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From the Chair


inter appears to be on its way past and we can now look forward to a season of improving weather. We expect these improvements to be mirrored by a lift in seasonal business activity. We are now seeing relatively low vacancy rates for office and warehouse locations, and design build construction starting, which has been well off the radar in recent years. Market conditions for many sectors continue to be challenging. We recommend that members take full advantage of their professional advisors in reviewing current business operations and planning for development activity in the years to come. New Zealand business tends to suffer from the small scale of our operations, and the very strong links to business funding being landlocked by the availability of shareholder personal property as security for business loans and overdrafts. This has limited our growth in times of property value flat spots, as have been experienced over recent years. The current rush of blood in the Auckland property market may create some flexibility, but is unlikely to provide the level of liquidity required for a return to improving growth in the next few years. Our current run of historically low interest rates will encourage investment going forward, although general risk aversion and tight banking requirements will continue to temper the enthusiasm for investment in many businesses. Our close neighbour and Bledisloe Cup sparring partners, Australia, are now sensing challenges on the economic horizon, but internationally they have strong positioning which shines through, with increasing interest rates looking to temper demand. In business, we can take much stock from our very successful sporting teams and Olympic champions. In keeping with this theme, we are seeking guest speakers for future events from a range of sporting codes, who have taken on world-scale challenges and – through their commitment, talent and exceptional efforts – succeeded in an extremely competitive environment. We trust you enjoy this edition of FYI and welcome your feedback and contributions to future issues. On behalf of your Board and our Executive team, our thanks for your ongoing support. Yours sincerely,

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Warren Kitchin CA Dip NZIM Chairman FYI september 2012 3

in brief

Crime prevention training the real deal

Two NHBA training sessions on preventing credit card and internet fraud, delivered in partnership with Paragon Investigations, were held in August.

IBM and Unitec bring business and students together The sessions showed how to identify fraudulent credit cards, using actual examples.

Mary Hewlett from the Auckland Central Police Fraud Squad discussed the trend for criminal organisations to swap instore Eftpos machines for those they’ve tampered with.


BM and Unitec Institute of Technology are teaming up to establish the first IBM New Zealand Delivery Centre, a multi-million dollar investment that will provide employment and skills development opportunities for the local services economy. Based at Unitec’s Mt Albert campus, the centre will provide innovative business process and ICT services. These services will use advanced analytics to maximize operations, cut costs and provide continuous innovation for IBM’s clients. The centre will open in February 2013, and IBM anticipates that up to 400 people will be employed within the next two years. Under the agreement, IBM and Unitec will implement a number of collaborative initiatives, including industry-based ‘Earn As You Learn’ placements. It will provide students studying for IT, business management and communications degrees with valuable experience in the IT industry as part of their studies. IBM’s investment will also enable annual scholarship programmes and jointly developed guest lectures, mentoring, internship and graduate hire programmes. This collaboration demonstrates how tertiary providers, through creative partnering with business, can contribute to business and productivity growth extending way beyond traditional boundaries. “Working with a highly respected global company will give our students the head start they need to get a great job when they graduate,” says Unitec Chief Executive Rick Ede. “Bringing innovative businesses such as IBM into the education environment is about matching the skills of our students with the demands of business, and providing students with the experience they need to make a difference in their communities and in New Zealand.”

North Harbour movers and shakers Wayne Kiely from Paragon Investigations presented the latest crime trends.

There are more than 13,000 people employed by the 1300 businesses in the NHBA area. That’s a lot of business being done every day – and we’d like to keep up to date with who’s doing it! Let us know who’s new to your business, or who’s moved up, and we’ll share the news in FYI.

Visit for further crime prevention information and details of upcoming training sessions.

Just send details and a photo to

4 september 2012 FYI

in brief

Free grafďŹ ti removal You may have noticed graffiti being removed in the NHBA area. For the next year a community trust, The Untag Trust, has a contract with Auckland Council to remove graffiti from private property in the North Harbour area. This means that if the graffiti on your business can be seen by the public, there is a chance that The Untag Trust will be able to remove it for you. The best way to prevent graffiti is to remove it as soon as possible. If you see graffiti around the NHBA area, please contact Anna Crane at anna.crane@ or on 968 2222. She will make contact with Jackie Bailey at the trust to see if they can help.

Scholarship winner does us proud

Our congratulations go to Matt Jillings, recipient of the NHBA Bachelor of Business Studies Scholarship, who is studying at Auckland University. Matt achieved fantastic results in his exams last semester: A+ in Introduction to Investments, Principles of Macroeconomics, and Research Methods in Economics and Finance, and an A in Business Finance. Matt says he’s extremely happy with these results, as he put a lot of hard work into the semester. He thanked the NHBA once again for supporting his studies. Well done, Matt. The NHBA Bachelor of Business Studies Scholarship sponsors are: Actionmail, LinkPlas, Zero Down, Roofi ng Industries, Sealegs International and Speedy Signs.

Next step for Albany Highway

The appeals to the Environment Court have now been resolved, and Auckland Transport is hoping to start construction in 2013, subject to the completion of land purchases, detailed designs and funding approvals. More details will be on the NHBA website as they become available. FYI september 2012 5

Local retailers positive as world comes knocking A period of global recession. Bricks and mortar stores closing, while the online market undercuts traditional outlets. A wave of new technologies changing the way we shop – and think. No-one would disagree (particularly looking at the book trade) that these are challenging times for retailers. Businesses of every size are racing to take advantage of the opportunities in this new age of retailing – and those who don’t, face being left behind.


he New Zealand Retailers Association has given FYI a picture of the retail scene in New Zealand, as well as some insight into the global developments that are affecting us all. Right now, there are a number of trends that retailers should be considering.

The consumer has changed The consumer has lost his/her appetite for debt, and is now living much more within their means. There has been a reduction in credit card and hire purchase debt, and consumers are also saving more, particularly through KiwiSaver. All of this has resulted in a much more risk-averse consumer.

Price vs value There appears to be a move from straight price offers to price offers linked to brands. That is, the offer is becoming more about ‘value’ and less about ‘cheap’. 
Brands will need to match the aspirations of the store’s target market. 
Exclusivity of brands will give the retailer a point of difference, and limit the consumer’s opportunity to undertake price comparisons across competing stores and channels. 6 september 2012 FYI


The online channel

Developments in 
mobile technology have brought about significant changes in consumer behaviour, and there’s more to come. Some shopper-friendly technology applications (not all available in New Zealand yet) include: • Price comparisons It’s now possible to read the bar code on a product and see what prices are being charged for that product by a range of outlets in the local vicinity. • Credit/debit card ‘on the phone’ Trials are already underway using ‘near field’ communication to process contactless transactions ‘on the phone’, rather than using a contactless card. • Customer ordering Using either bar codes or QR codes, customers can now assemble an order, send it to a retailer, pay for it online and wait for the order to be delivered. [See page 18 for more on QR codes.] • Peer review Shoppers can now try on clothes at the retail store, take 360º photographs, and send them via phone to a friend for a second opinion.

