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Inside Issue 18 May 2012

2 From The Chair Comment from Chairman Warren Kitchin, Tony Falkenstein business breakfast photos 3 News Improvement in business confidence, update on Albany Highway developments 4 Crime Prevention Update from Anna Crane, free CPTED survey, the Thin Blue Line 5 Events Sir Ken Steven Business Breakfast 6 Success Story North Harbour Stadium opens new state of the art facilities 7 Advocacy Submissions on DRLTP and DLTP 8 – 9 NHBA Expo List of exhibitors and Seminars 10 Business and Pleasure New Associate Members 11 Information Fibre, upcoming Business After 5 with Devonports Harbour Lawyers 12 What’s New In danger in a foreign country, who do you call? When it comes to fittings, it’s all in the details, Elixir Events seamless technology 14 – 15 Sector Feature Specialised manufacturing 16 Gold Sponsors Insurance & Lending Group, The Caterers

NHBA Wine Club

David Prescott at Wine and More has put together more fantastic deals for NHBA members and staff. See page 10.

Sold out Business Expo a focus point for May 8 compelling reasons why you should visit the NHBA Business Expo Exhibitor space has sold out at the North Harbour Business Association’s ‘Empowering Better Business’ Expo on May 17, making a visit to the expo’s more than 65 exhibitors and 20 plus FREE seminars a ‘must do’ for all local businesses in the area. 1. Doing business with your neighbours is more profitable and a visit to the NHBA Business Expo is the perfect way to meet them Here in the NHBA region your are surrounded with world-class businesses. Doing business with your neighbours is easy because you have more in common, and you save money on travel and time. 2. It’s a quick in-and-out, and it’s free to visitors There’s no cost to you when you visit the NHBA Business Expo – even parking is free. 3. Generate hot leads Exhibitors and other visitors, including old clients, acquaintances and suppliers will be there… and all of them

T h u rs da y 17 M a y 10 A M – 6 .3 0 P M


• FR EE Ent ry • FR EE Sem ina rs • FR EE Pa rkin g •Ho u rly Do or Pri zes



are buyers of products and services too. 4. Networking A business referral is more likely to result in closed business than any other marketing method, hands down. 5. Discover profitable solutions you never knew existed The NHBA is an excellent, non-threatening way for you to see new things, discuss possible solutions and get expert advice for no extra cost. 6. Learn The NHBA Expo seminar programme itself is a golden opportunity to hear what the experts say, learn new facts and information and discover how the latest trends.

7. Get new ideas See what other people are doing. Stimulate your own thinking. 8. Find our what your customers really want The NHBA’s Expo is a great chance to strike up some conversations and gather informal, but valuable, market research. After the success of the 2011 NHBA Business Expo the event has moved to new, bigger facilities. Entry for visitors remains free – it is an ideal place to boost your fortunes in 2012.

trade colour print

VISIT • PHONE (09) 968 2222


From the Chair The financial year for many has now come and gone and we trust it was successful for you. Many businesses will now be focused on the new financial year ahead with improving clarity over market conditions in many sectors. Although many of our businesses are domestically focussed, we need to keep a strong watch on international developments that will have an impact or create opportunities to grow businesses in our region. From a recent overseas trip to Asia and Europe it was apparent to me that conditions in Europe are still challenging, although there appears to be more certainty now that several of the southern EU states have embarked on programmes to improve their fiscal standing. The financial reporting season in the US is showing some good growth achieved across the corporate landscape, and an ongoing lift in their capital indexes. The Asian capitals continue to be focused on growth, led by developments in China. We need to take stock and advantage of these factors as we look to identify opportunities to develop export revenues for businesses or target international investment. During the coming year we will create opportunities for you to hear from leading exporters and guest speakers such as Sir Ken Stevens, who have significant experience in this important area.

The success of our Vote Yes Campaign in support of the continuation of the North Harbour Business Improvement District (BID), has created a strong platform for our future operations. We have submitted our request to formalise the ongoing operation of the North Harbour BID and our associated targeted rate that funds approximately 60% of our activity through the Upper Harbour Local Board and Auckland Council for commencement 1 July 2012. We received some very good input to the consultation round on the Auckland Council Long Term Plan for the Region. Although the period available for consultation was relatively short we engaged with Council on a regular basis and identified a number of areas in which we believed the process for consultation and content could be improved. Our focus being on strategic direction, the rating system, project prioritisation and funding allocations in our regional catchment. A copy of our submission is available on our Advocacy Page - There has been ongoing work with key stakeholders at the Ministry of Justice and Auckland Transport on crime prevention and transport initiatives, which are detailed later in this edition. The upcoming NHBA Business EXPO is a great opportunity for us to create a

Warren Kitchin

showcase of scale for businesses in our area as a major annual event on the North Shore. Please get behind the event and encourage your business contacts to both exhibit and attend the event in May. On behalf of your Board and our Executive team our thanks for your ongoing support. Yours sincerely

Warren Kitchin CA Dip NZIM Chairman NHBA

business breakfast with tony falkenstein

Julie Corbet – JK Accounting, Cheryl Strong – Trevor Strong Insurances, Jenny Basset – Bartercard and Ricky Stephens – Pots Art Décor.

Leighton Langley – Ginger Group and Cory Rix – Rix Insurance Brokers.

Warren Kitchin – NHBA, Alison Mooney, Tony Falkenstein, Brent Mackway-Jones – Pacrite Industries.

Phillip Walley and Michael Hawkey – Edge Employment.

2 • FYI may 2012 •


Update on Albany Highway developments Source: Auckland Transport uckland Transport is planning to upgrade the four kilometre stretch of Albany Highway between the Schnapper Rock Road and Albany Expressway. Auckland Transport had hoped to start work on the upgrade early this year but consent, land purchases and funding processes still need to be worked through before construction can begin. The design is progressing and we have submitted our consents to Auckland Council. They have asked for an extension of time to process the consents because of the complexity and size of the project. In the meantime, Auckland Transport will continue to work with schools and businesses in the area on ways to reduce congestion and to improve safety for all road users.


For updates please refer to the transport section or call Auckland Transport on 09 355 3553.

Get in contact If you have comments on anything in this issue of FYI magazine, or would like to see your business profiled, give us a call. Contact NHBA’s General Manager Janine Brinsdon on 09 968 2222 or 021 212 4942. You can email © All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written permission of the North Harbour Business Association.

