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Biking in Iceland Bike Company was founded in 2011 by four cyclists. We are all experienced city and highland bikers that have travelled the country on trail for years. For the past 10 years we have organized popular 3-4 day biking tours around the highlands of Iceland. Cycling is our passion and these tours sparked the idea of the Bike Company. Adventurous biking is our main interests. Mountain biking is a favourite, ranging from narrow tracks right outside Reykjavik to the desolated sands in the highlands. We have various experiences with other outdoor sports, ranging from guiding glacial tours to rock climbing and hiking. Our friendship bonded through our volunteer work- all of us are experienced rescue team workers, who have through years been in search and rescue operations around the country. We know the country like the back of our hand and we want to let you in on the experience of a lifetime! Through the years we have taken bike tours together, experiencing the stunning landscape Iceland has to offer. Now we want to let you in on the fun! We

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love meeting new people from all parts of the world. Our goal is to offer you a high quality unforgettable experience! We will bring you into an adventurous journey that you will never forget. We will take you through remote sheep trails, hiking trails, highland roads and beautiful rumbling lava fields with the wilderness at your side. Our highland tours offer you days surrounded with stunning nature such as waterfalls, lagoons, muddy glacial rivers, volcanic canyons and caves, hot springs and rivers and for those interested- bathing in natural outdoor pools and brooks. YES, Iceland is the largest playground in the north for bike lovers! Iceland has great potential to become a popular destination for moutainbiking enthusiasts. We can take you to see nature at it´s best. Our guides are welcoming and enthusiastic and all share one interest- the love of biking. We offer you adventure, breathtaking nature and wildlife like you have never seen it! Incredible mountainbike trails await you.

“Our adventure was so fantastic, my spouse is already talking about how he wants to hire the Bike Company for a multi-day mountain bike adventure in Iceland for his birthday. I must say we truly cannot wait to visit again and take a tour with the Bike Company!!� / +354 590 8550


Renting bikes and accessories We always ask ourselves a simple question: What kind of bikes and equipment would we want if we were the customers? The answer reflects our standards: Simply the best. Therefore we are in collaberation with Örnin, Iceland’s largest bicycle store and licensed distributor for Trek bikes in Iceland. Bike Company offers a huge selection of 2013 and 2014 model Trek rental bikes including cruisers, mountain bikes, and road bikes! We offer bikes for both sexes, as well as children‘s bikes and child seats. Included in all bike rentals are helmets and locks. We rent touring bikes with a variety of accessories tailored for our customers needs, i.e. cargo trailer, luggage racks, panniers, bike tools and more. Time duration of rentals are worked out according to our customers needs. We place great emphasis on cyclists safety and all bikes are regularly maintained. All customers receive a contact telephone number if assistance is needed on the go. Our employees are professional and outgoing- always ready to offer assistance and guidance. We are stationed at various locations in the capital Reykjavik and around the country. We offer high quality bikes ideal for experiencing the beautiful landscape of Iceland on the go!

the Bikes...

Trek 3500 This is your weekend trail bike, your workday commuter, or both. Versatility, great suspension, smart spec… Duration Five hours One day (24h) Two days Three days or more


3.500 4.900 8.800 3.900

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Trek X-Caliber 29” The X-Caliber is a new bike for 2014. We have been asked a lot for a 29″ bike so finally here it is.

4.900 ISK 7.100 ISK 12.000 ISK 5.200 ISK*

Trek DS 8.2 Trek 8.2 DS is the perfect touring bike if you for example doing the ring road. With 29″ narrow tires it´s an excellent bike on the asphalt. 3.500 4.900 8.800 3.900


Trek Shift 2.0 This is a relaxed comfort bike and it’s such a fun, easy, confidence-inspiring way to get active, it’ll have you inventing reasons to get out and ride. 3.500 4.900 8.800 3.900


