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The hub also features a fire pit area and canoe launch and is connected to the Gunbower Forest via a newly constructed redgum footbridge over the Gunbower Creek, and links to a 3km looped walking track via the unique and historic Condidorios Bridge.

Discover Gunbower Island (Australia’s largest inland island), a place where the Murray River, Gunbower Creek and red gum forests combine to provide a range of nature based experiences including kayaking, mountain bike riding, camping and fishing. The canoe trail at Safes Lagoon is an easy 5km selfguided paddle through the beautiful waters of the Gunbower Creek, home to turtles, sea eagles and platypus.

The Kerang Lakes are a naturalist’s and photographer’s paradise, and in spring more than 100,000 birds flock to the area to nest. The most popular and rewarding viewing times are at sunset and sunrise when thousands of birds take flight. Be sure to include the camera and binoculars! Kangaroo Lake, Lake Charm and Lake Meran are popular water sports locations and great places for a day out fishing or a family picnic.

A unique and limited opportunity this spring and early summer has been created from environmental watering. The jewel of the Gunbower Forest is Reedy Lagoon, a special place for photography, waterbird watching, nesting turtles, the song of the frogs and a diverse range of aquatic vegetation.

In Cohuna, families can enjoy swimming and kayaking at ‘the beach’ at Apex Park which is only a short walk from the Cohuna Waterfront Holiday Park and the many shops and eateries in the main street. Factory and Field Waffles is a must visit, attracting visitors from afar with its great food, coffee and stunning gift shop.

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October 2020

The Front Desk N.Nicholas Editor

This edition we bring you a few more pages than usual as things are slowly getting back to normal with some businesses re-opening their doors and some events and markets back on. We have expanded our circulation to thirty thousand but for those of you who do still miss out simply visit your local newsagent, APCO service station or local store. This edition we have included our election guide please take the time to read through the candidates statements, now more than ever we need strong leaders with sound business minds to steer our recovery post COVID. On that note I have noticed several incumbent candidates including our current Mayor Margaret O’Rourke touting in their bids for re-election how they are for small business. Being involved in small business myself I can categorigally state that I have never received any assistance from Council even when I asked for it. Nor have 50 other small business owners I managed to canvas within the last

month. The comments from most when I asked what they thought regarding Council assistance and councillors claims are to profane to print. Under our current Councils leadership more business seems to be leaving rather than being created. 110 Long-term Jobs Lost Moira Mac’s Poultry in Mayfair Park will leave Bendigo in 12 months. In effect, that’s around 300 jobs lost all-up when you take into account extended families plus the supply chain multiplier effect which council loves to use. Our Council and politicians would have been aware some time ago that Moira Mac’s would be hitting the beltway. Did they make any effort to get Moira to stay? Creating short-term jobs knocking down good structures to build government complexes for existing staff is no substitute. At present council has a forthcoming hearing at VCAT regarding CV Weldings premises at Axedale , if unsucessful in their bid to remain on their site the result will be the loss of another 40 jobs and 10

apprenticeships. Really Mayor you care about small business? One would think you would be fighting tooth and nail to keep every job possible within the region in an effort to strengthen our weakened local economy. But under your past leadership it seems quite the opposite. We did ask the owners for comment and they simply remarked that they hope they can find a way to settle this with Council out of Court. I can only say that I thought our Mayor would be rather more open minded and sympathetic to the plight of small business given one of the last ventures she was involved with as a 50% beneficiary shareholder ended up in voluntary liquidaton with debts totalling 400K plus, creditors included the City of Greater Bendigo. I’m sorry but the current Council doesn’t instill any great confidence in me when it comes to investing ratepayers money and in their abilty to foster any form of small business growth or guide economic recovery. The budget Councillors all praised each other about openly in Council is evidence of the disconnect between Council and the broader public.

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VICTORIA has reached a historic crossroads

Does it let its Premier, I Don’t Recall Andrews, under the guise of curing us of COVID-19, have access to virtually unfettered powers on a scale not seen in Australia outside World War II? Let’s have a quick recap of what has gone so terribly wrong in Victoria but nowhere else in Australia. Like every state, like every country, COVID-19 eventually arrived on our shores. Sweeping and dramatic lockdowns; a national economy thrown under the nearest bus and unemployment on a massive scale staved off by Federal and State governments spending untold billions, seemed to have done the trick. Then the second wave arrived; and the restrictions tightened. And it worked again. Except in Victoria. In Victoria I Don’t Recall Andrews refused help from the Australian Defence Forces, refused to work with other states, refused to involve all our state’s political parties in a mini

version of the successful ‘national cabinet’ and refused to ever fully explain its plans – if it really had any. In Victoria a person, or persons unknown, authorised a spend of almost $100 million to employ security guards to run the frontline of our defence – the hotel quarantine program. Its failure would be the biggest single loss of life from a government action in our state’s history. More than 750 people would die as a direct result of the quarantine hotel fiasco – and its equally incompetent partner, contact tracing. The Liberals Nationals offered to help, put up proposals and suggestions on ways to combat the problem. And it all fell on deaf ears. Now the government that let us all down wants to take the credit for guiding us out of the evil grip of COVID-19. It wants to be rewarded for fixing its fatally flawed management of the problem in the first place. And it wants to do it by ramming a Bill through Parliament giving it powers

more suited to a banana republic than a first world democracy. Because democracy is on its way out the back door as fast as I Don’t Recall Andrews can throw it. He is seeking a chokehold on the lives of every Victorian. He will have the power to appoint unqualified people as authorised officers of the state – even the security staff that failed with the hotel quarantine. He will have power to personally set the agenda for the courts and justice system. He will have the power for his unqualified but authorised officers to detain people, detain you and me, on only a ‘reasonable belief ’ that we are high risk and/ or may refuse to comply with a State of Emergency direction. The only State of Emergency the state of Victoria is really facing is giving this charlatan of a Premier even more power, and more potential to make a misery of our lives. Our COVID numbers have all but disappeared. Provided the Andrews Labor government doesn’t once again seize defeat from the jaws of victory, we are on the road to recovery. So why would this man and his COVID 8 (sorry, 7 and counting) need more powers? Because absolute power corrupts absolutely; and I Don’t Recall and his gang have proved beyond any doubt they cannot be trusted to get anything right when it really counts.

October 2020


Angry Ratepayers Speak Out Last week protesters gathered on the lawns opposite the old Council Chambers to voice their concerns over the sale of our land and building to the State Government for the purpose of developing a GovHub. Organisers told us that due to COVID restrictions only ten people could attend which was a pity as over 1000 local residents had indicated they would have come had restrictions not been in place. The protestors some ex Mayors and Councillors themselves said that this development deal with the State Government was a ripoff for ratepayers and future generations now saddled with decades of debt thanks to a Council that claims to have been transparent in consulting with the community but clearly didn’t. Community consulation by Council is a point this

appropriate safety attire on a dedicated building site; paper has raised many times despite signage stating safety and we have never once gear must be worn at all been challenged on any times, and not sticking to point raised. the group of ten or less rule. The building we have been “One set of rules for them told by insiders is due for and another for us, typical” demolition within a said one. fortnight. Maybe someone could Why the rush? maybe offer some clarity to us as to there’s an election in the wether Ministers and media wind. are somehow exempt from Jacinta Allans press these rules. conference on the site later We did try to contact that day didn’t help either Jacinta Allans office for when a couple of members comment but haven’t heard from the same protest group anything back as yet. claim to have witnessed As per usual this paper her and her entourage not wasn’t invited - I think we social distancing, not waring are off the Xmas list.

• Jacinta Allans press conference at Council offices

03 5443 4455 | Bridge Street, Bendigo

• Protestors on the lawns of our old Council chambers - note bulldozer in background.

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WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER We are family, friends, colleagues and neighbours — but most of all we are a community. The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on all our lives so looking after your mental wellbeing is essential. It is normal to feel anxious, stressed and fearful during times of crisis. The Liberals Nationals Federal Government is providing support the mental health and wellbeing of Australians as we face the challenges of the pandemic; go to if you feel like you might need some additional help coping with anxiety and worry about Coronavirus. For the latest Coronavirus information at or follow us on We are in this together, and together we will get through.

Peter Walsh MP 496 High Street, Echuca 3564 Tel: 5482 2039 or 1300 467 906 E: Funded by Parliamentary budget.

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Letters To The Editor Local Government – where art thou? With all the dissension of the last years re the Gov Hub, has one wondering what has happened to Local Government in Bendigo. The very fact that a structurally sound building is being demolished and the land sold without ratepayer input is not the way Local Government should function. Especially a building built with Ratepayer monies. It is more than evident that the people of Bendigo should have had a say in this whole sorry matter. Yes, of course the Lyttelton Tce building needs emodeling but where is the responsible environmental management of the building in this day an age when recycling matters should be paramount. The Lyttleton Tce Municipal offices were designed by Bendigo Architect, Bill Mitchell. It may well be argued by some that the building over time had become outdated, and the outside appearance old fashioned, BUT with so many buildings from that era being altered, modified, removed, wrecked, etc, there are virtually no 70’s buildings left in Bendigo, which in turn has made this building quite unique. Iconic in fact. In 2002 whilst I was Mayor, there was serious discussion as to having all Council Departments in one building. We totally understood the necessity of having all our staff under one roof. Bill Mitchell had designed the Lyttleton Tce Building to be added onto. It is capable of going up two more storeys. There was also the option to go out backwards – OVER

Alphabet soup

October 2020 the carpark so as not to lose carparking SPACE. With an added 2 storeys, and three storeys backwards almost to Myer St, would have given Council all the future space they needed. Thereby retaining the garden frontage aspect of the streetscape. All could have been funded via our normal Loans system. My very great concern re Local Government being influenced by State Government, has truly come to the fore. Remaining Independent has gone. It was stated in the “Advertiser” by Jacinta Allan that the Iconic Municipal building will be gone within the fortnight . A local politician from a sitting Government of the day making pronouncements that should be the domain of Local Government. There is a system in place of how Local Government works annually with both State & Federal Governments. Projects based on local and or regional requirements. Not a Government placing their concepts on us. This whole scenario has been a State Government vision which was cleverly placed with the Council. Council premises did need extending. Many of our Public offices in the region do not need re housing. It’s a huge unnecessary expenditure causing huge dept.It should be jettisoned. Where is the money coming from? The massive financial burden the Corona Virus has caused to the States finances, will take years for Treasury to recover. It’s a huge cost the State can ill afford. To demolish the Council building some short weeks prior to the Council Elections says it all. Willi Carney. Sept 2020 Former Local Government Councillor of 17 yrs. Eaglehawk.

solution pg.8

POEM OF THE MONTH “Who were they?” The

gathering crowd did roar, On I went, shaking my head and told them more. “Councillors Emond, Hawke, O’Rourke and Fyffe, Pethybridge and Williams all gave us this strife.” “But what about the other By Colin Carrington three?” a lady asked me. Heathcote I replied; “Why! They had I watched them tearing a the sense to not agree. building down, Metcalf and Flack voted NO, Was the council office in truly the people’s champs, Bendigo town, Alden refused to vote, I’ll A crowd of people had not be used as a rubber gathered around, stamp.” Trying to talk over the “Surely there must be wrecking sound. something that the people A common question was; can do,” ‘How can this be, A pensioner said, wise That building was owned by old Aussie, through and you and me.’ through. Yes, residents and ratepayers “It’s too late now, but punish one by one, any of the six in your Ward, Were angry to see the Put them last on your destruction done. October voting slip – a just I said; “My friends you have reward. been sold out, Six must go, new councillors By six Bendigo Councillors, needed there is no doubt there is no doubt.” Rise up residents and “Tell us more” - they all ratepayers - you can cause roared as one, a rout. “We never heard this was Plenty of new candidates are being done.” prepared to have a go, I frowned; “It’s all for a Dud Could they be worse than Gov Hub, ‘The Sell Out Six’ – surely You’re all going to lose – that NO. is the rub. Council terms are four long Our offices and land have all years – don’t waste your been sold, vote, Assets as good as Bendigo’s We need a NEW Captain gold. and crew sailing the Bendigo From owner to tenant the boat. Council will go, You have seen the ‘form’ of Paying rent forever;” They the current Captain and 5 cried; ‘Surely no. crew, It makes no sense to sell Vote them out - bring in your house and rent.’ candidates, who are fresh I agreed, but that was how and new.” six councillors went. Editors note: It also can be sung to the tune from the first chorus of ‘My favourite things’ from the Sound of Music

The Sell Out Six

•Tui Mitchell wife of architect Bil Mitchell surveying her husbands legacy forthe last time.