Improvement in business confidence By Janet Marshall, Colliers International North Shore here are signs of gradual improvement in business confidence and this has triggered more positive decision-making. Office vacancy has significantly tightened in the North Shore, dropping more than 3% to 9.2% in the year to March 2012. Historically, this is the lowest vacancy since 2008 with the Albany / North Harbour precinct recording a 9.3% vacancy, down from 13.3% in March last year. Flight to quality in these precincts continues to be a key driver for tenant relocation, and if this trend continues it will encourage developers to commence design build projects, as tenants seeking A-grade space run out of existing options. Prime and secondary rental rates have remained stable across the North Shore in the last twelve months, with face rentals ranging from $190-$260 psm net for office premises. Office tenants may well consider


owning and occupying their own premises. Several major banks are offering finance up to 100% for owner occupied property. Talk with us at Colliers if this idea seems to have attraction to you. We can put you in touch with the experts who can help you make this a reality. It is important that tenants check when their Right of Renewal is, or when their lease expires. Ensure that you allow sufficient time to check current market rentals and trends and your obligations under your lease agreement. If you are going to move, then allow time for property visits, lease negotiations and possible build of new offices (fit out). Colliers North Shore have an “On the Move” pack which provides a check list for companies moving premises with useful contact details which businesses are likely to need prior to and once they have relocated. For a free pack, call 09 488 4775 or email: • FYI may 2012 • 3

crime prevention

How to make your property safe from crime Property owners and tenants in the North Harbour area can benefit from a unique crime prevention programme offered by the North Harbour Business Association at no charge.


alled Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Surveys (CPTED), the survey delivers practical solutions for property owners on how to secure their asset and protect the safety and wellbeing of their business tenants. Former New Zealand Police officer and now North Harbour Business Association’s Crime The Winner of the Prevention Specialist, Anna Crane, says one NHBA Crime Prevention of the most common failings of local business Training Survey environments is lack of early warning systems Competition is NHBA and blind spots that allow strangers to enter a Associate Member, The premises virtually undetected. Palette Licensed Cafe in “Many businesses are designed with office Greenhithe. and warehouse separate, or with the warehouse on the ground floor and the offices upstairs – both environmental factors that criminals will use to their advantage to surprise staff or to conceal their criminal activity. Anna says that it is particularly important that staff have early warnings of somebody’s approach because it’s an issue of personal safety – the early warning may be as simple as a mirror or door buzzer, or more advanced systems such as face recognition cameras that watch doorways. “People assume they will automatically hear things, but it’s an assumption that couldn’t be further from the truth and it is dangerous. I know of instances where burglars have come through Venetian blinds and climbed over people sleeping in bed without ever rousing them. A CPTED survey is also a valuable service for retail outlets because I frequently find that the store’s layout, such as counter location, can vastly reduce the risk of crime or provide staff and management with a means Useful FREE Crime Prevention of escape. “Another common mistake is that seminars to watch for at the NHBA most people don’t have an escape Business Expo - Thursday 17 May: route they can use when threatened Site Security, by SIS Ltd or in case of fire and other disasters. Seminar Room 3 at 5.15pm Just having a conversation about Construction sites are dangerous, but what you will do if certain scenarios there are also risks in other environoccur can save lives, prevent injury ments such as, offices, factories, and protect property,” says Anna. warehouses and schools. During a CPTED survey – which CCTV for your Business, by Secom works alongside existing security Guardall NZ Ltd advice and measures rather than Seminar room 1 at 12:45pm seeking to replace them – Anna looks An information seminar aimed at the for factors such as bushes, lines of end user to educate and inform on sight, lighting, early warning systems, how CCTV (closed circuit television) the layout of the premises and can work for your business. potential escape routes. To find out more, book Anna for a CPTED survey of your premises. Please also take the opportunity to attend the crime prevention seminars at the NHBA Business Expo on 17 May at the North Harbour Stadium. For more details, visit

4 • FYI may 2012 •

Crime Prevention – The value of a Collective Voice, by Anna Crane, Crime Prevention Specialist, NHBA Seminar Room 1, 4.30pm The importance of communication and relationships in preventing crime, especially NHBA’s relationship with you, our members.

In every issue of FYI, Senior Sergeant Mark Fergus will be answering your questions relating to crime prevention and safety. If you would like to ask a question, please email How does a trespass work and how do I use it? The occupier of any property can use the provisions of the Trespass Act 1980 to warn any person that they are to leave that property, or to stay off that property. As a matter of historical interest, the Trespass Act was revamped in the mid-1970’s after the price of venison and possum pelts had reached record levels and there were serious incidents involving firearms, domestic stock shot and taken, physical assaults, and even the laying of booby traps in the conflict between professional hunters and landowners. The 1980 Act increased certain penalties and provided Police with a power of arrest. The definition of an occupier is useful to bear in mind for business owners and managers. An “Occupier” means any person in lawful occupation of that place or land; and includes any employee or other person acting under the authority of any person in lawful occupation of that place or land. Whilst the warning can be given either orally or in writing, a written notice is recommended for evidential purposes and to avoid later disputes. You can find a generic template and instructions for service on our Police website: www.police.govt. nz, under Safety Tips. It is recommended that the Trespass Notice be served personally on the individual concerned rather than by registered post. This should minimise later disputes over whether the person was aware of the notice. The Trespass Act is most often invoked to keep people away from your business who are likely to act unlawfully, disrupt your trading or simply have no right to be there. Legal advice should be sought when considering using the Act for tenancy or employment disputes. You are required to give reasonable time for the trespasser to leave. If the person remains or is taking unreasonable time to comply, call 111 and ask for Police. If the person comes back after you have given them a trespass notice, they will have committed an offence. You should call 111 and ask for Police. Finally, it is useful to remember that a warning to stay off is only valid for two years, and will need to be renewed if the person trespasses after that time. If you would like any further assistance, speak to your local Community Constable or seek legal advice. Visit the Crime Prevention page at www.nhba. to find out the answers to the following question and others: What proportion of time is spent on detection rather than the prevention of crime?


Sir Ken Stevens on the making of a Kiwi exporter Founder of Glidepath Group Sir Ken Stevens will share advice, experience and anecdotes when he addresses the North Harbour Business Association’s Business Breakfast at North Harbour Stadium on Tuesday 19 June. FYI caught up with him briefly to find out about what we can expect from the morning.


uccessful exporting is about doing business across national borders, but it’s the ability to break through personal boundaries that ultimately determines success. One of New Zealand’s iconic entrepreneurs and exporters, the founder of Glidepath Group Sir Ken Stevens, says the ability to develop and cultivate relationships is everything – more so even than the product or services. “Probably the most common mistake New Zealand exporters make is in failing to build the initial relationships before expecting the rewards – it is well documented that we don’t follow-up adequately in many cases. “You would literally be pushing it uphill if you were not the type of person who could connect with other people and nationalities,” says Sir Ken, who is still the Chairman of Glidepath since founding the baggage handling equipment and related airport projects supplier in 1972. Since then Sir Ken has opened offices and facilities in New Zealand, Australia, China, India, South Africa, Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru and Chile. His expertise was initially in product design, and then in Glidepath’s market development where he has built strong relationships in a great many North American, Asian and Pacific countries. Sir Ken told FYI that he didn’t start Glidepath with the intention of becoming an exporter, but shortly after that it became the imperative. “We were good at the stuff we were doing at airports and as a result we were quickly running out of local airports. To internationalise your company you must commit to the market to the extent that the whole company is behind the initiative, not just two or three people pushing a personal barrow.” Sir Ken said that the type of business that suits exporting is important because, while New Zealand might not be so competitive at producing thousands and thousands of widgets, we can compete in the small, lowrun or one-off markets. “The abnormally high New Zealand exchange rates are also a challenge that exporters need to plan for.