* Per day

Biking with family and friends Biking is a great team building activity! If you are a company, association or simply a group of family or friends looking for an adventure togetherjoin us for a cycling journey! We offer day trips for groups of up to 50 bikers. Many of our popular group tours are through the heart of the capital, Reykjavik. Biking is an ideal way to explore Reykjavik and vicinity, offering endless possibilities of seeing the city in a new light. We also welcome groups to take an unforgetable journey with us outside the city to see the stunning portrait of the island of extremes. Other popular day tours for groups are to the beautiful Nature Reserve Heidmork, tours to the Blue Lagoon and the famous hot spring area Geysir. Here in the far north lie many of Europe’s largest glaciers cozied up to some of the continent’s most vibrant volcanic springs. In our tours groups will get a chance to experience roaring waterfalls, mysterious volcanos and rugged beautiful lava fields. Join us to experience Iceland - the natural beauty crafted by the union of fire and ice! / +354 590 8550


Discover Reykjavík on bike Bike Company offers a variety of tours around Reykjavik and it´s vicinity. Biking is an ideal way to learn about the history of Reykjavik and experience the nature and culture the city has to offer. Our tours include the main sights around the city as well as beautiful views of the city, often missed by city dwellers. Our city tours are easy level and suitable for all ages.

Downtown Reykjavik

Our classic route takes you through the old town of Reykjavik, starting from the tower of Hallgrimskirkja. We head downtown, to the sea and the gleeming new Harpamusic hall and from there out to the West-side where we visit one of the most interesting places in Reykavik – the old cemetary. On our way we stop at numerous interesting places, i.e. the house of parliament, the city hall etc.

Distance: 9 km Duration: 2-3 hours Departure: Everyday at 11:00 Operating season: May-September Terrain: Paved bike paths and city streets Included: City bike and a helmet. Minimum: 2 participants

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Grade: Easy

Magic at midnight

We offer a wonderful summer midnight tour, called Magic at Midnight, letting cyclists enjoy Iceland’s renowned midnight sun. This spectacular site of the sun wavering in the middle of a ravishing red sky is a natural phenomenon occurring only in the summer months in Iceland. This is an easy level tour that begins in the heart of downtown Reykjavík and takes us to Grótta, the beautiful coastline located at tip of Seltjarnarnes peninsula.

Distance: 13 km Duration: 2-3 hours Departure: Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat. at 22:00 Operating season: June-August Terrain: Paved bike paths and city streets Included: City bike and a helmet. Minimum: 3 participants Price:

6.900 ISK

Grade: Easy


6.900 ISK

Reykjavik Panorama

This is one of our longest tour of Reykjavik and it offers a chance to see the natural side of the city, which is often overlooked by vistors. The tour is hilly and some will find it difficult. We leave the city-centre behind and cycle through Laugadalur valley, a beautiful park in the heart of Reykjavik. We then head to Elliðaár-valley, a gorgous valley where two salmon rivers run side by side through the city. Here you will find a peaceful area with rivers, waterfalls and lava formations. We then head to Elliðaár-lake and inspect the brand new suburbs built during the boom-years of the Icelandic economy. To finish the tour off we will go for a relaxing to one of Reykjavik’s heated swimming pools, with hot tubs and saunas. Admission to the pool is included in the price.

Distance: 35 km Duration: 6-7 hours Departure: Mon. Wed. Fri. at 09:00 Operating season: June-August Terrain: Paved bike paths and city streets Included: City bike and a helmet, lunch and admission to a swimmingpool Minimum: 3 participants

1 2 3 4 5

Grade: Easy

Bike tour around Videy Island

Distance: 10 km Duration: 6 hours Departure: Mon. Wed. Fri. at 10:00 Operating season: June-August Terrain: Paved bike paths and city streets Included: City bike and a helmet and a lunch Minimum: 3 participants


17.500 ISK

NEW 2014!

Videy, a beautiful uninhabited island near Reykjavik, was an active volcano two million years ago. The island is renowned for it’s birdlife, spectacular rock formations and one of the oldest monestaries in the country, founded in 1225. One of the few landmarks on the island is the Imagine Peace Tower, a beautiful tribute to world peace, made by the artist and musician Yoko Ono. On this tour, we bike from the Bike Company office in Bankastraeti, downtown Reykjavik through the oldest area of the city to the harbour, where we sail to Videy Island (approx. 20 mín.). In Videy, we bike on gravel roads this old and peaceful island, learning about it’s history and nature. At the end of the tour we will enjoy a meal at the old Videy House, a beautiful restaurant now owned by the National Museum of Iceland.