The online market currently accounts for around 5% of retail sales in New Zealand, compared with nearly 6% in Australia, nearly 8% in the US and over 9% in the UK. Nearly half of New Zealand adults made at least one online purchase in the last year and, on average, they purchased through this channel three times. If this average of three purchases per year shifted to six – still only once every two months – it could take the market share from 5 to 10%. Are we at a tipping point? The New Zealand Retailers Association sees the online channel as a critically important part of the future retail market – something that all retailers should consider as part of their strategic review. No matter which trend theories you subscribe to, economic influences and new technologies will affect your business. More than ever, it’s crucial to understand your customers, and deliver what they want. The dollar is in their hands – but the power to grow your business is in yours. Despite a challenging international financial situation, the most recent figures from Statistics New Zealand show that the volume

retail sector focUs

of retail sales in this country rose a seasonallyadjusted 1.3% in the June 2012 quarter, compared with the March 2012 quarter. Increases in pharmaceutical and other store-based retailing, and food and beverage services led the rise. With price effects included, the value of seasonally-adjusted total retail sales rose 1.1% ($195 million), and core retail sales rose 0.7%. Credit card billings in New Zealand, including spending using New Zealand and overseas issued cards, rose 4.4% in the June 2012 quarter, compared with the same period the previous year. FYI talked to two local retailers who are making the most of this ‘brave new world’ of retail.

Gubba Products Ltd Tell us about your business. Gubba Products has two lines of business: gardening supplies and bulk packaging. We import and assemble components for bulk food packaging, and are a major supplier to Amcor Flexibles. We also sell a wide range of gardening items, from garden sheds and raised gardens to garden gloves and fertiliser. The garden business started with making ‘Gubba Garden Bags’ in the late 1980s, and developed into a wholesale business selling a range of gardening accessories we made here on the North Shore. In the last few years, we have developed the Gubba Online Garden Store, We sell over 550 items through the website and have recently launched an Australian website, offering a selection of our range.

How are you using new technologies to enhance the business? We have two websites, selling gardening lines in NZ and Australia. We are also developing a few more websites to sell specific lines in other countries. Using the opensource free Wordpress platform as the foundation for the new sites, with some low cost paid ‘plug-ins’ to provide additional functionality such as e-commerce management, has allowed us to make the new websites in-house for very little cost.

We recently integrated our websites with our accounting system, allowing seamless invoicing and stock management between the many sales channels. We have also recently upgraded our email system to run through Google Apps for business, which is saving us a lot of IT hassles with emails and backing up. This has also made it much easier for us to work remotely, and provided a simple, affordable entry to cloud computing and data storage.

Have your customers’ expectations or buying trends been changing? Yes, significantly. We find our customers are getting more web savvy all the time and that is increasing our sales through the website. People are also a lot more conscious of what they’re spending these days, meaning we need more emphasis on providing quality, value-formoney products.

What of the future? We hope to expand the business into a much larger range of items, and push more websites out into other markets. We’re optimistic about the economic prospects for retail in NZ – there are still great opportunities out there.

Pipsqueaks Toys Tell us about your business. Pipsqueaks Toys operates both ‘bricks and mortar’ retail as well as a full functioning e-commerce website. Because we import 90% of our stock directly, we can supply a massive range of toys at low prices. We also wholesale to retailers and supply Early Childhood Education centres. If you haven’t seen our massive warehouses, we have one on the corner of Piermark Drive and Bush Road with TOY MEGA STORE in large letters on the side.

How are you using new technologies to enhance the business? We are about to fully upgrade our existing e-retail platform to a Magento based website. This is linked to MYOB Exo, which fully recon-

ciles our stock on the website with what is in our warehouse and on the shelves. We also use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to add a new dimension to our promotion and conversation with parents and toy buyers.

Have your customers’ expectations or buying trends been changing? People are using the internet to search for items, and then, depending on location and mobility, either coming instore or buying online. With all the sales in recent times, it suits us well to be a toy discounter, as everyone wants everything at rock bottom prices. While electronic items are now used as playthings, e.g. Playstation PSP, iPod etc, there is still a very big need from kiwi kids and parents for good outdoor and indoor play items, that get kids out and about and stretching their limbs.

What of the future? We are focused on increasing our website range to give even more selection, as well as developing our specialist large toy area for daycare and play groups. We are also focused on cleaning out our two warehouses this summer so look out for some crazy bargains! Retail is facing some changes, and for some they will be fatal. But within every change lies an opportunity, and we firmly believe that retail won’t go all online – in fact you may see some online companies open retail stores. The integration of traditional retail with e-retail is where the opportunities exist. Life is ever changing, and consumers and those who supply them just need to adapt. To read about the experiences and strategies of more North Harbour companies, such as Nzsale and The Book Depot, visit the NHBA website at And we’d love to hear how your retail business is taking advantage of new developments. To let other NHBA members know how your tech-savvy strategies are helping you serve your customers better and grow your business, email us on fyi@nhba., and we’ll share your story online. FYI september 2012 7

professional development

A timely investment in your business Running a business seems to take every minute of the day, plus some. And it’s easy to let the ‘extras’ – like business networking – fall by the wayside. But many business people say it’s well worth finding the time to invest in building strong networks.


arolyn Bassett is a personal performance coach at Astrum Coaching, and a member of networking group Business over Breakfast (BoB). Her experience of business networking – and that of her clients – has convinced her of its value. She shared her thoughts with FYI: Formal business networking is not a new concept. It’s a type of social network designed to generate business activity through the development of relationships between its members. Some organisations have been doing their version of referral business networking with success for many years – the Freemasons have been in existence since the early 1600s, and Rotary since the early 1900s. Many people believe business networking is a more cost-effective method for generating new business than advertising or public relations, as it’s a low-cost activity that involves more personal commitment than financial investment. That means

8 september 2012 FYI

it does take time – but business is personal, and people prefer to do business with people they know and trust. For small or new businesses with minimal marketing/advertising budgets, it’s a great way to get started. Networking is something that seems to polarise opinion. Most small business or sole business operators don’t have enough time in the day, so networking is often the last thing on their to-do list. This is where groups that meet over breakfast are a great solution. Organisations like Business over Breakfast meet regularly to exchange business leads and referrals with like-minded members. They provide a sounding board for new ideas, and a supportive and motivating environment to refine your marketing messages. For those working from home, it’s an opportunity to get out and meet other business operators. As well, there’s the satisfaction of helping others achieve their business goals.

It’s important to remember that although it takes time, your effort will bring rewards. Sometimes in business it’s not what you know, but who you know, that can help you grow. That’s why these types of referrals, via trusted relationships, are so valuable. Carolyn’s thoughts are echoed by Allan Kent from The Business Hub. “People do business with people, so relationship building is very powerful – hence the rise of networking websites such as LinkedIn,” he says. “Unfortunately, a lot of people join networking groups with a short term view – what they can get out of it.” Allan believes that networking only pays dividends when you take a long term view, and consider what you can contribute. “It’s not just about who you can sell to – the people you meet along the way may turn out to be trusted suppliers or advisers. You still gain this way, even if you’re not selling directly yourself. Networking is like most things – the more

you put in, the more you’ll get out. But you have to be prepared to do the putting in first.”

WYNners Unlike some networking organisations, WYNners (Widen Your Network) is not a business in itself. Instead, it’s a group of motivated business people on the North Shore who meet weekly to share knowledge, experience and expertise amongst members. WYNners is built on an inclusive approach – professionals in both disparate and overlapping industries work happily together to enhance each others’ areas of specialty. Through collaboration, we are able to deliver more effectively for all of our clients and members.


