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Introduction The idea behind Pixo goes back to early part of 2010, when I was experimenting with effects on images and trying to write an application designed purely for use with touch screens.

At this point I had also been looking into Photoshop plugins and the way they would apply effects to the images. One day I was testing this application with my 4 year old daughter and suddenly an idea came to my head in the ways the user could apply effects to an image without the need to select parts or all of it and apply it by clicking on the selected area. I thought why don’t try to “Paint” the effects using a Brush tool metaphor and achieve the same result if not better. So Pixo was born. For days I played around with the idea and eventually decided on an interface, which became the current face of Pixo. I needed a purpose built interface for what I wanted to achieve and at the same time give it a “Modern, Functional and yet Unconventional” look. Work begun in earnest and by mid April I had a working version with nearly 40 different effects ready to go. All the effects had a preset value and you could not have any control over them. I wanted to keep things simple and easy to use.

An early version of Pixo (v.1.0.7)

Anatomy of Pixo Pixo’s design has not changed much since version 1.0, however some new features have been added. The current version 3.0 offers more options than the first version enabling more control over the effects and more. There are new features such as Zoom/Rotate Tool to make the process easier. Main Toolbar

Effects Toolbar

Display Area

Language Changer Zoom/Rotate Toolbar

Essential Guide to Pixo  
Essential Guide to Pixo  

Essential Guide to Pixo