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collin BRADY

From dining with the Governor General of Australia to getting tongue-tied upon introduction to Sigrid Thornton, Collin Brady is one privileged gentleman. Photographer: Anthony Webster What degree did you complete at La Trobe University Bendigo? Did you have a set career goal in mind at the time of applying? I completed a Graduate Diploma in business management as a mature aged student. I enrolled so that I could get a better understanding of contemporary approaches to management challenges and to have a more formalised and focused education experience outside the sector I was employed in. I commenced the Diploma after a seriously long break from school. Twenty years to be exact. What is your current role at the Bendigo Bank? Have you been in the same role the entire time? I’ve been with the Bendigo Bank for six years and have worked in the area of Community Strengthening for the entire time. It’s a fascinating position that takes me to every corner of Australia. I get to meet many passionate and highly capable people who are doing some great things in their communities. It’s a real privilege.

What do you love about your job? My team is responsible for working with communities to help them establish their Community Bank and to also assist them develop community projects. We get to see people from all walks of life work together as one to achieve common goals. I get to see the power of community up close. The power of humanity. We get to see how people rally together in times of emergency and in times of celebration. What is your best memory about being a student at La Trobe University? My best memories involve meeting people that I now count as close friends, the study groups, the lecturers and the diversity of the students who all form part of a common purpose; to learn. If you could do your time over what piece of advice would you give to your student self? Don’t leave it so long to take up study to further your career. ■

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BgoMag Issue 25  

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