The Business Hub Business over Breakfast Clubs (BoB Clubs NZ) BoB clubs have a reputation for being friendly, professional clubs that provide solid business relationships and targeted referrals, with outstanding return on investment. We know that good business relationships lead to opportunities that can generate more leads, create sales and result in greater productivity. We meet every two weeks. We only allow one person per business category to join each club, to ensure that no member has competition, only advocates of their business. Come along as a visitor to meet our members, promote your business and see how BoB clubs can benefit your business, or go online and join today.

The Business Hub is a networking group with a difference. We focus on building business relationships and on business-related education. We meet fortnightly on a Friday for breakfast. Some meetings are very seminar-like, based on an education topic; others may involve a member voicing a particular problem and using the power of the group to come up with suggestions. Every 10–12 weeks we arrange ‘open’ meetings with keynote speakers, which are attended by upwards of 100 people; a recent speaker of note was Foreign Minister Murray McCully.

North Harbour Business Association

BNI New Zealand is the largest dedicated business referral network in New Zealand, with more than 2,800 members throughout the country. Small to medium – and sometimes large – businesses meet weekly in local neighbourhoods (including all over the North Shore), where they follow a structured networking programme designed to help grow their businesses through referrals. Most BNI chapters meet between 7 and 8.30am over breakfast to talk about their businesses and help other business owners achieve more business by referral. Profitable word of mouth marketing is achievable for those who followed a carefully designed and proven system for generating business by referral.

With 1300 members on our online business directory, our website is a first stop for business operators and potential customers. Networking is facilitated between local businesses through our regular events – the NHBA Business Breakfast, Luncheon and After Five, Seminars and Training, and the rapidly-growing annual NHBA Business Expo, all aimed at empowering better business. These events give members and their guests access to industry leaders and experts, and provide an opportunity to showcase members’ services and products. And if your business is hosting a networking event, seminar or training session, log into your profile and upload the details to our events calendar, so that we can promote it to other members on your behalf.

BNI New Zealand

Preliminary Annual General Meeting notice The AGM for the North Harbour Business Association (NHBA) will be held in October 2012.


here have been significant milestones achieved during the past twelve months across the NHBA member programmes and initiatives. We look forward to sharing those achievements with you at the AGM, and presenting our Business Plan for the next three years for your approval. Formal notification of the AGM, including details of special resolutions which are required under the new Auckland Council Business Improvement District (BID) Policy, will be posted on by 30 September 2012. Further AGM details will be communicated through our FYI Online e-newsletter. If you do not currently receive the FYI Online e-newsletter, please let us know and we will ensure you do in future. If you are passionate about business and wish to make a significant contribution to the continued growth and success of the North Harbour Business Improvement District, there is an opportunity for members to be elected to the NHBA Executive Committee. To be eligible you must be a full member of the NHBA, or be nominated to represent a full member organisation. To obtain an Executive Committee Nomination Form, please email Janine Brinsdon, NHBA General Manager, at or telephone 021 212 4942. FYI september 2012 9

Advocacy: Updates

Kyle Road improvements

Waste not Auckland Council has been consulting on a proposed solid waste bylaw. The management of solid waste in the region is currently governed by seven different bylaws of the former councils, which expire on 31 October. Auckland Council has proposed replacing these with a single bylaw for the whole of Auckland. The council has been seeking feedback on concerns such as making sure that recyclable material and organic waste do not end up in landfills, setting standards for waste collection from the kerbside and private property, and littering and nuisance issues such as accumulation of waste on properties, abandoned shopping trolleys, unaddressed mail and donations bins. To follow the progress of the bylaw, visit the council’s website at You can also read the proposed bylaw at your local library, council service centre or local board office.

Auckland Transport is looking at a series of improvements for Kyle Road, between Albany and Greenhithe – the scene of 11 car accidents between 2006 and 2010. They are aiming to improve the difficult road alignment, build paths for pedestrians and cyclists, and provide easier property access. Three concepts are being explored: amending the existing Kyle Road east, providing a link between the two halves of Kyle Road, or the construction of a ‘paper road’. The paper road would provide a more direct, flatter alignment across a short section of Kyle Road east. The old section of Kyle Road east near Wicklam Lane would be turned into a cul-de-sac. Auckland Transport also intends to create a safe walking and cycling environment easily accessible to the public, particularly the 32% of Upper Harbour Primary School students who walk to school each day. Based on public feedback, Auckland Transport will make a decision on which concept best suits Kyle Road and the community. Construction is planned for 2016. For more, visit the Improving Transport pages at

Rosedale Mews parking resolution Businesses in the Rosedale Mews centre recently contacted the North Harbour Business Association to express their ongoing concern over the regular lack of customer parking since the installation of cycle lanes on both sides of Rosedale Road. The NHBA persuaded Auckland Transport to carry out an analysis of the Mews carpark, and the survey was carried out over three full days in July to give a representative overview of the parking situation. The Auckland Transport survey 10 september 2012 FYI

found that the parking demand did not exceed supply at any point during the period monitored. Whilst all spaces in the centre park are allocated for customer use, it was noted that five spaces per day were being used for long stay/all day parking, rather than by customers. Gary Wright from the Rosedale Mews Body Corporate said, “We had no luck in getting Auckland Transport to listen to us, until the NHBA stepped in. It is great to have an independent parking survey done. However, for at least

four days over the last two weeks, there has been an overload demand for space.” Brigid Rogers from the NHBA understands the challenges of obtaining a representative view of a constantly changing situation such as parking – especially over specific timeframes. “Some progress has been made,” she says. “With the formal survey now completed, we have facts as a baseline. However, in order for any further reviews to take place – such as kerbside parking or the use of a cycle lane – a consistent

undersupply of parking needed to be identified. Our commitment is to continue to work with the businesses located at Rosedale Mews, and across the North Harbour BID area, to ensure changes in demand are conveyed to Auckland Transport.” If you have any parking issues relating to your staff or business, do call us and we will be happy to talk to you about finding solutions. Contact Brigid Rogers on 029 771 1731 or email

events: upcoming speaker

Banks and business going forward through crisis


nthony Healy joined BNZ in November 2009, becoming Director of BNZ Partners. As a career banker, he was excited with the challenge of leading the development of a new model in business banking, combining business, agribusiness and private banking in a new relationship model. His responsibilities include BNZ’s corporate and property banking teams. Anthony firmly believes that we need a thriving business sector to create the sort of New Zealand that Kiwis want. This passion permeates the Partners business he leads, and could be seen in BNZ’s decision to keep lending to businesses through the global financial crisis. As a result, he says, more people kept their jobs, maintained their lifestyle, and kept their family lives intact. With considerable experience across banking and financial services, Anthony has held senior executive and director-level roles in a career that has spanned New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Before joining BNZ he spent 18 years with the ANZ Group, most recently as CEO of UDC Finance, and prior to that as Deputy Group Managing Director of AmBank Group, Malaysia’s fourth-largest banking group. He was also a Director of AmBank’s investment bank, commercial bank, insurance company and funds management business. At the November NHBA Business Breakfast, Anthony will be talking about the global financial crisis – what happened to banks, the implications for NZ, and what the ‘new’ model for banking looks like going forward. FYI talked to him ahead of his appearance.

What are the main economic issues currently facing New Zealand businesses? Uncertainty around potential offshore impacts on New Zealand business, a high kiwi dollar and falling commodity prices will be on the minds of many business owners. However, the good news is we are better placed than most other markets to weather any fallout from Europe or elsewhere. We have a robust financial sector, GDP growth is building, inflationary expectations are low and interest rates remain at near historical lows. And with required catch up infrastructure investment, Auckland residential construction and the much anticipated Christchurch rebuild, the overall outlook is better than at any other point over the past few years. 

