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INSIDE Issue 15 DECEMBER 2011 2-3 Events A look back at 2011, Christmas After Five, Business Luncheon with Len Brown. 4-5 Retrospective The NHBA’s major achievements in 2011, what’s ahead for 2012. 6-7 Vote Yes Again in 2012 Everything you need to know about the re-poll. 8-9 Sponsors and reports Sponsors for 2012, holiday security advice and the Albany Highway upgrade

SAVE THE DATE Business Luncheon with Len Brown 10 February 2012 1pm-2.30pm at the North Shore Golf Club. See page 3 for details.

Show your support After four years managing the North Harbour Business Improvement District (BID), the North Harbour Business Association is now required to reconfirm our operating mandate. We’ll be doing this through a ballot of property owners and businesses within the BID area during the first quarter of 2012. A vote in support of the continuation of the BID ensures the programmes and initiatives we’ve implemented during our first term remain and continue to improve, directly benefiting property owners, business owners, employees, students and visitors to the area.

YES to a strong business community that benefits from efficient access, low crime rates and economic growth. YES to a strong, collective voice and effective representation on many issues including local and central government initiatives and policies, crime prevention and transport management. YES to strong local relationships that encourage innovation, significant business connections, and partnerships across industry and education sectors.

In this issue of FYI you’ll find details of how the process works and our achievements so far, as well as our plans for 2012 and beyond. Or you can go online to our dedicated web page

Wishing you a merry Christmas & a prosperous New Year Thank you for choosing to have your business in the North Harbour area and we look forward to supporting you in 2012.

Enjoy the holidays!

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Assorted guests at events during 2011 1-10: Empowering Better Business Expo and Business After Five event, April 14, Kristin School; 11-15: Business Breakfast with Graeme Avery, April 19, North Shore Golf Club; 16-20: Business After Five hosted by Kea Campers, May 26; 21-25: Business Breakfast with Mark Hawthorne, June 14, North Shore Golf Club; 26-30: Business Breakfast with Don Brash, August 5, North Harbour Stadium; 31-35: Business After Five hosted by Unitec, August 25; 36-40: Business Breakfast with Dr Lester Levy, September 20, North Shore Golf Club;

2 • FYI DECEMBER 2011 •

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ith Christmas just around the corner the North Harbour Business Association held its final event for 2011 at the North Shore Golf Club. Members gathered in the sunshine for some festive networking fuelled by a couple

of drinks and some delicious nibbles. It was also the perfect opportunity to thank the businesses that had sponsored the NHBA throughout 2011 and welcome those who signed as Gold Sponsors for 2012. The impending holiday period wasn’t the only topic of discussion. After a sometimes

difficult year, businesses are now starting to look forward to 2012 and the opportunities it will bring. Keep an eye on for more details on the NHBA’s 2012 events schedule, including the Business Luncheon with Len Brown on February 10.



SAVE THE DATE As the first mayor of the Auckland Supercity, Len Brown doesn’t need a lot of introduction. He’s had a busy 18 months that have included the release firstly of the Auckland Plan discussion document, and then the draft Auckland Plan itself, and there’s still plenty to be done. At the NHBA’s first business event of the year, Len Brown will give us an update on the new council’s achievements and challenges to date, as well as major developments for the city going forward. When: Friday February 10, 1pm-2.30pm Where: North Shore Golf Club, Appleby Road Cost: Free to NHBA members and associate members (one complimentary ticket per business additional guests $25 each). Email to register.

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This event is proudly sponsored by: • FYI DECEMBER 2011 • 3


What a year

The North Harbour Business Association’s core focus is on encouraging growth, efficiency and innovation in the North Harbour Industrial Estate. Over the past year there have been many achievements towards this end – in many ways it’s been a successful 2011! We welcomed a new executive team, forged valuable relationships, launched several new initiatives, attracted even higher attendance at our events and sourced external funding to expand our programmes. TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT Our vision is for the North Harbour area to be a vibrant commercial district with superior transport accessibility. To do this, the NHBA has focused on increasing its advocacy and representational role, constantly liaising with key partners such as MAXX and Auckland Transport. These relationships have proved especially effective when dealing with projects such as the Albany Highway upgrade; with the NHBA advising the project team of business concerns and needs, as well as being the source of information and updates for local businesses. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2011: • Transport Resource Pack: Working in partnerships with Auckland Transport, the NHBA developed, launched and began distributing the first NHBA Transport Resource Pack. It is a collection of products and resources that we believe people who own businesses, work or study in the North Harbour area will be able to use in their daily commute. A key component is the North Harbour Transport Guide, a comprehensive map that highlights public transport travel information, carpooling, traffic cameras, safe walking and cycling tracks, and other commuting options. The Pack is free to all NHBA members. • More people than ever have been able to give public transport a try through free trials. • CarpoolNow reached 220 registered users, one of the fastest growing ridessharing schemes in the country.

