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INSIDE Issue 19 JULY 2012

2 From the Chair Comment from Chairman Warren Kitchin, Davenports After 5 photos 3 News Economic roundup and predictions 4–5 Transport New NHBA Transport Project Administrator, transport update, Paul Matthews Road 6–7 Events Sir Ken Stevens Business Breakfast, Unitec 8–9 Events July Business Luncheon with Simon Telfer 9–12 NHBA Business Expo Expo report, photos, sponsors and prizewinners 13 Business & Pleasure New Associate Members 14 Success Story Caffe e Cucina, EBOS Group 15 Transport & Infrastructure/ Advocacy Transpower update, NHBA continuance 16–17 Crime Prevention Update from Anna Crane, Expo seminars, The Blue Line 18–19 Sector Focus Property 20 Gold Sponsors BNZ Partners, Trade Colour Print

Expo strengthens local business connections With a full-to-capacity venue and a steady flow of visitors, the NHBA’s Empowering Better Business Expo demonstrated the value of local connections.


xhibitors reported gaining solid leads from genuinely-minded attendees, as well as setting collaborations in motion with other business operators. Visitors were impressed with the quality and breadth of businesses offering information. And those who attended the seminars, on topics from online marketing to CCTV, found them timely and practical. See pages 9–12 and 17 for more on the Expo.

NHBA Wine Club

Davis Prescott at Wine and More has put together more fantastic deals for NHBA members and staff. See page 13.

ON SAVELITY QUAINE W trade colour print



From the Chair

The winter is now in full swing, with many of our members about to take some well-earned breaks in warmer climes as the school holidays approach.


ur recent NHBA Business Expo at the North Harbour Stadium went very well, with strong support from exhibitors and visitors and much positive feedback. The event was more than double the size of last year, with 69 exhibitors and over 400 visitors attending. We look forward to promoting the event for next year as a major showcase of products and services for our members and associates. My thanks to our NHBA team for the way in which the Expo was promoted and run. This month we welcome Brigid Rogers to the role of Transport Project Administrator to facilitate transport projects and advocate for improved access and public transport services. Brigid brings a range of experience, from not-for-profit organisations to town centre management and promotion in both the UK and New Zealand. From a market perspective, we live in challenging times, with many businesses still weathering difficult trading conditions. Concerns over the state of the southern European countries continues to make headlines and is depressing confidence in many sectors. On the home front, there is change in the political landscape with the passing of

legislation for partial privatisation of our energy generators, and Air New Zealand and Fonterra taking steps towards accessing capital markets to fund development aspirations. The business environment is also creating opportunities for those businesses and investors well positioned to acquire businesses and assets. Our recent NHBA Business Breakfast, at which we hosted guest speaker Sir Ken Stevens of airport systems company Glidepath Group, was well attended. Members gained a strong appreciation of the entrepreneurial energy required to develop a business of Glidepath’s scale over the 40 years that Sir Ken has been its Founding Shareholder. He gave valuable insights into the challenges, and the essential staging considerations, of developing a sustainable export business. Looking forward, we are in the final process of securing our targeted rate funding through the Auckland Council, after receiving strong support from the Upper Harbour Local Board for the continuation of the North Harbour Business Improvement District (BID). The targeted rate funding represents approximately 60% of our operating budget. We are currently

Warren Kitchin

finalising our new three-year plan and budgets under the new Council BID policy, which will be presented to members for approval at our AGM later in the year. We trust you enjoy this edition of our FYI magazine and welcome your feedback and contributions to future issues. On behalf of your Board and our Executive team, our thanks for your ongoing support. Yours sincerely,

Warren Kitchin CA Dip NZIM Chairman NHBA

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AFTER 5 Business advice, today and tomorrow

Nicky Lewis from Quinovic and Kristen Dennis from Strategic Sales.

The recent NHBA After 5 event hosted by Davenports Harbour Lawyers was enjoyed by all who attended. Everyone was thoroughly entertained by Derek Dallow, who presented on how to “Double the Value of Your Business”. Guest speaker Matt Bellingham, former CEO of Hayes Knight, discussed “Readying Your Business for Tomorrow”. Thank you to Davenports Harbour Lawyers for a very enjoyable evening, including the special gifts on the night which supplied much amusement to all. Thanks also go to Ageless Beauty for providing the door prize.

Derek Dallow from Davenports.


Clayton D’Lima and Sandra Davis from Westpac.

Jenny Watson from Davenports and Gray Pearson from Mando Management.

If you have comments on anything in this issue of FYI magazine, or would like to see your business profiled, give us a call. Contact NHBA’s General Manager Janine Brinsdon on 09 968 2222 or 021 212 4942. You can email janine.brinsdon@ © All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written permission of the North Harbour Business Association.


Modest economic growth predicted despite risks “Modest growth ahead, accompanied by huge uncertainty. But potential growth has been shattered and the NZD is no longer deflationary – the Reserve Bank needs to keep its powder dry.” – Stephen Toplis, BNZ


his is exactly what the Reserve Bank did last month when it announced no change to the Official Cash Rate (OCR). Independent forecasters BERL (Business and Economic Research Ltd) had confidently predicted that the OCR would be cut in June (along with a further cut in July). However, Reserve Bank Governor Allan Bollard said that, given the general weakening of New Zealand’s economic outlook since March, it was appropriate for monetary policy to remain stimulatory, with the OCR being held at 2.5%. This outcome was anticipated by the BNZ. Head of Research Stephen Toplis stressed that although it is currently difficult to say anything definitive about the future, they were steadfast in the view that it would be unwise for the Reserve Bank to cut the rate at this point. A summary of his report follows: On balance, we still believe the economy is on a modest growth path. We believe that over the medium term there is a greater risk of interest rate hikes than cuts, although it looks highly unlikely that the New Zealand cash rate will push higher until early to mid next year. Of course, if the world implodes all bets are off, but for the time being this should be seen as an increasing risk rather than a certainty. THE LABOUR MARKET At face value, the labour market appears to be weakening, with the unemployment rate recently reported to have risen to 6.7% and the pace of employment growth slowing. But the employment rate remains high by international standards, there has been employment growth in each of the last five quarters, businesses are reporting increased difficulty in finding skilled staff, and hiring intentions remain high. THE HOUSING MARKET Total turnover in the market remains low and the market is patchy. But house price inflation is rising, turnover is picking up, and there is evidence of excess demand developing in Auckland and Christchurch. Perhaps most importantly, mortgage interest rates are plumbing new lows and there is now opportunity to lock in fixed rates lower than the current floating rate. COMMODITY PRICES Retreating commodity prices have

significant implications for the rural sector, particularly dairy, which will have a negative impact on the wider economy. However, some of this impact is being offset by a combination of strong production, improved rural sector balance sheets and a flexible exchange rate. BUSINESS CONFIDENCE Pessimists say business confidence has been lofty for some time and “wrong”. Optimists point to very high levels of business confidence, which are consistent with GDP growth of between 3.0 and 5.0%, depending on which measure you use. We believe business confidence will decline, but not so much as to be inconsistent with our growth forecasts. The fact that businesses remain as confident as they are is a remarkable reflection of New Zealand’s resilience. RETAIL SALES Q1 sales have reduced relative to the past quarter, but this is a post-World Cup correction. Sales are still significantly higher than a year ago and on an upward trend. What is remarkable is that spending has been so strong at a time when the household savings ratio has gone from a low of -9.5% in 2003 to a small positive now. MIGRATION Net migration outflows are acting to slow economic growth. It should be noted, however, that negative net migration flows are as much a supply shock as a demand shock. These flows are further evidence that inflation will appear at lower levels of growth than might previously have been the case. INTERNATIONAL The international threat to New Zealand is the single biggest obstacle we are facing. Potential chaos in Europe is clearly the dominant risk, but so too is the slowdown occurring in China, and weakness in some Australian domestic sectors. That said, current global growth forecasts remain

