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Enhanced Marketing Services

EXPERIENCE Wantickets is the leading online nightlife, EDM & event ticketing company in North America. Our web and mobile solutions reach well over 1 Million unique visitors on a monthly basis looking for the best events in nightlife, festivals, or tours. Expanding on our ticketing experience, WT actively engages with fans, super fans, and Brand Ambassadors in the music community to maximize awareness and event messaging. This defined approach in active marketing, creates tracked sales to our promoter, tour, and venue partners. Wantickets brings a truly unique full spectrum solution in the ticketing space that supports technology, transactions, scaling, and sell through. Our Agency approach connects the dots in all facets of our business & consumer experience.





Pages / visit:


* site statistics provided by Google Analytics ranging from May 15, 2013 - Jun 15, 2013

ENHANCED MARKETING WT Facebook reach alone has the highest Return on Engagement in the industry (17%). By leveraging emerging technology, Wantickets has built its own social media messaging platform within: • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Blog Our active marketing Facebook database engages with fans on a first person perspective. We can filter, message, and geo-target fans, super fans, and Influentials based on multiple variables: Likes, Check-Ins, Events, etc. We create campaigns that truly reach the target audience / demographic, create excitement and urgency to participate. Wantickets connects the dots between fans and events... Our Wantickets reach* includes: • Wantickets site: • Affiliate network: • Active Affiliates: • Facebook Database: • Facebook Fans: • Twitter Followers: • Instagram Follows:

1+ Mil Uniques per month 10 Mil Uniques per month 700+ 900,000+ 60,000+ 17,00+ 4,500+

* metrics / reach as of September 2013

AFFILIATE NETWORK The Wantickets Affiliate Network is comprised of today’s leading EDM, dance, music, and events portals & blogs. Our reach of over 10 Mil uniques per month across the platform, ensures the largest coverage (ticketed) in music events promotion today. By pairing our Affiliate Network with industry savvy Account Managers and Coordinators, we are able to actively service our events. Notifications of on-sales, pre-sales, and network wide messaging are all key components in the month-over-month growth and addition to new Affiliates for the Wantickets Network. Our Affiliates can receive our ticketing feed in various formats: - XML Feed (web + mobile) - Facebook Application - Web based Widget - Custom ticketing page on Wantickets Offering multiple delivery formats maximizes the ticketing sales opportunity in all of our ticketing opportunities.

BRAND AMBASSADOR NETWORK Wantickets has created an expansive network of Brand Ambassadors who represent the brand, our venues and promoters in their respective territories. With over 50 in-market representatives, who each have a respectable social reach (super socials), we are able to use a more organic approach to selling tickets in all markets. By activating our Wantickets Brand Ambassadors we are able to produce content via editorial/blog and social interactions(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). The “buzz� our Ambassadors create before, during and after the event, not only improves ticket sales, but can also act as a publicity tool for artists, venues and promoters. Our Ambassadors are able to provide coverage of your event as well as full promotional support within their social circle.

ADVERTISING: WEB Website advertising and email campaigns create impact with our fans. Your events will be featured with the following placements on on our National homepage and regional markets:

Rotating 728x90 Banner

700x310 Top Event Banner

350x280 Spotlight

245x115 On Tour Feature

Featured Events National & Local Markets

Rotating 300x250 Banner

WEBSITE MARKETING A custom ticketing page will be created specifically for your events/venue so the look and feel of your website to your ticketing page is seamless. Examples:

ADVERTISING: EMAIL CAMPAIGN Wantickets newsletters are delivered on a weekly basis to diverse regions Nationwide. Your event(s) will be added as a special feature every week in the appropriate market’s newsletters.

ADVERTISING: FACEBOOK + GOOGLE CAMPAIGNS (SEO/SEM) As part of our overall strategy, Wantickets creates paid interactions via Facebook, Google, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and other third party sources per event. These paid interactions are intended to increase awareness around your events and ultimately drive ticket sales. Every campaign will be thoroughly monitored and analyzed to maximize cost x spend. We have a specific formula for capturing sales inside a social stream, search, mobile, and web. As previously demonstrated by our SEM Team’s campaign results, Wantickets can yield 20% or more of your total sales using these methods.

Wantickets has the ability to purchase customized Facebook ads for all your events. The ad campaign will include graphics and ad text that is constantly refreshed in order to avoid ad fatigue and increase awareness.

Wantickets has the ability to purchase customized keywords that will bring your custom-ticketing page or event to the top of a Google search on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop). All ads will be monitored constantly for maximum optimization and to accurately reach the target demographic.

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