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BEN CULLIS WATSON Industrial Design Portfolio

Contents 03 Decibel DAB Radio.

06 Flo Hairdryer.

09 02 share Communal Living App.

12 offshore Hand Held Electronic Device

16 About me A Bit About Myself



A DAB radio designed with a weapons grade/rugged aesthetic.

Ideation & Form Analysis Concept sketches and exploration of form.

Rugged style direction, and key forms.

Final Model & Rapid Prototypes Blue foam models and rendered CAD model of final design.

Prototype designs modeled in blue foam during the development stage of the design.

A CAD visual of the final design modeled in PTC Creo and rendered in Keyshot


FLO. 02

A group project to redesign a hair dryer for public use

Research & Product Analysis User research and study of existing product.

Ideation Concept generation and sketching

deveopment Blue foam model and exploded view of the final design.

Hand drawn exploded view, detailing how the casings and internals fit together.


02 share 03

An app designed for student and young people living in shared accommodation, that allows them to share the cost of communal items.

Wire-frames & User research



User research conducted amongst target users and basic wire-frame app visuals.

These wire-frame sketches show a preliminary prototype of the app, depicting an example journey through the different screens. These 6 screens show how a new item is added to the Shopping List.

KEY ISSUES The key issues identified during user research; Users find asking each other for money awkward, even if its money that is owed to them. Users often forget to buy shared household items. No way to monitor status of appliances within the household Forgetfulness leads to cleaning being neglected

The App will also have connected home functionality, allowing the user to connect to appliances and utilities within the home - making shared life easier.


Offshore 04

A hand-held electronic device that provides watersport enthusiasts with tide, wave and weather updates.

Ideation & Rapid Protyping Developing concepts through sketches and blue foam models.

deveopment Final concept sketches and scenario board

Final Model & CAD Render Blue foam models and rendered CAD model of final design.

A high quality appearance model, made from vacuum formed acrylic and ProLab.

A CAD visual of the final design modeled in PTC Creo and rendered in Keyshot

About Me I am a second year student at Loughborough University, currently looking for a year long placement. I am a highly commit person, and who relishes new challenges. I enjoy meeting and working with people towards better design solutions.

Experience Summer 2013 Jeff Shelton Architect, Santa Barbara, CA Intern 2012-2013 TDKET, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia English Tutor

Software Skills PTC Creo Rhinoceros 5 Luxion Keyshot Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign Axure RP Pro 7.0 Sketchbook Pro Microsoft Office +447739542959

Industrial Design Portfolio