What strategies should local businesses be adopting to weather the global financial downturn? Business should be critically analysing their business models and cost structures to ensure they remain relevant now and into the future. Review or create a robust business plan to provide the future roadmap. Where will future sales growth come from? Are you accessing all possible distribution channels? What is your online presence and strategy? What are your competitors doing? Effective risk management also remains critical, and businesses should be seeking support and advice from all appropriate specialists. It is also critical that you have the right expertise around you – accessing external advice, on your board, from professionals and mentors is essential. You

don’t know what you don’t know, so you should leverage other people’s experience and expertise.

How do you think banks could better serve their business customers? Banks play a vital role in growing NZ Inc, which is all about us partnering with our customers to create connections and explore ways in which we can help their businesses grow. Having authentic discussions so that we can better understand what your specific needs are, and deliver solutions that assist you in resolving them. We empower local bank leadership teams to

deliver solutions that work for their customers, which results in faster, better quality decision making, and better outcomes for customers. At BNZ we’ve invested over $40m in creating a nationwide network of 34 Partner Business Centres, which business owners can access at no cost to connect with their customers and suppliers, do business, video conference, network and hold meetings, like an office away from the office. We’ve also formed strategic alliances with the Icehouse and NZTE to create and assist funding a variety of customer education programmes focused on business growth.

Business Breakfast with Anthony Healy

Date: 14 November 2012 Time: 7–8.30am Venue: North Shore Golf Club, Appleby Road, Albany Cost: NHBA Membership or Associate Membership entitles your company to one complimentary ticket. Additional company attendees and guests $35 each. RSVP: Email to register. FYI september 2012 11

out & about

A history of getting into hot water A very relaxed, enjoyable night was had by guests at the NHBA’s August After Five event, hosted by Hot Spring Spas at their beautifully-refurbished showroom. Owner Dale Paretovich talked about how the business grew from its beginnings in a garage, a la Apple, to its current success as a leading supplier of quality spas. There were a few adventures along the way, like selling spa pools to a customer they later discovered was Terry Clark – otherwise known as Mr Asia. Dale also talked about the new technology that’s making spa pools more efficient and easier to take care of. The latest model has its own filter system that lasts the life of the spa, making it a hassle-free, affordable luxury. See for yourself – and try if you like – at 35 William Pickering Drive, Albany.

Share your news in your publication We’d love to know what you’ve been up to! If your business or organisation has held an event, recognised a milestone or celebrated a special occasion, here’s your chance to share it with other NHBA members. Just send the details and photos to 12 september 2012 FYI

out & about

New president for North Harbour Club


t a recent AGM the North Harbour Club honoured outgoing President Peter Wall, and welcomed Matthew Bellingham as the Club’s newly elected President. Bellingham is only the third President since the organisation’s inception in 1995. He follows in the very large footsteps of founder Ross Finlayson, and Peter Wall. Peter will remain a committed member of the North Harbour Club, but felt it was time to hand over the mantle to rising business leader Bellingham. Bellingham, a Director at Hayes Knight, has been a Trustee and Vice-President of the North Harbour Club for a number of years. Respected for his business advice and insight, Bellingham is also convener of judges at this year’s Westpac Auckland North Business Awards. Hayes Knight are also the sponsor of the Emerging Talent Awards, part of the North Harbour Club’s AIMES Awards, which celebrate the pursuit of excellence. With the presenta-

tion of awards worth over $100,000 in 2011, the North Harbour Club has now awarded over $1.3 million worth of AIMES Awards to the region’s rising young stars since 1995. The North Harbour Club has over 140 members, all of whom are business leaders or

leaders in local affairs in the North Harbour region. Deemed the ‘movers and shakers’ of Auckland’s North Shore, they are also the ‘movers and shakers’ who are driven to give something back, helping to develop and promote the community.







Business lunch provides food for thought

At the recent NHBA Business Luncheon, sponsored by Davenports Harbour Laywers, Simon Telfer led guests through an entertaining case study of how a local privately-owned business established their first board. Simon, a business owner and public speaker on the topic of governance, strategy and succession planning, also provided guests with a number of practical ideas for use in their own organisations, sharing his expertise and insights regarding the growth strategy of NZ Inc. 1. L–R: Simon Telfer with Derek Dallow from Davenports and Richard Ede from BNZ Partners. 2. Derek Dallow from Davenports and Margaret Miles, Chair of the Upper Harbour Local Board. 3. John O’Reilly from SIS and Chris Baker from Action Coach. 4. Peter Dawson from Colour Box and Ronelle Henning from Barfoot & Thompson. 5. L–R: Ray Nicoll from Chi and Bejoy Jose from International Marketing, with Lindsey Carroll from Outbox. 6. Cheriette Ede from the NHBA and Jenny Watson from Davenports. FYI september 2012 13

Business & Community

Workforce-ready graduates realise their potential The youth of today. As far back as Socrates and Plato, society has been despairing over their apparent recklessness and lack of respect, and debating what to do about it. And now one idea has shown how some of these energetic, unoccupied young people can find their way to succeed in the world.


he Limited Service Volunteer (LSV) programme is changing lives, pushing young people further than they knew they could go, and helping them find the tenacity, routine, and willpower needed in the workforce. LSV is funded by the Ministry of Social Development, run by the New Zealand Defence Force and supported by the New Zealand Police. It was set up to help young people develop the attributes needed to enter the workforce: motivation, self-awareness, self-respect and time management. The six-week Auckland residential course for 18- to 25-year-olds, based at Hobsonville, takes motivated volunteers (registered as job seekers with Work and Income) in five intakes each year. The challenging programme includes physical fitness training, time-keeping, team-building exercises, CV writing and interview skills, as well as outdoor skills such as tramping, bushcraft and confidence course. The culmination is a tough five-day exercise in the Woodhill Forest, where the trainees tramp 50km over the week and compete in bushcraft exercises. Takapuna Community Constable Gavin Leonard was the programme mentor for the most recent Auckland intake. He says he was proud to see the massive changes in the trainees as they learned how they could push themselves to achieve goals, both individually and in a team environment. The young people come with a common goal – they want to work. And work placement of graduates is the key objective. Lieutenant Commander Dave Casey, Officer Commanding for the Hobsonville programme, says the disciplined, self-reliant graduates are ready for the next step. “Over 1600 trainees have gone through in the past two years, and ninety percent of those have found full-time work or training within six weeks,” he says. “The most recent course finished on a Saturday – and the following Monday, 68 of the 112 graduates started new jobs or training courses.” Isabel Evans, the Ministry of Social Development Auckland Regional Commissioner, also says that by the time young people complete LSV, they have learned responsibility and

14 september 2012 FYI

“Over 1600 trainees have gone through in the past two years, and ninety percent of those have found fulltime work or training within six weeks.” self-discipline, and are highly motivated. “We encourage employers to take them on,” she says. “By doing so, they gain employees who are confident and eager to work.”