near average, the Asian region is still expecting relatively strong growth, and there is strong evidence that the US economy is recovering. It is worth noting that the NZD is doing what it should, and is currently acting as the natural stabiliser for the economy. Since the end of April the NZD has dropped 8.5%. This, plus the simultaneous drop in mortgage interest rates, has resulted in a massive effective easing in monetary policy. Putting all this together, we believe the New Zealand economy is set for a period of modest growth. Modest is the key word here. The growth path is certainly singularly unspectacular. We are forecasting the economy to expand just 1.9% this year, rising to 2.8% the next and then 1.3% the year after. However, we remain very concerned that New Zealand’s current potential growth rate is probably very low, which could lead to inflationary pressures. Over the last year or so we have been protected from those pressures by an appreciating currency.

That is no longer the case. In the event of massive dislocation in Europe, it might be appropriate for the Reserve Bank to cut rates aggressively. But we believe that the Bank was well advised to be reactive rather than proactive on this front. If it had cut rates as an insurance measure, that would have reduced its ability to do anything meaningful if it needed to in the future.

NEW ZEALAND DISCLAIMER: This publication has been provided for general information only. Although every effort has been made to ensure this publication is accurate the contents should not be relied upon or used as a basis for entering into any products described in this publication. Bank of New Zealand strongly recommends readers seek independent legal/financial advice prior to acting in relation to any of the matters discussed in this publication. Neither Bank of New Zealand nor any person involved in this publication accepts any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever may directly or indirectly result from any advice, opinion, information, representation or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, contained in this publication.



Brigid gets moving in new transport role Brigid Rogers has just taken up her post as the North Harbour Business Association Transport Project Administrator.


rigid is managing the NHBA Transport projects, including the ‘Look Before You Leave’ real time cameras and the CarpoolNow scheme, as well as working closely with transport agencies to ensure the North Harbour area is getting the best possible deal. She brings with her a wealth of experience with business associations, having been involved with projects in both her native UK and here in New Zealand. After university, Brigid started her career working as a sales rep for a national brewery in the UK. Brigid continued her studies part time to obtain a Diploma in Marketing, and went on to become a member of the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing. She was the Town Centre Manager in Bournemouth for over 8 years. In 1999 came a career highlight, when she was awarded a national prize – the National Property Week prize for Best Managed Town Centre in the UK. “I worked with a great team in Bournemouth, and winning the award was reward for all our hard work,” Brigid explains. “The prizegiving was at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel in London – it was truly an evening to remember.” The move to New Zealand came after she met and married her kiwi husband in the

UK. Arriving in New Zealand in 2002, she took up the reins of the newly-established Ponsonby Business Association. “I was very lucky to get such a great job, and Ponsonby has such an awesome vibe,” she says. “It was very different from my work in the UK.” Brigid worked in Ponsonby for over five years. After the birth of her daughter Amber, in 2004, she returned to work part time. Brigid feels she has settled in well to kiwi life. “I love the outdoor lifestyle,” she says. “You can rely a bit more on the weather here than you can in the UK – well, except for the summer we have just had! Everyone works hard and plays hard and I like that ethos. I have also made some fantastic friends here, so New Zealand really is my home now.” Excited about her new role with the NHBA, Brigid says she knows what an important part good (and bad) transport can play in affecting the business environment. “I’m looking forward to the challenge of easing transport problems by listening to businesses in the area and helping to address their needs and concerns,” she says. “I don’t think we can fix all our transport issues overnight, but there are some great initiatives out there, and hopefully through communication and partnership we can make some really positive changes.”

Brigid Rogers

If you would like to discuss any local transport-related issues with Brigid, you can contact her on 968 2222 or 029 771 1731, or at For more information about NHBA Transport Management initiatives, visit the Transport Management pages at


Transport solutions for smart commuters

NHBA General Manager Janine Brinsdon provides an update on transport management initiatives that have been taking place in the North Harbour area.


o one can underestimate the importance of effective traffic management within Auckland. Time wasted by staff, trade suppliers, students and visitors to an area has a direct financial cost to business and, in some extreme cases, is the catalyst for some companies or organisations to relocate. Effective planning and communication, coupled with localised promotion and education, will assist with management of the options currently available, plus identify new services or programmes which meet the demands of an area more effectively. Advocacy and lobbying for change is an important element within this mix. Over the past 12 months, NHBA has invested in the Smart Transport Solutions programme, which delivers educational and practical tools which visitors, students and staff can use to assist with their commute. We recently conducted a freight survey to ensure business traffic patterns

are understood and incorporated in wider regional planning. We have lobbied for infrastructure improvements and the protection of funding against these key projects to mitigate risk for businesses located within the North Harbour business estate. We want to make sure that these businesses feel they have a voice and that their concerns regarding transport are understood and represented. Enabling business efficiency will ensure that demand remains high for premises within our BID area – rewarding property owners with attractive return on investment. Every year, Auckland Transport conducts an evaluation of transport improvements within the BID area. This evaluation is extensive – covering school travel data, public transport patronage, uptake and usage of key programmes such as CarpoolNow and the NHBA traffic cameras ( Road

safety, congestion levels, peak hour traffic flows and alternative transport modes (walking and cycling) are also considered. The education and promotion amongst employers, employees and students as to the diverse range of options available is considered critical and, as such, is also included in the evaluation process. The outcome of the recent evaluation will be published in the September issue of FYI magazine, plus online via the Transport management page on our website (www. Thank you if you have been personally involved in this evaluation process. We appreciate your time and input, as that will help ensure our Transport programme is delivering the results you want. If you have any questions regarding the evaluation process, please contact me on 968 2222. If you would like us to come and talk to you, your staff or colleagues, Brigid Rogers is only too happy to help – her contact details are on page 4.

parked cars on the opposite side of the road become an obstruction to the through traffic from Bush Road roundabout, resulting in queues extending to the roundabout. The NHBA took these concerns to Auckland Transport. No Stopping At All Times (NSAAT) parking restrictions were proposed, in order to improve visibility and safety for vehicles exiting from 5 Paul Matthews Road, and to improve the

capacity and operation of the Bush Road/ Paul Matthews Road roundabout. As part of the consultation process, feedback was sought from those directly affected by the proposal. Consultation is now complete, with the majority in favour, and a final decision is pending from Auckland Transport. If they decide to go ahead, the NSAAT restrictions should be in place within the next two months.

Community concerns bring road improvement

Local businesses recently contacted the North Harbour Business Association to voice their concerns regarding visibility and congestion issues caused by parked cars on both sides of the access to 5 Paul Matthews Road.


otorists exiting from 5 Paul Matthews Road have great difficulty seeing oncoming traffic from both directions, due to the parked cars on both sides. The problem is exacerbated by the crest on the eastern side, where westbound traffic travels at high speed going up the hill. Whenever motorists are waiting to turn right into 5 Paul Matthews Road, the




Flying through business at breakfast

Dr Rick Ede from Unitec.

Business breakfast guests.

