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Oct 2015

Autocad 2D| 3D

Politecnico di Milano | Leonardo Master degree, Architettura d’Interni 110|110 UpC | Escola tecnica superior(ETSAV) | Barcelona Erasmus

Hello, I’m BENEDETTA and this is my portfolio. I was born in Domodossola, a small town in the mountains in the North of Italy. I’m 25 years old and I’ve been living in Milan since I was 19. I strongly believe that the people we meet and the places we visit profoundly determine who we are: this is why I have always been extremely fascinated by architecture, in its being a point of reference in time and space. This is also why I love traveling and constantly taking a new perspective. I like to explain things that I know to others, and even more to find people who are willing to share their knowledge with me. Legacy of my university education is the need for references and analysis research before starting a project. As Enzo Mari says “everything has already been done”, so it’s better starting from the beginning. Anyway thinking that being a copycat is my only fault would be extremely wrong. I’m also inexplicably superstitious. Everything you’ll see in this portfolio is made by me, although most of the projects are group ones (the better ones). Via San Gregorio 40, 20124 Milano +39 3395279598

Politecnico di Milano | Bovisa Bachelor degree, School of Civil Architecture 104|110 Liceo Scientifico Giorgio Spezia | Domodossola Diploma scientifico 100|100

workshop weak city The land belongs to those who thinks it Landscapes urban strategies for common spaces July 2014

Politecnico di Milano | Leonardo Interiors lab tutor Municipality of Milan Collaborator for the realization of an hydroponic system in the city center Studio Wok Intern

Monoatelier Intern

Archicad 2D Illustrator InDesign

Exhibition Triennale di Milano Ri-formare Milano


03.29. 2014

Microsoft Office

International video Contest Ri-prenditi la città|Riprenditi la luce ENEL 06.28. 2013

Contest Europan 12 | Adaptable city Rouen, France

Sketchup with Vray

LANGUAGES Italian English Spanish French

Mothertongue B2 First Certificate A2 D.I.E. beginner

NEBULAE The nebulae represent the interconnection between the projects in a schematic way

Master graduation thesis Tutor: Nicolò Riva Milano | 2016 with M. Lino; S. Franzetti - to be published on on 05.06.2017 - working on the realisation with the municipality of Milan

What happens when the modern metropoly is modified through an acupuncture approach that implants human-scale projects in it? KEYWORDS #resilience #complexsystems #urbanacupuntur #urbanecosystem #greenarchitecture #cityashome ‘Abitare è essere ovunque a casa propria’ Ugo La Pietra


21 projects







green on blind walls

green as catalyst/ start up in abandoned building

domestic facilities in public spaces



0m 5 10m


scaffolding structure

first floor

orchestra stage

existing floor (terraced) suspended works accessibility before/after

state of the art

visual continuity with the green

perspective section


street food

open-air theatre

open-air disco

cross isometric view

CEB_ stanza per un uomo Studio Wok collaboration EERA contest 2016 First price The project is under construction

F. Albini _ Stanza per un uomo KEYWORDS #bathroom #luxory #minimumspaces #quality #EERA #contest #preciousmarble #module #repeatable

THE 3SHOLD OF ART Interiors-Museums-Built Environment Studio Prof L. Basso-Peressut, P. Salvadeo Triennale di Milano, 2014|2015 with M. Lino; S. Franzetti

Designing of a new ticketing and retraining of the green area facing the Triennale di Milano

L. Barragan_San Cristรณbal stables KEYWORDS #pavilions #shelter #threshold #path #walls #directions #parcosempione


Plan 50m 20

STREETS ARE IN THE AIR Architectural and Urban Design Studio Prof M. Lucchini Lambrate, Milano 2013|2014 with B. Quetti - Exposed during the exhibition “Ri-formare Milano� at the Triennale di Milano YOU SAID OUTSKIRTS? I SAY GOLD. Can Social Housing be the answer to the problem of the criminality and social inequality growing in forgotten, abandoned urban spaces?

a + p smithson _ Golden Lane

After all abandoned buildings are the gold of our cities, as Fondazione Prada by OMA teach us. KEYWORDS

#outskirts #Lambrate #Innocenti #abandonedbuildings #forgottenspeces #socialhousing #socialequality #Ri-formareMilano

Masterplan 0m 10 20m

second and third floor 0m 5 10m

120 mq

90 mq

60 mq

100 mq

cross section 0m



CROSSING OVER Urban Design Studio Prof M. Secchi Rouen, France 2012|2013 with A. Riccetti, D. Mazzolini - Europan 12_Adaptable city Redevelopment of a site overlooking the Seine and occupied by a former railway station in Rouen, France.