Enough is enough! The demolition of our Council Offices and Ratepayer’s in hock forever! The most immoral and reckless decision of our current Councillors, O’Rourke, Petherbridge, Fyffe, Hawke, Williams and Eamond is about to implemented. It is time to vote them all out! The community was denied the opportunity to object to the Council proposal who failed to comply with the requirements of the Local Government Act. Clandestine closed meetings hid the real costs and the business case. Analysis of the various options were “cooked” to suit the CEO, Mayor, council offices and the State Government. The community loses an asset that they have paid for via their rates over many years and gets nothing in return. Development Victoria gets an asset for about $M5.5 when it’s true value including the buildings was about $M15 plus what we contributed over about more than 40 years. I am sure we could have rebuilt and refurbished the existing office building for something like $30M and still retained the offices. Residents shortchanged big time! This is an extension of Socialist grab for power and influence in our city by Dan Andrews and his cronies like Jacinta Allen in consort with the Councillors referred to above. It is time to take a stand and fight. Make sure you vote against those Councillors in the upcoming election. Colin Burns, Bendigo

Our regular columnist David collects old papers and regularly visits some op shops. Some of the managers even put papers aside for him. During a recent visit to the Salvation Army op shop in Golden Square, the manager Peter said that he had thought of David when a man had donated all his old divorce papers to the shop. Being of personal nature he had decided not to sell them, and its definitely not the sort of material that David collects. You would have to wonder why the donor thought that they would be a sale item. Peter also mentioned that when someone dies, the Salvation Army says that they have been promoted to glory. David told him that he was recently retired and not ready for any promotions just yet.

Annual Tulip Display Well Worth A Visit As the warmer days and clear skies appear, more than 50,000 of Bendigo’s famed-tulips open to brighten the beautiful heritage streets to mid October. The City of Greater Bendigo’s Park and Natural Reserves team put on a great annual Tulip display along Pall Mall and Conservatory Garden. The display features more than 50,000 tulips in an assortment of colours, sizes and blooming times. There will be curator talks conducted during the display. They will be sharing their techniques and wisdom on how to create your own tulip wonderland. On until Mid-October, cost is free. tourism@bendigo. 1800813153

October 2020


Wendy Lovell MP I am proud of the efforts of my constituents in Northern Victoria Region that sees us at the time of writing this with just two active cases of COVID-19 in Macedon LGA and one in Mitchell LGA. Currently the Greater Bendigo LGA has no cases and I congratulate the entire Bendigo community for their steadfast resilience throughout this pandemic. My staff and I continue to assist constituents with a whole range of issues, and we will continue to be here to assist everyone with any concerns they may have. Please contact my office if you require help or advice on any State Government issues.


Omnibus Bill The Andrews Labor Government’s COVID-19 Omnibus Bill will be debated in the Legislative Council when State Parliament resumes on 13th October. This is a dangerous piece of legislation introduced by Daniel

Andrews to give him even more power and control over Victorians without democratic checks and balances. The bill proposes amendments to the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 that would allow the government to appoint any person or class of person it likes as an ‘authorised officer’ to enforce emergency powers. These authorised officers would possess wide-ranging powers including entry, search, seizure and detention. Labor’s Bill would allow it to appoint as authorised officers the very same private security guards whose use in hotel quarantine by the Andrews Labor Government led to our state’s second wave. Under Labor’s Bill a person can be detained without ever having committed a crime or breaching a public health direction and allow an authorised officer to keep a person detained for an undefined period. An authorised officer only needs to be satisfied that they ‘reasonably believe’ that a person is a ‘high risk’ individual and is likely to refuse or fail to comply with a direction. These powers are completely contrary to our democracy and to the rule

of law and are yet another example of how the Andrews Labor Government has no respect for the rights of Victorians. The COVID-19 Omnibus Bill was provided to the Liberal Party just two business days before it was introduced into the Parliament, without the chance for any scrutiny. This short timeframe has also meant no time for MPs to consult and shows the contempt that Labor has for the Parliamentary process and for community consultation. Sadly, Daniel Andrews used his majority in the Legislative Assembly, including support from Bendigo members Jacinta Allan and Maree Edwards, to pass the bill and it is now up to members in the Legislative Council to stop the legislation from becoming law. No reasonable Victorian could support this bill that will allow virtually anyone who is an authorised officer the right to enter your home and arrest you merely on a suspicion. The Liberal members as well as the sole Nationals member in the Legislative Council will be strongly opposing this bill and I encourage all Upper House MPs to do the same.

Spring Photo Competition

What have you been up to in the garden during lockdown? Send us in your photos it can be anything from your favourite pot plant to a new landscaping project and you could win one of 4 $50 gift vouchers courtesy of Habitat Nursery. To enter email your picture to Winners will be published in the November edition.

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October 2020

The Coleman Report

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Huntly Huntly Shire Heritage Council has done some very good work enabling the publication ‘Former Shire of Huntly Heritage Study’. The Study provides a comprehensive history of the former Shire of Huntly and recommends potential heritage places for further assessment and protection. Well done. Victoria Police Dark Blue-Black Shirts Somehow Victoria Police’s imposing dark dark-blue formal uniform, with black shirts and ties, looks unfriendly, thuggish, uncomfortable, out of place, and un-Australian.

Renters and Rates Renters pay council rates. Admittedly not directly. It is built into your rent. You are a ratepayer and have the right to access council services, make enquiries, and vote at council elections.

you?” I offered to pay. She would have none of it. That’s service.

Hargreaves Mall Beginnings I share some responsibility. Follow-on from last month’s piece. December 1972. Shamrock Principles Hotel. Bendigo Chamber of I admire a councillor with Commerce black-tie principles. Jennifer Alden Christmas function. Bendiabstained from go’s CBD revitalisation was supporting the sale of the an issue at the time. Council Chambers to the Prominent businessman government for a GovHub Tom Powney arranged because she had not been for myself to be the guest provided with sufficient speaker. I had visited, and information by the offihad briefings on Fresno’s cers to make an informed (California) urban decision. renewal and Mall development. Tom’s grandCitizens’ Jury daughter studied urban In 2016 Council spent over Monopoly renewal in a science unit I $200,000 on consultants and A friend of mine regularly took at the then Bendigo its own staff time to reminds me, “Council is a Teachers’ College. Tom enundertake a Citizens’ Jury monopoly. If you are not ticed me with a free dickieprocess to provide satisfied you have nowhere bow-tie suit hire from mate independent community else to go. You cannot Basil Ashman’s Menswear. I input into the development choose another council, or was grateful. of the Council’s 2017-21 not pay for services you do Unwound business people Community Plan. not need or want.” The question the Jury had to enthusiastically received the presentation and Fresno answer was: “What should film. A rollicking Q&A Council spend our money Word Power session followed. on to shape the community’s ‘Clique’: an in-group of Council was moving to future?” Few of the Jury’s people who spend their revitalising the CBD. Guests, recommendations were time together and do not Mayor Dickie Turner and picked-up. Have not heard welcome other people into Town Clerk Tom Watts any mention of the Citizen that group. ‘Claque’: a group invited me to make a preJury process since. of flattering followers who sentation to a less lubricated applaud and provide support Councillor and senior staff irrespective of the merits of Mask meeting. The film, brochures I entered the Strathfieldsaye the case. Unfortunately, both and Fresno contacts were IGA supermarket forgetting types surface in politics, handed over to council. my COVID mask in the councils and special interest The Hargreaves Mall was car. Then the shock of my groups. Clique, claque. subsequently developed. The negligence hit me. Like an Clique, claque. intent was fine at the time. amateur gangster I drew Unfortunately, property my T-shirt over my face. Puzzle owners and council failed Sprung! Didn’t fool the Solutions (and still do) to understand shop assistant. And here’s the on-going principles of the good bit. “Would you location theory – the mix of like me to get a mask for businesses, the what, where and why, and related people movement and parking provisions - all fell well short of Fresno, and the then council’s dream. Later council decisions like the Market Place development and the most recent Mall revamp hastened its downfall. Fifty years have passed. Simply redesigning and refurbishing the Mall, or council adding flotsam (like piecemeal pop-up shops) when a third of the Mall’s shops are closed is almost negligence. Surely we have moved on. Time for another unwinding free-thinking Christmas function. Council Customer Service My personal experience with Council’s customer service officers is that they are committed excellent employees.

Any resident can make requests for information that is of interest to them like a road seal, or to pass on an idea, or for an appointment with a councillor or council officer simply by calling 5434 6000 or emailing Council’s Customer Service Charter allows ten working days to respond to a ratepayer request. Below is a sample emailed request. Dear Customer Service Officer, Please pass on to the responsible officer the following request. REQUEST: That a copy of the brief for the Bendigo Art Gallery feasibility study and business case (as identified on page 239 of the 19 August Council Meeting Agenda) be forwarded to me. Thank you for your assistance. Plans, Policies, Frameworks, and Strategies. Just so many Councils need a sheep dog to round them up. Well over a hundred. Great shelf fillers and glossy gifts. Lengthy, dulled by complex academic language, with vague or no targets, and no accountable annual reports. For 99.5% of residents these documents are invisible. Councillors sign off on these documents on your behalf. The documents dictate your future lifestyle and council rates and charges. Check these out on council’s website: Plan Greater Bendigo 2017-50; 2036 Community Plan – Voices for the Future; 201721 Community Plan. Confused? Wait there is more. At September Council Meeting: Reconciliation Plan, Managed Growth Strategy, ……………... They just keep piling up. More costs, more staff. But have the services you received improved? Do the plans, policies, frameworks describe the future you want? Something on your mind Write to Ted via details above.