Graduates are working successfully in industries like retail, hospitality, construction and tourism. Columbus Coffee is one local company that has successfully employed LSV graduates, and owner Danny Wrigley says he would definitely do so again. Catherine Casey, who operates three local businesses (BLK Sports, Apparel House and Club Girly Girlz), has also employed several graduates, and would employ more. She says LSV is close to her heart, as she has seen the young people come off the bus and wondered who was going to last the six weeks – but the end result, with the LSV staff’s commitment to ensure the success

of the attendees, means many graduates gain employment quickly and are also empowered by the life skills and knowledge they gain. Their success is a testament to the programme. The recruitment process is as streamlined as possible for employers. Businesses can supply a job description, and Work and Income will forward CVs of potential candidates and arrange interviews. Businesses can also choose to attend an employer expo, held two weeks

prior to graduation. On this day, employers identify possible candidates, and arrange to come back and interview them during the last week of the course. The next expos are on 10 September and 19 November. To employ an LSV graduate, list a vacancy or find out more, contact Neil Lauagiagi, National LSV Coordinator, on 917 6812 or 417 7000 ext 8905. Visit develop-your-workforce/employmentprogrammes for more information, including a video explaining the LSV programme.

crime prevention

Shoplifting – is your business at risk?


hoplifting is a very common crime that can have a considerable impact on your business, sometimes without you even realising it. Statistics around the reporting of shoplifting to the police make very interesting reading. Over the last three years in the Waitemata Policing District, 92% of reported shoplifting was for items worth less than $500. This is partly because of the larger number of products in this price range and the ease with which they can be taken. Also, shoplifting – sometimes referred to as ‘entry level crime’ – is often undertaken by inexperienced criminals, who will target smaller items. This doesn’t mean that experienced ‘professional’ criminals are not involved. There are a number who make a decent living from shoplifting, often working in teams that target shops or areas. Prevention is the best way to protect your business from these people. The police have a high level of success with the apprehension of shoplifters, possibly due to the significant work of staff at affected businesses. The North Shore police had an average 83% resolution rate for shoplifting from 2008 to 2010. Approximately 37% of reported shoplifting in the Waitemata Policing District occurred in the North Shore Police Area within this period. However, police statistics show only reported crime. We don’t know how much shoplifting goes unnoticed and unreported, and there are also times when businesses choose not to report an incident. These factors make the true loss to businesses difficult to assess. The good news is that you can put processes in place to protect your business, without cost.

The NHBA is pleased to offer all our members a chance to attend a free training session on shoplifting. This practical session, presented by SLS Retail Theft Control, will cover how to identify possible risks and prevent shoplifting, and what to do if you suspect someone, or catch someone stealing from your shop. The session will focus on what shop staff can do, while staying safe. Graham Zuill from SLS Retail Theft Control explains. “Awareness of customers is the single greatest deterrent against shoplifting. Security systems, such as closed circuit television, electronic tagging and security fixturing for merchandise, will assist in overall theft reduction. However, such devices are only as effective as the people who operate or manage them. It is the team, in constant contact with customers, who are ‘on the floor’ when most shoplifting occurs, and who are in the best position to prevent theft.

“A person preparing to steal does not want to be identified or caught in the act. If a team member can make some positive intervention with the suspicious customer – possibly simply acknowledging their presence – the theft will not occur. The simple act of ‘acknowledging the customer’ is the most powerful theft prevention tool available to you.” If you wish to book for the shoplifting training or would like advice about this or any other crime issue, please call Anna Crane on 968 2222 or email her at (The information contained in this article has been gained by analysing the reported crime [calendar year] statistics on the Statistics New Zealand web page.)


Shoplifting Training

Presented by SLS Retail Theft Control, in partnership with the NHBA Date: Wednesday 26 September, 2012, 7.15–8.30am Venue: Spuntino Expresso, 4 Rosedale Mews, 49 William Pickering Drive, Albany RSVP: or 968 2222 NHBA members are free, non-NHBA members $25.00 per person (excl. gst). There is limited space, so book early to avoid missing out.

In every issue of FYI, Senior Sergeant Mark Fergus will be answering your questions relating to crime prevention and safety. If you would like to ask a question, please email Should North Harbour business owners be worried about organised crime? Organised crime comes in many forms, including outlaw motorcycle gangs, drug rings, small crime groups, and large scale receivers of stolen property. Organised criminal groups have been trying for many years to establish on the North Shore, fortunately with very little success. Much of this is due to zero tolerance from residents, and the willingness to report suspicious activity to Police. But these groups, particularly outlaw motorcycle gangs, are always looking to get a foothold here. Business owners are particularly vulnerable, as small commercial units make the ideal gang ‘pad’. There’s normally ample parking for motorbikes, and with little after-hours traffic they can operate unobserved. If you’re approached to let out a commercial premise, and you doubt the true intentions of the person or his associates, speak to Police in confidence. Your local Community Constable is aware of the gangs, and will provide advice and support. Just let us know, and we’ll do the rest. You can also provide information with a complete assurance of anonymity by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Most business owners on the North Shore never come into contact with organised crime, and the Police work hard to keep it that way. Let’s maintain the communication between the Police and the business community to keep the North Shore a great place to live, work and play. To learn more about organised crime, visit service/cib/organised_crime. FYI september 2012 15

business report

NZD/USD and export commodity prices Index 250

NZD/USD 0.90

0.85 220 0.80





0.65 Commodity prices, USD (lhs) 0.60 NZD/USD (rhs)



Source: ANZ, RBNZ

100 2003











Managing risk in a volatile environment Westpac Market Strategist Imre Speizer talks about the latest influences on the New Zealand dollar.


he NZD/USD exchange rate continues to be influenced strongly by developments offshore. Of primary interest to markets in the short term is when, and in what form, fresh stimulus from the US and European central banks may occur. From late July, the European Central Bank (ECB) signalled it would do “whatever it takes” to defend the Eurozone, pushing global risk appetite higher. The NZD followed suit, rising from 0.7800 to 0.8225. Over the subsequent weeks, though, there has been no further clarity from the ECB on its intentions, and market impatience has pushed the NZD down to 0.8040 and bouncing back to the current level of 0.8174 at the time of writing. The ECB is scheduled to meet on 6 September, and markets will wait with bated breath for the resulting statement. Simply put, a statement confirming large scale intervention was certain would push risk appetite (and the NZD) higher, while a disappointment would do the converse. Of course, the ECB is not the only game in town. On 31 August, the US Central Bank’s Chairman, Ben Bernanke, will deliver an

16 september 2012 FYI

important speech where he may signal a third round of US quantitative easing. Such an outcome would also be bullish for the NZD, while a failure to signal would be the opposite. Domestic fundamentals are likely to continue to have little influence on the NZD, at least until 13 September, when the Reserve Bank of New Zealand meets. We don’t expect any radical change of stance, which means the Official Cash Rate will be projected to remain at 2.50% until the middle of next year. In summary, until the key the US Federal Reserve (“The Fed”) and ECB events in a few weeks time, the NZD is at risk of slipping further towards 0.78 on market uncertainty. The direction thereafter will depend on the outcomes – disappointment suggests towards 0.75 while euphoria could push it to 0.84. Much further out, the NZD is likely to rise above 0.8400 by early 2013 as economic fundamentals become important again. The RBNZ may be close to signalling the start of its tightening cycle, China’s economy should be starting to recover gradually, and NZ com-

modity prices should be trending higher – all of which are supportive for the NZD.