Sir Ken Stevens

sum – and we go to great lengths to employ local people and incur local costs. “International currency accounts can be set up for just about all commonly traded currencies, United States and Australia are imperative – which lets you hold money in those accounts until a favourable time for which to draw down.” Sir Ken says companies should be prepared to counter some common objections from foreign markets, particularly around the question of time and distance. “People look at our position and ask if they can reasonably expect top class technology from a small country like New Zealand, one that is known for agriculture, but little else. It’s important to come up with a counter strategy for that,” he says. Today Sir Ken’s role at Glidepath Group is to lead the internationalisation of the company and spearhead the next era of growth. This involves working with the growing team of Glidepath, people from many different countries and cultures and a network of valued customers, colleagues, friends, partners and agents where the Glidepath brand is well known and respected. Sir Ken will continue to play a key role in a range of organisations and activities to promote New Zealand business and international co-operation, including as a Board Member and Trustee of the Asia-New Zealand Foundation, Chairman of Export New Zealand, Trustee of Business Mentors and the board of The Icehouse.

“There’s doesn’t seem to be much we can do about that because it’s a very complex issue. We’ve just got to ride the currencies, and most of us learn how to handle our forex exposure and hedge it in some form. “For one, you’ve got to exhaust all means available to you to hedge and every company has a different profile in terms of that. Get expert advice from bankers and private sources, and speak widely to other exporters – that is what exporter associations are for – Export NZ, for example.” Part of a hedging policy could mean that the goods and services that most exporters import as a piece part of the whole (e.g. Glidepath imports electric geared motors and conveyor belting), act as a natural hedge in itself – leaving the company with the ability to work them into the currency Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 of the country they are Time: 7–8.30am dealing with. Venue: N  orth Harbour Stadium, Albany “Another way may be to split up Cost: Free to NHBA members and Associate a supply contract. For example, members (one complementary ticket per with Glidepath there is a certain business, additional guests $35 each). amount of work to be done on RSVP: Email to register customer’s job site – which may be up to 30 per cent of the contract

business breakfast

with Sir Ken Stevens • FYI may 2012 • 5

success story

North Harbour Stadium opens new state of the art facilities Nothing is too big or too hard for North Harbour Stadium’s new state of the art function facility.


he North Harbour business community now has a state of the art function facility at North Harbour Stadium following a $300,000 refurbishment of the stadium’s corporate events centre. A further $250,000 fit-out of the function centre’s audio-visual facilities means that businesses in the area can now access a world class venue on their doorstep, one that is capable of hosting anything from a tradeshow to a gala dinner that seats 620 people, down to a small business meeting of 10 or more people. While the venue can accommodate 1,300 people, 620 is comfortable for seating and for ensuring that everybody has a clear line of sight. The facility can also be compartmentalised into six different, semisoundproof rooms for those that need to run multiple events or meetings simultaneously. North Harbour Stadium Event & Sales Manager, Shannon Gray, says function centre business and corporate events business has increased on average 9 per cent since last year.

6 • FYI may 2012 •

“The refurbishment to 2012 standards comes at a time when there is a growing demand for corporate events as this northern region shifts up a gear. “There’s no question our region is more positive and there are some fantastic opportunities opening up for people in the area. “As an Associate member of North Harbour Business Association we are very keen to offer whatever services we can to aid the growth of local business.” Shannon says the venue is unique because of the sheer amount of space available, from the open fields around the stadium to the 1888sqm function venue itself, making it ideal for team building activities, weddings, award dinners, tradeshows, gala dinners, conferences, lunches, dinners, school balls, graduations and Christmas parties. “With easy motorway access and 1200 free car parks, this venue has everything going for it. I have managed a number of conference venues in the past and this facility is right up there with the best of them,” says Shannon. Included in the refurbishment were brand new carpets, curtains and décor, while the North Harbour Stadium’s preferred audiovisual supplier, Groove Audio, has carried out a quarter of a million dollar audio-visual

fit-out which includes two 4 metre x 4 metre screens. Beautiful natural spaces and on site caterers complete the picture of an ideal venue, which within the next few years, is set to become even better when the Northern Aquatic Centre is built. “We really are a multipurpose site that literally has everything the local business community could ever want,” says Shannon. North Harbour Stadium sponsors NHBA business Expo The North Harbour Stadium is also a major sponsor of the North Harbour Business Association’s Expo, which is set to be one of the first major events at the newly refurbished venue. “We are sponsoring the NHBA Business Expo because we are Associate members and because we are commercially driven for community benefit, so our success depends on helping to make our local community successful too,” says Shannon. “It’s a big space, an affordable space and a world class facility.” For more information, call North Harbour Stadium Event & Sales Manager Shannon Gray on 09 4140153, email or visit the website at


NHBA submissions focus on plans and funding


orth Harbour Business Association is an industrial BID area, representing over 2,500 commercial property owners and businesses within the North Harbour area. Our businesses comprise of a mix of Small Medium Enterprises (SME), multinational organisations representing sectors such as ICT, business services, specialist manufacturing and light – medium warehousing. In addition to the businesses, we have key educational institutions such as Unitec, Pinehurst, Kristin and Albany Primary schools – plus additional vocational institutions, all within an industrial estate, which is on average less than 20 years old. North Harbour is a potential gateway for tourism for the North. Our primary interests are those decisions within the Auckland Council Draft Plans which support or restrict business growth opportunities, impact on the cost of business, economic development, access to both regional and localised transport hubs and R&D and investment – and which will provide the scope to leverage natural assets for economic development across leisure and tourism sectors. For these reasons, North Harbour Business Association (NHBA) has made a number of submissions to the Auckland Council on the Draft Regional Land Transport Programme (DRLTP) 2012 – 2015 and the Draft Long Term Plan 2012 – 2022 (LTP), to advocate for the necessary funds and plans that will facilitate economic growth in the region. Transport With transport being the number one priority for 70% of our 1,300 North Harbour businesses, the ability to move efficiently within the North Shore and across greater Auckland is a requirement for business growth, business investment, attraction, staff and client retention. However the North/South divide is restricting our businesses to develop outside of the North Shore. NHBA would support a Waitemata Harbour Tunnel as a first choice due to environmental and limited impact on the landscape. As the tunnel would be a second option, we would support a toll to support either a Council Owned Development or a Private, Public Partnership (PPP) relationship, provided there remains a non-toll option available. This would apply to new motorways, main arterial routes and the