October 2020



According to the saying one person’s trash is another’s treasure, so if you have items that you no longer need, are after something special for the pool room or you want to raise money for a club, charity or organisation you can join the Greater Bendigo Garage Sale Trail. The Garage Sale Trail – a nation-wide sustainability initiative supported by more than 100 local governments is inviting residents to go online and register their home, school or community

group’s garage sale on the Trail. Potential buyers can also go online and see where the registered garage sales are taking place and develop their own trail to find a bargain. This year the City of Greater Bendigo has joined the initiative to help residents de-clutter their homes, join in a social activity, help raise awareness of the importance of re-using items and keeping unwanted items out of landfill. In 2019 an estimated

to re-use or recycle their unwanted items wherever possible and also make a few dollars in the process,” Ms Pearce said. “This year’s Garage Sale Trail will also feature ways to be involved online and in the real world by allowing people to host a sale at home, online or attend a reuse master class. “We live in a consumerdriven society, but we often outgrow or no longer need much of what we buy, so the Garage Sale Trail is one way to offload some of those items. “This is an initiative that encourages people to clear out their cupboards, the shed or the kid’s toy box and earn some dollars. It’s great because these items will all go to a new home and be 400,000 Australians got reused.” involved in the initiative This year the Great Garage by either selling items at a Sale Trail is being held garage sale or shopping the trail for bargains and unique across Australia on the weekend of November 21 finds. and 22 and residents can City of Greater Bendigo register or find out more Manager Resource information by visiting Recovery and Education Brooke Pearce said hosting Greater-Bendigo a Garage Sale or planning a trail was a great way to make All garage sales must be conducted in-line with your unwanted items work current COVID-19 govin your favour. ernment advice to ensure “The Garage Sale Trail is the safety and wellbeing of an opportunity to remind everyone. residents about the need

2020 FESTIVAL UPDATE Last week the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival Committee met to work through the latest COVID-19 restrictions and the ability to continue with this years 10th anniversary festival. While the committee has remained optimistic and continued to explore ways of proceeding in 2020, the re-introduction of Stage 3 restrictions throughout Regional Victoria means this is no longer the case. The committee has made the difficult decision to postpone the 10th anniversary festival to 4-7 November 2021 and promises it will present an even bigger festival with more artists showcasing local venues and attractions. As Festival Director, I’d like to thank our major sponsors, artists, and venues for their generous support over the last few months as our determined committee explored every contingency to find a path to make a 2020 festival possible. It’s obviously disappointing, that after 9 straight years, our 100% volunteer run festival needs to go on ice, due to the global

pandemic. It’s been heartbreaking to witness the effect COVID-19 restrictions has had on our partner venues, the many hospitality workers out of work, and of course the artists that we love to work with, whose careers are basically on hold, until live gigs as we know them are a reality again. I have complete faith we will be back in 2021 – bigger and better than ever. In the meantime, our committee will continue to do what we can to bring live music to our music-loving fans supporting some of the many talented blues and roots musicians we know and love. This includes our live music broadcasts presenting The Blues Tram at 2:00pm on the second Saturday of the month and “Bendigo Underground” on the last Friday of the month at 8:00pm. These live broadcasts are free to watch thanks to sponsorship from Explore Bendigo and the City of Greater Bendigo, and your generous contributions. While we will miss staging Bendigo’s biggest homegrown music festival this November, we know this is the right decision Colin Thompson Festival Director

Your Health & Safety Is Our Priority

BENDIGO SHOWGROUNDS Market Come along to Bendigo’s busiest market

OVER 200 STALLS •Family atmosphere •Free ample parking •Close to the city centre

Prince of Wales Showgrounds Holmes Rd, Bendigo Phone: 0407 094 805


El Disaster Mallee Run

October 2020 • Matthew Evans on the campaign trail in Heathcote.

El Disaster Mallee Run was formed about 5 years ago. A group of likeminded riders had the idea to ride, stay, eat, and catch up with the locals in Mallee towns. With all funds raised to go to Prostate Cancer Research Aust. Over$ 20,000 has been handed to this cause. They now hold an annual Mallee Run each NOV

NEW SCHEDULE 19 SEPTEMBER DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS New route for this year’s Mallee Run. Due to the border lock downs and not knowing when they will be lifted organisers have revised this years route leaving out NSW and SA. Monday 2nd November 9-30am leave Bendigo Showgrounds Head to Elmore for a site visit.

Echuca for lunch. Traveling to Swan Hill for overnight stay camping at caravan park. Tuesday 3rd Melbourne Cup day Head to Manangatang hotel for lunch. Site visit on the way to Rainbow. Arrive Rainbow. Entertainment supplied by Walla Mick next to the Eureka hotel. Swag camping available. Wednesday 4th November. Farm and collectable visit.

Head to Nhill stopping for pub and lake visit on the way. Camping at the Nhill caravan park. Thursday 5th November Visit to the Stick Shed and museum. Lunch then head to Donald. Thursday night in Donald camping at the caravan park. Pool Comp and Auction to be held at an advised venue. All Corvid19 restrictions at the time will be implemented.

Bring the Future Forward: a 2050 Plan for our City and Region says Matthew Evans Our community will succeed if we are actively seeking to bring our future forward. We need to have a bold vision and the wilful ambition to make the City of Greater Bendigo the most liveable community in Australia. The next four years are vital in shaping the future of the City of Greater Bendigo. It has never been a more exciting time for regional communities. People are looking to the regions like ours for new opportunities and a new way of life. The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed life as we know it. Now is a rare opportunity to make substantial reforms to make our community stronger. It has never been more important to set a vision for the future. Every forward

step we take, our eyes must be open to what the future looks l What do we want the City of Greater Bendigo to look like in the next 5, 10, 20, 30 years? What will the City of Greater Bendigo need to sustain an estimated population of 200,000 by 2050? What will be the jobs & industries be? What community facilities will we need? What substantial infrastructure is required? What else must we consider for the future of the City of Greater Bendigo? We cannot be held captive to the past. We must learn from the past and move forward. We are 20 years into the 21st Century. We need 21st Century thinking, ambition, creativity, and optimism to Bring the Future Forward.

We need Councillors who are brave and put ideas and solutions on the agenda. We need Councillors who will work hard to deliver strong outcomes for their community. We need Councillors who has the community’s future front and centre in their mind. We need Councillors who will bring all parts of the City to the debate. We need Councillors who will Listen to Them and Take Action. We have no more time to waste. We must Bring the Future Forward. To read more about my vision, go to https:// bringing-the-future-forward-a-2050-vision-forthe-city-of-greater-bendigoand-the-wider-region/








Authorised By City of Greater Bendigo Ratepayers Association Inc. PO Box 315 Golden Square Victoria 3555

12 Page Liftout Bendigo Council Election Special s e t a d i d n a C e Meet th n o i t a m r o f n I l a Elector . . . e r o M & s w e i v r Inte

More music with your breakfast... Bendigo 96.5 Castlemaine 106.3 • Request/studio line: 5444 1355 • Office: 5444 1377 •


October 2020

Electoral Information

Complete List of Candidates in Ballot paper order

Whipstick Ward

Julie Sloan Mob: 0492 929 648 Pauline Murtagh Mob: 0401 823 154 au Luke Martin Mob: 0428 694 276 Lukeforwhipstick@gmail. com Source: Victorian Sharon Flaherty Electoral Commission Mob: 0490 485 597 Lockwood Ward Michelle Goldsmith John Drake Cooper Mob: 0439 465 589 BH: (03) 5447 0312 michellegoldsmith2020@ AH: (03) 5447 0312 Mob: 0488 564 640 Malcolm Pethybridge johndrakecooper@gmail. Mob: 0427 376 983 com Rod Fyffe James Rouel BH: (03) 5443 7673 Mob: 0427 165 356 AH: (03) 5443 7673 Mob: 0474 451 254 Andrea Metcalf BH: (03) 5448 4839 Vyonne McLelland-Howe AH: (03) 5448 4839 Mob: 0409 599 335 Mob: 0402 848 529 BYRNE, Narelle Jayne Andrew James Quin Narelle Jayne Byrne Mob: 0474 209 918 Mob: 0400 054 839 David Fagg Barry Lyons Mob: 0421 764 699 Mob: 0408 510 622 Thomas Prince Jennifer Alden Mob: 0437 928 361 Mob: 0488 235 680 Monique Jan Pagliaro Nathan Rogers Mob: 0434 376 066 Mob: 0424 970 190 Kathryn Stanislawski Vaughan Williams Mob: 0429 981 475 Mob: 0479 152 245 vaughan@vaughanwilliams. kathrynwhipstick@gmail. com

Eppalock Ward

Greg Jacobs Mob: 0447 004 363 Brett Mitchell Mob: 0410 433 644 brettmitchell4eppalock@ George Flack Mob: 0418 507 992 David Hewitt Mob: 0403 642 181 davidhewittforeppalock@ Robin Chapman BH: (03) 5425 3258 AH: (03) 5425 3258 Lewis Freeman-Harrison Mob: 0413 144 434 lewisfreemanharrison@ Gregory Penna BH: (03) 5443 5375 Mob: 0427 400 930 Helen Leach Mob: 0408 346 240 Matthew Evans Mob: 0474 490 008 mattyevansmedia@gmail. com Margaret O’Rourke Mob: 0427 019 900 au Susie Hawke Mob: 0447 801 710


Greater Bendigo council has three wards: Eppalock, Lockwood and Whipstick. Three councillors will be elected in each of the three wards. Nine in total for a four-year term of office. October 24 election day This will be the first year postal voting is used by all councils. Ballot packs will be sent out between October 6 - 8. Votes have to be sent by 6pm on October 23. Results will be declared on November 13.

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October 2020


Electoral Information Message from the Bendigo Alliance Max Turner President Bendigo Alliance -

Your Council Vote Makes a Difference At the 2020 Council elections your vote really matters. Councillors decide how much you pay in rates fees and charges and how that money is spent on your behalf. You need to have more say - Residents have a right to be part of the decision-making. Bendigo Alliance (BA) was formed by an open nonaligned group of residents because of concerns that the majority of compliant Councillors and the Chief Executive Officer were dismissive of residents wishes and concerns. B.A saw residents silenced. More than 800 people have already participated in Bendigo Alliance virtual meetings. This article reflects their views. The numbers dramatically contrast with Mayor Margaret O’Rourke’s claim that only a handful of residents had concerns; 800 is more residents than have participated in any recent Council activity. Your vote influences what is built for the community from roads to bridges, and what services council should provide, and what staff are employed. Importantly, the CEO’s contract expires soon, and the new Councillors will have the responsibility of advertising nationwide and selecting the best candidate. Bendigo Alliance believes it’s time Councillors and the CEO treated residents with greater respect. The new Council must be more open and connected with the residents, and BA hopes you share that view. The candidates who are elected in the coming election should represent you - and shape Greater Bendigo’s future; from Harcourt North to Elmore, Heathcote to Raywood, and urban Bendigo. Bendigo Alliance’s perception is the majority of present Councillors engage in group-think with senior officers and are subservient to government, and special interest groups. BA opposes

rule by a Council Monarchy, or an unelected administration and a proxy elite. Our Council must not become an operative of any government or group, nor should it fancy itself as a mini-state or regional governance body. Pre-COVID-19 Mayor O’Rourke and the submissive Councillors doggedly refused to hold public meetings to gauge the views of ratepayers on Council matters. Even when council forms committees with community representation, like the Epsom / Huntly Drainage Committee, the views of long-term residents are glossed over, and bureaucrats’ rule and seemingly have control of final reports. Despite countless hours put in by the Committee nothing much changed The best, and most recent example of Council’s arrogance is the sale of Lyttleton Terrace offices and land to the State Government to build an unnecessary GovHub that strips residents of locally-owned assets and commits them to ongoing debt. The silent overwhelming majority of residents were either against the project, or did not have sufficient information to engage councillors because Council did not provide information in a timely manner. Many in the community are oblivious to the fact that the City Office, owned by us will be demolished in the next week or so. So much for real consultation. Another clear example of council’s failure to inform, engage and consult with the community is around parking to service the GovHub and other new government developments in the area. We know the GovHub will have no public parking, and little (or none) for the 1,000 employees who will occupy the building. Will they clog up the streets? Candidates need to seek out council’s hidden plans for a Multi-Story Carpark anticipated cost, and who will pay. Tell the voters. It is not good enough to stay silent and let the next Council shoulder responsibility and decades of

ratepayers the massive debt. Too many stuff-ups in the past. Much of what recent Councils and the CEO have done was done to impress and serve outside influencers or councillor’s personal agenda rather than serve the majority of residents. The continual increase in your rates, fees, and charges to achieve the appeasers’ aims doesn’t appear to bother most councillors. Only councillors Metcalf, Flack and Alden dared to differ in opinion to the CEO’s Budget. An ongoing search for savings, or how to operate more efficiently is only talked about, not practised. Despite the COVID 19 crisis a majority of Councillors approved the CEO’s recommendations to unnecessarily jack-up stressed residents’ rates by 2% and some fees and charges by even more, only to then blow $4M to employ 37 non-critical non-COVID related new staff, $500K on shade cloth for the failing Hargreaves Mall, and throw away millions renting office space to cover poor planning around a GovHub. In recent years, supported by councillors like Rod Fyffe and CEO Niemann, tens of millions of your money has also been chewed up, wasted, or vanished for little gain. Deserted Hargreaves Mall - $10M plus and growing; failed Marong business park and Carter Farm fiasco $2M plus; destroying perfectly sound roundabouts in the CBD - $100K’s; knocking down community Hall for a KF pool - $4M; lost $M’s pursuing a GovHub; overspending $M’s on the library and Walk Bendigo; ignoring residents and chasing parking options around the dissolved Aspire project -$???K, and the inefficiencies around the Golden Square Swimming Pool and Recreation Reserve Plan hundreds of thousands of dollars and growing. More millions of your money is drained replicating services better handled by private sector, government agencies, or not-for profit organisations. All this needs to change. Accountability