As the founder of Glidepath Group, Sir Ken Stevens is one of New Zealand’s iconic entrepreneurs and exporters. At June’s NHBA Business Breakfast, sponsored by Unitec, Sir Ken shared experience, advice and anecdotes from his successful career so far.


ir Ken has been the chairman of Glidepath – an international baggage handling and security screening systems designer and manufacturer – since founding the company in 1972. He attributed Glidepath’s worldwide growth to not following a traditional exporting model, but maintaining a part local, part offshore structure – for example using local assembly of products. Paramount to the company’s success, he said, was its ability to engage locally, using local production and expertise. Sir Ken emphasised that any product needs to be fit for service – and that there should be no scruffy products or services in the market, as this does a disservice to New Zealand. He also stressed the importance of strong management buy-in, and the crucial role played by having a strong sales focus. A company can have the best R&D, but without strong sales no-one gets to hear about it. Dr Rick Ede also spoke at the breakfast. Rick has been Chief Executive of Auckland’s Unitec Institute of Technology since April 2008. Since then, he has been responsible for bringing some significant changes to Unitec, and committing the organisation to its aspiration of being a world-class, world-scale Institute of Technology that is an agent of economic, social and environmental transformation. A core element of this transformation is embedding a strong focus on work-integrated learning into a dynamic curriculum. Unitec moved from Takapuna to Albany last year because of growing demand, and already have over 800 students studying at the much larger Albany campus. Rick said they are aware of the need to offer programmes and graduates relevant to the area and aligned to business needs. With this in mind, Unitec are building stronger links with businesses across Auckland, and have Business Development Managers as the first point of contact for businesses wanting to engage with Unitec as an institution. Two prizes were given away at the breakfast, courtesy of internet and IT security specialists NetworkPro. Chris Thurston from CarbonZero Holdings in Parnell and Steve Morrison from LinkPlas in Albany each won a NetworkPro anti-virus package.


Sir Ken Stevens, guest speaker. Guests enjoyed an enlightening morning.

Warren Kitchen (NHBA Chairman) with Dr Rick Ede and Sir Ken Stevens.


New careers, new skills, new opportunities at Unitec Here at Unitec Institute of Technology, we’re passionate about the power of education to change lives. Learn new skills, create opportunities, develop your career – there are many ways to change your life at Unitec.


e educate people for work, with a comprehensive portfolio of programmes extending from certificates and diplomas through to degrees and doctorates, across a wide range of professional and vocational areas. With 160 programmes on offer, there’s something for everyone, from accounting to zoo-keeping, boat building to photography. Currently a team of five Unitec students are part of the joint Unitec/Blues ‘FanCam’ initiative. Third-year photography students get access to most areas of the stadium and free range to take photos, which are then posted on the Blues Facebook ‘FanCam’ page. “Opportunities like this don’t come up very often,” says John Mead, a third-year photography student and budding sports photo-journalist. “We’re able to get up close and personal with both the fans and Blues players. It’s a dynamic and exciting way to put what we’re learning into practice – it’s a real win-win initiative.” Unitec has three campuses in Auckland: Mt Albert, Waitakere and Albany. We have over 23,000 students from more than 80 countries, and we welcome learners from all educational backgrounds and age groups, providing opportunities for them to progress from one level of qualification to the next. We have a diverse cultural and ethnic mix on campus, and deliver courses to fit your lifestyle. “Being able to study part-time was invaluable to me,” says Bachelor of Business graduate Denise Mathers. “I also loved that the classrooms were small, so you knew your lecturers and they knew you.” Unitec’s commitment to postgraduate and degree-level study, and to vocational education and training, sets us apart. Our focus is on real world education that provides work-ready graduates with professional and vocational skills that are

highly sought after in New Zealand and around the world. Our teaching staff are passionate about what they do. We have professional academics undertaking research in their areas of expertise, working professionals who are authorities in their fields, and industry specialists with in-depth knowledge of their subjects. “I’m always trying to get my students actively involved in the class,” says Sue White, Senior Lecturer on the Bachelor of Nursing Degree. “I enjoy watching them develop a passion for learning and seeing their confidence grow.” There are many opportunities for students to work on real issues alongside specialists in these areas, as Unitec has relationships with industry, local business and the community. Recently, Bachelor of Computing Systems students have been working with the Starship Diabetes team to develop a video game and application to help children manage their diabetes. The prototype is soon to be trialed at Starship Children’s

Hospital. Quincy Makiiti, a Bachelor of Computing student working on the project, describes what the project means for him. “For me it wasn’t just another student project, it has real world value and could potentially help our children win the global war on diabetes.” At Unitec, we want to ensure that students have a rich and immersive learning environment. We are one of only a handful of tertiary institutions around the world that has two identical buildings for use as test and control houses to trial new building innovations. Our Certificate in Applied Technology (Carpentry) students get to build the houses on site from scratch. We have also recently opened the Awhina Centre – a joint Unitec/Waitemata District Health Board integrated learning and research space for health and social science students in the heart of Waitakere Hospital. Unitec is a vibrant learning environment where you get the skills and qualifications you need. Contact us today to get the job and career you want.

NHBA Albany Toastmasters Speechcraft Course The NHBA Speechcraft 2 Course will run for six two-hour sessions each Thursday from 6.15pm, from July 5 until August 9. The course will be held at 12 Omega St, Rosedale, by kind permission of Ivoclar Vivadent Ltd. There was a lot of interest in the first course, so those interested are urged to contact Toastmasters as soon as possible, by emailing For more information about Toastmasters, visit their website at



Directors and boards key to business growth

Simon Telfer is on a crusade. He imagines a New Zealand with thriving businesses and not-for-profit organisations, contributing to a healthy economy and a rewarding place to live. Introducing advisory boards or independent directors into privately owned business will, he believes, play a major role in bringing this about.

Owner-managed businesses are New Zealand’s unsung heroes,” says Simon, “but we need them to be more robust and ambitious. Often the trigger for this is an injection of confidence and experience, and the appointment of independent directors is the best way to do this.” When it comes to businesses creating a board for the first time, owner uncertainty can see the issue left in the too-hard basket. Should I appoint an advisor, advisory board or independent director? How much should I pay them? Where do I find them? Are we big enough to take this step? “The formality of a board will typically match the age and stage of the business, but rarely is it too early to begin,” advises Simon. To support business owners, Simon developed a programme that has guided over 20 companies through the process of implementing effective governance. His experience shows that owners personally benefit through increased stimulation and motivation, as well as gaining greater clarity and delineation of their roles as employee, director and shareholder. THE THREE KEY STEPS IN THE PROCESS ARE: 1. Structure: determine the best governance set up for your company, now and in the medium term. Be absolutely clear about your expectations of what governance will bring. Next, examine your ownership structure now and think, how is that likely to change? Envision the organisation in five years’ time – what will it look


WITH SIMON TELFER Date: 19 July 2012 Time: 1–2.30pm Venue: North Harbour Stadium, Albany Cost: NHBA Membership or Associate Membership entitles your company to one complimentary ticket. Additional company attendees and guests $35 each. RSVP: Email to register


like? What is the end goal for your involvement in the business? Analysing all this will give clear direction for the best governance structure: formal advisor, advisory board, independent director or maybe even a full board model. 2. Skill sets: confidently identify the right people with the right experience. Create a matrix to define the complete experience and diversity of thought required of a governance team for your company. Mark off the experience that currently resides around the table. The resulting gaps will form the basis of a role description and person specification. 3. Secure: engage the services of the best person. Cast the net as wide as possible to attract potential candidates. Aim for the best – you’ll be surprised how often someone you thought unattainable is interested (or knows someone who would be). The engagement is typically completed with a formal letter of appointment. Simon always advocates payment to your advisors, even if it is somewhat token. It formalises the relationship and creates an expectation from both parties. The appointment becomes meaningless if it is seen as a favour, or if meetings and involvement begin to rank at the bottom of a very busy ‘to do’ list. APPOINT Late last year, Simon found his clients were struggling to identify and attract a broad enough range of potential candidates. So he created Appoint allows organisations seeking directors to easily connect with individuals wanting to share their governance experience. “There is a vast amount of untapped knowledge and wisdom in our community,” says Simon. “We thought there had to be a