creation of future priority lanes, which could be used for business services traffic. Transport Projects: We support the following projects as outlined in the DRLTP: • Albany Highway 2012/13  $10,000 (000),  2013/14 $10,000 (000), 2014/15 7,500 (000), Year 4-10 $27,155(000) • Albany Highway South upgrade (Sunset to SH18)  I&D plus land purchase = 1,500 (000), Year 4-10, 9,500 (000) • North Bus-way Extension Stations – 2012/13 $750,000 2013/14, $400,000, 2014/15 $1,500 (000) = $2,650(000) • We request that the funds allocated to these projects remain earmarked. Other considerations Other considerations include making sure those priorities like the SH18/Albany Highway improved exit safety and flow (when turning left into Albany Highway) becomes a reality. NHBA notes the completion of the Western Ring Route for 2016, but is concerned the western ring route motorway connection to the northern motorway at Albany will not be completed by that time introducing significant traffic volumes. It is vital that the interchange at constellation be given priority. Localised Economic Centres NHBA would like to see support for its bid to be a Localised Economic Centre for industries such as ICT and education. In particular, employers attract skilled workers who support local economic development through their ability to ‘live, work and play’ within a geographically accessible area. In Auckland, this will help reduce the strain on the North/South commuting corridor.

Items specifically relating to the Draft Long Term Plan 2012 – 2022. Economic Development In reviewing details of expenditure on economic development, NHBA has some concerns for North Harbour BID and the Albany district because, with the exception of Town Square Massey North project, there are no significant initiatives highlighted for the region – and insufficient funding is allocated to scope and enable projects of significance. As such NHBA has requested that in the 2014/15 there is an escalation of regional focus, which allows for projects

to be identified that reflect and play to the existing economic areas of strength, for example ICT and education. Wastewater NHBA opted to support the move to establish a single waste water tariff for all serviced customers in Auckland, on proviso that a transition rate for larger non-domestic consumers is implemented to mitigate cost of operations increases within the North Harbour business area from the current fixed rate of $514.46 per pan. Contributions policy We agree with the need for transparency and clarity across the contributions policy to ensure developers can assess thefinancial viability of their projects early in the process. If, however, the price of contributions becomes uneconomic, then the rate of new developmentwill halt, affecting the ability to deliver increased employment and opportunity for Auckland. Regional economic strategy NHBA is also seeking clarity on the overall increase in debt from $69,920(000) in 2012 to $336,029(000) in 2022 because this raises concerns about the ongoing costs to future generations and the ability to support infrastructure and economic development in the future. Rates NHBA supports the No Transition methodology because we believe this will have the lowest possible impact across the greatest number of NHBA members – a minus 9% average change across the BID area. General Comments: Whilst the opportunity for consultation is valued, overall the feedback from our BID members and business owners was that the process, timelines and information available made community involvement extremely difficult. NHBA has highlighted to Auckland Council the need for clarity across expenditure. To ensure future consultation is informed, of value and results from a clear ‘Debate of Change’, greater transparency of business as usual expenditure or maintenance of infrastructure and services vs. additional services and improvements, needs to be provided along with clear regional vs. local spend allocation across the top-line figures. For more information, see the advocacy page on • FYI may 2012 • 7

business expo

NHBA Business Expo Exhibito Exhibitors Stand







Compucon New Zealand


Rapid Results


The Albany Buzz


Compucon New Zealand


Accountability Net


Network Pro New Zealand Ltd




Kristin School


Altegra Ltd (Trailer Shop)


Secom Guardall


FaceMe Ltd


Altegra Ltd (Trailer Shop)


NH Stadium/Compass


Wine and More


NHBA Shop Local Promotion


Safety Integrated Solutions Ltd


Clear Scope


Integrated Intelligence


Crown Business Services




Elixir Events


ElectroTest Ltd


Operandus VOIP


Embroid Me




Roost Mortgages






Health by Design






PB Technologies


North Shore Times


3i limited


Approach Ltd


Telstra Clear


Fear Free Ltd


Davis Doherty


Icon Security




Speedy Signs


SLS Security Group (SelectaDNA)


Auckland Transport


Massey University




Trimate Industries Ltd


Massey University


BoB Clubs NZ Ltd


Pinehurst School


LZ New Zealand


Auckland Council plus NGO’s


Adecco Personnel




Colliers Real Estate




DMS Group

Outside 1 Albany Toyota


Confoil Office Products


Quadrant 2 Ltd

Outside 2 Golf Gear


The Alternative Boardroom


EC Credit Control

Outside 3 Hot Spring Spa





Outside 4 City Nissan


North Shore Business Travel


Trade Colour Print

Some of the exhibitors at 2011’s Business Expo

8 • FYI may 2012 •

business expo

ors and Seminars FREE SEMINARS!


he opportunity to receive information from experts within their particular industry is a fantastic way to ensure your business, and those who work for you, are equipped to make the best decisions possible. At the NHBA Business Expo, there will be up to 30 FREE seminars available - hosted by local North Harbour businesses and related training providers. We encourage you to RSVP for these FREE seminars as places are restricted. Contact Janine Brinsdon 968 2222 if you wish to book one of the several remaining seminars.


Company Host and Presenter


Each Seminar is 30 minutes. Commencement times shown below. 10.30am

SIS Ltd Presenter: John Reilly

Contractor Management

11.15 am

Adecco Presenter: Ray Leach

The toughest challenge - retaining great staff

12.00 pm


Confidence in Speaking

12.45 pm

Secom Guardall

CCTV for your business

1.30 pm

Fearfree Presenter: Craig Bidois

Going Overseas? Travel Safety Advice for Corporate and Personal Travel

2.15 pm

Rapid Results Presenter: Craig McFadyen

Customer Service Best Practice

3.00 pm

3i Limited Presenter: Tim Ellett

Top Tips and Trends to build a powerful brand

3.45 pm

ATEED Presenter: Ngaio Merrick

Growing your business: where to find help

4.30 pm

NHBA Presenter: Anna Crane

Crime Prevention Programme

5.15 pm

Accountability Net Presenter: Michael McCook

How to manage and create wealth in tough economic times


Davenports Harbour Lawyers Presenters: Scott Goodwin and Ruth O'Brien

Understanding the Value of Intellectual Property

11.15 am

SLS Security Group Presenter: Alice Baillie

What’s the Point?