has vaporised. The CEO and some Councillors publicly oppose the 2% government’s rate cap wishing to put their hands deeper into your pocket with higher rates, levies, fees, and charges. They now look at sneaky ways around the cap by approving and trialling a community infrastructure levy of $1,200 on new dwellings in Maiden Gully; be certain it will hit your area soon. What the council won’t do is consult, listen and more importantly respond, and allow the whole community to be engaged and canvass every option until the best for Greater Bendigo is gained to drive long-term, sustainable local jobs, support local small business and build confidence across our community. Rural areas and townships are treated as dependent children. Information sharing is a key to delivering better and more efficient services. Council needs to promote and vastly improve public access to Council information, accountability, and community engagement and consultation. Many Councillors over the past four-years have been invisible to the general public. A request for a Public Forum and debate to explain and hear community concerns regarding the GovHub was formally rejected by the Mayor in writing. Not good enough, there needs to be more face-to-face debates with the public, and

councillors writing public position papers on important matters prior to a Council debate. When did you ever hear a councillor stand up in front of a crowd and make a case for your Ward and answer questions? The Bendigo Alliance will support candidates - in the October election whose platform supports: · limiting rate, fee, and charges increases · refocusing on basic services for residents like roads, parks, drainage, gutters, etc · putting Bendigo first and ending the extravagant and costly betrayal of our city and the loss of our independence to external bodies · provision of publicly available cost-benefit analysis for all projects over $1million · mandatory genuine community engagement and consultation. · improved accountability, and access to council information. · Culling, uncluttering, and simplifying the mountains of Council public documents Look for candidates who make these kinds of statements publicly and who you have confidence that they will perform and not roll over to the wishes of the CEO and Government. Candidates who may be commercially conflicted, or who are single issue players pushing federal or state matters are of little use. Look for candidates with integrity

who will speak out on behalf of their constituents. Only two councillors have done this on a consistent basis, Councillors Metcalf and Alden. Look for candidates who understand you, and who you understand. Bendigo Alliance believes Councillors Fyffe, O’Rourke, Pethybridge and Hawke have, without sufficient public consultation and due process, voted and supported matters that were not in the best interest of residents. Good examples include Budget increases in rate, fees and charges, the GovHub, and the $1,200 Maiden Gully levy. These councillors uncritically backed the officers and gave scant thought to the adverse financial and well-being impact on future councils and residents. We encourage you to put these candidates last.









Authorised By City of Greater Bendigo Ratepayers Association Inc. PO Box 315 Golden Square Victoria 3555


October 2020

Meet The Candidates

George Flack N.Nicholas Editor

George Flack is again running for a second term as Councillor for the City of Greater Bendigo in the Eppalock Ward. George brings with him a depth of knowledge and expertise unparalleled by his rivals. His list of achievements outside of Council is indeed quite staggering. Recently being

awarded the prestigious Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division for ‘service to the community of Bendigo and to finance. George, who was born and raised in Bendigo, received his OAM for his service to the Bendigo community, which includes: President and Board Member of the Bendigo

Athletic Club since 2000; President of the Victorian Athletic League, 2000-2007; Voluntary Chair, Relay for Life Bendigo, 2000-2005; Member of the Marist Brass Band since 1964; Past secretary, treasurer and member of the Bendigo Country Fire Authority, since 1967; Member of the Bendigo Tourism Board, 20012007; and Chair of the Bendigo Tourism Board, 2004-2006.e’,as part of the

Financial Planner of the Year. This award is almost impossible to win once let alone twice and is testament to George’s sound financialmind. In his last term as Councillor, George has tried to bring a common sense approach to all matters. He recently strongly opposed the sale of our Council Chambers to the State Government for the purpose of developing a GovHub. Being proven to be one of the most sound financial minds in the country and laying out for Council exactly how they could finance their own building development it was amazing 2020 Australia Day Honours how the Mayor and others could be so quick to dismiss List. his logic and not even seem With his long list of community involvement, it’s to take it into consideration before casting their vote. not surprising that George Now we the ratepayers are has received numerous saddled with years of debt awards over the years, and have lost an asset we including being named previously owned. Georges Citizen of the Year for the plan was to build our own City of Greater Bendigo in 2000, as well as being a torch version of GovHub and in turn lease space back to bearer for part of the relay leg for the Sydney Olympics other Government agencies that same year. And in 1996 in turn creating revenue for the Council not debt. and 2004, George was also George is passionate if named Money Management

re-elected in developing and implementing strategies, to assist business in Bendigo who have suffered via recent forced closures. He has a range of ideas from reducing rates and abolishing various fees to help get them back on their feet. As George states, “Councils grand plans to re-develop the CBD won’t be much use if there are no tenants left in the CBD, swift action is required by Council to make sure this doesn’t happen, this is not the time for rate increases and additional fees, rather reductions and Council should be looking more to tightening it’s own belt and helping others, not grand plans.” George encourages anyone who wants to know more or have suggestions of their own on the future of our City and surrounds to contact him via details below.


Contact George direct Ph: 0418 507 992 E: george.flack@fasg.


Acting in the best interests of ratepayers


George Flack Eppalock Ward

Independent Experienced Advocate for business Community first focus Always available to discuss any issues 0418 507 992 Authorised by George Flack PO Box 758 Bendigo Centre Victoria 3055

October 2020

Andrea Metcalf

Meet The Candidates

to become a tenant and pay rent in the Gov Hub. She was also critical of council’s recent budget, saying it had not done enough for local For any resident whom has businesses in these Covid-19 ever attended a times. listening post in the She was instrumental in Whipstick Ward you will helping to achieve the best know that Andrea Metcalf outcomes for Bendigo’s is a regular fixture. Ever youth within the ward. Her responsive to residents needs ‘Walk to School’ with the she is always available, i-pad Epsom Primary School in hand to hear concerns resulted in a petition and assist in liaising with organised by students. council, where required. The outcome was a school She’s lodged about 1,000 crossing supervisor being customer requests on behalf appointed to the crossing of residents over her term on at the traffic lights at the council. corner of Howard Street and A hands on, no-nonsense Midland Highway, thanks practical approach is what to her petition suggestion. Andrea has bought to the The Walk to School with the fore over the years within Eaglehawk North students Local Government. She is resulted in a footpath for the one of the few in this papers students, to the School. view that has listened to She encouraged Aidan community concerns and Baldwin to put in a budget voted with their best submission for a skate park interests at heart. at Epsom in 2016 and it is She voted yes to keep the now built, thanks to him. Golden Square Pool open, Andrea strongly advocated voted no to the compulfor the retention of the sory acquisition of the Melbury Court playground Carter farm for the Marong using the residents’ own business park and voted words, as to why it should no to sell off the council be kept. owned land and building , Andrea is passionate when

it comes to waste management and one of her goals if re-elected is a review of council’s current waste management policies. Red bins for household rubbish are a typical example. “There is an opportunity to look at a fortnightly collection of the red bin using different models, but the community has to agree to it. It would reduce people’s rates, but the community needs to have all of the information to be included in the decision making. There can be no

pre-conceived outcome.” Readers will note the notices of motions that Andrea has put forward in her current term as councillor. These include: A review of the Council procurement policy to make it mandatory for the use of recycled products in construction projects wherever possible. An example of this is the new road at the Eaglehawk landfill made using recycled materials; A request to the State Government for effective

waste and resource recovery resourcing for Local Governments; A request to the Minister for Energy, the Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio seeking her support for a container deposit scheme and asking her to advocate for a national, well- funded approach to a circular economy. Andrea promises from day one if re-elected to organise a committee of local business leaders to tackle the challenges presented to them


by Covid and how to best render effective and timely assistance. For those who wish to know more or engage with Andrea, you can reach her on mobile, Facebook or via email.


Contact Andrea direct Ph: 0458 098 267 andrea4whipstick


For a STRONG VOICE on Council Listened to the community on key decisions • Retaining the community run Golden Square Pool • Voting no to the compulsory aquisition of a family farm • Voting no to selling Council land to become a tenant in the GovHub


• Prepared to challenge and question organisational recommendations • No political party affiliations

Supporting local business

• Advocated for rate waivers for Covid impacted businesses

Experience in the role • Ready from day 1

To Ensure Your Voice Is Heard

VOTE 1 0458 098 267

Andrea Metcalf Whipstick Ward

VOTE 1 Authorised by A Metcalf, 45 Strickland St, Ascot 3551


October 2020

Meet The Candidates

Speaking with Councillor Dr Jennifer Alden its clear that track records matter to her.

of Council. This includes putting public health first, defending community recreation facilities such as the Golden Square swimming pool. Jennifer is running again for Council as there are many initiatives underway to which she would like to continue to make a difference. As she says, “Community matters and our future matters. In her four years on Bendigo is looking for Council she has worked tirelessly for the community support to resume life to the maximum following - in public and behind the COVID-19. Our prosperity scenes. It has involved depends on how we can constantly questioning processes and strategies and bring flexibility in assisting our businesses, our vulneradvocating for change. able community members “Its important for a and those doing it tough. councillor to ask the hard questions” says Jennifer. “In Importantly, this needs to include maintaining Council’s addition, I speak to issues in-home services, keeping affecting our community at every Council meeting. I do older residents socially connected”. my homework.” At a recent Council meeting “We have the opportunity she said: “I know that when to create prosperity with jobs in the renewables and community interest and recycling and manufacturing social benefit comes up industries and by supporting against ‘orderly planning building of environmenoutcomes’ my support tally sustainable affordable usually lies with the community. This has played housing that will create employment for youth. We out as support for several proposals over the past term can support enterprise with

increased local food production and local tourism post COVID-19 with our City of Gastronomy brand.” “During this term on Council I am proud that my hard work for action on Climate and Biodiversity Breakdown has led to divestment from investment in fossil fuels and work on climate action with zero carbon and city resilience plans and a biodiversity strategy in the pipeline. We can provide an example of what can be achieved by local government in creating well-designed, resilient, inclusive and prosperous communities. I want to be part of that” she says. “During my time as a councillor I have come to believe that true independence of Council and councillors is best for the community. I am proud to be an Independent voice for our community and our future. No vested interests. No politics. I ask your support for me to continue to represent you on Council. Vote 1 Jennifer Alden.”

Small business owner, Lewis Freeman-Harrison, is running for Eppalock Ward for the first time ever. The 25 year-old Flora Hill resident is campaigning on principles of equality, fairness, support of small business and as a voice for young citizens. He believes now is the opportune time for him to take on a greater role in his community. “The City of Greater Bendigo needs a fresh injection of youth to assist; both in terms of the current econmic crisis and proposing new ideas to council. After all, it is my generation and the next that will have to go through the detrimental effects of this debt and deficit. Lewis, has committed to bringing a consistent level of accountability and openness to local council if elected. “In representative democracies, citizens delegate power to elected officials through periodic

elections to represent or act in their interest. This is the way it should be, however, this is not always the reality. Power in the hands of the wrong people can be destructive and this is what has occasionally been displayed at all levels across government in recent times.” Mr. Freeman-Harrison reiterated his passion for standing up on behalf of Eppalock Ward citizens of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, religions, and sexualities. “I want to be a voice for all Eppalock Ward citizens. I am sticking to my principles of equality and fairness, enthusiastic about stimulating the small business sector and providing mental health training for the public to assist people who are experiencing hardship. Furthermore, I particularly aim to ensure that our state and federal MP’s are held accountable and are subject to routine checks ADVERTISEMENT


Jennifer Alden Your Independent community voice.