Simon Telfer

more efficient way of matching that talent with the needs of business and not-forprofit organisations.” Appoint’s director pool has quickly grown to nearly 1000 individuals. The initiative is supported by Sport New Zealand and Grant Thornton as Foundation Partners. SPRINGBOARD Simon was also concerned about the depth of governance experience in New Zealand, so in 2009 he co-founded www. SpringBoard is a not-forprofit group that encourages and develops the next generation of New Zealand directors and promotes age diversity around the board table. It currently has 1800 members throughout New Zealand. GOVERNANCE & GARBAGE At the NHBA Business Luncheon on July 19, Simon will lead us through an entertaining case study of how a local privately-owned business established their first board. The presentation will be interactive, with a number of practical ideas for use in your own organisations. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Simon speak and gain insight into how his strategies can benefit your own business. Simon can be contacted on 021 321901 or at


Reasons for attending the Expo

Seminars that people were interested in

Supplier contact 16%

Marketing 46% Seminars 5%

Crime prevention 7% Networking 58%

Finance 11% Various 4%

Recruitment 7% Education 7%

IT 15% Door prizes 1%

Education 14% Client contact 9%

Expo builds relationships, increases knowledge for businesses and visitors In a stormy Auckland week, the NHBA Business Expo was a ray of sunshine. In fact, the sun even shone enough for one lucky attendee to shoot a hole-in-one outside and win a pair of golf shoes.


nside, the atmosphere was humming. The North Harbour Stadium function centre was full to capacity with over 60 exhibitors, in industries ranging from finance, IT and security to law, communications and education. Those who had been at last year’s Business Expo were impressed with the new, larger venue, and the size and scope of the ‘Empowering Better Business’ event. Over the course of the day, more than 400 visitors came through the doors, all registering on entry to win prizes. While the chance to build brand recognition and make contacts was appreciated, exhibitors also reported that a high percentage of visitors to their stands were showing serious interest, more than ‘just browsing’. Many of those found deep in discussion with exhibitors were fellow business owners from other stands. And connections made on the day went beyond networking – synergies were discovered and potential collaborations were discussed, demonstrating the value of forging connections with other local operators. Informative seminars were presented by local business people and educators on topics ranging from building a powerful brand, to staff management, to CCTV for business. Some companies offered the

chance to win prizes for those who put their business cards into a draw, while others took the chance to offer ‘Expo specials’ to customers. After a full day, the After Five function that evening provided a welcome opportunity to wind down and get to know other exhibitors better over a glass of wine and canapes. Everyone enjoyed music provided by the Pinehurst School Jazz Band, and the major door prizes were awarded. NHBA thanks North Shore Business Travel, North Shore Times, Rodney Times, North Harbour Stadium, Wine and More, Tahi Lodge, City Nissan and Telstra Clear for their sponsorship of the major door prizes. Many first-time exhibitors felt that the Expo had been well worth their time and investment. A frequent comment was that they had come this year to “try it and see” – and after seeing, they would definitely be back next year. NHBA General Manager Janine Brinsdon

acknowledged the efforts of her team in managing the significant growth of the Business Expo and confirmed bookings have already been received for next year’s event. “Exhibitors appreciated the quality of the visitors – the energy throughout the Expo supported the value of the connections being made,” she says. “There was a real excitement throughout the day. We know there will be competition for the available booths next year – within hours of the NHBA Business Expo 2012 closing, we received definite bookings for 2013. Without exception, every exhibitor I spoke to said they would definitely be back next year and we look forward to further promoting the event as an annual showcase of North Shore business to wider Auckland.” Amongst the diverse range of businesses exhibiting on the day – from large corporates to SMEs and fledgling start-ups – there was one thing in common. All agreed on the value of connecting with potential customers, both from the general public and in the business community. Almost twenty stands have already been booked for next year’s NHBA Business Expo. For stand and seminar enquiries for 2013, contact Janine on 968 2222 or at



Business Expo a calendar highlight for North Harbour and beyond After an early morning setting up their stands, exhibitors at the NHBA Business Expo made the most of the day – meeting new customers, attending seminars, and strengthening connections with fellow business operators. Visitors and exhibitors came from North Harbour and further afield to browse and do business at the very busy venue. After the success of this year, planning for the 2013 Expo is already on the radar for many. Our photographer was there to capture the day’s events.





Winners all round at NHBA Business Expo The North Harbour Business Association would like to thank all the sponsors who kindly provided prizes at the NHBA Business Expo.

Allen Prince, from Ray White in Northcote, was the winner of a weekend away at beautiful Tahi Lodge, at Snells Beach, near Matakana. On the weekend he’ll enjoy the use of a new Nissan Qashqai, with the compliments of City Nissan.

Paul and his wife Joanne meet with Leith Sisson (centre) from North Shore Business Travel to discuss their prize.

Paul Elsom from Night ’N Day at Gull was the winner of a trip to Melbourne, with accommodation at The Prince Hotel, thanks to sponsor North Shore Business Travel.

Markus Tsoumas from City Nissan and Warren Kitchin from Tahi Lodge congratulate Allen (centre) on his win.

David presents Laura with her hand-picked case of wine.

David Prescott from Wine and More put together a mixed case of wine to suit winner Laura Baggett, from Sound to Light.

Scott Minhinnick from 2 Degrees Mobile presents Gary with his prize.

Gary Morrison from Icon won a Bluetooth car kit, courtesy of sponsors 2 Degrees Mobile.


Pavel Laletin from Sila Marketing and Consulting won tickets to a Blues game, thanks to prize sponsor North Harbour Stadium, as well as corporate hospitality courtesy of Compass.

Shannon Gray from North Harbour Stadium shows Pavel around the stadium.

The North Shore Times and Rodney Times generously donated an advertising package to the value of $1150. This was won by Simon Bruce-Miller of Fred & Mildred Ltd, and will be used by his client, the catering and event management company Austin’s. North Shore Times/Rodney Times Sales Manager Alan Barr was away at the time of going to press – check the next issue of FYI for a photo of the prize presentation. TelstraClear kindly sponsored a prize of two double passes to any show at the Auckland Theatre Company. The prizewinners were David Rowland from One-Image Photography, and Jo Matthews from the Northern Auckland Kindergarten Association. North Harbour Business Association was pleased to give away passes for eight guests at the business breakfast with Sir Ken Stevens. The winner was Philip Walley from Edge Employment. Our thanks also go to Ageless Beauty, Brown Bros Wines NZ, EmbroidMe, Pots Art Décor, Roost Mortgage Brokers, Yard Art and for their sponsorship of door prizes on the day.