12.00 pm

Pinehurst School Presenter: Ms Jacqueline White

The crisis in New Zealand secondary school education

12.45 pm

Accountability Net Presenter: Michael McCook

How to manage and create wealth in tough economic times

3.45 pm

Toastmasters Albany Presenter: Rob Wightman

Confidence in Speaking

4.30 pm

Compucon New Zealand Presenter: TN Chan

Digital Age

5.15 pm

Compucon New Zealand Presenter: TN Chan

IP is Everything


Unitec Presenter: Ken Stevens

Building Better Business

12.00 pm

Davenports Harbour Lawyers Presenter: Bronwen Newcombe

Employers - the 7 things you MUST know about hiring and firing employees

12.45 pm

NHBA Presenter: Janine Brinsdon

Transport Management

1.30 pm

epromotionz Presenter: Les Probert

“What I didn’t know I didn’t know”

3.45 pm

Network Pro Presenter: Steve Smith

"Ha ha, got your data and have put a Vi**** advert on your website"

4.30 pm

Integrated Intelligence Presenter: Vicky O'Connor

Topic: Functional Auditing

5.15 pm

SIS Ltd Presenter: John Reilly

Site Security • FYI may 2012 • 9

business & pleasure

Associate member profiles While NHBA membership is open to all businesses in our catchment area, there is also the opportunity for businesses in the surrounding parts of Albany to join as Associate members and take advantage of the benefits on offer. Some of our new associate members are:



Stationery Central

ClearScope offer a comprehensive range of Software Development and Business Improvement Services. • Have you hit the wall in trying to make your business idea fly? If you have a stalled project, ClearScope will put its project, process and technical expertise to work for you. • Are your current systems serving you well? Can you get the information you want, when you want and in the format you need? The company’s primary focus is to provide companies, whatever their size, with quality products and services at a price that makes sense. Great at IT, ClearScope is even better at helping customers achieve their business goals. For more information, call 021 885 330 and speak to Gavin Missett or 021 280 2427 and speak to David Hale, email or visit

Stationery Central is a privately owned and operated New Zealand Company that has been operating since 1996. Paul Garrett purchased the company in 2005. At that stage it was trading under the Cardales brand, but Stationery Central was launched as an independent brand in July 2011. Stationery Central offers a wide range of products and services including owning and operating the Albany Kodak Digital Centre, as well as high tech digital printers and copiers. • Over 4,500 product lines of stationery • Business machines and all accessories (Printer Cartridges/Toners etc.) • Office Furniture including custom made furniture and office fit out service • Packaging and canteen supplies • Corporate Gifts for those special occasions For more information call 415 3060 or visit

Here are the latest fantastic wine deals for NHBA members and staff, on offers at Wine and More.

Murray Orr Dental At Murray Orr Dental the emphasis is on progressive general dentistry including preventative and oral health practices, cleaning, descaling and whitening. From the practise’s conveniently located, purpose-built, contemporary North Shore rooms, the team at Murray Orr Dental offers a comfortable, professional environment. Patients can be confident of honest, cost-effective appraisals and from Murray – an approachable, caring professional who values long-term patient/ dentist relationships and preventative management of your oral health. Practicing on the North Shore for over 20 years now, Murray Orr remains popular because his clients love the practise’s preventative philosophy and cost-effective approach Murray Orr Dental also offers restorative dentistry including crown, bridge and root canal work, veneers, implants, extractions and cosmetic dentistry, and parking at the door. For more information, call Robin on 476 9059 or visit

10 • FYI may 2012 •

Palette Licensed Café Come and experience the old “Collin’s House” which has been given a new lease of life. All food is made fresh on the premises – salads, scones and muffins amongst other delicacies, and of course great Altura coffee (and all available on a take-away menu). Spend an afternoon in the garden enjoying a glass of wine and an antipasto platter, or sit in the sunroom and order brunch from the menu… Enjoy the big lawns where the kids can play on while you relax and have your meal. Open 7am to 4pm Tuesday to Sunday. The Palette Licensed Café also offers catering and the café’s premises available after hours for functions and also business meetings. • Ideal for business lunches and functions • Local artwork on display For more information, call 413 9322 or 021 082 09587, or email:


Chateau Grand Meynau 2009 Lafage family estate, run by Gerard Lafage, the Chateau Grand Meynau is ideally located on the hillsides dominating the Dordogne Valley. Deep ruby colour, with violet highlights. Fruity nose, with notes of cherry, plum, cocoa. Rich and supple mouth, sweet tannins with aromas of blackberry. RRP $29.99 PB NHBAWC $15.00pb Chateau du Grand Puch Bordeaux Superieur Cuvee Anne Laurie 2010 Chateau Grand Puch was built in the 13th century, it is situated on the right bank of the Garonne, near to St Emilion, to the east of Bordeaux. Deep, brilliant ruby red with violet highlights. Fruity complex nose with red blackcurrants fruits aromas. Round and well-balanced palate with cherry jam and liquorice notes & smooth tannins. RRP $29.99 PB NHBAWC $15.00pb Cuvee Solstice Dom Viret 2010 (No Preservatives Added) Blackberry and earthy spice aromas on the nose are followed on the palate by gernerous dark berry fruit, liquorice and earthy spice flavours. There are firm tannins and a long finish to this wine. RRP $27.99 NHBAWC $23.99 La Vieille Ferme Cotes AOC Côtes du Ventoux Rose 2010 The vineyard lies to the east of the southern tip of the Côtes du Rhône appellation, near the town of Villes-sur-Auzon, at the foot of the Mont-Ventoux and the hills that extend to Sault. Appearance : a lovely deep pink hue. Nose : floral, with a touch of aniseed and brown sugar. Palate : very rich, balanced, caramel, toffee. RRP$25.00 NHBAWC $15.00 Mixed cases are welcome. This offer is exclusive to the NHBA members and staff. It is not available online – if you wish to purchase in store you must mention FYI to get these prices, or you can phone 415 3568 or email with your order. FREE DELIVERY for all NHBA members and staff.

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Ultrafast broadband:

Albany first suburb in Auckland to go live One Fibre has partnered with Chorus to begin the rollout of the government funded Ultra-Fast Broadband network into Albany. One Fibre Business Development Manager, Patrick Kershaw, says that thanks largely to the work of the local business groups inside the council, Albany is the first suburb in Auckland to be made ‘live’. “It is a fantastic opportunity for businesses within the district to take advantage of some early offers from Chorus as they strive toward hitting their saturation targets with the Government. Patrick says there are numerous advantages for businesses who join a national fibre network that runs at a minimum of 4-20 times the speed – and as high as 100+ times the speed – with unlimited national and international data

caps, and incredibly low latency and jitter (which account for the reliability of the service). “Consider that the price for fibre is only marginally more than what many are paying already on the dated copper ADSL network. Technologies like VOIP – which save on average 30 per cent off business telecommunications costs –then become a reality. The value proposition becomes clear.” Patrick says One Fibre have started a resale partnership model inside Albany

and the first to come on-board were ZeroDown. “We are currently in final negotiations with seven other businesses we are likely to accept into this resale channel as well. It is an exciting way for us to push affordable fibre out to the community via these partnerships, and something we have seen work well in other areas around New Zealand which are already ‘live’. “We look forward to working more closely together with NHBA to promote this initiative into the community.”