Vote 1

Lockwood Ward City of Greater Bendigo Council Elections

Always working for our community and our future.

Authorised by J Alden, PO Box 5067, Sandhurst East 3550

and balances.” Mr. Freeman-Harrison says he understands the need for actions to correlate with words and is confident he has been demonstrating this since the beginning of his campaign. “We need councillors who will act in the best interests of ratepayers; councillors who are authentic, integral and transparent. I want to listen to the community when elected, just as I am doing now. Let us work together to bring Bendigo through this difficult time.”

October 2020

Meet The Candidates

Matthew Evans

graduate, I know how important communication is. I will bring my skills in communication to bring your voice to the council table. I will be accessible, consultative, and active. I passionately believe that change in our community is always led by the people. Change is Led by the Community. I will provide my full support for the community’s leadership in driving change. Listening to you, taking Our city and region has action! an optimistic future. That is That is what I will do if why next term of council is elected as an Eppalock Ward vital in shaping the future Councillor on the City of of our future. We must Greater Bendigo Council. ensure that our future is on As a councillor, I will ensure the right path and that the the responsible management people are front and centre of ratepayer’s money, that of our decision making and investment is spread right planning. across our city, suburban With Bendigo’s estimated and rural areas, create new population of 200,000 opportunities in a postpeople by 2050, planning COVID world, build a and investing in our sustainable future for all community has never been generations, support our more important. Our vision community to deliver strong for the future must support outcomes, and bring the & provide opportunities for future forward. families, businesses, and As a communications community organisations to professional and journalism thrive.

As a 23-year-old, I know my long-term future is in Bendigo. I want to be more active in shaping and improving our community for the better. That is why I am standing. Whoever you are, wherever you live, and whatever you do, you have the ideas and leadership that drives change in our community. I am here to support that, listen to you, and taking action! A bit about me, I am a proud resident of Strathdale. I play footy for Golden Square, as well as cricket for the West Bendigo Cricket Club. I am an education support staff member who is responsible for communications at BSE, one of our region’s finest schools. I love our regions great food and coffee, as well as walkies in our natural parks with my fiancée and two dogs.


Contact Matthew direct Ph: 0474 490 008 mattyevansmedia



Nathan Rogers

that I have the right skills and abilities to communicate and listen to the people of Bendigo and be their Voice in council” said Nathan at a Former CFA Volunteer, recent media conference. Charity CEO and founder “My personal values are reNathan Rogers is standing spect, integrity, compassion to represent the Lockwood and empathy, combined with Ward in this Octobers the ability to listen to people council elections. which I believe is what the Nathan has been involved people of Bendigo need right in the Bendigo community now, the Covid 19 pandemic over many years in various has effected people in many aspects from local sports different ways and they are both local and state level going to need a council that Football league (VFL) from can listen to their needs and 2008 until 2010, and being a be able to deliver comCFA Volunteer from 2000 munity projects that help until 2016, Following on businesses and community from being a CFA get back together and restore Volunteer Nathan cash flow, recreate jobs and established and founded the opportunities to help Greater Bushfire Foundation Inc. Bendigo recover. I will put “Having been involved in all issues on the table that local sport and emergency place Bendigo and its people services and being able on the right path and work to work with vulnerable hard with all industry and people, build rapport and community leaders to move trust amongst those who the Bendigo forward in these foundation has assisted and uncertain times” stated having being able to build Nathan. partnerships that have Nathan’s main priorities if created employment skills elected are: and pathways in • Improving or addressing regeneration of fire damaged the Mall situation and working bushland , is something I with and consulting with the am proud of, and I believe community to revitalise and


bring it back to a thriving hub of activity. • Better support and assistance for community groups to help them grow and develop. • Review and improve community safety which includes emergency response and develop a more community focused approach to preparedness response and recovery, which includes animals and wildlife. • Improve the city’s ability to host national and international sports on a permanent basis such as AFL, A League Soccer, Big Bash and One Day Cricket. • Covid 19 recovery for all aspects of the community To have your say and tell me your issues, concerns and improvement ideas for the Lockwood ward or any matter in the greater Bendigo region please contact Nathan via details below.


Contact Nathan direct Ph: 0424 970 190 yourvoicebendigo



Nathan Rogers YOUR VOICE FOR A BETTER BENDIGO CANDIDATE FOR LOCKWOOD WARD MY KEY PRIORITIES FOR A BETTER BENDIGO Mall Revitalisation - Consult the community regards the future of Hargreaves Mall.



Increased support for community groups and volunteers. To help them grow and develop. Community safety - Develop a more focused approach to preparedness response and recovery. Sport - Improve the shires capabilty to host major events and increased facilities for residents.

“Dear Bendigo I am standing for Council to be your voice and make Bendigo a better place to live, work and spend time together.”

Follow me and have your say www.nathan yourvoicebendigo

Authorised by Matthew Evans PO Box 34 Strathdale VIC 3550


Authorised by N.Rogers 3 View St Kangaroo Flat 3555



October 2020

Meet The Candidates

Barry Lyons

The CBD will be undergoing a sizable redevelopment over the next 4 years (this coming Former Mayor and term) with the building of Councillor Barry Lyons, is $100m GovHub, proposed again running for the seat of 2 possibly 3 high rise hotels Lockwood in this Octobers and other major makeovers Council elections. Barry has (law courts etc.) all at the called Bendigo home for expense of outside interests. over four decades, married Now is the time for with five children and transparency and straight currently eleven forward thinking”. grandchildren, all of whom Barry in his past roles as in turn call Bendigo home. both Councilor and Mayor If elected this will be Barry’s was involved in many third term in office. projects the highlights he Having had a brief respite say’s being; the Yulumbara from Local politics he is Theatre, Gurri again ready to play a role in Wanyarra (pool), City shaping Bendigo’s future. Library, Edwards St car Barry represents a wealth park, tennis centre, stadium of local knowledge and expansion (new courts & experience coupled with a events), extension to the City common sense approach Art Gallery and numerous high end projects in that needs Council’s to local issues. Barry’s past improvements to sporting preference to the basic needs immediate attention. experience plus his fields across Bendigo. of the community. Projects Barry is also heavily involvement with the Due to Covid restrictions committed to seeing more community and his position such as footpaths, roads, Barry is running a funds for basic on several boards such as the public transport and waste Facebook page through management should be infrastructure being diverted Showgrounds management which residents can engage the priority. I would like to to Maiden Gully, Huntly, team make him an ideal with him: https://www. see an increase in services Goorong, Elmore, candidate., Sedgwick, “My main drive is purely to offered to residents and not forBendigo/ other than that a decrease as is the current Marong, Sebastian, ensure resident’s concerns Barry is trying to get out are being heard and enacted trend” said Barry in a recent Raywood, Axedale and upon in Local Government. interview with the Monthly. Heathcote. These towns and and about where possible to “Take the footpaths or lack suburbs should be a priority. meet and hear the views of Too much of Councils as many people as permits of in Marong for “Bendigo consists of more current agenda is being within the example; this is something than the CBD” say’s Barry. taken up with what I see as Lockwood Ward. ADVERTISEMENT

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Contact Barry direct Ph: 0408 510 622 BarryLyonsforBendigo/

Readers Don’t Forget Election Day is October 24th ADVERTISEMENT

Stability & Reliability How we manage the coming term is critical for the future of Bendigo and district

Pauline Murtagh

Pauline if elected will also advocate for more transparency between residents and council. “I’ve been working in community engagement and We recently met Pauline Murtagh who is running for consultation since 2015. I’m excited and interested to see election in the Whipstick so many candidates list it as Ward in this year’s Council a priority. As well as being elections. ’Bubbling over certified by the with positive energy for Bendigo’ is the only way one International Association of Public Participation in could describe her community engagement I enthusiasm for her native truly believe that residents city and if elected she will having a say in decision definitely bring that to the making is vital to Council Chambers, democracy. That’s why it’s something that is definitely needed. At 37 this a priority for my campaign and something I’m is Pauline’s first campaign passionate about.” Said for election. Pauline currently resides in Pauline. Volunteers and White Hills with her partner community groups will also be pleased to hear that and her two dogs May and Pauline if elected will be Murph, being an avid dog working tirelessly to support lover and marathon you in all endeavours. “I runner it is not surprising want to be a part of council that improved recreation that supports and celebrates reserves and dog parks are those people.” high on her agenda. Please visit Pauline’s Readers may have seen Facebook site or contact her Pauline’s recent appearance directly via mobile below. on WIN News Bendigo talking about the need for upgrades to the Peter Krenz WANT TO KNOW Leisure Centre. “Again and again people tell MORE? me how much this facility Contact Pauline direct means to them- and that’s Ph: 0401 823 154 why I keep talking about it. It would be wonderful to see PaulineWhipstickward/ improvements sooner rather than later.”

PAULINE MURTAGH PROUD OF BENDIGO AND THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE Independent candidate Expertise in community engagement


Committed to improving Bendigo’s sport and recreational facilities. Will champion the needs of volunteer and community groups. Authorised By P Murtagh 10 Skibo Heights White Hills 3550

October 2020

Meet The Candidates

David Hewitt Eppalock Ward As a ratepayer and long time local community member, I expect efficient spending of council rates and for funding decisions to be transparent. I believe that business creates wealth and jobs, and Governments tax and spend part of that wealth. So all governments, including Council have a big responsibility to spend efficiently and equitably. We must support our businesses in order to be able to assist the disadvantaged and ensure equity in our communities. We have a responsibility to protect the environment, develop our region in a

sustainable way, buy local where practical, not sell off assets, help the disadvantaged, support business, form partnerships, help our residents stay healthy, and promote tourism. They are not mutually exclusive aims and will be my focus if I am elected to Council. It’s hard to imagine a tourist coming to Bendigo and being drawn to our Mall. It has been a decades-long experiment by Council to see what the effects of keeping vehicles away from businesses can be. Many CBD businesses have voted with their feet on this issue.