1 2 3 4 5

Grade: Moderate


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Trip overview: Distance: 29 km Duration: 6-8 hours Departure: Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:00 Operating season: May-October Terrain: Singletrack trails and gravel roads Included: Mountain bike and helmet, admisson to Powerplant, Lunch bag and hotel pickup. Minimum: 2 participants Price: 1 2 3 4 5

Grade: Challenging

29.800 ISK

Hengill Volcano Singletrack Hengill is a volcano that lies in Iceland’s western volcanic belt, last erupting two thousand years ago.The area surrounding the volcano is mystical and unforgetable. It is a combination of rolling hills and mossy lava fields with hot springs and steaming fumaroles- an amazing experience awaits you! The tour begins with a stop at the Hellisheidi power plant were you will learn about the unique Hengill area before our journey begins. The plant offers a high quality multimedia exhibition about the utilization of Iceland’s natural hot water resources. The exhibition provides detailed information about the history, wildlife and various activities the Hengill area has to offer visitors. The exhibition also provides information about the processing plant and power utilization in the Hengill area. Staff at the exhibition will provide answers to your questions and ensure that your visit is educational and enjoyable!

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The journey begins by cycling along Skarðsmýrarfjall mountain and into Fremstadal valley- riding a couple of times though the Hengladalsá valley river. Our destination is Klambragil, a ravine where we will take a break from biking and relax in an outdoor naturally heated brook- one of the stunning sites of nature Iceland has to offer. We then continue cycling, riding along Ölkelduhnjúk mountain on a single track trail. The landscape along this trail is magnificent- you will be surrounded by lava fields and hot springs. We cycle down Reykjadalur valley to the village of Hveragerdi. This area is renownded for it’s hot springs and beautiful natural warm rivers and swimming pools, which bikers can relax and bathe in at the end of our tour. This tour offers an unforgetable journey to one of the most breathtaking areas of Iceland. Remember to take your bathing suite for those of you interested in relaxing in a beautiful hot brook or taking a swim in a swimming pool.

Blue Lagoon bike tour Join us for a tour of the “steamy peninsula“ Reykjanes, located on the southwestern tip of Iceland. This lunar landscape with craters and hot springs will leave a strong impression!

cycling to the fishing village Grindavik. We cycle to Hópsnes, a beautiful cape with lighthouses, shipwreks and pounding waves. This coastline is home to vast birdlife.

We pick up our cyclists at a Reykjavik hotel and drive to the famous Blue Lagoon. Our journey begins by cycling from the lagoon through gently rolling terrains with a magnificent, mountainous panorama view. We cycle to Eldvörp, a row of craters northwest of the village Grindavik. These stunning craters were formed in the Reykjanes Fires 1210-1240 AD in the Svartsengi volcanic system. This unforgettable area was used by the Apollo flight crew to practice moon walking. This beautiful landscape with craters and lava is one of a kind! Steam can be seen flowing from one crater, the temperature inside measuring around 80° C. We continue

Our tour ends with a swim in the Blue Lagoon, a great way to end a wonderful day of cycling! This famous lagoon is made of warm geothermal seawater with natural active ingredients; mineral salts, silica and blue green algae. The lagoon has been voted the best medical spa worldwide and has for years been awarded the Blue Flag environmental recognition granted to natural beaches. After unwinding in the lagoon we drive our cyclists back to Reykjavik- relaxed and enriched with the breathtaking raw nature Iceland has to offer!

“Their expertise, professionalism, warm nature and willingness to go the extra step to make our trip special was second-to-none. I can’t rate these guys highly enough.”