Derek Dallow ate my hamster It’s unlikely that Davenports Harbour Lawyers partner Derek Dallow will do an Alice Cooper or Ozzy Osbourne impersonation at the NHBA After 5 on Wednesday 30th May, but there is a very good reason behind mentioning him and a hamster in the headline.


he line ‘Derek Dallow ate my hamster’ has one of the highest Google ratings of all time, so it’s a bit of a marketing device to get your attention about a very important subject… and there’s also the old wives’ tale that says if you put the animal on a hamster wheel it will run until it’s heart bursts with exhaustion – like some business owners perhaps? There comes a time for every business owner to hang up his or her hat and call it a day, and having the right exit strategy at the right time is critical to the business and the departing owner. At the NHBA After 5 on Wednesday 30th May Derek Dallow (Davenports Harbour Lawyers), along with guest speaker Matt Bellingham, former CEO Hayes Knight, will talk about how you can “Double the value of your business”. “Knowing the right time to exit your business is a more important decision than deciding to go into business in the first place,” says Matthew.

“This is equally as important,” says Derek, “for your job, your position on a local board, club or school committee or as a trustee of a not for profit organisation.” When people start a business it is often with an idea, a limited amount of capital and loads of enthusiasm… By the time the business has grown and developed, it is likely worth far more than at commencement. A lot of business owners get the exit decision wrong and pay a price for it. A relatively small number of businesses continue through multiple generations. The majority either fail or are sold by the original owners. Timing your exit is about understanding: • The best time to realise that value. • Whether your business has outgrown you. • Whether the business model is changing (for the worse). • Whether you have outgrown the business.

The NHBA Business After 5 is an opportunity for NHBA members and associate members to network while also learning more about another local business’ product or service. At the “After 5” Derek and Matthew will discuss the above briefly, point to current trends in the market and consider the different options for extracting value.

After 5 When: Wednesday May 30 Where: Building 2, 331 Rosedale Road, Albany Cost: Free to NHBA members and Associate members (one complimentary ticket per business, additional guests $15 each). Non NHBA member $25. RSVP: Email • FYI may 2012 • 11



When it comes to fittings, perfection is in the details In danger in a foreign country, who do you call? You are relaxing in a foreign city and a couple of presentable men offer to take you on a tour, or guide you to your destination. How do you know you can trust them? For a small fee, North Harbour Business Association member and New Zealand’s foremost travel safety experts, Fearfree (security and safety management) would have already alerted you to any scams or risks to watch out for. A former police sergeant and United Nations Officer who saw duty in Iraq, Sudan, the Middle East and various other African hotspots, Craig Bidois has relocated his company Fearfee to Paul Matthews Drive, from where he offers a travel safety service to New Zealand companies. Often consulted for comment by the BBC, TVNZ, TV3 and a columnist for USA Today, Craig is an expert in monitoring international risks to travellers and is the first to know when things are going pear shaped. “We recently had an alert about a couple of men in Sri Lanka who were acting as tour guides. They would then take tourists to isolated spots and rob them. “I was able to alert one of my corporate clients about the danger and, would you believe, they were approached by those same men but were able to refuse them because they had advanced knowledge,” says Craig. Few employers are aware that Health and Safety Legislation actually requires companies to exercise a duty

of care to employees who are travelling abroad. Services offered by Fearfree include: • Pre-departure, travel safety briefings which identify local risks specific to the itinerary i.e. there is a potential for riots in Jakarta and here’s what to do about it. • Tracking of travellers according to their itinerary so that Fearfree can provide early warnings of trouble in the current location or ahead of arrival. • 24/7 assistance for travellers caught up in a security situation • Workplace security training • Emergency response training • Corporate travel security services • Personal travel safety advice Fearfree’s services are New Zealand specific and they make use of global intelligence systems when gathering intelligence on any threats, including tropical storms, cyclones, earthquakes, riots, terrorist attacks, scams and organised crime. Craig is also the author of The Travel Safety Book and was awarded the Iraq Reconstruction Medal by the British Government for his work. For more information visit

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Doorknobs, handrail brackets, towel racks, security bolts… mostly a fitting is just part of the furniture, vaguely functional but nothing special really, unless it’s a Miles Nelson fitting. While most architectural fitting suppliers are content to leave things unchanged for decades, Miles Nelson is unique in the industry for constantly applying fresh innovation and design to their products. Sales and Marketing Manager, David Eeles, says Miles Nelson believes that it is the little details – in a brushed aluminium doorknob or beautifully but simply designed latch – that can really lift a room with that extra touch of class or quality. Designs that have helped Miles Nelson establish a reputation for quality, functional and attractive products include the Lumos (a bannister bracket with a light built in), and a convenient ‘foot release latch back door stop’. “A couple of years ago we noticed that the only security fittings available were old designs that had been around for decades, so we went into the market with some very new designs which featured better safety and convenience benefits.” The result was products like the Security Window Stay, which offers a unique glide and locking design that is more difficult for burglars to break – an important detail when you consider that 65 per cent of burglaries are carried out using windows as a means of gaining entrance. Having recently relocated from Milford, Miles Nelson now has its offices and warehouse in Lovell Court, Albany, which offers an ideal space and location for growth. “We are on a drive to introduce new product

including bathroom accessories because again, it’s not a sector that innovates a lot. It’s about the right product at the right time, and it’s about convenience, functionality and making something that is pleasing to the eye. David says Miles Nelson does not sell direct to the public – their customers are the merchant groups – which presents its own set of unique challenges. “Miles Nelson do not communicate directly with the end user, so the product needs to sell itself from the shelf with great point of sale material, packaging and price,” says David. Miles Nelson is a leading supplier of banister brackets, handrail brackets, door furniture, door handles, door knobs, door pulls, door fittings, window fittings and window latches, cabinet handles, bathroom fittings and accessories, security fittings, LED handrail brackets and a large range of general hardware products. 100 per cent privately owned and operated, Miles Nelson is one of the oldest and most traditional hardware brands dating back to 1928. The company distributes internationally and is renowned for its quality product range, innovative new hardware products, high service levels, and efficient delivery system.