Let’s support our businesses first and then see what can be done about the Mall – no more bandaid solutions. If we need to hold an event, then many other venues are available. We need fresh eyes to look at Council processes, with consultation and transparency for our decisions. Even with decisions made by other layers of Government we still need to ensure the best input for our community. For example: · Do we need big lumbering buses carrying a few people and running “every 30-60 minutes on most routes”, or smaller vehicles which could be more responsive? · Could we assist other organisations to deliver better outcomes for our communities? · Are we examining the returns on our investments and improving our processes? If elected I will be asking our communities to email their biggest issues so that Council can prioritise and decide what action could be taken. I will be looking after your interests if you vote for me before Friday October 23. For more detail on my views please go to davidhewitt2020.blogspot. com

Pg. 21

views. Community consultation is extremely important to me and I have no hidden agenda or political affiliations”. “Please consider voting for me, I will not let you down!” Policy Considerations •Investigate opportunities for traineeships and apprentice training. •Investigate more efficient public transport for central Bendigo. •Support worthwhile events showcasing Bendigo & attracting people to the region. •Look into upgrading & modernising Showgrounds. •Demand financial accountability from council. •Pursue greater transparency from council dealings and staff. good stead when I began •Look into Innovative and working in the family progressive initiatives in business of Les Penna waste recycling & waste Motorcycles in Myers Street, management. Bendigo in 1976. After •Reduce the burden of red the death of our father, my tape when dealing with brother Richard and I took council departments over the running of the •Genuine Covid-19 relief Business. I am now semi/support to persons and retired giving me the time businesses suffering because and opportunity to run for of it. Council to work toward the • Free annual hard waste betterment of Bendigo”. (furniture & household “Over the years I attended useable items) kerbside TAFE, completing collection. courses for DLI Welding, an •One or two free tip Upholstery Course, a Brick vouchers available to Laying Course, a Computer ratepayers. Programming Course and •Remove “Preferred an Explosives Course. In Business” preferences 1995 I obtained my Pilots opening up quotes to all Licence. Throughout my businesses and consider the life I have always looked for cost aspect. new challenges and ways to •Allow businesses who be more proactively involved quoted for council work but in the community in which were unsuccessful to view I live”. specs of winning quote. “If you put your faith in •Capping of Rates me and vote for me as your “I have the Support and Councillor in the Eppalock Endorsement of The Greater Ward where I live, I will do Bendigo Ratepayers everything within my power Association”. to represent you and your

Greg Penna Eppalock Ward

Greg was born and grew up in Bendigo, and now feels it’s time to give back to the City that has given him so much. “I am a proud Bendigonian having attended the Flora Hill Primary School and White Hills Secondary School. In 1965, aged 15, I joined the RAAF as an Apprentice where I obtained my Trade as a Motor Transport Fitter and served up until 1976. I gained qualifications during that time as an A Grade Mechanic skilled in Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning, Caterpillar Vehicle Maintenance, Fuel Farm & Refuelling vehicles, Ground Lockwood ward people, support equipment and families, communities, business, clubs and organisa- Maintenance Control in HQ. On Discharge from the tions to give everybody a fair go. Footpaths, drainage RAAF I joined the Army Reserve 15 Transport Squadupgrades and better road ron in Mollison Street, until maintenance are high 1990, serving as RAEME priorities to allow safer maintaining Army Vehicles linkages for the Lockwood Ward residents. Tackle costly and Administration Logistics.” projects, overblown “These skills stood me in budgets and staffing costs under the current council ADVERTISEMENT and convert funds into meaningful projects offering a sustainable financial return for the community within the Lockwood Ward • I WILL LISTEN TO & and across REPRESENT YOU! Bendigo council region. For a council that will listen and • NO POLITICAL represent AFFILIATIONS you: Vote 1 Vaughan • A STRONG VOICE as we come out of these hard Williams. times. I’ll support FOR COMMUNITY refocusing priorities towards CONSULTATION local industry and the local • ENDORSED BY THE economy to create greater job opportunities such as RATEPAYERS ASSOC. creating a new OF BENDIGO Technology-centric industry as we come out of COVID. The time for change is now and I will support ongoing 0427 400 930 external reviews of Authorised by Gregory Penna 17 Bambarra Close, Kennington 3550 council. More support for


Vaughn Williams Lockwood Ward As a Golden Square resident and local businessman, it is my intention that Bendigo Council builds a sustainable future which depends on positive forward planning. I stand for transparency, accountability and support a responsive council. In the current COVID climate, I believe in a rate freeze and cost reductions to help all ratepayers


October 2020

Meet The Candidates

• Pauline Murtagh at Lake Neangar talking to locals about the upcoming elections.



Bendigo Council Elections

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JACOBS, Gregory




FLACK, George








PENNA, Gregory LEACH, Helen


EVANS, Matthew


10 11

O’ROURKE, Margaret

HAWKE, Susie

## Why O’Rourke and Hawke last? ##

They both voted for the 2% Rate increase and fees hike in recent council budget. They both voted for the GovHub. YOUR Council offices have been SOLD. Council will now rent indefinetely. - Higher Rates!! PLEASE KEEP - Ballot papers arrive in October. MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT Authorised by Colin Carrington PO Box 626 Heathcote Vic 3523

Helen Leach Eppalock Ward

I have real concern regarding the proposed GovHub with the community not consulted and any poll taken showing 85% of Bendigonians were against it. Selling our land and knocking down a building that could have been extended two floors does not make sense. Paying rent to an unknown owner

that funds should bespread equitably throughout the municipality; for example, for 40 years is even worse. there are projects in the The GovHub and many Heathcote Community other issueshave caused my Plan - such as the Dementia decision to run for council. Village - that have still not Higher rates and charges in this difficult Covid19 climate progressed from several years ago. There’s is economic opportunity for madness. It is likely we employment as well as a care will suffer severe hardship from an extended recession solution. Footpaths, and street lighting should be a because of Covid19; but it priority for all parts of the seems theCity of Greater Bendigo council is unaware Greater City of Bendigo. Real community of the financial pain that consultation is something I individual ratepayers and have always actively engaged small businesses are in and if elected I would suffering. Small business is continue to do. the lifeblood of the econoHargreaves Mall - I see two my, but they need a fair go. A local procurement policy possibilities for that -- either turn it into a food court; or should be mandatory. The CoGB should be giving local my preferred solution, which is a one way through road companies more similar to Bull Street -with opportunity to gain a cafes onone side. contract and employ. Either way this is a project I propose a rates and for an improved economy charges freeze until the and not as a sinkhole for effects of the recession can be properly assessed. I have public money. I will continue to lobby a trackrecord of opposing for a better solution to the higher rates and charges in problem of household waste my previous role as disposal: Iam on the record councillor in Bendigo. I as a proponent of Waste to believe that this council Energy as a long-term should be cutting its cloth solution as well as to suit the budget, which in decontamination and turn should reflect the reality of our circumstances. greater use of old mining land for Industrial use. I also continue to believe

Andrew Quin Whipstick Ward

Let me start by saying that I am a proud Bendigonian; I was raised here, and I am raising my own family here, to say I love this city is cliché, but I truly do. A bit about myself, I am a 52-year-old father of 5. I spent my youth enjoying all that Bendigo had to offer including, but not limited to Zoo Roller Disco, Golden Twin Cinemas, Vibrations and Rechters. Looking back, I think that I had a fantastic childhood. I joined the Defence Force and spent 11 years serving

in several locations across Australia. Learning leadership, teamwork and camaraderie. Over the years I have been active within my children’s kinder having held the position of president on three occasions. I was involved with the Australian Air Force Cadets here in Bendigo for 10 years with the last 3 years as part of the executive for 4th Wing (Victoria) serving as the Wing Warrant Officer. My wife and I ran a hospitality business for 6

years.I feel that I would bring a lot of experience to council having been both an employee and employer; single parent and a married man; unemployed and in full time work; homeowner and renter. My wish is to serve and represent the Greater Bendigo community and work towards building a vibrant and inclusive place to live. My wish to be able support the growth of our community and ensure that all sections of the community, both young and old, have a voice on council. I was born and raised in Bendigo and I am raising my family here. I have a great interest in seeing our beautiful part of the country shine and grow. I am a great believer that all parts of the Greater Bendigo area need good representation and I am determined to ensure at all peoples within the Ward are heard. I have been a business owner and been involved with youth organisations and believe that this has given me a great perspective on our city


Of the 32.4 million people in the world who are blind, most cases are either treatable or preventable. Help restore sight by leaving a gift to The Foundation in your will. For more information please contact our Planned Giving Specialist on (02) 8344 1624 or, or to donate now call 1800 352 352 or visit


October 2020

The Keiller connection. Ken Arnold

Keiller, also recorded as Kelleher, Killer, Keler or Keeler. Folklore has it that the Keiller family originated in Ireland where they were known as Kelleher. Kelleher was engaged to a wealthy young orphan girl, who had become the ward of a bishop hence it must have been customary that the latter had the girl on the night prior to her marriage. This must have enraged Kelleher as it was not long before he had slain the bishop thus the young couple fled across the North Channel to Scotland, they settling close to Perth. Kelleher must have been successful as he built a castle to or on the main route from the highlands to the lowlands, it becoming known as Rankeilour, also known as Rankeillour, around 25kms from the now famous St. Andrews golf course and 31kms from Dundee which is to north east. Kelleher had a lot of trouble trying to defend his castle from the waring clans with the result it was finally burnt out. Everyone in the castle was burnt to death except a nurse and a young Kelleher boy.

Commercial marmalade

Fast forward to 1797 when we find a Spanish ship had become stranded in a raging storm, it finally docking at Port Broughty. As the bulk of the cargo was Seville oranges the captain feared they would soon spoil hence he thought he could con John Keiller thus he sold the consignment to him, much tothe surprise of his wife. Not being able to make jam from the oranges owing to their bitter taste Janet began to peel thin strips of rind off before adding it to her jam, which had to be modified to a form we know today. Thus Janet Keiller is accredited with being the first to make commercial marmalade in Great Britain, the new business being named James Keiller. James Keiller married Barbara Robertson, 1789 1817 and to them were born seven children including James, 1810 -49. Keiller next married Margaret Spence, 1800 - 50, and to them was born nine children including Alexander Riddoch, 1821 - 77 Janet and her son James conducted the shop for sometime but it was not until 1828 that the business became known as James Keiller & Son, this being when James junior, joined the business. As James Keiller, senior, had died his widow Margaret and son Alexander continued to conduct the business, they moving The nurse took the George Kelleher to Dundee, around their shop to Chapel, also recorded as Castle, street, 1605. It appears that this is Meadowside, the jam, boiled when the surname became sweets and butterscotch facKeiller. tory being on the north side George in turn had a son, also named George, who had of High street - 1845. This area is also known as Albert a son John who married Square. Elspeth Ferguson on October 18, 1669. As a result John, junior, was born in Sugar tax 1670. He married Katherine To avoid paying the sugar Ramsey and to them was tax a factory was established born James on September at St. Peter Port, Guernsey in 29, 1711 at Dundee, Forfar, 1857, this being managed by Scotland. James Keiller married Janet Wedderspoon Keiller, 1835 - 66. It was around this time Robb on October 29, 1730 that the business became and they had four children known as Keiller & Sons. including John, 1737(9) 1804, who was later to marry As this tax was abolished in 1874 a new factory was Janet Mathewson, 1737 opened at Tay Wharf, 1813, on August 20, 1762 Silvertown, London. By they having eight children this time Keiller & Sons including John - 1768 and marmalade was being James, 1775 - 1839. marketed in Australia, ChiThe Keiller family had a na, New Zealand and small grocery and South Africa. The Tay Wharf confectionery shop in Seafactory was destroyed by a gate, Dundee, where Janet fire in late 1899 but it was made jams, biscuits, jellies, rebuilt. The Tay cakes and sweets.