Making it work for you Given the uncertain and volatile nature of the NZD, managing a business’s foreign exchange can be viewed by importers and exporters as a very hard task. But mitigating this risk is not necessarily just about beating the market. Managing foreign exchange risk allows a business to protect the margin on their products or services they are selling or buying with overseas counterparties. If not managed effectively, the fluctuations in the exchange rate can have a negative impact on your cash flows. At Westpac, we have specialists who are accessible to help you not only understand the risks when managing foreign exchange and international trade, but also provide solutions to help match your business’s risk appetite and cash flow requirements. Contact Sam Bryden on 352 0833 or Marcus Raman on 336 5664 to discuss your foreign exchange and international trade needs today.

transport & infrastrUctUre

Saving the environment in good company Carpooling has gone national, and has a fresh new look. The NHBA’s CarpoolNow scheme is now linked to Let’s Carpool. Those of you already signed up will still enjoy the existing advantages, but there are many new benefits, along with a new vibe and a new website. And because the scheme has gone nationwide, you can now look for a match both locally and around New Zealand. The scheme is free and simple to join, and you can be quite specific about your car sharing experience. For example, you can opt to

only travel in a smoke-free car, or only with someone of the same gender. You can arrange to carpool as many times a week as you need. The beauty of this carpooling scheme is its flexibility – some people even travel with different carpool groups on different days of the week. Check it out online – make sure to click on the ‘In Your Area’ tab, and then on the NHBA logo at the bottom of the page, to take advantage of the NHBA Guaranteed Ride Home.


A match made in cyberspace Some businesses in the North Harbour area have car parks sitting empty, while staff in nearby businesses struggle to find a space off the street. A new initiative from the NHBA is aiming to connect the two. The online Find a Park matching service lets people work together to maximise the parking spaces available, while providing an alternative to on-street parking. You can register whether you’re offering or looking for a space, and can specify which days the car park is available, or needed. Simply provide your details on the NHBA website, and we’ll upload them to our North Harbour Parking Solutions page at no charge. You’ll then be able to connect with others who have registered, and make the necessary arrangements. Thanks to Dave Colquhoun at MHD Rockland for coming to us with this idea. Note: While the NHBA is facilitating these connections, both parties are advised to seek advice before entering into any legal agreements.

to Jo Elsom from Gull Night ’n Day Albany, who was the lucky winner of our $50 Westfield voucher for completing the online transport survey. Happy shopping Jo!

Peaks and trucks revealed in freight survey

The North Harbour Business Association and Auckland Transport recently commissioned a comprehensive freight study to investigate any potential concerns or issues around freight movement in the area. The consultation was undertaken by an independent consultant,

and a number of NHBA members took part. The survey looked at a range of freight vehicles, from courier vans through to larger trucks. The results indicated that, in general, freight operations were working well, although there were issues around container deliveries and peak hour congestion. It was noted that delivery patterns tended to avoid the busy morning and evening commuter peaks, and that generally freight vehicles were not contributing to congestion at these times. Four recommendations were made:

• Continue monitoring the movement of freight vehicles, including type and speed. • Maintain good communications between NHBA and national road carriers. • Ensure that new and upgraded sites have adequate space for goods vehicle operations. • Lobby for the early upgrade of the routes connecting with the SH18 and SH1 network. For more information, visit the Transport & Infrastructure page at FYI september 2012 17

web 2.0

QR codes: gimmick or valuable sales tool?


QR (quick response) code is a 2D barcode that takes the user to content-rich material, such as a web page. The QR code is an information matrix that carries meaningful information in both a vertical and horizontal direction. By carrying information in both directions, QR codes can store several hundred times the amount of information carried by ordinary bar codes.

How they work Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet using a bar code reader app, already bundled with most smart phones (or available as a free download, e.g. from the Apple app store). The app will check the QR code and offer you the option to open or unlock it. With some smartphones, just taking a photo of the QR code from your phone will be enough to launch the reader. What you unlock is content-rich data that can be anything from a coupon to a video link, or simply a short text message or personal contact information [a ‘V’ card]. The most common use is to load up a web page. Obviously where there is a web link, the user must be able to access the internet from their phone or tablet.

Gimmick or smart marketing tool? From our perspective, QR codes are a useful part of your marketing toolkit, but are not a ‘silver bullet’ that will double your sales overnight. The advantage is that they provide a form of immediate engagement with your potential customer, like a silent salesman at work 24/7. They immediately give the customer ‘rich’ information (facts, figures, pictures, videos), without returning to a desk-based PC to surf the net, or waiting for a ‘human salesman’ to explain a product’s features and benefits. For this reason, they are becoming commonly used in point of sale at retailers, and in shop windows when people are walking by after closing. They can also be used to provide a discount coupon for immediate redemption. 18 september 2012 FYI

In the US, major electrical appliance retailer Best Buys has successfully used QR codes as a promotional tool. However, a blog comment from a ‘clued up’ user said: “I was disappointed. This could have been much more viral if the content was better suited to the environment. Users who engage with your brand via the mobile web are interested in shareable, friendable, and valuable info (target rich info) about your brand. Make it stick!” As with any campaign, success lies with the content and the offer as much as with the channel that brings the material to the customer. For our own clients in New Zealand, we have used QR codes as part of an integrated marketing campaign in the following ways: • On the back of a sign-written vehicle as an easy way to capture contact information. • On the back of a piece of direct mail to provide instant access to a website. • In a magazine ad to launch a testimonial video about a particular service. One word of caution: many websites are not optimized to be viewed on a smartphone, so check how yours looks on your phone before launching in. It’s easy to create a QR code – and it’s free! Simply Google ‘free QR code generator’ and you will find sites that do it for you. But remember, it’s just a channel – the content and ideas around it are what make a successful campaign.

Try it now! Below is the link to the NHBA website: scan and launch to see how easy it is. You can read the full version of this article at

Tim Ellett is Managing Director of 3i Limited, a brand and marketing agency that helps businesses grow market share and profitability through strong branding and creative marketing, working across all channels, with a special interest in mobile. Contact him on 021 439 459 or at tim@3ilimited. com.

New Zealand ShakeOut 9:26am, 26 September, 2012

At 9.26am on Wednesday 26 September (9:26-26:9), we aim to have 1 million people throughout New Zealand participate in the New Zealand ShakeOut earthquake drill. You could be anywhere – at home, at work, at school or on holiday. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the drill wherever you are at 9:26-26:9.

Everyone can participate! To register go to 1 How to participate

Here are simple things businesses can do to participate in New Zealand ShakeOut. Guidelines and resources can be found at Today: ▪ Register your business at to be counted in the ShakeOut drill, get email updates, and more. ▪ Note the time and date in your diary (9.26am on Wednesday 26 September 2012).

2 Between now and 26 September:

▪ Get detailed information at (check out the earthquake pages) or contact your local council. ▪ Consider what may happen when an earthquake shakes your area. ▪ Plan what you will do now to prepare your business. ▪ Talk to other businesses and encourage them to join you in getting more prepared. ▪ Practise the Drop Cover and Hold drill with your staff.


3 9.26am on 26 September do the Drop, Cover and Hold drill


DROP down onto your hands and knees (before the earthquake knocks you down). This position protects you from falling but allows you to still move if necessary.

COVER your head and neck (and your entire body if possible) under a sturdy table. If there is no shelter nearby, get down near an interior wall (or next to low-lying furniture that won’t fall on you), and cover your head and neck with your arms and hands. If you are outside, move no more than a few steps away from buildings, trees, or power lines, then drop, cover and hold. If you are driving, pull over to a clear location, stop and stay there with your seatbelt fastened until the shaking stops. Once the shaking stops, proceed with caution and avoid bridges or ramps that might have been damaged.



