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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE________________________________________ 25 April 2011 Dear Editor,

WHO WILL BE THE NEXT BEST DANCE CREW IN SINGAPORE? SBDC 2011 - THE biggest and most electrifying Hip Hop dance competition of the year returns to Jurong Point for its third successive season. Up for grabs is a spot to represent Singapore in the World Hip Hop International !"#$%&'(")*+,#-(+*-&./00&("**%#+#1&+#&2"-&3%1"-4&5678&!%%)%9&"-&:(%&;<=>)*+$-&,?&@+*&@,*A4&:(+-&)%1"& event continues to provide a platform for local youths to entertain and inspire audiences with their own brand of Hip Hop dance - a subculture that has recently become vastly popular among many young Singaporeans. The search for homegrown talent continues following recent groundbreaking success when SBDC 2009 champions - Joyce & The Boys, won a bronze medal for Singapore on the world stage in Las Vegas. This was the first time that Singapore garnered an international top honour in the discipline of Hip Hop dance. Last year, SBDC 2010 champions Freekzy Nutz "#9&6+#1"*,B%A-&C%-:&D,**%B&./0/&E+##%B&D,**+#1&6")4&,#$%&"1"+#&9+9& Singapore proud by reaching the Top 16 at the World Championships. This season promises to be another head-turner with an all-star line up of judges that include World Popping Champion and guest star from the movie Step-Up 3D, J-Smooth. Representing Japan on the judging panel will be Kenichi, an Apollo Theatre two-time grand slam champion and director of Ebina Performing Arts Company. Current defending World Popping Champion Slim Boogie, will also be making his appearance alongside Raj, 6+#1"*,B%A-&F%B>&,E#&@+*&@,*&)"%-:B,4&*B,9G$%B&"#9&HB"+#-&behind the annual SBDC national championships. Dance championships such as these that happen on an international scale look set to bolster the local arts scene with opportunities for local youths to represent Singapore on a global stage. Organizing such an event is #,& )%"#& ?%":4& "-& I"J4& 'B%":+F%& !+B%$:,B& ,?& K(%& 7& K%")& DB,),:+,#-& "*:=>& *G:& +:4& LOrganizing the biggest annual Hip Hop dance competition in Singapore is always challenging but having our national flag raised at the 2009 International World Hip Hop Dance competition which was witnessed by delegates from over 30 countries in front of thousands of spectators in Vegas was sheer pride and joy! It was my dream come true to see the aspirations of our homegrown Hip Hop dancers being fulfilled! Jurong Point is the place to be this year if you want to witness world-class dancing from our local youths. Singapore has its own brand of Hip Hop dance and the world needs to see it. M+##%B-&,?&:(+-&>%"BAs SBDC will face-off against dancers from all over the world. Participating countries include USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Spain & many more. Every season promises record crowds at Jurong Point with an estimated 500 registered *"B:+$+*"#:-&*+::+#1&:(%+B&-N+==-&"1"+#-:&,#%&"#,:(%B&+#&,B9%B&:,&H%&$B,E#%9&6+#1"*,B%A-&C%-:&!"#$%&'B%E8& CROCS is the Official Footwear Sponsor for SBDC 2011. Dancers will embrace the seasonal freedom with the =":%-:& G=:B"& =+1(:E%+1(:& 9%-+1#-& ?B,)& :(%+B& L2+1(:& ,#& O,GB& P%%:Q& $,==%$:+,#8& K(e National Championships are proudly produced and organised by The A Team Promotions Pte Ltd / Hip Hop International Singapore. Your journalist & photographer are cordially invited to interview our contestants at the preliminaries starting th th th th th Saturday, 28 May followed by 29 May, 4 & 5 June and the grand preview on 11 June & Grand Finals on th Sunday, 12 June 2011. nd

To catch a glimpse of what SBDC is all about, come on down to the 2 th scheduled on Saturday, 30 April at 5pm at the Heeren.