Associate member profiles While NHBA membership is open to all businesses in our catchment area, there is also the opportunity for businesses across Auckland to join as Associate Members and take advantage of the benefits on offer. Some of our new associate members are:


FaceMe enables businesses to work faster, smarter and better. Developed in New Zealand, FaceMe has an innovative unified communications platform which lets businesses dramatically reduce costs, increase productivity and shrink their carbon footprint. FaceMe has one simple goal – to open up business video and web conferencing to absolutely everyone by using the one thing we all have access to – the Internet Browser. With the no-download experience, requiring no desktop application install, users can create and connect into meetings with a few clicks. The user platform is simple to use and feature packed, allowing users to focus on the task at hand rather than dealing with frustrating user interfaces. Using standard web ports, it traverses firewalls to provide a seamless anyone, anywhere, any device, video conferencing experience. Winner of the 2011 Virgin Media Business Challenge award, FaceMe’s unified solutions enable businesses to use video collaboration and audio communication to become more productive, reduce the need for travel and achieve more than a traditional call. 0800 562 026


Outbox is a Virtual Assistant service working in the cloud (online), which allows small to medium businesses to outsource web and administration tasks, to free up time and keep overheads down. Services include: • affordable websites – mobile compatible and with a content management system • email signatures – to keep your brand consistent on every email • email newsletters – using Mailchimp to keep in touch with your clients • documents and administration – a wide range of services including PDF to Word • social media – integration and account set up on Facebook and Twitter • Xero invoicing – Outbox is a Certified Advisor of Xero. Outbox knows the importance of having an online presence, so they offer a range of website services. They know that SME owners are now busier than ever, so they tailor their administration services to just what you want to outsource. And they’re not baffled by all the changes in social media for business – in fact, they get quite excited about what businesses can do with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It has helped them service and stay

in touch with international clients remotely, and they’re keen to show other businesses how to do the same. 0800 Outbox

Paradigm Shift

Effective leaders are responsible for engaging a workforce. They can articulate their strategy and vision for the future, and align people to deliver on that vision. They know that the difference between an ordinary company and an extraordinary one is the quality of its people – people who are fully engaged and passionate about achieving results. At Paradigm Shift they use skills gained from many years of business leadership and executive coaching, specialising in partnering with organisations, teams and individuals. Paradigm Shift delivers by providing focused consultation, mentoring and business advice. The result is systemic and shows sustained improvement in business and individual performance. Whether it’s leadership development, culture change, facilitation training or business advice, Paradigm Shift have done it all – with impressive results. Talk to them to find out how you can shift your business to the next level. 09 413 7615

New Zealand Photo Art

New Zealand Photo Art can provide you with all the product photography services your business needs. They help all types of businesses and industries convey their message with professionally-designed advertising material and high-definition images for websites, catalogues, brochures, magazines, packaging, books, press releases, annual reports, marketing and advertising, as well as images for fine printing. They specialise in high quality product photography, creative and macro photography, image manipulation and graphic design. New Zealand Photo Art use the latest technology to create stunning, crystal clear photography. With single or multiple camera setups, specialised macro photography equipment, wireless radio-controlled strobes, concurrent retouching, in studio or on location capture and fast turnaround, their studio has the flexibility to meet your needs. 022 120 3682


Here are the latest fantastic wine deals for NHBA members and staff, available only at Wine and More. Butterfish Bay Northland Pinot Gris 2010 An impressive wine with strong pear and melon flavours. RRP $24.00 NHBA Wine Club price $12.50 Balancing Act Marlborough Chardonnay 2010 Fermented in oak barrels and aged on lees for 12 months. This wine is bursting with flavours of peach, fig and melon with spicy oak. RRP $24.00 NHBA Wine Club price $15.00 Two Birds One Stone 2011 (Cleanskin from a well-known winery) This predominately pinot noir blend has been crafted by the wine maker to create an earthy wine with hints of raspberry, cherry and strawberry jam. RRP $20.00 NHBA Wine Club price $11.50 Mad Bay Margaret River Cabernet/Merlot 2010 The wine jumps from the glass with aromatic black cherry, blueberry and chocolate characters. These characters continue on to the palate with complexing flavours of roasted coffee beans, mulberries and savoury dusty tannins. RRP $21.00 NHBA Wine Club price $16.99 To get these prices, please mention the NHBA Wine Club. Buy a mixed case with three of each and save $99.00. Free delivery to any NHBA business or staff member. To order, phone 415 3568 or email This offer is exclusive to NHBA members and staff.



Minister of Health opens new EBOS facility in Albany


n June 21, Minister of Health Tony Ryall opened the new EBOS Healthcare facility in Lovell Court, Albany. EBOS Group is New Zealand’s largest medical and pharmaceutical supplies and healthcare logistics provider. With turnover of $1.5 billion and a total staff of over 1000, EBOS and its subsidiaries handle over half of the healthcare supplies for the country. The purpose-built office and distribution centre is the newest of five large Aucklandbased facilities. This development reflects the company’s belief in the North Harbour area as a suitable site for a substantial investment, as well as its commitment to New Zealand. EBOS Group CEO Mark Waller said that, although the company is growing its international focus, this will not affect its presence in the New Zealand market. “Since 1922, we’ve built up a special, interdependent relationship with the New Zealand healthcare sector. In New Zealand, healthcare multinationals tend to come and

go based on market trends – EBOS is here to stay.” EBOS GROUP FACTS AND FIGURES • At 3,700sqm, the Albany warehouse is equivalent to nine basketball courts. The total warehouse space across EBOS Group is 55,000sqm, which equals eight sports stadia. • They have over 8,000 active products, ranging from high tech life-saving equipment to daily consumable products. • They service 45,000 customer orders each year – 330 orders every working day – and ensure same-day service for urgent orders. • An average of 1500 different products are sent out each day. • They employ 20 full-time warehouse staff, with 216 years total experience. • Their state-of-the-art warehouse equipment ensures efficiency,

staff safety and picking accuracy. • Over 500 containers arrive each year with internationally sourced products from global suppliers. Two full containers are unpacked every working day. • They have 3,650 pallet locations. Stacked end to end, this is taller than ten Sky Towers. • Real time inventory management ensures stock holding is accurate and up-to-date every minute of every day.

Italian restaurant a winning choice in Albany


special events such as Mothers Day and the Melbourne Cup. For Valentines Day, we offered a delicious three-course set menu, complimentary glass of champagne, candlelit dining, romantic live music, and an exclusive gift from L’Occitane. We also offer catering and event coordination for larger special occasions.

re you looking for somewhere to meet friends to eat, or a venue for a work function or special event? Local Italian eatery Caffe e Cucina is already a favourite local haunt for many – and they have now won a Golden Koru award. FYI talked to the Caffe e Cucina team. What is the philosophy behind Caffe e Cucina? The philosophy is to create the warm and inviting feel that you get from Italian cuisine, to show respect to fresh ingredients, to ancient recipes and to the spirit and belief of Italian food. What makes your menu special? Our dishes are created using the finest high quality ingredients and the best of modern Italian flavours. A lot of time and effort goes into the development and management of

the menu, ensuring variety and the greatest range of Italian dishes. The Ferrari red Italian wood-fired pizza oven produces the most sensational gourmet pizzas and we offer handmade pasta, mouth-watering steaks, delicious desserts and an extensive selection of international and NZ wines that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Tell us about your recent award. We won the People’s Choice award for Best Nationwide Social Meeting Venue. This award perfectly demonstrates the commitment we have to providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for people to come and meet with family and friends.