Trip overview: Distance: 22 km Duration: 6-8 hours Departure: Wednesdays and Sundays at 9:00 Operating season: May-October Terrain: Paved road and bike path. Included: Mountain bike and helmet, admisson to Blue Lagoon, Lunchbag and hotel pickup. Minimum: 2 participants Price: 1 2 3 4 5

Grade: Moderate

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Trip overview: Distance: 20-40km Duration: 8-9 hours Departure: Monday and Saturday at 9:00 Operating season: May-October Terrain: Asphalt and gravel roads Included: Hybrid bike and helmet,Lunch bag and hotel pickup. Minimum: 2 participants Price: 1 2 3 4 5

Grade: Challenging

29.900 ISK

Golden Circle Bike Tour Join us in experiencing the best-known natural phenomena in Iceland on an easy-level day tour. The popular Golden Circle Classic full-day excursion will introduce you to Iceland’s world-renowned natural beauty surrounding the capital area. The Golden Circle is a 300 km area that includes spouting geysers, tumbling waterfalls and ancient volcanoes. It is one of the most popular routes in South Iceland, looping from Reykjavik into central Iceland and back. Sights include Thingvellir National Park, where the oldest parliament in the world was founded. Thingvellir is known for it’s breathtaking landscape and the tectonic plates boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

In addition, we’ll visit the geothermally active Haukadalur valley, where the hot springs Geysir and Strokkur, are located. A magnificent spectacle is standing near Strokkur and seeing it bursting up in the air when the hot spring erupts every 5-10 minutes. We will also visit one of Iceland‘s most renowned waterfalls, Gullfoss (Golden falls), created where the Hvítá river plunges into a crevice some 32 meters (105 feet) deep. Other possible destinations on the trip include the volcano crater Kerið, local greenhouses, Skálholt church and a visit to Efsti-Dalur, a horse and cattle farm who’s owners offer home-made meals to travelers in their barn-loft restaurant.

“Hyper-friendly, hyper-competent, and hyper-recommended. Not just by me, check out the other reviews.” PAGE 10 / +354 590 8550

Biking around the Sveifluháls The Sveifluhals area consists of lava plains and elevated ridges, located on the western rim of Kleifarvatn lake. Bikers are picked up at the hotel and driven to Djúpavatns route, were we head south. The first part of the tour includes the challenging route of the largest mountain bike competition in Iceland, known as the Blue Lagoon Challenge. Djúpavatns route is a narrow gravel road, with varied composition from loose sand to rather rocky and bumpy surface, which lies along Lake Djúpavatn. The tour continues along the South Coast road and bike along the south coast through a spectacular lava field until we head up north again and bike through Krýsuvík. Krýsuvík is a geothermal area situated on the Reykjanes peninsula in the middle of the fissure zone on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This area is one of a kind; fumaroles, mud pots and hot springs, surround

the area as well as soil of bright yellow, red, and green hues. Exquisite craters can be found in this area, such as Grænavatn, an unusual bluegreen lake created by overheated groundwater. We will continue biking along a large lake in this area, Kleifarvatn, until arriving at our starting point. Kleifarvatn is renowned for it’s beauty and is a popular shooting site of film makers. This area will mainly be biked on paved roads. This tour let’s you experience the contrasting elements of nature that Iceland has to offer in a one day tour: mountains, lakes, hot springs and lava fields. A stunning journey through extraordinary landscape, a short distance from Reykjavík.

Trip overview: Distance: 43 km Duration: 6-8 hours Departure: Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:00 Operating season: May-September Terrain: Asphalt and gravel roads Included: Mountain bike and helmet, admisson to Powerplant, Lunch bag and hotel pickup. Minimum: 2 participants Price: 1 2 3 4 5

Grade: Moderate

25.900 ISK

Private & Custom tours We can tailor trips all from easy level day tours to hardcore single track mountain biking in the highlands. If you are a company, association or simply a group of family or friends looking for an adventure together- we would love to put together a tailored package to give you the greatest vacation possible! We will be happy to offer you ideas, with no obligation on your part, about a custom tour for you. We can tailor an itinerary for groups in any of the tour regions we offer. We will be happy to offer you suggestions and advice that will meet your particular need.