KEYWORDS #outskirts #dismissedstation #formerrailway #abandonedbuildings #overpass #adaptablecity

Masterplan Plan 50m 0m 20 20 50m 0m

OLD BUT GOLD Restoration and Interior Design Studio Prof M. Carlessi, D. Colaci Alzano Lombardo (Bg), 2013|2014 with E. Davoli ‘That fabric is definitely a work of art’ L. Bisi_Qui touring

Re-functionalization and recovery of a former cement factory. Interior design of a specific chosen part of the complex. The fabric has a meaningful story and It was known all over Europe for the production of a natural type of concrete, the Portland. The “cementificio Pesenti” was built in 1875 and is now bounded for historical and artistic interest. KEYWORDS #formerindustry #concretecathedral #refunctionalization #punctiformstructure #restoration #lightvsheavy

PROMETEO Architectural Design Studio II Prof. L. Paci, S. Boidi Arch. A. Traldi Parco di Monza, 2012|2013 with M. Lino; S. Franzetti

Relocation of the ark made by Renzo Piano for the musical representation of the “Prometeo” by Luigi Nono. It’s a site specific, made for the San Lorenzo church in Venice: the challenge was to find a new box for the precious architecture.

R. Piano _ Ark for the Prometeo KEYWORDS #dodecaphonicmusic #LuigiNono #ClaudioAbbado #park #Prometeo #ark #multifunctionalbuilding

Plan 0m 20m

scale 1:100

plan quote 1,70 m

TAKE IT LIGHT Lightweight Construction Studio Prof R. Sastre Barcelona 2014|2015

- workshop with SMIA-Structural morphology in architecture

‘The secret, I think, of the future is not doing too much. All architects have the tendency to do too much. I have built little. But I have built many castles in the air’ Frei Otto

KEYWORDS #lightweightconstruction #construcciòlleugera #models #sustainablearchitecture #flexibility #transportability #adaptability

LOST IN TRANSCRIPTION Contemporary Art Class Prof J. Ceresoli Parco Sempione 2014|2015 BS 07 10 20 12 Sulla copia [e SUL PIACERE DELL’APPROPRIAZIONE DI UN TESTO] Copia è la definizione faziosa e superficiale di una pratica fondamentale per la ricerca della posizione di un pensiero. La trascrizione di un testo [la riproduzione di un testo]. Attraverso questa [la copia] si assume una posizione attiva sempre. Dalla scelta del testo [atto d’amore] alla conservazione al recupero sotto forma di ri-elaborazione [nuova elaborazione].

Si evita la tensione [mistica-misteriosa] della invenzione-creazione e si adotta la serena disponibilità [tutta laica] alla inerzia della evoluzione [darwinistica]. Si evita la tensione [ansiogena-paralizzante] della invenzione-creazione e si adotta la serena disponibilità [autorale o dell’autore] all’adattamento a sé. Fedeltà-infedeltà. Fedele nella trascrizione. Infedele nella trascrizione. ... Pedissequo-parallelo. Pedissequo-divergente. Consapevole-inconsapevole. Beniamino Servino, Obvius

APRENENT DE BARCELONA City guide: Barcelona by bike Prof. R. Pié Barcelona 2014|2015 De par en par a todos les abre su corazón, sin excepción de raza ni de color. Humildes trabajadores, grandes poetas que le han cantado al amor, Una Sagrada Familia se ha levantado en su interior. Su Paseo de Gracia: es su poder. Los niños que lloran: es su poder. Su juntar palabras: es su poder. La flor de las Ramblas: es su poder. Barcelona es poderosa, Barcelona tiene poder. Letra_Gitana Hechicera

“People meet in Architecture” K.S.

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