Who are the people on the team that make Caffe e Cucina such a great place? Slav Licina, owner and managing host, is an experienced restaurateur with 20 years in the industry. He says, “I want to create the same experience in my restaurant that I would create for guests in my home.” We also have an experienced and dedicated team of chefs and waiters, most of whom have been with us since the day we opened so share our values and commitment to producing a fantastic and welcoming restaurant.

What would you say to NHBA members thinking about dining at Caffe e Cucina? We provide an inviting, warm and sensational dining experience. Our stylish heated patio and bar is the perfect place to relax with a glass of vino and great company. We have a large comfortable dining area and our menu provides choice and flavour that will ensure you leave satisfied and eager to return. We also offer a loyalty card, with 25% off Monday to Friday lunch up to the value of $40. Caffe e Cucina is open Monday–Saturday from 7am until midnight, and on Sunday from 7am until 11pm, at 265 Albany Highway, North Harbour. Takeaways and out-catering are available. For reservations, phone 448 5195.

Are there any regular special events or occasions at Caffe e Cucina? We regularly have live music for



Transpower’s Wairau to Albany cabling work update


here has been good progress on Transpower’s electricity grid upgrade project since businesses were updated in February. An update on current works and possible disruptions is provided below: EXPECT DELAYS ON JACK HINTON DRIVE Trenching and ducting works are taking place near the sports clubrooms on Jack Hinton Drive until August. Traffic restrictions are in place around the worksite and drivers are advised to expect delays if they use this route. Access to the sports grounds will not be affected, although some car parks near the worksite will not be available while these works are underway. GEORGE PANNILL RESERVE Final trenching is currently being completed. Cable pulling is scheduled to start in late August and will take approximately four weeks to complete. BROOKFIELD AND NORTHWOOD RESERVES Cable trenching and ducting work is complete in Northwood Reserve and Brookfield Reserve, but the safety fencing will remain in place until the cable has been pulled through the ducts in August. Reinstatement of footpaths and grass will be carried out once all other work has been completed. ALBANY HIGHWAY Works to install cable ducts under Albany Highway is completed, although some works to resurface the Highway will be done during July. Weather permitting, to minimise traffic disruption, this work will be done during a single night shift. KRISTIN LANE WALKWAY Kristin Lane walkway reopened in May after all trenching and reinstatement work was completed. There will be a short disruption to Kristin Lane in early July, during resurfacing of the road between the entrance to George

Pannill Reserve and the walkway. This will take only a few hours during the day to minimise disruption to residents and motorists. PAVEMENT RESURFACING The pavements in Vanderbilt Parade and Stanford Crescent will be reinstated at the same time as the Kristin Lane works. JOINT BAY CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN The first two of five joint bays where the cable is pulled and connected have been constructed in George Pannill and Northwood reserves. Construction of the joint bay within the Rosedale Pony Club is underway, and the remaining joint bays in the Watercare property off Jack Hinton Drive, and next to the North Harbour Hockey Stadium, will get underway in July. NORTHERN BUSWAY Cable pulling continues in staggered work sites along the Northern Busway. Thirteen cables have been pulled through to date, and some resurfacing and reinstatement of the joint bays in the busway will continue in July and August. Traffic management controls are in place to minimise the impact on travellers. LANDSCAPING Reinstatement landscaping work is starting in some locations along the cable route. Nursery stock has been maturing in readiness and planting will start at Pinehurst School stormwater pond, Alexandra Stream Bridge, and the stream crossings in Northwood Reserve and Brookfield Park. The final landscaping reinstatement work is scheduled to take place once all the cables have been pulled after September, in areas including George Pannill Reserve and the remaining portions of Northwood Reserve and Brookfield Park. Further information on Transpower’s North Auckland and Northland grid upgrade project is available at or on

Upper Harbour Local Board endorses NHBA


ollowing the recent positive vote by NHBA members in favour of continuing the North Harbour Business Improvement District (BID), NHBA Chairman Warren Kitchin and General Manager Janine Brinsdon recently spoke at a meeting of the Upper Harbour Local Board (UHLB). They presented an update on the NHBA’s current activities, recent achievements and forward plans, ahead of the formal submission by Auckland Council of a request for the continuation of the North Harbour BID and the reestablishment of the targeted rate. This rate funds the range of services provided by the NHBA, including crime prevention, transport management, business/ economic development, and advocacy support on business issues, all of which directly benefit the local community, businesses, employees, students and visitors. Gill Plume and Claire Siddens of Auckland Council presented their report in support of the formal request on the BID continuation/targeted rate, which was resoundingly endorsed by the UHLB. The board acknowledged the efforts made by the NHBA to support business in the region in a challenging market environment. Warren says that significant work and achievements by the NHBA over recent years have created a real support structure for local economic development in North Harbour, and a foundation for connectivity with the council and central government. The next step is the formal signoff from Auckland Council on the establishment of the targeted rate for effect 1 July 2012. Check the next FYI or look online at for further news.



Community working together for safety North Harbour Business Association Crime Prevention Specialist Anna Crane is pleased to announce a new training initiative for the benefit of NHBA members.


he North Harbour Business Association, in partnership with a number of local companies, is proud to offer training on crime prevention topics. There will be eight topics covered over the next twelve months, including shoplifting, internal theft and personal safety. Credit card fraud is the first topic to be covered, with training sessions in August. Credit card fraud can be a major issue for businesses, and is often not detected until the damage is done. However, there are some practical steps that you can take to protect your business. Towards the end of August we will be running two local training days with a recognised expert in this field, at a minimal cost to members of $25 per person. Over the next month we will be supplying further information on this course and how you can register. In conjunction with Civil Defence, we are assessing the need for a Neighbourhood (Emergency) Response Plan for the North Harbour BID area. This plan would be activated in the case of an emergency, enabling support to be given to Civil Defence and other emergency services. It will also put in place a process for warnings and Anna Crane notifications to be sent to businesses, for a community incident control point to be established and, if required, the establishment of a welfare centre to help businesses and their staff. A well-written Neighbourhood (Emergency) Response Plan could be a very important tool to support local businesses at

a time of vulnerability. However, it will only be successful with assistance from you, our members. If you are interested in being involved in an emergency response plan, please contact Anna (anna.crane@ to register your interest. We would like to show our appreciation to Paul Elsom, owner of the Night ’N Day at Gull on Albany Highway, for his recent actions. Recently, Paul has personally managed to follow two sets of criminals who have driven off without paying for their petrol. His actions have resulted in the police arresting both sets of offenders, who will be charged with theft. The first incident happened about six weeks ago, when two females drove off with about $80 worth of petrol. They drove out through the entry and then picked up two male passengers. Paul managed to follow them to the Westfield mall car park, where they stopped to remove black tape that was obscuring the licence plates. Police arrived on the scene just as they were about to drive off again. The second time was on Friday 8 June, when a man left without paying for about $50 worth of petrol. Paul followed him down the new motorway until Paul Matthews Drive, then to the roads behind the Albany Mega Centre. He then noticed

NEIGHBOURHOOD (EMERGENCY) RESPONSE PLAN Register your interest now to be involved in developing a Neighbourhood (Emergency) Response Plan for the North Harbour BID area. Contact Anna on 968 2222 or 021 560 287, or email with your details.


Paul Elsom

Paul following him, and stopped to ask why. Paul explained that he was talking to the police, who were on their way. The man drove off, but was stopped just down the road by the police. Paul did everything right – he did not personally approach the offenders, but kept them in sight, trying to ensure they didn’t realise they were being followed until the arrival of police. As Paul says, he is an owner-operator, and the loss that he suffers from people driving off without paying has a major effect on his business, impacting directly on his profit margins. See the Crime Prevention section at www. for more information and upcoming events.

