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The series Interrogation is the paraphrase of a painting of Hieronymus Bosch titled The Seven Deadly Sins. The seven deadly sins, as the fundamental characteristics of the modern man, became the most important driving forces of consumer society and economic structure of modern times thus accepted and accustomed. A series of industry produced objects, as aids to satisfy the sinful desires, appear as composition of objects made by a packet inspection x-ray device and by joining the portraits, are transformed to a sort of visual interview or interrogation.



The series Photo-finish focuses to those “meaningful� events and ceremonies during which for a time of a movement, politicians take over the work from collar workers for the sake of media coverage, ritual and self-presentation. The goal of these events, that are subordinated to political intentions and artificially made solemn, to provide frame for the empty gestures of politicians, so to the covert campaign and to selfpromotion. A tree planting, a ribbon cutting or a foot-stone deposition taking place between ornate frames is usually becomes grotesque because of it is handled as a meaningful ceremony and media event on one side, but no one cares on the other side.



The series Forced landing based on establishment of such an outsider view, from where the various manifestations of the human activity, the traces of civilization will be interpreted in a particular way, or become uninterpretable. The actions performed in a natural medium and certain unidentifiable objects get into that context where exactly those causality and guiding principles become undecryptable, that would help to identify those accidental situations.



The series Brave new world is concerned with the nature which is transformed into a series of objects and pictures. The various elements of the natural sphere are modeled in a specific manner, simulated, made tangible and visitable by the different natural scientific and informative exhibitions, which usually lead to grotesque and surrealistic results. This transformation can be perceived as an abstraction process which abolishes the characteristics of the natural medium by transferring it into an adjustable artificial environment. In respect of relation to reality, such transformation, re-constitution of the nature raises similar questions like the ones arising regarding the objectiveness of photographic image.



The series Dignity is built on specific situations in which the key element is the act of photography. In the age of transposition of experience sharing to social networks, photography, that is inseparable from the family ceremonies long ago, is getting an increasing role in the private sphere and in the everyday communication. The casual, routine photography at family celebrations may cause such unusual situations where the traditional functions of photography are questioned.



The series Family tree focuses to some ordinary familiar situation in which the function of photography itself becomes underlined. This project is concerned with another aspect of topic worked out in series Dingity. In the age of internet-based social networking the role of photography constantly rises but it also transform. The photography not just the tool of recollection but mostly the tool of self-representation and that is why we often deceive ourselves.

Benedek Bognar Portfolio 2012  
Benedek Bognar Portfolio 2012