Whether you want to go road biking, touring, mountain biking or on a romantic bike cruise Bike Company will make your dream a reality. Cyclist choose their destinations, as well as all events and activites in our customized tours. Cyclists also choose their pace and difficulty level. Bike Company provides gears and supplies, as well as food and drink for the entire trip. We transport cyclists and carry their gear. Overnight tours include stays in hotels, cabins, huts or tents. We can take you to any destination!

“The bikes were perfect and we had such a good bus driver who followed us all the time so if anybody gets tired it was easy to jump in the bus. I think that The Bike Company is the best choice if you want to discover Iceland by bike.� PAGE 12 / +354 590 8550

South Iceland 3 days Day 1 – The finest of Reykjanes / 40-50 km We begin by biking from Hafnarfjörður, a small sea village only 10 minutes driving distance from downtown Reykjavik. From Hafnarfjörður, we bike past Kleifarvatn, the largest lake on the Reykjanes peninsula to Seltún, an area known for it’s beautiful hot springs, where we will enjoy lunch. From Seltún we head to Selvogur, a small community in the Reykjanes area where we will take a break from biking and drive to Hveragerði, where we stay for the night. Day 2 - The finest of the Southcoast / 50 km We bike from the hotel and spend the day cycling along the south coast. We cross to the seaside villages Eyrarbakki and Stokkseyri. In Stokkseyri, we plan to visit a wildlife museum. We will bike onward through beautiful nature to the waterfall Urriðasfoss, where the car waits for us. We spend the night in Bitra guesthouse.

Day 3 - Thingvellir National Park / 35-45 km We start the day by driving to Úlfljótsvatn lake where we start cycling. Lake Ulfljotsvatn is part of the 19 km long discharge of the largest natural lake of the country, Thingvallavatn. From Úlfljótsvatn lake we bike along a beautiful salmon fishing river Sogid, which runs from Thingvellir lake. From Sogid we bike along the famous Thingavellir lake all the way to the National Park Thingvellir. We ride along Almannagjá, the largest ravine in the Þingvalla area where the North America and the European tectonic plates meet. This area is a fairytale landscape of fissures, lava, moss and wildlife. A truely unforgettable experience.

Trip overview: Distance: 125-145 km Duration: 3 days Departure: On requests Operating season: May-October Terrain: Asphalt roads Included: Hybrid bike and helmet,Accomodation and all meals. Minimum: 2 participants Price: 1 2 3 4 5

Grade: Moderate

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Trip overview: Biking Distance: 160 km Duration: 5 days Departure dates: 16.7-20.7.2014, 30.7-3.8.2014, 13.8-17.8.2014, 27.8-31.8.2014. Operating season: July-September Terrain: Mostly gravel roads. Included: Mountain bike and helmet, All meals, Accommodation, hotel pickup, english speaking guide, support vehicle. Minimum: 5 participants Price:

1 2 3 4 5

Grade: Challenging


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Adventure around Fjallabak In this tour cyclists experience some of the most magnificent landscape Iceland has to offer on great singletrack routes. Beautiful hot springs, mountains and the nature reserve of Landmannalaugar offer an unforgettable experience. An English speaking guide will accompany the group as well as a 4WD vehicle, carrying cyclists luggage. If cyclists need to rest, they are welcome to ride in the car. The tour is suitable for people reasonably fit, but is not recommended for children younger than 12 - 15 years old. Day 1: Reykjavik to Landmannahellir Cyclists are picked up at their hotels between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. The day begins by driving east out of Reykjavik on route 26, arriving in Dómadalur around noon. From Dómadalur we bike 35 km to the Landmannahellir caves, where we spend the night in cabins or tents. Day 2: Landmannahellir to Landmannalaugar We bike 25 km from Landmannahellir caves to Frostastadavatn lake to Landmannalaugar natural pools. We spend the night in cabins or tents at Landmannalaugar. Cyclists will have an opportunity to hike around this area and bathe in the hot natural pools. If customers are interested, a 9 km single track bike route to Ljótapollur can be added to this day trip.