SBDC 2011 road show

Do not hesitate to contact me should you require interviews and photo opportunities with relevant personnel i.e. our grand champion crew, contestants etc to be arranged. The A Team Promotions Pte Ltd No 43, Jalan Loyang Besar, #01-03, Singapore 509371 Tel : +65-67341123 Fax : +65-65833969 E-mail: Website: ROC 199308336


Raj Creative Director of The A Team Promotions Pte Ltd Director - Hip Hop International Singapore World Hip Hop Dance Championships / World B-Boy Crew Battle Winner of Malibu World SuperDance National Championships 1986 Represented Singapore & competed in the World Finals in London, The Hippodrome No Drugs, No Violence, !"#$%"&'()*+,-.#/'0#/"0


: Manager, The A Team Promotions Pte Ltd : Lorraine (HP 96628991 / 67341123) The A Team Promotions Pte Ltd

No 43, Jalan Loyang Besar, #01-03, Singapore 509371 Tel : +65-67341123 Fax : +65-65833969 E-mail: Website: ROC 199308336


The A Team Promotions Pte Ltd No 43, Jalan Loyang Besar, #01-03, Singapore 509371 Tel : 67341123 Fax : 65833969 E-mail : Website : ROC : 199308336M

12 September, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sheer Industries Group partners with ARToolWorks Interior design workflow software vendor partners with world’s biggest provider of Augmented Reality software Singapore, September 12, 2011 - Sheer Industries Group, a provider of workflow software applications for interior designers and architects, has signed a distribution partnership agreement with ARToolWorks, the world’s premier provider of Augmented Reality (AR) software and development tools. Sheer Industries will distribute ARToolWorks's AR libraries in Singapore, one of the fastest-growing and most sophisticated design markets. ARToolWorks's AR libraries are internationally recognized as the gold standard in AR application development. AR is the interaction of live video and virtual content, allowing computer-generated graphics to be superimposed onto the real world. AR applications have gained popularity amongst design professionals and consumers in recent years as they allow people to ‘immerse’ themselves in a virtual environment, while simultaneously achieving a sense of realism. The potential for interactive applications is further benefiting from the rise of mobile apps, such as tablets and smartphones. This partnership represents a milestone for both companies. ARToolWorks seeks to aggressively expand its customer base in Singapore and the agreement enables the company to gain more traction in a highly-attractive market, like Singapore. Working with ARToolWorks will enable Sheer Industries to more effectively integrate AR libraries into its software products for interior designers, architects and their clients. Ben Vaughan, CEO of ARToolWorks, said: “We are delighted to sign this agreement with Sheer Industries Group. We need an AR-savvy local partner to help us propagate our software and build long term relationships with companies in Singapore. I am confident that this partnership will help both our companies to achieve our strategic goals.” Benjamin Chia, Co-founder of Sheer Industries Group, added: “It is an honour to be able to partner a firm of such high stature as ARToolWorks. This represents a tremendous step forward for the company and will help us reach our vision of being at the forefront of developments in the creative design workflow sphere." -30-

Sheer Industries Group Pte Ltd, National University of Singapore, Block E4, Engineering Drive 3, #02-12H, Singapore 117576

About ARToolWorks ARToolworks is a worldwide provider of tools for developing Augmented Reality (AR) experiences and currently has offices in Asia, USA and Europe. The company provides commercial licenses for the ARToolKit family of products that includes software for developing standalone, web based and mobile AR applications. For additional information please visit About Sheer Industries Group Founded in 2011, Sheer Industries Group develops and markets workflow software applications that enable interior designers and architects to better serve their customers. These applications leverage Augmented Reality and 3D to optimize professional design and associated supply chain workflows via tablets and the desktop. Sheer Industires is being incubated by NUS Enterprise. For more information please visit For more details please contact: Benjamin Chia Phone: +65 96577281 Email: Web:

Sheer Industries Group Pte Ltd, National University of Singapore, Block E4, Engineering Drive 3, #02-12H, Singapore 117576