4 • FYI DECEMBER 2011 •

CRIME PREVENTION • In December 2010 the NHBA secured a Ministry of Justice grant of $181,000 for a 30-month period in order to support the Association’s work in crime prevention. This has allowed us to provide you with the services of a full-time Crime Prevention Specialist. • The NHBA is one of only a handful of business associations across the country to receive such a grant, and the only one charged with developing a Crime Prevention Tool Kit. HIGHLIGHTS IN 2011 • Crime Prevention Tool Kit: This resource pack was launched in September to glowing praise from Auckland Mayor Len Brown and Waitemata District Commander Superintendant Bill Searle. Consisting of a forensic property marking product, signage, crime prevention information sheets, about 700 of the packs have been distributed free to members, with another 600 due to go out in the first half of 2012. • 139 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design surveys completed. • Strengthened relationships within BIZWatch. This formalisation of the relationship between NHBA, New Zealand Police, Auckland Council and key community groups provides a clear reporting structure and facilitates the sharing of key information, as well as the co-ordination of crime prevention initiatives. • Increased crime prevention processes, knowlege and awareness.

COMMUNICATIONS The NHBA has worked hard to create open communication lines with members, as well as provide opportunities for members to communicate with the business community and consumers. It’s a matter of improving the access and awareness of our programmes, advocacy efforts and the benefits for our members. • We launched our new website at www. in September, making it cleaner, easier to navigate and more interactive. It also gives members the opportunity of reaching the 15,000 consumers within the North Harbour BID area through promoting business or consumer vouchers. • In March we employed the services of an external editor for the FYI magazine and other quality communications. EVENTS There has been a substantial increase in the number of people attending the array of NHBA events over the year. Our Business Breakfast events have attracted quality keynote speakers such as Graeme Avery, Don Brash and Rob Fyfe, while our Business After Five networking events have been hosted by interesting businesses such as EasiYo, Unitec, Zero Down and Kea Campers. 2011 also saw the launch of the Empowering Better Business Expo. It was a great opportunity for North Harbour businesses to increase their profile within their local community and beyond.


2012 and beyond

A new year brings new goals and strengthened commitment. The NHBA has some exciting plans for the next two years – plans that will directly benefit local businesses, their employees, students and customers. ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT • Maintain the benefits delivered through economies of scale by growing the NHBA membership base and services. This will be done through polling and inducting new members on the eastern side of the Northern Motorway and attracting associate members from adjacent areas in the north and west sections of Auckland. • Extend our key programme funding lines in the Transport Management and Crime Prevention areas so that we can attract and retain personnel resources, as well as achieve or exceed our planned outcomes. • Complete regular assessments of our programmes’ performance and key personnel, in order to ensure we deliver excellent service and continue to improve. • We will look to attract and retain experienced Executive Committee Board members from a broad range of industry backgrounds, so that we can provide effective representation, input, governance and support for the NHBA’s executive team. • Develop effective linkages to relevant special interest groups, including other not-for-profit organisations.

Development objectives 2011-2013 ADVOCACY AND REPRESENTATION • Provide an effective voice for members through a knowledge base of local activities and issues. • Develop and maintain contacts with key stakeholders including members, special interest groups and local and central government. • Advocate on our members’ behalf in our core programme areas: transport access, better parking management, crime prevention initiatives, development and maintenance of local infrastructure and public services, improved public recreational facilities and enhanced commercial and public transport links between the North Shore and the CBD/ Southern Auckland.

ACTIVITIES AND MEMBER SERVICES • Develop and maintain structured connections to members, key stakeholders and special interest groups. • Create, promote and deliver regular member events with quality speakers and informative content, while also providing effective networking opportunities. • Develop innovative member service programmes and funding lines. • Attract and retain sponsorship for events and services programmes. • Establish further member services around building their business capabilities, in order to help them expand, increase their profits, achieve economies of scale and develop export operations. Business Plan

June 2012 and June 2013

You can find out more about our plans and commitments to you by downloading the NHBA Business Plan at









Get in contact

If you have comments on anything in here, or would like to see your business profiled, give us a call. Editor of FYI: Ellie van Baaren General Manager: Janine Brinsdon

021 774 831 09 968 2222

021 212 4942

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Vote Yes Again in 2012 The North Harbour BID Re-poll In 2008 the North Harbour Industrial Estate was established as a Business Improvement District (BID) funded by a targeted rate managed by the North Harbour Business Association.

