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Welcome to Projects 6, your brochure, now more than ever. Your music, where you want to listen to it. It’s all possible thanks to the ART5.4 and ART8.8. In this edition, we spotlight two of the most refined audio distribution systems that ArtSound offers. You’ll be in for a surprise when you discover the latest features of the ART 5.4 and ART8.8, which allow you to put your own unique slant on the music you play, every moment of the day.

ART 5.4 & ART 8.8

MULTI-ROOM WITH THAT LITTLE BIT EXTRA Librettos vs. screaming guitars

Quality always rises to the top. ArtSound’s ART5.4 and ART8.8 confirm this old adage. Two of the most sophisticated multiroom systems, tailor-made to any new build, renovation, business or public space. With these jewels, ArtSound does more than just facilitate playing different types of music in every room. The ART5.4 and ART8.8 can even give a unique flow and feeling to each day, to any event, and every get-together. And now, they even have something ‘new’ in store.

 Thanks to ArtSound’s multi-room systems, you can make it just as cosy outdoors as indoors with the right music for every space

 You can even choose the specific sound you play in your kitchen or bathroom

The multi-room concept – or if you prefer, ‘audio distribution system’ - is hardly a new phenomenon. Anyone living in a modern household with children and either one or two parents knows that it is nice to be able to hear music that appeals to everyone’s tastes. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the same music. While Dad swears by classical librettos, Mum lights up when she hears French chansons. Junior is mad for screaming guitars whereas his sister plays the latest teen sensation from America, over and over. There’s no accounting for tastes. This may be true, but with only one radio, the members of a household like this will be at extreme musical odds with one another. The solution? ART5.4: a 4-zone device complete with a 2 x 20 watt Class D amplifier component for each zone. A unique feature of this system is it allows you to draw from various sound sources, such as a CD player or i-Pod. The ART5.4 has two FM transmitters and two audio inputs. You can also play digital sound stored on a USB device, an SD memory card or via shared media.

 Thanks to a 2 x 20 watt amplifier, the ART5.4 can achieve outstanding heights. You can use it to play music from USB, SD, and shared media sources.


Operation is simple and user-friendly. With the remote control supplied1 , you can easily zap to the next track in any list you choose. A variety of useful information appears on the display of the remote control, such as the names of radio stations, RDS information, and track names for mp3 files. If you would rather not walk around with a remote in your hand, you can choose wireless wall panels to control the system. Thanks to the ART5.4’s two RS-232 serial interfaces, you can also connect this multi-room solution to any domotics system.

Need ‘more’?

ďƒ› Turn a room into an experience with sophisticated multi-room technology

The ART5.4 goes a long way when it comes to multi-room use in your home. However, some locations simply demand more from a system. Meeting or social facilities for example, or large restaurants, or a sports infra-

structure. Even in these types of venues, music can ease the blues and can do so in more than 4 zones. These environments are the ultimate ‘natural habitat’ for the ART8.8, the ART5.4’s ‘big brother’. It has the same features and capabilities, yet can provide an amazing 8 different rooms with specially selected music. ‘We want more’ may sometimes be heard, and the ART8.8 clearly responds to this demand.

1 Based on the 2.4 GHz Zigbee principle. You don’t have to direct the beam: the signal is always received flawlessly.

ART5.4 & ART8.8 A CLASSY FAMILY The ArtSound audio distribution systems belong to a classy family. The ART5.4 and ART8.8 are now able to function with even more precision thanks to a sophisticated series of accessories.




FEATURES We have always considered the ART5.4 and ART 8.8 to be true jewels and decided to give these systems a few extra trumps. We want to offer ‘more’ with the ART5.4 and ART8.8 and do so with the following: Standard • Class D amplifier components - 2 x 20W RMS per zone • 2 x built-in FM tuner with RDS info • digital audio players (USB slot, SD or Shared Media) • external audio sources with IR control (e.g., iPod docking) New • an integrated web server for remote control (IP), device configuration and audio management; • access to shared network drives or a network PC; • an event scheduler. This allows the ART5.4 to follow your daily schedule. You can program it to be used as an alarm clock in your bedroom, and then play chronologically ordered music in the bathroom, kitchen or living room; • import function for playlists from iTunes, WinAmp or WMP; • zone-linking: a simple tool enables you to control several zones playing the same music with a single button; • an alphabetical search function in the audio database.

 Extra RF remote control, RM54/88 buttons A great extra remote for controlling your multi-room system from a distance, with LCD display and navigation pad.

 Charging station for remote control, RD54/88 This charging station was developed for use with the RM54.88, the remote control for the ART5.4 and ART8.8. Guarantees perfect performance for your remote.

 8-way wall transmitter One push of the button will select different sources, regulate the volume or

ďƒ› ART5.4 and ART8.8: also available customised for retail stores and hospitality businesses

ďƒž ART5.4 and ‘big brother’ ART8.8: complementary in their perfection

control the zone. The wall transmitter is available in two standard colours: white and grey.

 IF001 Interface Required for using the wall transmitter (3).

 RF extender This extender handles the communication with the multi-room system in locations where this may not be so obvious. Concrete walls or metal beams, for example, can hinder reception. By plugging in an extender in a zone in front of these ‘dead spots’, the signal from the ART5.4 or ART8.8 will still reach its destination.

 KNX interface Using this interface, you can control the ART5.4 and the ART8.8 via a KNX-based domotics system. The ART5.4 and 8.8 have RS232 ports for integration in a variety of other systems.

 Web browser for control Coordinate your multi-room system via a network computer? This is incredibly easy when you integrate your ART5.4 or ART8.8 in your home or business network. With just a few mouse clicks, you can configure everything, down to the very last detail.


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Projects 6  

In this edition of Projects 6 we spotlight two of the most refined audio distribution systems that ArtSound offers. You’ll be in for a surpr...