19 December, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Instant rendering now available on iPad2 Singapore, December 19, 2011 - In the world today, no company has ever come up with an instant rendering application for interior designers, until now. A Singaporean Research and Development firm known as Sheer Industries Group, has developed a workflow software application for the iPad2 that allows interior designers to enable their clients to visualize 3D drawings onsite. The application known as Cairnsmith, shaves hours off rendering time by allowing it to be done instantaneously, which streamlines the workflow of an interior designer to be more efficient and effective. Cairnsmith brings forth the possibility that clients looking to renovate their houses can walk into a room that they want to furnish, hold up the iPad2 and scan the 4 walls to see life-sized 3D images superimposed onto the real environment, albeit with a high level of photorealism. This gives clients a truer sense of how their rooms can potentially look like after renovation has been completed. Apart from realistic real-time visualization, Cairnsmith gives interior designers the edge in receiving feedback from clients. Properties of objects in a design drawing such as colours and texture of walls, positioning of furniture, doors and windows, as well as amount of lighting can all be amended on-the-fly via finger movements on ther tablet's touchscreen. In addition to being intuitive and interactive, this facilitates a productive discussion between designer and client that ensures designs are drawn up and amended according to clients' expectations. While consumer-driven technology has become increasingly accessible and available to the masses today, utilizing mobile technology such as tablets offers many benefits to interior design enterprises to enable them to get work done on-the-go, and increase their level of efficiency and productivity. Benjamin Chia, Co-founder of Sheer Industries Group, added: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cairnsmith represents a step forward in the interior design industry today. A typical designer's workflow process is streamlined and made simpler, allowing more work to be done in a given amount of time while at the same time bridging any communication gap between designer and client." The product is currently undergoing alpha testing with the full version due to be launched at the end of January. -30-

Sheer Industries Group Pte Ltd, National University of Singapore, Block E4, Engineering Drive 3, #02-12H, Singapore 117576

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About Sheer Industries Group Founded in 2011, Sheer Industries Group develops and markets workflow software applications that enable interior designers and architects to better serve their customers. These applications leverage Augmented Reality and 3D to optimize professional design and associated supply chain workflows via tablets and the desktop. Sheer Industires is being incubated by NUS Enterprise. For more information please visit For more details please contact: Benjamin Chia Phone: +65 96577281 Email: Web:

Sheer Industries Group Pte Ltd, National University of Singapore, Block E4, Engineering Drive 3, #02-12H, Singapore 117576

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Giving 3D vision to architects’ drawings


ODAY, architecture firms take the better part of a day to render a set of static still drawings to show clients what their home might look like. The process is often described as a tedious one, and inflexible because changes suggested require re-rendering and some measure of imagination to be exercised by the client. But a start-up in Singapore is looking to change that, by allowing home owners to look through their iPads as a 3D lens to their dream home. Sheer Industries has come up with a software called Oombra, which uses augmented reality to place 3D objects in an existing space when viewed through the tablets. The software is compatible with a wide range of existing 3D object formats common to architectural firms, and interior designers will be able to import their textures and furniture sets to show clients. The objects can be moved and rearranged on the fly, as the software overlays them against the backdrop captured by the device’s camera. The company’s co-founder, Benjamin Chia, 25, told BizIT the start-up had begun by speaking to architecture firms, and found that many found it difficult helping clients envision the designer’s layout. Processing the still images was also the cause of wasteful downtime,

Co-founders: Mr Chia (left) and Mr Loh moved Sheer Industries into NUS Enterprise start-up incubator after getting a Spring S’pore grant and changes to designs often resulted in many subsequent meetings to discuss revisions before customers could sign off on the project. Started a year ago, Sheer Industries was incorporated less than half a year back in June. It moved

into the NUS (National University of Singapore) Enterprise start-up incubator the month after, having received a grant of S$50,000 from Spring Singapore. Mr Chia is joined by 24 year old co-founder, Shawn Loh and Imran