HOLD on to your shelter (or your position to protect your head and neck) until the shaking stops. Be prepared to move with your shelter if the shaking shifts it around.

▪ While you are doing the drill, imagine that it is real and what might be happening around you. Then, consider what you might need to do before a real earthquake happens to help protect yourself, your staff and your business. ▪ Practise what you will do after the shaking stops. ▪ After your drill is complete, have discussions with staff about what was learned and apply these lessons to your business continuity plan. ▪ Share your stories and photos with others.

4 Share the ShakeOut

Invite others to register for the New Zealand ShakeOut. With your help this can become the largest earthquake drill in New Zealand history!

As a registered New Zealand ShakeOut participant you will: ▪ Learn what you can do to get prepared ▪ Be counted in the largest earthquake drill New Zealand has ever seen ▪ Receive ShakeOut news and other earthquake information ▪ Set an example that motivates others to participate.

what’s new

Pita Pit’s fresh, fast fare is here


T service provider Interactive has opened a new office on Airborne Road. Interactive has been operating for more than 20 years in Australia, and opened its first New Zealand base in 2007. The new Albany office is the base for Interactive’s local engineers reporting to Ken Battle, who is focused on the team’s delivery of all service level agreements. Dawn Centis, Business Development Manager for New Zealand, is responsible for all new business and sales enquiries. With a focus on systems availability and superior customer service, Interactive provides expert hardware maintenance services from its Auckland office to 125 New Zealand customers, including Seek Limited, Travelex New Zealand and Flight Centre. Interactive’s trans-Tasman expansion came at the request of some of its largest customers, who wanted the same level of customer service and expertise for their New Zealand offices as in Australia. North Harbour was the perfect location to establish the New Zealand headquarters, in close proximity to Interactive’s existing and potential customers. In New Zealand, with a focus purely on hardware maintenance, customers can expect a ten minute response to all service calls, two to four hour on-site response times, dedicated engineers providing a permanent point of customer service contact, and 100% parts availability in metropolitan areas. Interactive is proud to report a 98% first call resolution rate. The Australian division also offers cloud computing, hardware maintenance, data centre hosting, managed services and disaster recovery across the Asia Pacific region. Dedicated to guaranteeing business continuity and delivering the highest level of service, Interactive provides experienced staff on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with every team supported by other Interactive engineers across New Zealand and Australia to ensure superior response and restoration times.

ike American entrepreneur Victor Kiam, the American entrepreneur who liked his shaver so much he bought the company, Dan Bees has put his money where his mouth is. And now North Harbour workers and residents have a new healthy food option, any time of day. Dan has an accountancy and business background. But while doing accounts for another local Pita Pit store he enjoyed the business – and the great food – so much that he decided to open his own store. Now that decision has paid off, and his Pita Pit store on William Pickering Drive is up and running. Dan’s customers will be up and running too, fueled by the healthy food offered at Pita Pit. You can choose from a wide selection of fillings to go in the light and tasty pita shells (either plain or wholemeal). Pita Pit meals are low on carbs and high in protein, with fresh produce guaranteed. All pitas include your choice of fillings, sauces, a spread and cheese – or you can have your choice as a salad. There’s no need to sacrifice speed for nutrition – your pita is made to order so quickly, you don’t even need an order number. Or you can order your meal online, and it will be ready when you arrive. Don’t forget your loyalty card – every tenth pita is free. And with their great value pita of the day, you’ll want to go as often as you can – falafel on Monday, roast beef on Wednesday, BLT on Saturday… Pita Pit also offers smoothies and other extras, kids’ options, and great ‘Fred’ coffee that’s freshly-roasted every day. If you’re having a business lunch or function, they can deliver catering platters locally. Stop in and see Dan and his team at 35 William Pickering Drive, and taste for yourself why Pita Pit has become so popular. They’re open from 7.30am to 8.30pm during the week, and 9 to 5 in the weekend. 0800 444 931 443 PITA (7482)

Leading IT service provider now in Albany


20 september 2012 FYI

sUccess story

Future shines bright for lighting company


nergy Management Group (EMG), an award-winning family business which operates primarily in the energy efficient commercial lighting sector, is celebrating its 21st year in operation in 2012. After 12 years in the North Harbour area, the business is taking a series of development steps. As well as opening new regional offices in Wellington, Hamilton and Tauranga, the company is moving to new premises at 16–22 Omega Street in Albany, where they will share a significant modern building with Wellington Drive Technologies. They have also recently acquired Modus Architectural Lighting. EMG is 100% owned by the Murray family of Coatesville, and has developed from a one man band to a team of over 40 staff and contract personnel, delivering projects and services across New Zealand, with aspirations to export in the near future. The business now operates under three unit brands: • Enlightenz – commercial and industrial lighting and control systems supply/support • Modus Architectural Lighting – commercial and urban architectural lighting applications • 0800-Save Energy – energy auditors, consultants, systems designers and project managers The Enlightenz business specialises in the design, supply, implementation and support of energy efficient lighting solutions, for a wide range of industry sectors such as commercial office, industrial, education, medical, exterior and sports/arena facilities. The business imports and distributes quality European light

fittings and control systems from the award-winning Trilux and Helvar Groups. It also designs and manufactures products in New Zealand, to provide comprehensive lighting ranges for commercial and industrial applications. Modus Architectural Lighting has been a leading architectural lighting business for over 29 years, and has undertaken iconic large-scale projects such as the Auckland Sky Tower, Auckland Museum, Te Papa and Parliament Buildings. Modus was acquired by EMG in mid 2012, and is being further developed to provide a comprehensive architectural offering.

“We know that the next couple of years will be challenging as we consolidate and grow our business to its potential, but we are well positioned to take advantage of market green shoots here and offshore, as they emerge.” 0800 Save Energy (0800) is a professional services business and a Programme Partner with the Government’s Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA). It has achieved savings of up to 90% of lighting energy in projects undertaken. 0800 assists clients with development of energy management policies and identifies/implements energy efficiency projects that range from medium to corporate scaled facilities. Regional clients include Auckland and Waikato Universities, Pernod Ricard and Coca Cola. On the local front, projects have been completed for companies such as Absolute Plastics and EagleBurgmann.

Managing director Trevor Murray always believed that the business had the potential for significant growth, both here and offshore. But he found it difficult to crack the SME scale of operations, which he terms the “steel ceiling” many SME New Zealand businesses confront as they seek to achieve local and export growth of products and services. “With our recent acquisition of Modus Architectural Lighting, we have created a larger footprint within our industry sector and achieved economies of scale,” he says. “We know that the next couple of years will be challenging as we consolidate and grow our business to its potential, but we are well positioned to take advantage of market green shoots here and offshore, as they emerge.” EMG have used the lessons learned during difficult trading conditions in recent years,

reshaping their business into a more commercially-focused model, and creating a platform that can be scaled for both domestic and international sales. “We seem to be growing against the trend of consolidation and downsizing,” says Trevor. “Our aim is to develop a resilient group that provides a comprehensive market offer in our areas of expertise. Our growth is being fuelled by the attraction and retention of quality personnel, and continued investment in niche R&D where internationally scalable opportunities are identified. Being based in North Harbour gives us access to well-qualified and experienced personnel, and excellent facilities and infrastructure, with support partners readily at hand. We see a bright and long future from our base in Albany.” 414 4950 FYI september 2012 21

bUsiness & pleasUre

New associate members

The Merchant Bar & Kitchen


“We are here not only to serve food and drinks, but to create an experience…an experience that will leave you craving for more!” With this mission statement, The Merchant Bar & Kitchen set out to create a neighbourhood venue with a true community atmosphere. Along with an extensive selection of food and beverages, they offer live events, movie deals and weekly specials. Whether you’re visiting for afterwork drinks or a post-movie meal, for a casual lunch or to socialise, you’re sure to have an enjoyable experience at The Merchant Bar & Kitchen. They’re open every day from 11am until late, at 219 Don McKinnon Drive, Westfield Albany. 444 1076