The Keiller family

ship with O G S Crawford they making aerial surveys James Keiller was one of the in south west founders of Dundee Orphan England. He was actively involved with Avebury Society - 1815. Manor and the Morven Wedderspoon Keiller, the Institute of Technology but second, patented a process he will be best remembered for preparing marmalade, for purchasing 950 acres of with a machine, land, this including during 1864. Windmill Hill, where a John Mitchell Keiller and number intact skeletons his family often stayed at were found, the village of Morven Lodge, also known Avebury, Wiltshire. It was as the “Shooting here that he undertook Box”, not too distance from to clear the land so as to Balmoral Castle, until he locate and stand up many had Invercauld built at of the stones and for the Ballater in 1891. Today excavation of West it is known as Kennett Avenue, which is Craigendarroch, a luxury around 6000 years old. hotel. Although married four times Alexander, 1889 - 1955, Alexander had no children son of John M, funded the establishment of the Sizaire - thus some of the land, museum and probably most Berwick (France) of the village was sold off Limited, a car company in to form a trust which was 1913. This 20hp 4 cylinder finally gifted to the National had a radiator that looked Trust. like a Rolls Royce. Today Avebury is a tourist Owing to the war this town, complete with the company was soon •Two salt glazed made for Keiller & Son, Dundee, c1840. thatched roof Red Lion bankrupt, however his very The Keiller business Wharf factory, covering own car can now be seen in hotel, which stands at the expands rapidly. Although cross roads whilst the now almost seven acres of land, a museum at Avebury. famous Silbury Hill stands was bombed thus destroyed Dundee cake was introduced Keiller also owned a to the public around 1877 it Hispano - Suiza, nicknamed nearby. in 1940. was to be around fifty years Avebury is a Neolithic Meanwhile the Dundee The Tulipwood car”, an before the cake became a henge monument containing factory was destroyed by a MG Midget, Bugatti racing commercial success, but, three stone circles, around fire a much larger factory cars and the strange under the guidance of John was built and opened looking Citreon Kegresse, a the village of Avebury M it was not long before in 1870 half track car that was in Wiltshire, in southwest Keiller & Sons had eight useful during excavations. England. One of the marvels bakery shops, most being Alexander Keiller, junior, of prehistoric Britain, it •The multi in Dundee but one was in joined the Royal Naval contains the largest story factory Perth. Volunteer Reserve but was megalithic stone circle in at the end of It would seem that when Chapel street before soon ivalided out. As the world, it being around it was burnt John M died the business a result he formed a friend- 340m in diameter, which is out. employed a general manager thus the Keiller family had little or no involvement with the business with the result that eventually Keiller & Sons was merged with or purchased by Crosse & This multi storied building Blackwell, during 1919. The business was sold a was in turn gutted by a fire on May 10, 1900 making 600 number of times, it at some time being part of the employees idle. A new factory was built on Robertson & Son group, the site, this closing in 1947 they having a gollywog as their trade mark. before being demolished in Although the Keiller fac1972 so a new tory was the largest confecshopping centre could be tionery firm in Britain, it built, this being known as continually being visited The Forum, however it was by Royalty, the business more recently renamed the name of Keiller & Sons Keiller centre. ceased in 1992. Footnote : Towards the The Mains Loan building end of 2015 when I visited the centre I was given lay idle, it being the subject a guided tour, the old well of vandalism before being demolished in 2018. and tenanted buildings still remaining. At that thought to be about •A view of the 4500 years old. This circle time the centre was about factory floor once consisted of around under go a revamp. Meanwhile in 1928 a new showing the large 100 stones. Many of these Dundee factory was rebuilt mixing bowls. stones were broken at Mains Loan, Maryfield. up whilst others were used Alexander Keiller, married in buildings. Elizabeth Mitchell, 1815 Nobody knows the - 1907, they having two significance of Silbury Hill children including John and the many other man Mitchell, 1851 - 99. When made hills that stand in the Alexander R Keiller died in area. 1877 he was succeeded by CONTINUED NEXT his son John M. EDITION


October 2020

Pg. 25



The Minister for Planning has prepared an amendment to the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme to rezone La Trobe University land at 2 Osborne Street, Flora Hill from Public Use (education) to a Residential Growth Zone. The 7.3-hectare site is the former Bendigo Teachers College site that includes the former residence known as ‘Eumana’. The amendment has been prepared at the request of La Trobe University as it from the breweries I will New book release update notices which include adver- intends to sell the site I have had numerous enqui- also be offering The Histori- tisements, because it is no longer cal Breweries of ries re the purchase of my dissolution of partnerships, required for university use. Historical Hotels within the Bendigo and Heathcote from and so on. There are around It excludes the adjoining the end of October. This City of Greater 25 full colour labels, several Bendigo Regional Athletics book includes the brewries Bendigo book. Please note full colour Complex, which is now in Eaglehawk, that this book will not be plates, many full page histor- Council-owned and is being Golden Square and Kangaavailable until towards the ical photographs, beer barrel rezoned to a public recroo Flat. end of October. bungs, showcards, associated reation zone in a separate It is my intention to try and This section sewn with a collectables including colour planning scheme be at the Sunday market for laminated limp cover 160 photographs of all the amendment. page book has the histories, known important bottles. the rest of this year. Here The C255gben Amendment were available, of you will be able This book will no doubt proposes to: over thirty breweries that to view a finished copy of become a very important Rezone 2 Osborne Street, operated from the 1850s the book leading up to the reference book for research- Flora Hill from Public Use through until the Bendigo release of the book and the ers and historians, it Zone 2 Education (PUZ2) United Breweries 150 page data being a nice book to hold to Residential Growth Zone closed in 1947. Included in base for the hotels. as you day dream about life (RGZ) the book are around 250 As I separated the hotels from days gone by Apply the Development Plan Overlay Schedule 30 to the site to guide the layout and form of future development Apply the Heritage Overlay Breweries $39.95 to part of the site (Eumana Hotels $49.95, and its curtilage) Data base $39.95 Amend Clause 72.04 to insert the Eumana Heritage Data base for Place Statement of the hotels book. Significance, Historical Breweries October 2019 as an incorporated document of Bendigo City of Greater Bendigo and Heathcote Director Strategy and Growth Bernie O’Sullivan said the proposed Both available from the end of October amendment was being at The Bendigo Pottery Antiques Centre or from the author at managed through the Vic359 High street, Golden Square and at the Sunday market torian Government Land Planning Service (GLPS). where there will be a range of new and some secondhand local “The City is not the decision history books for sale. PH: 0422564852 maker for the proposal, but

Historical Hotels within the City of Greater Bendigo.



A Golden Valley in the Forest. The Pioneers who helped shape Bendigo in the early years. Glenys A Pollard

New release. An early History of Bendigo’s CBD. Explore the very beginning of Bendigo’s fascinating past. A Golden Valley in the Forest. The Pioneers who helped shape Bendigo in the early years. A well researched factual history of historical Bendigo, from when the first settlers arrived in the early 1830’s and during the Gold rush in 1852. Together with the first pencil sketch of early Bendigo. Including family histories of the early settlers in Bendigo. Available now from the author Glenys Pollard. Researcher and historian with Genealogical experience. Limited edition. Order your copy now. $80 plus postage and handling of $15. Email: Mobile: 0400118953.

we will provide a submission,” Mr O’Sullivan said. “We have been consulted during the preparation of the amendment and we have asked for certain planning controls to be incorporated, including applying the heritage overlay and adding a proposed general layout in the development plan overlay. “It should be noted that the final form of the proposal has been decided by the applicant, La Trobe University, and this has been put forward to the GLPS. “This land has been identified as a key residential development site in the Greater Bendigo Residential Strategy and the Greater Bendigo

Housing Strategy and we are keen that it leads to a good residential outcome.” The Minister for Planning has referred the C255gben Amendment to an in dependent Government Land Standing Advisory Committee for consideration. The Minister will then consider these recommendations and will make the final decision on the proposed planning controls for the site. Submissions to the advisory committee can be made at: www.engage.vic. The amendment is on public exhibition until Friday November 20.


But, it needs to be more than just coping. If people are locked down with little or no contact , Jesus is there to turn to. His Word is there for those who are hungry for an answer. Christians have comfort in that He will protect us in the storms of life. When Jesus was walking among people it is mentioned in scripture .... “and He healed them all.” That hasn’t changed . Jesus hasn’t changed. That healing is there today for anyone . There is an old mistake inasmuch people often thought they had to earn their way to heaven. Not true. Jesus has already paid the price on the Cross. In my encounters with people Jesus always prepares their hearts when they are ready to receive Jesus into their lives. People make that choice in a free choice . I believe, and know , that Jesus loves you just as you are. He only waits for your YES. Of course that takes a huge amount of patience on His part. God is always on time . We suffer globally from impatience over so many matters . We suffer over the huge lack of tolerance for others . Different parts of society are trying to coerce people into a variety of causes . Invariably that leads to conflict . Jesus removes that suffering , racism, rejection , bullying, manipulation by being there bringing peace and healing into our lives. He forgives us unconditionally. It’s so hard for us to do in many matters . But, He helps us to put aside indifferences. Can we disagree ? Yes! It’s how we disagree that makes all the difference . Reach out and let Jesus show the way through the darkness . Ps Peter Pritchard,

Many people wrestle with such a statement . Many people find it difficult to believe in God. God created the universe and man and woman. Those are pretty powerful qualifications to offer us direction in life . He is there for everyone . His son Jesus died as a sacrifice for ALL mankind . He took on our sin , our faults and our sicknesses in a perfect sacrifice. Most people realise there is a Bible . It’s a book divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit as God spoke into the lives of different people . It’s a proven text of God’s love for people and an historical account of Jesus walking amongst us sharing healing. Not until a person turns to Jesus can the truths become alive for any of us. I was 41 when I encountered Jesus in my heart . He was no longer an historical item in religious history . Today , in our current conflict and confusion about global disease , where can we go ? Of course there are many man made coping strategies .

SOUTHERN GATEWAY CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Isaiahmy 54:7.. “ Every plant which Heavenly Father “ But no weapon that is formed has not planted will be rooted up.” against you prosper....” Mattshall 15:13 Sunday service at 10 am. Y Community Hall opp Aldi, Kangaroo Flat. All welcome in Jesus name. Enquires to Ps Peter Pritchard. 0413682999.

Pg. 27

October 2020

Add some African Spice To Your Life. By N.Nicholas COMING SOON From Penguin

ORDER NOW AT ALL GOOD BOOKSTORES The Year Everything Changed Phillipa McGuinness TOURING 2001 was an awful year and it’s not over yet.The Year Everything Changed examines the major cultural and political events of 2001 and their effects which still resonate today. SOON TO BE A MAJOR TV SERIES STARRING DAVID OYELOWO ‘The dream team delivers big time … Clinton’s insider secrets and Patterson’s storytelling genius make this the political thriller of the decade.’ – Lee Child The President is Missing Bill Clinton & James Patterson President Bill Clinton partners with No. 1 bestselling author James Patterson in a powerful, one-of-a-kind thriller filled with the kind of insider details that only a President can know.

Out of the Forest Gregory Smith What makes a man turn his back on society? What makes him return? This profoundly touching and uplifting memoir is at once a unique insight into how far off track a life can go and powerful reminder that we can all find our way back. Sexts, Texts & Selfies Susan McLean Widely regarded as Australia’s first cyber cop, cyber-safety expert Susan McLean provides clear guidelines on how parents can allow their children to embrace and enjoy technology, without worry.


The Card Collector By David Lindsay

The black and white postcard shows Victoria Market in Mebourne around 1900. The stalls today are largely unchanged but the fashions and modes of transport shown on this card are typical of a bygone era. In those days the roads of Melbourne were unmade and life was much simpler. This postcard is one of a series featuring landmarks of Melbourne and was aimed at the tourist market to send home to friends and relatives when visiting Melbourne. The Victoria Market was established in the 1860’s as a fruit and vegetable market and remains the most intact surviving 19th century market in the city. In 2010 the Melbourne Council began plans to redesign the market to make way for a high-rise development and modernisation of the market, which had been originally planned in

the 1980’s. So far, the market has retained its old world charm but who knows how long it will last before the developers get their way. It’s a wonderful place to visit when you are next allowed to travel to Melbourne. The other card shown is from the Racing Car series produced by the Atlantic petrol company in 1958. Customers were given a free card when they filled their car up with petrol, and there was an album available to keep the cards in. I remember as a child when my parents filled up with petrol

For those readers who listen to Phoenix FM on a Saturday afternoon you would be familiar with the name Benjamin Ato Sam, recently inspired by his family and heritage he has released a new book entitled ‘Good Vibrations’ an African Cookbook. Benjamin born in Ghana has now called Bendigo home for some year’s but prior to moving to our sunny shores he owned a café in Cape Coast, Ghana. Here he served traditional African food the recipes handed down to him from past generations of his family. It is his dream; to one day open a similar venture here in Bendigo to share the tastes and culture of West Africa with the masses. Good Vibrations is a mix of easy to prepare West African dishes, deserts and drinks and yes the ingredients are easily obtainable here in Australia, something the author has kept in mind for us novices in African cooking. Vegetarians will love this

book but for my fellow carnivores, meat/ chicken etc. can easily be added to most dishes. The thing I love about these recipes is even I can cook and prepare them, which is saying something if you knew my culinary skills. We made the Ghana fried pie, yum yum, the closest thing I could describe it too would be a samosa with hints of pepper. Good Vibrations Cookbook is available from Dymocks here in Bendigo or you can contact Benjamin direct via details below to order a copy. Recommended retail is $25 plus postage and handling. The perfect gift for Xmas for the foodie in your family. Benjamin is also selling direct to the public his prized black Shito sauce –Shito being the word for pepper in his native tongue. This available for $15 a jar and makes a perfect marinate for meat and seafood especially on the BBQ. To order Phone: 0468 537 169 or email

at the Dadswells Bridge Atlantic garage, I used to ask the attendant if I could have some cards. The footballers were my favourite. Card number 47 in the beautiful series of racing cars was the Ausca, and this beautiful vehicle was designed by Victorian racing driver Paul England. The fibreglass body could be lifted off the car in 15 minutes and the engine was

