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It’s time to prepare for Exhibitions! Twice a year at The Green School we have Exhibitions. An exhibition is an opportunity for you to show off and celebrate what you have learned. Reflecting on and presenting your work allows you to see how you have grown, what you have accomplished, and what areas you would like to continue to develop. Your Exhibition has 3 parts:

A. Culminating Unit Projects (CUPs) 1. Five Culminating Unit Projects (CUPs) from at least 4 different classes. 2. Each project needs a CUP cover letter in which you explain how the work connects to the habits of mind, how it demonstrates your development and achievements, and what your academic goals are in that class. Using the Habits of Mind when you study a topic helps you to understand and analyze it fully. The 5 Habits of Mind spell PACES: • • • • •

Interpreting Perspective - Why does it matter who’s speaking? Exploring Alternatives - How might things have been different? Making Connections - What causes what? Uncovering Evidence - How do we know what we know? Establishing Significance - Why should people care?

B. Intellectual Development Letter (I.D.Letter) The letter describes your development as a learner and your goals for the future. It is made up of the following three pieces: 1. Your Habits of Work areas of Strength and Your Areas to Grow (refer to PASC materials) 2. Your Goals and the Steps to be taken to achieve them.

3. Your understanding of Sustainability and how it relates to you, the people in your life, your community and our society.

C. The Panel Presentation You will present the CUPs and the IDL to a panel of staff, students and guests. A panel is a type of presentation in which the student-presenters sit in groups of about 3 students and 1-2 adults. One of the adults (a teacher or visitor) will facilitate the discussion.  Student-presenter presents the ID Letter and one of the 5 CUPs. (10 minutes)  Discussion and questions during which your fellow student-presenters and adults will ask you questions about your work and the topics and themes of the course. (10 minutes)  The presenter steps outside while the panel discusses the presentation and portfolio. Then the presenter returns to the room and the panel gives warm and cool feedback. (10 minutes)

Green School Exhibition Student Explanation  

GS Exhibition Student Explanation