For more information, visit


Elixir Events keeps technology running seamlessly It’s a big moment, the audience is attentive, months of planning are coming to a grand conclusion – and the technology fails! The thought of technology failure at the crucial moment is enough to give anybody sleepless nights, but with a bit of advanced planning it doesn’t have to be that way. Elixir Events managing director, Stu Finch, says the most common mistake he still encounters is that most companies think they can do it themselves, when the level of technology nowadays is just too demanding. “If you use the experts you might find you get more out of the technology than you thought possible, making it a better experience all round. “We can take care of all your project’s audio-visual requirements from the ground up, from planning through to supply of the equipment and on-site management at the event,” he says.

Having just moved from West Auckland to Albany, Elixir Events serves the corporate audio visual market, but is happy to provide for all needs even if its just a small projector, up to and beyond arranging a concert grade LED screen (Vuepix – a semitransparent LED screen) and extravaganza. “We recently provided services to The Warehouse’s Supplier Dinner Charity Event. It involved full high definition multi-layered vision mixing of independent client media, linking 3 projectors and 5 networked computers to achieve large scale high end seamless projection.” Stu says he got into the audio-visual industry because he couldn’t sing or dance, so he decided to learn the sound desk instead. After school he went to study at the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand. Now in the audio-visual business for more than 17 years, Stu and the team at Elixir Events work with clients whose requirements range from the average corporate boardroom to the Vector Arena. Clients include The Warehouse, TrustPower and the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand, and services typically

include supplying equipment and project management for fundraising dinners, gala events, conferences and award functions. Elixir Events provides a full range of project management and equipment including: • LED screens, projectors, screens and laptops • Sound systems and microphones • Lighting

For more information, visit

Special offer to North Harbour Business Association Members To celebrate their move to the North Harbour region, Elixir Events is offering a projector and screen hire delivered anywhere in Auckland for $250 for the day. • FYI may 2012 • 13

sector feature

The world wants more choice, and that’s good news for Kiwi specialist manufacturers Choice! It’s a familiar Kiwi colloquialism, but one that is beginning to define New Zealand in terms beyond language as it also shapes up as the primary commercial opportunity for this country’s specialist manufacturing sector.


ew Zealand specialist manufacturing and success story Sir Ken Stevens told FYI in a recent interview that New Zealand’s opportunity is in small Belts & Drives NZ quantity, niche or one-off products. 1. What is your company’s particular area These sentiments were echoed recently of expertise? by Tony Alexander, chief economist for the Belts and Drives New Zealand Ltd Bank of New Zealand, when he wrote that manufacture and supply a large range of Kiwis should not be too quick to write off tensioners, suspension units, sprockets, British and European markets. rollers, pulleys and chain guides. We are “There are millions of sophisticated able to provide competitive pricing on consumers not made unemployed by the large orders or one off special designs. Our debt crisis or recession who are clearly still tensioners have a wide range of uses and willing to spend for what they want,” he can be found used across a broad range of told the Southland Times. industries. “It is a matter (as with China) of You will find our product in everything identifying one’s niche and tailoring from super yachts and ride-on mowers marketing, branding and relationship to hovercraft. building in a focused business plan based 2. What, in your opinion, do New around exploiting that niche, rather than Zealand manufacturers need to do in order thinking like producer boards and hoping to to be competitive locally and overseas? sell a basic commodity to everybody.” We started as a small business replacing Both men were referring to the fact that products manufactured out of Europe we live in a world that thrives on choices, because they were too the more we have the happier we are, and “There are millions expensive to import. We supply a locally made product as an it is a cultural, social import substitution and now, and commercial trend of sophisticated oddly enough, we export. that is good news for consumers not New Zealand companies can New Zealand – as made unemployed do it with niche products, that’s some local specialist manufacturers are by the debt crisis or New Zealand’s opportunity and it has been ours. For already pointing out. recession who are example, we customise Even beyond products for sorting mussels Western nations such clearly still willing in New Zealand and other for as the United States, machines that crush and test Britain and Europe, the to spend for what rock. demand for ‘choice’ they want” 3. What do you see as your is driving commerce and consumerism. Consider for example the major challenges and opportunities going forward, and how do you plan to overcome Prime Minister’s John Key recent state visit to Indonesia, along with New Zealand Trade them? The biggest thing is to make sure you get Minister Tim Groser. overseas and talk to customers about the Mr Groser told media that “while the product you do, but it comes down to Indonesian market is too large to be fulfilled cost. We distribute product in Australia by New Zealand alone, there are niche because it’s cheap to travel there, but on the opportunities for New Zealand exporters”. other hand many of our customers export There are however challenges for those machinery containing our product. For operating in local and international example, Trimax Mowers is cutting lawns markets, not least of which is the high on many footballs stadiums around the New Zealand dollar which encourages world. foreign competition locally and cuts in to Funding growth is always a challenge. exporter margins.

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4. What are the main trends and developments you’re seeing in the manufacturing sector at this time? Mass markets are declining, niche markets are growing. The Future is niche because everybody is looking for something new and special. Look at how many choices we have in cars and TV stations compared to what we had in New Zealand 20 years ago. Companies that are quick on their feet, are always looking for opportunities and can fund them will be successful.

LZ New Zealand 1. What is your company’s particular area of expertise? LZ New Zealand specialises in LED (light emitting diode) lighting solutions for the residential, commercial and industrial markets. We have a product range that offers everything from complete LED down lights to LED retrofit options, which replace your existing inefficient lamps. We believe in providing a quality product that we can guarantee. LEDs are an environmentally friendly product, once the luminaire has expired after 50,000hrs or greater, the luminaire can be recycled as it is made from 85% recyclable materials. 2. What, in your opinion, do New Zealand manufactures need to do in order to be competitive locally and overseas? Like all manufacturing, to be really competitive you need a niche market. You need to source raw materials at the best possible pricing, keep all the manufacturing overheads low, and have the ability to advertise your products and services to your target markets, both here and overseas. 3. What do you see as your major challenges and opportunities going forward, and how do you plan to overcome them? The major challenges all manufacturers face today is the Internet, anybody now with Internet access can Google a product and import directly. In saying that though, the Internet has also given us the ability to grow our business internationally. We now supply

Richard Little and Robert Irving of Rex Bionics

our products to Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and now the Pacific Islands. Customer service always is the best way to overcome most hurdles as customers do like the personal contact and will return to a particular company because of it. 4. What are the main trends and developments you’re seeing in the manufacturing sector at this time? We are seeing a huge increase in NZ made product lines being sourced by international markets. New Zealand has always had a good reputation for quality. The Internet has given all manufacturers an avenue to promote their niche product to the world. Companies websites are ever increasing along with the ability to purchase products online, this avenue alone can make up some 40-60% of business sales.