In 2012, Auckland Council requires that we reconfirm our operating mandate by a ballot of property owners and businesses within the North Harbour BID area. Your vote of support will ensure the services and initiatives the NHBA has delivered over the past four years continue to develop and improve. WHAT IS A BID? BIDs have been used internationally to promote local development since the first one started in Toronto in 1970. There are currently 48 BIDS within the Auckland Supercity structure. A BID provides a partnership between local government, the business community and other stakeholders. For the NHBA these local stakeholders include the NZ Police, Auckland Transport, and Council Controlled Organisations.

WHAT IS THE BID AREA? Commercially-zoned properties in the red-zoned area on the map below are all members of the North Harbour BID. The current area is bounded by Rosedale Road to the north, State Highway 1 to the east, Upper Harbour Highway to the south and Albany Highway to the west. This area captures some 1300 businesses and commercial organisations that, together, employ more than 13,000 people. HOW DOES THE NHBA WORK? The NHBA is a not-for-profit organisation run by and for its members. The Association’s Executive Committee comprises up to 12 elected local business people and is responsible for its governance and strategic direction. The committee meets once a month.

A general manager is employed alongside associated project specialists – such as the Transport Projects Manager and the Crime Prevention Specialist – to take care of operational and project delivery. WHY VOTE YES AGAIN? The continuation of the BID operational mandate in the North Harbour Industrial Estate is essential to ensure the further development of the programmes and initiatives that the NHBA has put in place. What does that mean to you? There are many advantages to being part of the North Harbour BID, including:

6 • FYI DECEMBER 2011 •

A strong business community that benefits from efficient access, low crime rates and economic growth. Continued focus on crime prevention, with lower crime rates and cheaper insurance premiums. Next project: set up a Twitter-based warning system. Co-ordination of all parties affected by key “Traffic Events” – such as the road widening of Old Albany Highway in 2012 – to minimise impacts on our community. More free events with quality keynote speakers and effective networking opportunities. Increased access to business capability training and support. Continued collective representation and liaison with Auckland Council, the Upper Harbour Local Board, New Zealand Police, Auckland Transport, and other government and business stakeholders. A business community that attracts and retains quality staff and customers.


Income 2012

Expenditure 2012

Member Targeted Rate


E xternal Programme Grants

Events and Communications






BID Ballot

Crime Prevention

Office Premises IT/Communications

BUDGETS FOR 2012 AND 2013 About 60 per cent of the NHBA’s funding comes from the targeted rate collected from commercially zoned properties in the BID area. The rest comes from external sources and is usually earmarked for specific projects in the areas such as Transport Management and Crime Prevention. The graphs for 2012 show the funding source and where it is being spent in order to deliver on the progammes that the NHBA has put in place over the past four years. HOW IT WORKS All property owners and businesses in the North Harbour BID area get a chance to vote through a postal ballot in the New Year. • December 2011 and January 2012 The BID renewal information will be available online through nz/VoteYesAgain and a hard copy will be distributed to all eligible voters on or before 31 January 2012. • February 2012 Voters will receive a ballot paper inviting them to vote by post for or against the continuation of the BID. Ballot papers must be returned by 9 March 2012. Full details will be available at www.nhba.

The NHBA Executive Committee and team (from left) Back row: Janine Brinsdon (GM), Geoff Ashenden, Les Probert, Richard Ede, Graham Boult, Warren Kitchin. Front row: Viv Scott, Brenden Rolston, Brent Jones, Sue Kohn-Taylor (Transport Projects Manager). Absent: Executive Committee members Jenny Watson and Kevin Moore.

If you have any questions about the ballot process or BIDs in general, you can contact Gill Plume 486 8585 ext 7218, or Claire Siddens on 486 8585 ext 8598,

• June 2012 Based on a positive re-poll of members, the North Harbour BID will continue to receive its core targeted rate funding. This allows the NHBA to deliver its Business Plan and to continue working for you. There will be two public meetings during this process. Details and all other updates on the voting process will be announced closer to the time on • FYI DECEMBER 2011 • 7


Security in the Christmas break North Shore Police have conducted an analysis over the past five years regarding crime prevention during the Christmas and New Year period. They have asked us to communicate the following advice to our Business Association members. Collectively, we want make sure that 2012 commences positively for you. Following this simple advice will assist with the protection of your staff and premises over the next few weeks.

In the rush to leave for the holidays, it is easy to overlook the seemingly obvious actions. Saturday and Sunday are the main risk days, with Tuesday also featuring, but criminals will strike at any opportunity. We can have a greater impact on crime in our area by working together. A pro-active approach is always the best option so please remind your staff of the following points: 1. Insecure business premises are the main target for burglars at this location/time of year. a. Ensure all doors, windows and points of entry are secure. b. Set and check alarms. c. Remove all computers and valuable items from external view. Opportunist

offenders have targeted these items previously by smashing the window and reaching through to remove the property. 2. Report suspicious behaviour to the Police immediately, even if you are unsure if the matter needs Police attention. Let the Police decide on the relevance of the information, your contribution may be the missing piece of a large puzzle. 3. Christmas time brings with it a lot of joy, but also a lot of tension. Be aware of signs of domestic violence in your colleagues and employees and help them out where you can by talking with them or making a confidential report to the Police. Thank you for your time and action.