Day 3: Landmannalaugar to Hólaskjól Cyclists bike from Landmannalaugar 40 km east along the Fjallabak north route and around Eldgjá volcanic canyon. If cyclists are interested, we can take an easy hike around Eldgjá volcanic canyon. Our day ends in Hólaskjól where we spend the night in a mountain resort or tents. Day 4: Hólaskjól to Álftavatn On our fourth day we head back along a different 40 km route. We ride from Hólaskjól along Álftavatn lake, cycling along the Sydri-Ófaera river. We continue traveling along an old farmers road, ending at the beautiful Strútslaug natural pool. We spend the night in Útivistar Strút cabin. On this part of the route the 4WD vehicle will not be able to follow the group constantly. Day 5 Álftavatn – Emstrur We begin the day by cycling through the beautiful Laugavegur hiking trail towards Alftavatn lake. We continue biking through stunning landscape towards Hvitmogu river and the Hungurfit area. We then head back to Emstru road where a car pick-up awaits cyclists, which will drive back to Reykjavik. This day is mostly singletrack.

“My partner and I have just completed a 5-day MTB tour with Bike Company through the highlands of Iceland. Their expertise, professionalism, warm nature and willingness to go the extra step to make our trip special was second-tonone. I can’t rate these guys highly enough.” / +354 590 8550 PAGE 15

Singletrack all mountain tour This is a 6 day singletrack tour perfect for bikers seeking an adventure that pushes them to the limits! This is a difficult level tour which offers an exciting challenge for technically experienced bikers. We will show you raw nature at it‘s best, combining all that the land of Fire and Ice has to offer: volcanoes, lava, waterfalls, glaciers and rivers. We will travel along single-track routes and hiking paths in the highlands, spending all nights in mountain cabins. Luggage will be transported between night time destination spots, but will not follow bikers during the day. Bikers travel on their own bikes. The first day we will bike down Reykjadalur valley on a great singletrack route. From there we will drive east, stopping in the beautiful Vík and the Reynisfjöru beach. We ride the Öldufells route to Strút, our destination for the night. The total biking distance the first day is 10 km on a great singletrack route. The second day bikers ride from Stútur along Strútsstígur to Hólaskjól, where they spend the night. Total biking distance is 35 km.

The next day we will drive to Ljótapollur pond and explore the singletrack trails in the Landmannalaugar area. We spend the day biking in the gorgeous area, riding to Frostastaðavatn and Bláhnjúkur. We stay at a cabin in Landmannalaugar for the night. Total biking distance is 40 km. The next day we ride along the Laugavegur route to Álftavatn, where we will spend the night. The total biking distance is 25 km On the fifth day, bikers head from Álftavatn to Þórsmörk, riding into Krók and then back into Laugavegur route. We will spend the night in Þórsmörk. Total biking distance is 40 km. On the last day, bikers ride from Þórsmörk to Skógar along the Fimmvörðuháls route, viewing the remains of the Eyjafalla volcanic eruption in 2010. Bikers will be picked up in Skógar and driven to the capital. The group will celebrate it‘s journey at a lovely restaurant in Reykjavík that evening! Total biking distance is 23 km with an total elevation of approx. 1000 meters.

“The Bike Company hosted us, a group of 7 friends, for a 7 day mountain biking trip in Iceland. Everything was superprofessional, from the briefing on the day we arrived, to the transport, to the accommodation, and especially the days on the bike. We had knowledgeable, but more importantly fun guides with us on their bikes. Guys with great senses of humour who we had a lot of fun with.”

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Trip overview: Biking Distance: 160 km Duration: 6 days Departure dates: 22.7-27.7 2014, 5.8.-10.8.2014 Terrain: Singletrack trails, highland tracks Included: All meals, Accommodation, hotel pickup, english speaking guide, support vehicle Minimum: 5 Participants Maximum: 10 Participants Grade: Extreme 1 2 3 4 5