PREVENTING CREDIT CARD FRAUD If you would like to receive more information about this course, scheduled for late August, please contact Anna on 968 2222 or 021 560 287, or via email at


Protecting your business against crime At the NHBA Business Expo, visitors and exhibitors took the chance to learn from local experts about various aspects of crime prevention.

CCTV Presented by Chris Newton from Secom Guardall CCTV is a crime deterrent and supplies employee and customer protection. Recorded images can be used as evidence in the case of prosecution. It is important to have expectations. The best rule is that every camera should have a singular purpose, and that you are clear what this is and that it is realistic. Identify your key risks and work out the best way to protect. Ensure that your camera positioning is correct, not too high or too low, and that the right camera is used for the lighting (including allowing for the impact of harsh backlighting). Ensure that your recorded images are of high enough quality. There is a balance between quality and duration. However, if the quality is not sufficient there is no point in recording images. It is suggested that you ask to see a demo at that identified setting prior to buying. CRIME PREVENTION RELATIONSHIPS Presented by Anna Crane from the North Harbour Business Association By working together in partnership with a number of different organisations we can achieve a greater impact on crime. The NHBA works in partnership with Police, Auckland Council, security companies, Ministry of Justice and most importantly with the businesses (owners and staff) and property owners

in the North Harbour BID area. A key exclusive partnership is BIZwatch, which formalises the threeway relationship between Police, Auckland Council and the NHBA. To support this process, the NHBA employs a Crime Prevention Specialist who undertakes CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) analysis, distributes Crime Prevention Toolkits, provides training, and ensures the sharing of information with members. The Crime Prevention Specialist also manages the relationship with ICON, the current security provider for the NHBA.

In each issue of FYI, Senior Sergeant Mark Fergus will answer your questions relating to crime prevention and safety. If you would like to ask a question, please email crimeprevention@ I sometimes receive emails warning me of scams. How do I know if they are true? There are plenty of email hoaxes, scams and urban legends floating around with an air of truth about them. Many people forward them on in good faith, perpetuating the cycle, and at times causing unnecessary fear and concern. If you get any of these, politely thank the sender for their concern and let them know it’s a myth, much like the old chestnut that sandshoes on the power line mean there is a drug house in the area (they don’t, by the way!). Is it true that if you’re being forced to take money out of an ATM and you put your PIN in backwards, Police will be alerted to come and help you? No, you need to call 111 in the normal way! This idea was first discussed about twenty years ago, but was dismissed for a number of valid reasons. As Chuck Stones of the Kansas Bankers Association said in 2004: “I’m not sure anyone here could remember their PIN number backward with a gun to their head.” I received an email warning me about a scam where an ‘engineer’ phones your mobile and asks you to press #90 or #09. The email says they will then have access to your SIM card and be able to make calls at your expense. Is this true? This urban myth began as a genuine email from a police officer in England to his business and community contacts. It turned out to be a hoax, but has continued to spread years after the event.

SITE SECURITY Presented by John O’Reilly from SIS Ltd Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act, employers have a duty of care for those they employ and interact with. You need to consider situations such as staff working alone, and the possibility of members of the public walking onto your premises, even when closed. Processes for ensuring that a business undertakes its obligations in relation to OSH can often have a secondary benefit for general security and vice versa. Ensure that you take as many opportunities to enhance both at the same time, by thinking in broad terms.

I’ve been told that in New Plymouth gangs are trying innovative ways to get people to leave their cars when driving in remote locations. This includes placing a car seat by the road with a fake baby in it and waiting for a woman to stop and check on the abandoned baby, or throwing eggs at your windscreen at night, forcing you to stop. This particular one has been doing the rounds since 2009 and did not happen in New Plymouth or anywhere else in New Zealand. Regardless of the hoax, I advise everyone to always exercise caution when stopping in remote locations for any reason. If you get any of these emails, and are unsure, double-check that the information is valid by searching the internet before forwarding them to friends. A great website for checking is



Colliers International Colliers International is the largest commercial property firm in Australasia. Whether it’s leasing, sales, management or advisory services, their professional team can provide a seamless solution for all your commercial real estate needs. Their in-depth market knowledge can tell you where the market is going – not just where it has been. They can they help you make decisions with confidence, using a wealth of local market knowledge to help you achieve your goals. The Colliers International Office Leasing Team leads the country in market share of commercial property leased, while Colliers International Industrial is at the forefront of providing property solutions across New Zealand. Colliers Commercial and Investment Sales personnel specialise in the full range of selling services, including portfolio sales, auctions, development sites, and projects and investment sales. The Colliers National Retail team has been extremely successful in leasing a wide range of retail projects, from large-format developments to supermarket-based convenience centres, and from smaller-format lifestyle precincts to high street specialty/fashion retail. Colliers International takes a national ‘strategic’ view of the market, collating regional data to present proportionate investment opportunities to an identified national clientele. This approach has already proven to be successful for a number of syndication properties, notably Unitec Albany and 256 Albany Highway. Janet Marshall, Commercial Sales and Leasing Manager at Colliers International, says that metropolitan office vacancy has significantly tightened in the North Shore, dropping more than 3% to 9.2% in the year to March 2012. She advises that tenants should consider making a decision sooner rather than later. “Historically, this is the lowest vacancy since 2008,” she says. “The Albany/North Harbour precinct now records 9.3% vacancy, down from 13.3% in March last year.” Contact Janet on 488 4775 or 021 684 775, or at


A great place to call home for business

For those who moved in early, North Harbour held the promise of growth and a convenient, efficient place to do business. And with the area continuing to expand and thrive, that promise has been more than fulfilled.


orth Harbour is now home to a diverse range of organisations, from small owner-operator businesses to large corporates and education providers, as well as the best retail shopping on the North Shore. Property owners, tenants, residents and customers are all enjoying the ease and accessibility of living, working and shopping here. Those who invest in the area are positive about future prospects. FYI talked to Colliers International and Viranda Holdings, two property companies with experience in the North Harbour area, to find out what the market is up to. The North Harbour area is still growing apace, and property owners are investing in further development of existing properties. What is the attraction of the area for commercial property owners? Viranda: This area has seen a lot of activity over the last few years and predominantly services the North Shore and further north. The motorway upgrades have provided quick access further north and to the west. The limited supply of new business/industrial zoned areas has created demand from tenants to have their northern location in the North Harbour area.

Colliers: The attraction is the location and easy access to Albany and Western and Northern motorway links. Unitec is a prime example of a large tenant looking for an easy accessible location.

Colliers: Yes, the office vacancy level has dropped by 4% in North Harbour, with an increase of commercial sales volumes due to lower interest rates and banks lending up to 100%.

What do you think are the benefits of the North Harbour area for commercial tenants? Colliers: Excellent range of support services and businesses, from IT to printing and cafes, and competitive rentals. Good support and communication from North Harbour Business Association. Viranda: Less traffic, good workforce, safe area, less security, higher net worth residents, aesthetically pleasing, good motorway and traffic structures, and good public transport.

Is the current squeeze in the residential rental market being reflected in commercial property? Colliers: Although vacancy levels have dropped, there is still good choice for tenants and rents have not increased, although incentives may have lessened. Viranda: The first signs are being seen, but there are still a number of projects to be leased. Again, 6–12 months.