March 2012 start for Albany Highway upgrade


ork is expected to start in March 2012 on this 4km stretch of the old Albany Highway between the Upper Harbour Motorway (SH18) and Dairy Flat Highway (SH17) so it’s time to have a think about how you travel to work, especially if you drive in by yourself. About 15,000 vehicles, as well as cyclists and pedestrians, use Albany Highway every day, so an upgrade of the highway is essential for reducing congestion, improving safety for all road users (including the area’s 5,000 school students) and encouraging the use of all modes of transport.   Technical details are currently being added to the design, which involves surveying and digging small pilot trenches, an essential step before construction can begin. Generally, there has been positive feedback through the submission process for the Notice of Requirement to designate land for the



Cycleway Bern


8 • FYI DECEMBER 2011 •



upgrade. However, Auckland Transport is working on a couple of queries raised during submissions, and hearings will be held on 5-6 December. Auckland Council will notify its decision after the hearings and an appeal period may follow. Now is the time to start planning and practising what you will do to help minimise disruption. Auckland Transport recommends catching a bus, carpooling, walking or cycling if it’s at all possible. Even if it’s just a couple of times a week. RESOURCES: • for traffic updates • to view real time traffic cameras in the North Harbour area, including the Albany Highway intersections with Bush and Rosedale roads • for ridesharing and NHBA’s ‘Guaranteed Ride Home’ service




Cycleway Bern



Thank you to our 2011 sponsors We would like to acknowledge the support of our Gold Sponsors for the 2011. Thank you for helping make the North Harbour Business Association’s programmes possible.

BNZ Partners

Coverstaff Recruitment

ILG Insurance

North Shore Golf Club

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Speedy Signs

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Vision Accounting Solutions Ltd

Welcome to our 2012 sponsors We’re happy to welcome back several of our 2011 sponsors for another year, as well as a couple of new businesses. BNZ Partners More than just a bank, BNZ Partners Business Centre in Constellation Drive provides clients with meeting rooms, good coffee and internet – an office away from the office. The advice of a melting pot of experts is also available, all of which is aimed at better serving the business owners in the local area. Ph: 415 3942 Web: Coverstaff Recruitment This committed team provides temporary and permanent candidates across a vast employment and client base, including specialised recruitment for engineering projects, large requirements at short notice for events, business start-ups, relocations and business closures. Ph: 415 7160 Web: Davenports Harbour Lawyers This innovative, friendly and client-focused law firm specialises in general commercial, franchising and trust law. The business was established in 2000 by Derek Dallow and Tony Kermode. Ph: 915 4380 Web:

Secom Guardall Offering a comprehensive range of security alarms, CCTV and access control solutions, Secom Guardall provides businesses with peace of mind. They provide complete design, installation and maintenance services for the corporate and commercial sectors. Ph: 0800 007 100 Web: ILG An integrated financial practice, ILG consists of a traditional financial, investment and retirement planning consultancy, a fire & general insurance broking business and a finance company. It is also the home of “North Shorence” a package specifically designed for businesses based on the North Shore that recognises the area’s lower crime rates. Ph: 448 2092 Web: North Shore Golf Club Located on the upper fringes of the Waitemata Harbour, the North Shore Golf Club features a picturesque course of 27 treelined holes that offers players the option of three different 18-hole layouts. It is also a popular events venue, including for many NHBA events. Ph: 415 9924 Web: Speedy Signs The Albany franchise of this internationally successful brand uses the latest technology and highest quality products to produce custom signage for businesses. They can custom-make any type of sign for your

business, coming to your location to answer your signage questions and they offer free quotes on all jobs. Ph: 414 5220 Web: The Caterers The owners of Columbus Coffee on William Pickering Drive have taken advantage of their burgeoning reputation for good food to start up a new brand called The Caterers. Supplying everything from muffins for meetings through to a full lunch or dinner, this new brand offers Albany businesses a local and deliciously customised option. Ph: 414 4494 Web: (coming soon!) Vision Accounting Solutions Ltd These are not your usual accountants. While they are dedicated to meeting their clients’ financial, taxation and accounting requirements, they also look beyond the numbers. They form lasting partnerships with their clients, enabling them to understand unique situations and customise their assistance to your needs. Ph: 415 0319 Web: All of our Gold Sponsors for 2012 have devised a special member offer that will be released in the New Year. You can find out more at If you’re interested in being a Gold Sponsor contact General Manager Janine Brinsdon on or 968 2222. • FYI DECEMBER 2011 • 9

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