PLAYTECH is one of the fastestgrowing IT hardware specialists for gaming, home entertainment, corporate and school PCs, and equipment. They are dedicated to providing customers with detailed pre-sale product information, and unbeaten after-sales service. All their systems are built to order, using the latest components. Their website is packed with information on leading-edge technologies, with a range of great value offers on components and parts. At their HomeZone showroom on Constellation Drive, their staff can answer all your PC-related questions, and their servicing department will help you troubleshoot your PC. PLAYTECH also offers complete online order management, real-time help and shipment tracking. Whatever your requirements, buying direct from PLAYTECH enables you to obtain highly-specified PCs and components – for less.

Hayes Knight

Hayes Knight is an innovative chartered accountancy practice that works beyond the numbers to keep their clients’ businesses future fit, by adding rigour to their business planning. Hayes Knight’s role is to improve the lives of their clients by helping them grow their wealth and protect their assets. The company’s size provides them with a genuine advantage when it comes to the day to day. They’re big enough to provide quality resource across business of any scale, but small enough to remain agile and swift with their turnaround times. Visit their website to find out more about how they can help you. 414 5444 415 1020

NHBA Wine Club Here are the latest fantastic wine deals for NHBA members and staff, available only at Wine and More.

13 Rows Wairau Valley Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2010 This classical Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc bursts with lime and gooseberry flavour combined with underlying mineral tones. Elsewhere up to $25.00 NHBA Wine Club price $16.00

Penny’s Worth

Penny’s Worth is a training and mentoring company helping small to medium enterprises realise their dreams, by creating independence and sustainable wealth. They provide open course and in-house business mentoring and training for their clients in the business community. As well as training for Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB, Penny’s Worth is qualified to deliver customised training in sales, financial literacy, and adult literacy and numeracy in the workplace. In association with Te Wananga o Aotearoa, Penny’s Worth is also an accredited provider of freetuition NZQA approved courses in business planning (CSBM level 4), mentoring (CABG level 5) and personal wealth management (CMM Level 3). These evening class programmes are run regularly at the TWoA Campus at 2 William Pickering Drive, Albany, for businesses in the North Harbour area. 021 983 297/021 904 977

Silver Point Gisborne Chardonnay 2009 (Produced by Coopers Creek) Easy drinking, creamy and lightly oaked, a perfect match for roast chicken. Elsewhere up to $22.00 NHBA Wine Club price $15.00

Rojo Garnacha 2011 (Spanish) Hand harvested from 40-year-old Grenache vines in southern Spain and made in a modern, vibrantly fruity, opulent style. “So deliciously juicy and easy to drink. Four stars.” – Sam Kim, Wine Orbit Elsewhere up to $17.00 NHBA Wine Club price $12.00

Pere Anselme Vin De Pays 2010 (Rhone Valley) A complexed wine, that will please all Cotes du Rhone drinkers. Elsewhere up to $21.00 NHBA Wine Club price $15.00 Mixed case of these wines (3 of each) $174.00 Save $$$ www.wineandmore.

Mixed case orders can be placed online. Please email other orders to, and mention the NHBA Wine Club. Free delivery to any NHBA business or staff member, or your order can be collected from Wine and More at Rosedale Mews, corner Rosedale Road and William Pickering Drive. 22 september 2012 FYI

• One of the leading office and retail brokers on the North Shore • A decade with Colliers on the North Shore • In excess of $20 million in sales in 2011 Call Janet now for an appraisal or if you are looking to buy or lease premises

Janet Marshall Janet Marshall.

Phone: 021 684 775 | 09 488 4775 Email:

Gold Sponsors

Now that the Olympics are over, you might be tempted to get more active yourself. Maybe you’ve always meant to give golf a try? In the continuing search for work-life balance, golf is the ideal sport – regardless of your fitness level, you can enjoy your exercise in picturesque surroundings, and in good company. The course at the North Shore Golf Club is the perfect place to start, or to renew your golf skills. The course features 27 treelined holes, offering three different 18-hole layouts: Red, Blue and Gold. Sometimes challenging, the course provides a good test of golf, with accuracy from the tees required to negotiate a combination of narrow tree-lined fairways, and strategically designed short to medium length holes for golfers of all levels to enjoy. There’s a practice fairway, including distance markers with both grass and artificial turf hitting areas, to hit range balls (available by the bucket). Two large practice putting greens and a bunker/ chipping green are also available, and golf carts can be rented though the Pro Shop. For all your golf coaching requirements call in and speak to Scott – he will sort your swing. Club members enjoy a full calendar of events and competitions, such as midweek and weekend scrambles, and the increasingly popular Tuesday twilight competition. Members and their guests can enjoy a magnificent relaxation area, a large lounge for corporate events, and a stunning new bar. If you’re looking for a venue with something special, it’s the ideal setting for a social gathering, birthday party or corporate function. The catering is superb, and chef Dominic Hodge provides menus for any occasion. Golf is the ideal choice when looking to hold an event for corporate stakeholders. The North Shore Golf Club can meet your budget, whilst maintaining high standards guaranteed to impress you and your guests. They can tailor a competitive day, placing guests of various golfing abilities on a level playing field using the handicap system. A well-organised corporate golf day is an affordable way to achieve your goals, whether fundraising for a charity or business organisation, relationship and team building, thanking employees, stakeholders or clients, or branding and marketing.

415 9942

The way you present your business to the public, and identify your location and product, is crucial to your success. Speedy Signs Albany can help you create professional-looking, high-impact signs and graphics for your business. Supported by a dedicated team, Chris and Tracey Cooke have overseen tremendous growth since they bought the business ten years ago. Chris’s primary role is sales and general management, drawing on his corporate sales and marketing skills gained in South Africa with The Coca-Cola Company. Tracey, a qualified teacher and computer trainer, looks after sales, production and administration. Speedy Signs Albany is part of the world’s largest sign franchise, which has just been voted the top sign franchise in the world for the tenth year running. There are over 1000 Speedy Signs stores in 40 countries – 23 in New Zealand alone. Each store is a full service sign centre, producing custom-made visual displays and signs for every type of business. With a fast-growing client base, Chris, Tracey and the Speedy Signs team pride themselves on producing top-quality signage at a fair price, with excellent customer service. They produce internal and external signs, trade show and expo displays, directional and informational signs, building signage, OSH signs, and vehicle and boat graphics, as well as illuminated signage and neon. They also have full wide-format digital imaging capability, and provide a graphic design service. To help with your planning, Speedy Signs Albany offers free site visits and quotes, and provides full colour proofs before your signs are made. All their work is fully warranted. They also offer a full installation service, locally and across New Zealand, and their national network allows them to complete projects for nationally represented companies. Look out for the sign at their premises at 68 Paul Matthews Road, just off Upper Harbour Highway.

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FYI September 2012  

FYI September 2012

FYI September 2012  

FYI September 2012