Residential property sales volumes are up for Auckland, while properties are in increasingly short supply – is this also occurring in commercial property? Viranda: Yes, but it will likely take another 6–12 months before the full impact is felt, and that will depend somewhat on the rate of NZ growth, which in turn will be affected by overseas growth factors in the US and Europe. Office space is oversupplied and will take twice that time to be absorbed.

The latest BNZ Business Confidence Survey alleges that business confidence has hit a 15-month low. What effect, if any, does this kind of reporting have on the commercial property market? Viranda: None. Property lead times are longer and the very strong indication is that businesses are starting to mobilise so as to capitalise on the growth potential that is undoubtedly there as the recovery takes hold. Business confidence surveys are emotional indications only, and the swings can be considerable and very swift. The entrepreneur anticipates changes effectively.


Colliers: This is not very helpful to businesses which do have confidence – perhaps they have downsized and have strategised on the way forward. Certainly, on the North Shore we have noticed an air of optimism and larger tenants making decisions. Design builds are on the increase and absorption of commercial space is noticeable. What advice do you have for local business owners thinking of buying their own commercial property, or for current owners thinking about expanding their portfolio? Colliers: A good investment in the long term. The opportunity has never been better: low interest rates, banks competing to lend and landlords looking to sell long term vacant premises. Viranda: Research the market carefully, analyse rental rates and square metre replacement costs and land area costs, and make the cleanest offer possible.

Viranda Holdings Ltd Viranda Holdings Ltd provides a complete advisory and management service for clients wishing to establish a successful commercial property investment portfolio. They employ substantial resources to maintain research about the commercial investment property market in New Zealand, comprising net leased commercial property with an occupying commercial tenant paying rental and outgoings. Viranda work with their clients to define the type of commercial property that will meet their requirements, and then search for and analyse properties that meet the agreed criteria. Drawing on 26 years’ experience in this market, Viranda has developed a number of guidelines that have contributed to their success. Their clients’ properties tend to be in prominent locations, and have often not been previously exposed to the market. They have potential long-term cash flows from successful tenants, who pay all property outgoings while owners enjoy net rental incomes and capital gain. Viranda generally seeks commercial property with net yields between 7.0 and 9.5%. Properties yielding less than 7.0% generally (but not always) reflect a hyped market where

developers or vendors try to gain a higher price, creating the risk of flat returns and lower growth. Yields over 8.5% almost invariably indicate at least one weak characteristic such as tenancy profile, initial over-rental, or location, although in the current flatter market some higher yielding deals can be found and are attractive. Once a property is purchased, clients can choose to utilise Viranda’s on-going property management services, which are tax deductible and under modern leases is progressively paid for by the occupying tenants. This covers the whole range of property management services including property management, rental reviews, lease renewals and maintenance and tenancy management. Contact Viranda Holdings Directors Andrew Guest or Mark Bridgman on 486 1761.

Modernised premises enhance customers’ experience Hot Spring Spas have undertaken a major extension and refit of their premises at 35 William Pickering Drive. Owner Dale Paretovich says that in 1996, they were one of the first companies to move into the area. Then, you could look out the window and see rabbits in the grass, and horses grazing. Since then, the area has grown exponentially, and now their view is entirely different – in a positive way. Initially, the space incorporated a training showroom for sales staff from around the country. As the surrounding area boomed, and the Megacentre and Westfield mall opened, the Albany Hot Spring Spas showroom became the most successful in Australasia, and focused entirely on customer sales. Due to difficulties finding management staff, the company has now moved more of their manufacturing offshore, to Mexico and California (where the spa components have always been made, to high quality standards). Dale says that although this hasn’t been a cost-saving exercise, they now benefit from more time to focus on sales and marketing in New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

Reducing manufacturing space by half has also freed up space for retail activities. The remodelling has tripled their showroom size, providing a premium experience for customers. As well as in spacious showrooms, they can see spas outside, as they would be in the home environment. The modernised premises are inviting, with glass verandas and welldesigned lighting. Dale says that although they considered Wairau Park as an option in 1996, he’s glad

they invested in the North Harbour area. “The parking is easy, and everything you need is here,” he says. “It’s really become the shopping area for the North Shore.” Dale says they are also looking for likeminded tenants, with retail as a significant part of their business, for three showroom warehouses. The aim is to continue, and extend, the high-end, destination shopping experience that customers are now enjoying at Hot Spring Spas.



BNZ Partners right behind New Zealand business On behalf of BNZ, as a Gold Sponsor of the North Harbour Business Association, we’re delighted to continue our support of the North Shore’s diverse business community.

Trade Colour Print – top quality printing services Situated in the heart of Albany Industrial Estate, Trade Colour Print are well positioned to facilitate the print needs of local business houses, as well as the wider Auckland business community. As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, we’re proud to say we’ve worked alongside the wider New Zealand business landscape since our inception, and we plan to continue doing so. Now, more than ever, the business community needs a partner that understands the business, and can help it through the economic ups and downs that may come our way. Our BNZ Partners Centre North Shore opened in 2009, and is part of a nationwide network of 32 world class centres across the breadth of the country. Our Partners Centre is a unique approach to business banking, unrivalled on the Shore, and around the country. Through our centre we are able to offer our clients, and NHBA members, fully serviced, high tech facilities free of charge. Services include WiFi, phone and video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, complimentary refreshments, catering, and lounge areas with Sky TV. This means that local businesses who cannot afford to invest capital in front office operations, or those who wish to use the capital to invest in other aspects of their business, can use our centre as “their local place” to hold meetings and workshops, interview potential employees, or give presentations to customers, suppliers and potential investors. Our team at Constellation Drive cover a range of specialised areas, and are empowered to make quick decisions for all situations. This means they can make on the spot decisions for business, with a truly on the ground understanding of the local environment. Whether it’s franchise, real estate or everyday financial advice, our local team of specialists make the effort to understand our customers’ financial requirements, firsthand. To find out how we can help with your success, visit us today at 61 Constellation Drive, Candida Office Park, Level 3, Building 1, or call us on 09 415 3942. Richard Ede, Managing Partner, BNZ Partners North Shore.

Regardless of whether you are a small business owner or head of a non profit group, printing is vital to the success of your organisation. Trade Colour Print can produce a broad spectrum of printed material – from everyday items such as business cards, letterheads, brochures, booklets and forms, through to high-end promotional material, packaging and signage, as well as projects requiring die-cutting, foiling or embossing. For those looking for high quality, high colour offset or digital print, including short run or on-demand jobs, Trade Colour Print should be your first stop. Their dedicated, experienced staff pride themselves on providing a professional, top quality result on every order, no matter how big or small. With a five-colour Komori press, a one-colour press with numbering and perforating unit, and an experienced hand finishing team, Trade Colour Print will quickly earn your confidence on any project, small or large. Visitors to the NHBA Business Expo in May will have seen the Trade Colour Print stand, where one attendee won a prize of 500 business cards. NHBA members still have the opportunity to win with Trade Colour Print – see below for their exclusive special offers.

Trade Colour Print Gold Sponsor offer to all NHBA members Trade Colour Print is pleased to continue their Gold Sponsor offer for all North Harbour Business Association members: a 10% discount off every printing job, irrespective of value. They are also offering free business cards for new clients (with artwork file supplied). Talk to John or Kevin at Trade Colour Print to take advantage of these great offers. You can contact them on 448 5820, email, or visit their website at

trade colour print

CONTACT US PO Box 303 126, North Harbour 0752 I Mobile: 021 212 4942 I Phone: (09) 968 2222 Email: I Web:

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