Galaxy Nexus with latest Android unveiled

[HONG KONG] Samsung Electronics yesterday unveiled the first smartphone running Google’s latest verNabhan, who serves as the compa- sion of the Android operatny’s chief technology officer. To- ing system, which aims to gether with two software engi- combine software used in neers, the lean team of five is ready tablets and smartphones. to push out its first product in DeThe global launch of the cember. Galaxy Nexus kicks off in Last month, it announced a part- November and comes as nership with augmented reality competition intensifies becompany in the US, ARToolWorks, tween Samsung and Apple which grants Sheer Industries the Inc to win market share in licence to use the former’s technolo- the booming tablets and gy in its product. Additionally, the smartphones industry. Singaporean firm also has excluSamsung and Google insive distribution of ARToolWorks’ troduced the high-end modproducts here, providing another el yesterday, after delaying revenue stream for the firm. the launch last week as a The nod of approval from the tribute to the late Apple long-time augmented reality player co-founder Steve Jobs. Appoints to the need to find more ple is Samsung’s biggest practical, industrial applications customer for microprocesfor the technology, said Mr Chia. sors. This also marks the Mr Loh noted that Oombra’s val- first major rollout from ue proposition is likely to appeal to Google since it announced architectural firms of all sizes. plans in August to acquire “We’re speaking to big firms in Sin- Motorola Mobility Holdings gapore right now, and we’ve also for US$12.5 billion. spoken to small to mid-tier organiThe deal had raised consations – all of them have ex- cerns among hardware pressed the same need.” makers that Google may faWhile there are augmented real- vour Motorola over other ity firms in the country right now, handset vendors such as the firm is moving fast while no di- Samsung, HTC and LG Elecrect competitors in the same space tronics that rely on the free exist yet. software. Future plans include the renewGoogle’s Android moable energy space, and helping bile software – the world’s green players come up with effi- most-used smartphone platcient ways to design and build, said form – powers 190 million Mr Chia. The company is also plan- devices, up from 135 milning to market its product to exteri- lion in mid-July. or architecture firms, and is lookThe latest version of Aning to neighbouring Asean coun- droid, named Ice Cream tries, he said. Sandwich, is designed to

S’pore start-up’s tablet software allows design, layout of interior objects in 3D By VICTORIA HO


Thursday, October 20, 2011

unite tablet and smartphone platforms, potentially attracting more application developers and consumers to the Android camp, which has fewer applications available than Apple’s. Samsung, the top seller of Android phones and the biggest challenger to Apple, said the phone will have access to more than 300,000 applications and games, versus over 425,000 apps from Apple’s App Store. Many technology websites ran live blogs of the event, indicating the buzz generated for the new Android software and Nexus. Samsung’s new device, which touts a 4.65-inch high-definition “super” AM-OLED display and a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, features such new functions as face recognition to

Apps aplenty: Galaxy Nexus will have 300,000 apps and games, versus over 425,000 for Apple unlock the phone. The world’s No 2 handset maker said it also plans to introduce a version of the Galaxy Nexus that runs on faster Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks. Samsung said on Monday that sales of its Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones topped 30 million units, with the company expected to overtake Apple as the world’s biggest smartphone vendor in the third quarter. – Reuters

Apple’s suit narrowed [SAN FRANCISCO] Apple Inc’s lawsuit accusing Samsung Electronics Co of imitating the iPhone maker’s products was narrowed by a judge in federal court in California. Apple’s claims that Samsung misrepresented its intent to license certain patents on fair terms was dismissed and Samsung’s request to throw out some of Apple’s antitrust claims was granted in a ruling on Tuesday by US District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California. She said Apple can amend its complaint to revive the claims. The judge didn’t rule on Apple’s request to block Samsung from selling its Galaxy line of mobile devices in the US based on claims they violate Apple patents. – Bloomberg