Rex Bionics 1. What is your company’s particular area of expertise? Rex Bionics is a culmination of software, hardware, electrical and mechanical engineering to make a robotic device that enables wheelchair users to stand and walk. We have been primarily a research and development business but we are now looking at scaled manufacturing for largely offshore distribution. 2. What, in your opinion, do New Zealand manufacturers need to do in order to be competitive locally and overseas? It depends on business. Rex is a unique product, but for every product there has to be a need and a demand. Then it is about the way it is manufactured and distributed

and how you look after the customer. It is most important for Kiwi companies to look at offshore markets. New Zealand is an important market for us, but it is small. 3. What do you see as your major challenges and opportunities going forward, and how do you plan to overcome them? The challenge is to continue to invest in R&D and to continue to evolve the product as it’s used; to learn more about its use, and the needs and requirements of the customer. It’s important to remember that R&D does focus on customer needs, but also on the new raw materials and processes that can be incorporated. We have to look at increased efficiencies and improvements in terms of materials used – how we improve product and cost efficiencies, which for us is better, lighter, faster and cheaper. 4. What are the main trends and developments you’re seeing in the manufacturing sector at this time? We tend to work alone and that inward focus makes it difficult for us to comment generally, but for most people we expect it will be about continuous improvement and productivity – about driving price down, improving quality and looking after the needs of the customer.

Cover-Up 1. What is your company’s particular area of expertise? The Cover-Up team manufactures uniforms, linen and accessories for all applications

Photography by Adrian Malloch

sector feature

within the health and medical industry. Whether physiotherapists, chiropractors, beautician, dentist, spa, masseuse, veterinary clinic or a medical centre, we can help add calming energy to your clinic by coordinating the colours of your choice to complement your business, clientele and the decor. We design, manufacture and make to order here in New Zealand – even our fabrics are sourced locally. Mostly we supply the domestic market and a bit to Australia. 2. What, in your opinion, do New Zealand manufactures need to do in order to be competitive locally and overseas? Having to drop our prices remains a challenge, as well as changes in circumstances. For example we used to supply North Shore City Council leisure uniforms but have lost that with the move to Auckland Council. We weathered the recession well because we design and customise to meet customer requirements. 3. What do you see as your major challenges and opportunities going forward, and how do you plan to overcome them? Biggest challenge is finding funding to grow the business. 4. What are the main trends and developments you›re seeing in the manufacturing sector at this time? We are finding that big distributors – who manufacture overseas - are now crossing over into our smaller markets. However, we have tripled the size of the business since 2009 and we’re not scratching the surface, so there is heaps of room for growth. • FYI may 2012 • 15


Your days in the sun: Insurer offers North Shore businesses a better deal Recognising that North Shore businesses claim less insurance, stay in business longer and suffer less crime, Insurance and Lending Group has successfully lobbied a major insurer to give locals a better deal – the result is North Shorence (insurance exclusively for North Shore business owners).


s a one-stop insurance and finance provider, Insurance and Lending Group (ILG) was in a good position to recognise that the North Shore isn’t only a great place to live, it’s a safe place too… and came to the conclusion that local businesses and residents should be entitled to reap the benefits. ILG Managing Director, Greg Frittelli, says there’s no reason why the North Shore should be penalised for higher crime rates, tagging and natural disasters in other areas, and every reason why the North Shore should benefit from lower crime rates and a safer and less industrial environment. As a result, North Shorence aims to benefit members of the North Harbour Business association with up to 50% savings on excess, reduced premiums and good advice tailored to local conditions. Greg says North Shorence is just another example of how your membership of NHBA assists businesses. “I cannot over emphasise the value of good advice – it’s free and it can save you a lot of money and heartache,” he says. With a strong Italian heritage, you might speculate that ‘protection’ runs in the blood for Greg, but in reality it is because he is a true local who has invested heavily in the community in terms of service, sponsorship and relationship building. A real North Shore man, Greg is the current North Harbour Men’s National Hockey League Coach, and ILG is also a sponsor of North Harbour Hockey, East Coast Bays Cricket and a Gold Sponsor of the North Harbour Business Association. Members of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ), ILG work to source the best cover at competitive premiums, and the company also has a good track record of turning no pay-outs into successful claims. Contact Insurance and Lending Group via phone, email or fax to find out more about how you can bring your diverse insurances needs altogether under one roof – phone (09) 4482092, fax (09) 4482182, email or visit

Insurance and Lending Group Gold Sponsor offer to all NHBA members Special Offer to NHBA members: Two tickets to all Breakers home games next season for new customers who take out North Shorence within the next 30 days.

Your place or mine, it’s still gourmet all the way Smoked salmon filets and rare roasted sirloin bruschetta with horseradish cream… it’s not your usual catering fare, but then The Caterers isn’t your usual run-of-themill catering firm.


small family company operating out of the Columbus Coffee Café in William Pickering Drive, The Caterers are the kind of company that artfully combines catering with the attentiveness that can only come from decades of experience in the hospitality industry. Proprietors Danny and Tracy Wrigley recently sold their Columbus Café in Takapuna to concentrate on their café and catering business in Albany because they’re passionate about serving the people in the area. “While we cater Auckland wide, we love the area we work in because we’re surrounded by a vibrant business community that seems to be getting ahead faster than most, and we plan to make sure everybody is well fed along the way,” says Danny. By ‘well fed’, he’s referring to the special care The Caterers take in creating interesting, tasty dishes made from good quality ingredients, served hot (or cold if you prefer) and on time. “Catering requires a good combination of skill, management and logistics because we’re usually not serving the food on site in a restaurant – although our café is available as a venue. “Usually the food has to be transported offsite, even across Auckland, so it’s important to make sure it remains fresh, hot and beautifully presented. “It doesn’t matter how big or small a function is, our priority is making good food that people will enjoy, and if that means being flexible enough to incorporate client ideas and special dietary requirements – not to mention accommodating any late changes that may come our way – we’re only too happy to oblige,” says Danny. For example, a customer favourite is The Caterers’ corn fritter dish, which was actually a creation that one of their clients requested. It’s now become one of their most sought after specialties – so being adaptable has its many rewards. The smallest function The Caterers have served is four people (an office meeting) to more than 3,000 during the Trinny and Susannah Road Show – more recently they served 60 people at Northcote College’s Affair of the Heart Gala Opening Art Exhibition and Sale. If you need a venue or your function catered, call Danny on 09 281 5453, email or visit http://www.

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Contact us PO Box 303 126, North Harbour 0752 I Mobile: 021 212 4942 I Phone: (09) 968 2222 Email: I Web:

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FYI, North Harbour Business Association, May 2012

FYI - May 2012  

FYI, North Harbour Business Association, May 2012