SARC must hold open inquiry

Omnibus Bill David Davis MP

Daniel Andrews’ COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2020 clearly infringes rights and liberties, stripping away established protections through watered down rules on the designation of “authorised officers”. These new authorised officers will have wide and largely unchecked powers of arrest and detention under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act. Respected lawyers and former judges have expressed concern about the Bill’s untrammelled powers. a hotted up Holden motor The Bar Council has with a specially designed expressed concerns about cylinder head by Repco. the Omnibus Bill. Paul England worked for Repco and once drove in the I have written to the Chair of the Scrutiny of Acts and German Formula One race Regulations Committee in 1957. The race was won by racing legend Juan Fangio demanding the Committee so Paul England was in good hold public hearings and a full inquiry in the two weeks company. Amazingly his that remain before the Bill engineering works still suris dealt with in the Upper vives in Essendon today. House. Wouldn’t it be marvellous to see Australian automotive Labor forced it through the Lower House without the manufacturing starting up views of SARC or indeed any again to take advantage of proper examination of the our innovation and skills? Bill’s serious infringements David can be contacted at of rights and privileges.

allows light, air and rain in.

Micro Climate

Amazing growth rates under canopy

Self Watering

Classifieds Call: 5448 4339 Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm Mail: PO BOX White Hills VIC 3550 One6098 Foot Email: Soil Depth


Trades & Classifieds

October 2020

wicking reservoirs keep your plants alive

(please include name address & contact phone number) Deepyour growing medium

Stands or trolleys


No Job Too Small Phone Mick 0417 127 131 CIVIL CELEBRANT

Lainie Aiello Civil Celebrant J.P Let me help you celebrate the most important events in your life. P: 0411 126 509


Wonder Women Window Cleaning/ Spring Cleaning Excellent services, great rates. Simone Ph: 0430 349 332


WANTED TO BUY Old bottles, Town or Company names - Ginger Beers, Marble Bottles, Milk Bottles, Demijohns etc. Single items or Boxed Lots. Cash Paid Ph 0452 264 661 We buy Deceased Estates, Shed

Cleanouts, or downsizing. Box Lots or the Whole Lot. Cash Paid on day. Ph 0452 264 661 WANTED TO BUY

Tractors & Farm Machinery


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Optional Wheels ELECTRICAL

VEGEPODS Overflow hole Prevents flooding soil

Bendigo’s specialists in air conditioning. Heating & Cooling Installation Service & Repairs of all makes and models

Nathan 0407 972 717 E: W:


5444 4006

For All your Air Conditioning, Heating and Auto Electrical problems Qualified Licensed Technicians Ray Kent 118 Hattam St, Golden Square


Strong and healthy onion seedlings. Various varieties

from $4.00 76 Gill ave California Gully. 0427 023 112.

Various healthy tomato seedlings. From $3.00 ready for pickup from 17th October. 76 Give Ave, California gully. Phone Joe 0427 023 112 HOME MAINTENANCE Home Maintenance • Rubbish removal • All labouring jobs • We also buy house & shed lots PH: 0419779956


LP’s & 45’s For collector Fair prices paid: Phil: 0428 333 834

WANTED TO BUY $ $ $ $ Cash Paid for: • Old hot water Services • Electrical wire bulk PH: 0419 779 956

Looking toBuy old toys, movie posters Individual items or the whole lot. Cash paid call 0450 341 313 Mon to Fri Lic. Sec Dealer.



We bring the

Bling back to your blinds

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Ken McDonald’s

Cleaning Services


30,000 Homes

Ad’s That Work

Lawn Mower Repairs Free Pick Up & Delivery In Bendigo Area By Qualified Small Engine Mechanic On Site Servicing Available

Enquire Now Commercial Cleaning Packages • Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning • Drapes, Curtains, Pelmets, Swags & Tails • Upholstery Cleaning (Fabric & Leather) • Blind Repairs • Leather Protection • Light Diffuser Cleaning • Ceiling Fan Cleaning • Air Conditioner and Heater Vent Cleaning • Chemical Free Cleaning • Dust Mite & Allergy Prevention • Residential & Commercial • Blind/Curtain Exit Cleans




Hedge Trimming

Also stump removal 15 years experience Pensioner Discount Ph Brian 0439 667 144

Give true waist height - no more bending or knee work





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Onsite Welding & Fabrication Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Mechanical Installation & Conveyor Systems Crane Hire

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The Bendigo Monthly

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M: 0417 479 491

Epoxy Coating & Concrete Polishing

• Driveways Safety Flooring • Verandahs Resurfacing all • Floors concrete areas • Ramps for a non slip surface • Paths Phone TOM 0417 308 490


. OVER 20



. .






Pg. 29

October 2020


No.1 In Bendigo For


Equipment Hire


OPEN MON-FRI 7-5 SAT 8-5 SUN 8-4

The Red Roo TC350 Turf Cutter works by removing the top layer on the surface of your lawn as it cuts strips of the turf away in a quick manner. You would be using a turf cutter if you’re looking to relocate or relay the lawn in your garden. Also comes on it’s own trailer. INSULATION




Specialising in under floor ceilings & walls New and existing homes Industrial vac also available for removal of old non-compliant ceiling insulation Pensioner discounts

PH: 0432 172 351



0423 745 034 PAINTING


TV Tuning from $40

• Servicing Bendigo & Surrounds • Aerials & additional aerial points • Satellite & Computer Setups • Digital/Smart TV’s • Home Theatre, Wall Mount • DVD Recorders & Foxtel • Installed & explained

Phone Ron on

5447 7823 or 0431 609 423 WATER TANKS

49 years experience Prompt efficient service at reasonable rates Quotation gladly given


Rotary Hoe - Self propelled walk behind Hydraulic machine - designed for turning bare land into garden beds, used to break up hard soil and clay ground for lawns and gardens. Comes on own trailer

Pg.30 ACROSS 1. Seemliness 6. Intensified 11. First month 15. Speak off the cuff (2-3) 16. Ethiopia’s capital, Addis ... 17. Congregated 18. Least clear 21. Undermines 22. Power machine 23. US volcano, Mount St ... 24. Salad root 28. Tibetan cattle 30. Beaten by tennis serve 32. School compositions 35. Guzzler, fast ... 37. Worked (dough) 38. Steal (a look) 40. Birds of prey 43. Soviet force (3,4) 45. Rebuffs 47. Family car 48. Cuddling 52. Fancy carp 53. Showtime (7-2) 56. Inhabit 58. On the go 60. Curbing 61. Unpleasant 62. Plunge (4,4) 64. Sardine tin attachment 65. Actor, ... Gibson 67. Writer, Len ... 69. Alternative to chocolate 72. Titillating 75. Castro’s land 77. Satisfied sighs 78. Mould 79. Banana cluster 81. Military flying facility (3,4) 83. Gun cartridge 84. Foodstuffs 86. Placard 87. Nepalese walking tours 90. Digression 92. Winter Palace monarch 93. Thickset 95. Marvel 96. Familiar with (4,2) 98. Weedy 99. Opt 100. Sparred 101. Spoken exam 102. Clings close to 103. Stead 104. Chum 106. Ban 110. Unskilful 113. Actress, ... Thompson 115. Party titbit 116. Coherent 117. Guarantee 118. Cries of pleasure 119. Pry 122. Long tales 125. Russian ballerina, ... Pavlova 126. Strangest 127. Lower leg joint 129. Fillings & extractions professional 130. Throw hard 131. Want 132. For ... & every 133. Glimpse 134. Briniest 137. Invasions 138. Indolence 142. Irish movement (1,1,1) 143. Confection, coconut ... 145. Daydream 146. Of oceanic flow 149. Rebellious youth 151. Stimulate 152. Spin 154. Baby blues, ... depression 156. Draw 157. Increasing in depth 159. Liberate (3,2) 161. Tarry 163. Hiker 168. Avidly 171. English county 172. Forthrightly 176. Grates 177. Of flowers 180. Dozes 181. Swerve 183. Spanish rice dish 187. Follow-up drink 188. Assisting 190. Exhaustedly 191. Terms 192. Emission 193. Building’s lift cavity 194. Spare

October 2020

PUZZLE PAGE - Mega Crossword

195. Maritime trading city 196. Anti-UV lotion 197. Skin-conditioning mask (3,4) DOWN 1. Delay 2. Murmured like dove 3. Lawn tools 4. Fabricated 5. Hit wildly 6. Dark wood 7. Point the finger at 8. Away on a world trip 9. Old hat 10. Costumed procession 11. Shark’s teeth area 12. Comes towards 13. Rink 14. Affirmative replies 19. Bill 20. Clarify, ... light on 25. Also called (1,1,1)

26. Run up (debts) 27. Chicken 29. Pat (of butter) 31. Abdicate 32. Scrape by, ... out a living 33. Guru 34. Chinese lunch, ... cha 36. Endeavouring 39. Sofa sides 40. Inches, ... & yards 41. Trinket (5-5) 42. Dithers 44. Yelps 46. Wiry-haired dog, ... terrier 47. Thailand’s former name 49. In prison, behind ... 50. Befuddle 51. Striver (2-6) 53. Graded (movie) 54. Cosmetics house, Elizabeth ... 55. Centre of church 57. Persuades mentally, ... up 59. Clashing instrument

63. Reverses (5,2) 66. Nationwide 67. Petite 68. Partake of alcohol 70. Aground 71. Midday, 12 ... (1’5) 73. Instinctive 74. Racial enclave 76. Mugger (3,8) 80. Varieties 82. Eyelid swelling 85. Dance, pas de ... 88. Captivate 89. Illegally import 90. TV reception poles 91. Saturating (with colour) 94. Paging noise 97. Oozes 104. Behaves apathetically 105. Painters’ tripods 106. Author, ... Defoe 107. Sleeping couches 108. E African country 109. Cleaned (fish)

Solution pg.8

111. Comfort 112. Bloodsucking fly 113. Eradicates 114. Psychiatrist 120. Unearthly 121. Aired 123. Doable 124. Worshipped 127. Oxygenate (water) 128. Without effort 135. Chef’s garment 136. Turncoats 139. Spruced up 140. Tint 141. Bank cash dispensers (1,1,2) 144. German WWII fascist 147. Involved in 148. Matured 150. Goad, ... on 153. Nasty 155. Underground stem 158. Brother’s daughter 160. Quaff

162. AB, ... seaman 164. Sicken 165. Conger or moray 166. Breakout 167. Picasso & Monet 169. Viper 170. Laugh out loud (1,1,1) 172. Reveal 173. Cinema attendants 174. Small-screen personality (1,1,4) 175. Annual period 177. Bows & scrapes 178. 44th US President, Barack ... 179. Mexican friend 180. Fledglings’ abodes 182. Grown 184. Confer 185. S American animal 186. Know-all, smart ... 187. Membranous sac 189. Flamboyant 70s music, ... rock


Time To Put Them Last THEY’VE Caused Us Pain

P e e t h k y b r r i u d g o e R ’ O Fyffe


STOP THE ROT PUT THEM LAST Authorised by Max Turner and Lindsay Sargeant 144 Sargeants Road Huntly