ede (Deputy Chairman) Graham Boult Geoff Ashenden Pamela Peryman Brent Mackway-Jones Kevin Moore Penny Gordon Robin Siraj Viv Scott


Association Number 1277568

You are solely responsible for the information contained in the statements and have determined that the approach used in their preparation, as outlined above, is appropriate to meet your needs and for the purpose that the statements were prepared. The financial statements were prepared exclusively for the benefit of North Harbour Business Association Incorporated. We do not accept responsibility to any other person for the content of the financial statements.

Auditors N  Z Small Audit Chartered Accountants

Vision Accounting Solutions Limited Chartered Accountants Unit A, 12 Saturn Place North Harbour Auckland

Bankers Bank of New Zealand


Accountants Vision Accounting Solutions Ltd PO Box 303 157 North Harbour

Lawyers Davenports Harbour Law Date of Formation 20 February 2003 Nature of Business L ocal Business Community Service

23 September 2011

Independent Auditor’s Report To the Members of North Harbour Business Association Incorporated Report on the Financial Statements I have audited the financial statements of North Harbour Business Association Incorporated on pages 7 to 9, which comprise the balance sheet as at 30 June, 2011, and the income statement and statement of changes in equity for the year then ended, and a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory information.

Members’ responsibilities for the Financial Statements The Members are responsible for the preparation of financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in New Zealand and that give a true and fair view of the matters to which they relate, and for such internal control as the Members determine is necessary to enable the preparation of financial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.

Auditor’s responsibilities My responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on my audit. I conducted my audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (New Zealand). Those standards require that I comply with ethical requirements and plan and perform the audit to obtain

reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free from material misstatements. An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. The procedures selected depend on the auditor’s judgement, including the assessment of risks of material misstatement of the financial statements, whether due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal control relevant to the entity’s preparation of financial statements that give a true and fair view of the matters to which they relate in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the entity’s internal control. An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of accounting estimates, as well as evaluating the presentation of the financial statements. I believe that the audit evidence I have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for my audit opinion. Other than in my capacity as auditor I have no relationship with, or interests in, North Harbour Business Association Incorporated.

Opinion In my opinion, the financial statements on pages 7 to 9: • comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in New Zealand; • give a true and fair view of the financial position of North Harbour Business Association Incorporated as at 30 June 2011 and its financial performance and its cash flows for the year ended on that date.

Report on Other Legal and Regulatory Requirements I have obtained all the information and explanations that I have required. In my opinion proper accounting records have been kept by North Harbour Business Association Incorporated as far as appears from an examination of those records.

Dave Mackay NZ Small Audit 27 October 2011 7 Maple Lane, Huapai, Auckland annual report 2011 7

Statement of Financial Performance For the year ended 30 June 2011

Statement of Financial Position

2011 ($)

2010 ($)



Revenue Targeted Rate Membership Subscriptions

As at 30 June 2011

2011 ($)

2010 ($)

BNZ Cheque Account





Current Assets 2,250


BNZ Oncall Account

Grants Received



BNZ Visa Account

Interest Received



GST Refund Due





Function and Events Income



Sundry Debtors



Accounts Receivable



Payments in Advance

Sundry Income Total Income



Non-Current Assets

Transport Management Programme



Fixed Assets as per Schedule

Business Development



Total Assets

Accountancy Fees






Audit Fees



Administration Costs



Management Costs





Bank Charges Board Support Computer Expenses Conference Expenses Consultancy











General Expenses








Legal Expenses



Licences and Registrations







Meeting Costs Postage and Couriers



Printing and Stationery






Recruitment Expenses



Replacement Equipment



Staff Training








Telephone, Tolls and Internet



Travel - International

Travel - National



KiwiSaver Contributions











Net Depreciation Adjustment






Total Expenses Net Surplus Before Depreciation

Less Depreciation Depreciation as per Schedule Depreciation - Loss on Sale

8 NHBA annual report 2011









6 -



Total Current Assets

Less Expenses Crime Prevention Programme










Current Liabilities BNZ Visa Account Accounts Payable Accrued Expenses







Funding Received in Advance



Total Current Liabilities








Represented by:

EQUITY Retained Earnings







Statement of Movements in Equity For the year ended 30 June 2011

2011 ($)

2010 ($)

Equity at Start of Period



Net Surplus



Total recognised Revenues and Expenses





Surplus and Revaluations

Equity at End of Period

For and on behalf of the Association:

Warren Kitchin as Chairman _____________________________ Date: 28 October 2011

Note: This Statement is to be read in conjunction with the Notes to the Financial Statements and the accompanying Compilation Report.



The financial statements presented here are for the business of North Harbour Business Association Incorporated. The Association qualifies for differential reporting as it is not publicly accountable and as it is not large as defined in the Framework for Differential Reporting. The Association has taken advantage of all available differential reporting exemptions. North Harbour Business Association Incorporated is a non-profit organisation registered under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. The financial statements have been prepared on the basis of historical cost with the exception of certain items for which specific accounting policies are identified. Accrual accounting is used to match revenue with expenses.

There was no overdraft as at balance date nor was any facility arranged.

(a) Changes in Accounting Policies There have been no changes in accounting policies. All policies have been applied on bases consistent with those used in previous years. (b) Fixed Assets and Depreciation The entity has the following classes of fixed assets: • Furniture and Fittings

6. TAXATION Operating Surplus Before Tax Taxation Charge @ 30%

2010 ($)









Less RWT Credits

Total Tax to Pay

The Association is exempt from Tax pursuant to Section CW40(1) of the Income Tax Act 2007.

7. FIXED ASSETS 2011 ($)

2010 ($)







Furniture and Fittings At Cost Less Accumulated Depreciation

• Office Equipment • Plant and Equipment

2011 ($)

Office Equipment

All fixed assets are recorded at cost less accumulated depreciation. Depreciation of the assets has been calculated at the maximum rates permitted by the Income Tax Act 2007. The rates used are shown on the Schedule of Fixed Assets and Depreciation attached.

At Cost



Less Accumulated Depreciation





(c) Goods and Services Tax (GST) These financial statements have been prepared on a GST-exclusive basis.

At Cost



(d) Income Tax No provision for Income Tax has been made as there is no current or deferred tax payable. The Association is exempt from Tax pursuant to Section CW40(1) of the Income Tax Act 2007. (e) Receivables Receivables are stated at their estimated realisable value. Bad debts are written off in the year in which they are identified.

Plant and Equipment Less Accumulated Depreciation

Total Fixed Assets

Net Surplus After Tax

During the period, there have been material transactions between North Harbour Business Association Incorporated and related parties as follows: Name of Related Party Consolidated Marketing Industries Limited, in which Board Member Graham Boult is a shareholder. Types of transactions Temporary General Manager and Administrator roles while these positions were vacant September to November 2010 ($11,208 paid).



2011 ($)

2010 ($)








These financial statements have been subject to an audit, see enclosed Auditor’s Report.



There were no Term Liabilities at balance date.

Retained Earnings Opening Balance

At balance date there are no known contingent liabilities (2010:$0).







Retained Earnings closing balance

Note: This Statement is to be read in conjunction with the Notes to the Financial Statements and the accompanying Compilation Report.

annual report 2011 9

North Harbour Business Association Business Improvement District (BID) Map The map below shows (in red) the BID area as of June 2011. The area shaded (in blue) indicates the potential expansion into adjacent Commercial and Industrial centres – effective July 2013. Full NHBA Membership is available to all owners and tenants of commerically zoned property within the geographically designated Business Improvement District (BID). If your business is located outside of the current BID area (in red), Associate Membership is available. For complete membership details, please refer to

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NHBA Annual Report 2011  

NHBA Annual Report 2011

NHBA Annual Report 2011  

NHBA Annual Report 2011