295.000 ISK 1 2 3 4 5


7 day Golden Circle tour This is an easy to medium level 7 day bike tour around South Iceland mainly on paved roads.This tour allows bikers to experience the cityscape of Reykjavik and some of the most renowned sights of nature in Iceland; known as the Golden Circle. This journey will take bikers to waterfalls and geysers and the beautiful seashore on the south coast. The majority of the biking route is on paved/asphalt roads and bikers luggage will be transported between hotels. This tour is suitable for everyone in fair physical shape. This route is designed to avoid car traffic as much as possible. We begin by biking from downtown Reykjavik to the beautiful Elliðaárdalur, a valley with waterfalls in the heart of Reykjavik. From there we head to Lake Rauðavatn and continue to Mosfellsdalur valley. We spend the night at a small guesthouse in Mosfellsdalur valley (day 1 biking distance: 23 km, duration: 3-4 hrs.). On the second day we head towards Thingvellir national park, a fairytale landscape of fissures, lava, moss and wildlife. We ride along Almannagjá, the largest ravine in the Þingvalla area where the North America and the European tectonic plates meet. We spend the night in a hotel near Thingvellir (day 2 biking distance: 35km, duration: 5-6 hours). From the national park we head north along the lake ending at Laugavatn, a the small town named after the lake in the area. In Laugavatn we visit the newly opened Fontana spa and relax in exquisite thermal baths. The spa which has a natural sauna on top of a hot spring. We will

dine in the town and spend the night at a hotel in Laugavatn or at the guesthouse in Efstidalur . (day 3 biking distance: 45km, duration: 6-7 hours). On the fourth day bikers ride past the famous geyser area to Gullfoss, a stunning waterfall located in the canyon of Hvítá river. We will stay at a hotel in the Gullfoss area (day 4 biking distance: 42 km, duration: 6-8 hours). On the fifth day, we will bike from Gullfoss to Dalbær, riding through the beautiful area Flúðir,. We will visit one of the greenhouses in Fludir and end the day in a local swimming pool. (day 5 biking distance: 30 km, duration: 4-6 hours). We continue our journey towards the south coast riding along small country road towards the town Selfoss. Our destination is small and cosy guesthouse called Bitra. (day 6 biking distance: 33 km, duration: 4-6 hours). On the last day, we will bike to Stokkseyri, a small village which lies on the south coast with a beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean and starlite sky. We will dine at a lovely seafood restaurant at the shoreline, renowned for it‘s lobster. In the end of the day the group will be picked up by a bus and the day ends in the Blue Lagoon. (day 7 biking distance: 27 km, duration: 4-6 hours). On request, bikers can take this tour self-guided with assistance from the Bike Company. Please contact us for further information.

“My husband and I had a fantastic trip to Iceland in July. We didn’t really know what to expect but were overwhelmed with the positive experience thanks to “Bike Company”. We took a 5 day guided tour into the Highlands. We saw amazing sites. The food was delicious. It was a spectacular adventure. We would highly recommend this to anyone interested in seeing Iceland by mountain bike.” PAGE 18 / +354 590 8550

Trip overview: Total distance: 235 km Duration: 7 days Departure dates: 3.6.-9.6.2013, 24.6-30.6.2013, 22.7-28.7.2013,12.8-18.8.2013, 2.9-8.9.2013 Terrain: Country roads Included: Hybrid bike and helmet, All meals, Accommodation, hotel pickup, support vehicle. Minimum: 6 participants Price: 1 2 3 4 5

Grade: Gentle

302.500 ISK (6-10 PAX) 253.000 ISK (11-15 PAX) 227.700 ISK (16-20 PAX)

Trip overview: Total distance: 235 km Duration: 7 days Departure dates: 2.6.-8.6.2014, 23.6-29.6.2014, 21.7-27.7.2014,11.8-17.8.2014, 1.9-7.9.2014 Terrain: Country roads Included: Hybrid bike and helmet, All meals, Accommodation, hotel pickup, support vehicle. Minimum: 5 participants Price: 1 2 3 4 5

Grade: Gentle

311.000 ISK (6-10 PAX) 270.000 ISK (11-15 PAX) 252.000 ISK (16-20 PAX) / +354 590 8550 PAGE 19

Bankastræti 2 101 Reykjavík

Tel: (+354) 590-8500 GSM: (+354) 665-5600

Adventures in Iceland on Bikes  
Adventures in Iceland on Bikes  

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