PRINT ADVERTISEMENT 39 STAMFORD 7 a.m. Hotel Check in: Greet the stylish exterior of the building as you pull up to the front desk of the hotel. Bask in the posh surroundings as you are being ushered to the comfort of your room. 8 a.m. Breakfast at ‘tiffany’s’: Make your way to ‘Tiffany’s’ and feast like royalty as you tuck into a breakfast fit for a king. Tantalize your taste buds & energize your body for a day of adventure ahead. 10 a.m. Drop by the Soho office for meetings: Suit up in a crisp corporate outfit and cruise through the agenda at the meeting later. 12 nn Lunch at some Michelin restaurant: Stop by one of the lunching venues scattered around to calm your rumbling stomach and reward yourself for a job well done at that meeting. 1 p.m. Check out the latest fashion/gear for retail therapy: As the midday sun rises high, escape from the sweltering heat into the adjacent (Capitol Building) that has a wide array of shops. Indulge in some retail therapy and wile away time as you shop to your hearts’ content. 5 p.m. Spa & beauty treatment: As dusk encroaches, spare a moment to recharge after hours of visiting the many stores. Book a beauty or spa treatment to revitalize your body, mind and soul. 7 p.m. Dinner at some Michelin restaurant: Appease the evening hunger pangs in a pleasurable fashion at any one of the nearby restaurants that provide more than just a gastronomical treat. 9 p.m. Watch the play: As the night grows on, settle into the Capitol Theatre to watch your favourite play, a pastime for the cultured and refined soul. It doesn’t matter whom you watch it with, the rustic ambience steeped in Singapore’s cultural heritage appeals to both lovebirds and friends alike. 11 p.m. Supper at the supper club under the stars: End the perfect day with a late night snack at the many bars and nightspots that dot the vicinity. Catch up with company, or simply reminisce about olden days gone by.

WEBSITE CHOCOLATE SCHUBAR Introduction: From our very first pair in 2004, chocolate schubar has carved its niche in the shoe industry with our whimsical take on women’s footwear. We embody high street fashion with a delectable range of chic footwear. The mandatory twist in style is always accompanied by a delightfully comfortable wearability. With affordability to boot, those on a shoestring budget can indulge in well-heeled alternatives. Playfulness and attitude lurk in every corner as our shoes come in a kaleidoscopic range of colours. It is no wonder that countless pairs continue to make it to every trendy wardrobe from Paris to Berlin and Tokyo. From the runway to the walkway, we endeavour to make quirky and fun designer shoes accessible to every girl. Concept: Our shoe trends are always on point with an element of timeless French chic, thanks to our design team that is headquartered in Europe. Style aside, our desire to create an international brand is evident in every brand detail; from our eye-catching candy bar retail concept right down to our shoe packaging. Our credible Research & Development team ensures our shoes are quality pieces of art that can withstand the daily hustle & bustle of every city girl’s life. It is no surprise that we have taken flight into 19 fashion capitals of the world – including New York, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Look out for our distinct chocolate schubar signature that is stamped on every pair we make – a mark of flamboyance and style. Inception: ASA is the design and manufacturing house of quality footwear products behind its proprietary brand, chocolate schubar, as well as other company labels. A passion for shoes is at the heart of ASA. This passion enables us to channel positive energy into everything we do – from the initial product design to the final product instore. Each shoe is the fruit of our commitment, dedication and love. ASA currently supplies over 70 stores worldwide, including international chain store operators from across the Asia Pacific region and Australasia. Over time, we have built a formidable business based upon strong foundations in research and development, supply chain management and stringent quality controls. This has contributed to ASA’s high level of credibility and reliability.

WEBSITE Together with a genuine effort to provide the best service to our customers, our quality products and services have gone a long way to ensure true customer satisfaction. Well poised to take its international position further upstream, the company is currently focusing on developing franchise and distribution partnerships as part of its expansion plans. Franchise Enquiries Our track record includes multiple franchise and distribution channels. Currently, we have 6 showrooms in France with more to open in the near future. More than 19 countries are listed on our distribution map and we have over 12 concept boutiques in Asia. Chocolate schubar is establishing itself as a leader in the international shoe industry. Be a part of our global movement as a valuable franchisee. We offer a complete package from head to toe: • • • • • • •

Location analysis and selection Budgeting and cash flow planning Store opening support Fashion and trend forecasts Store concept and interior design Logistics and operational support Branding and marketing support

As we make our fashionable footprint across the globe, we invite you to walk in our shoes and journey with us every successful step of the way! For more information, please visit For franchising enquiries, please contact our Franchising Business Development Department at or Mr. Benny Chee at

MARKETING COLLATERAL MDIS At MDIS, you will be assured practical and experiential learning that is conducted within our in-campus TV and radio studios, life sciences laboratories and hospitality training centre. Your MDIS education will shape you into an outstanding individual with broadened perspectives and excellent analytical skills, allowing you to achieve your goals and succeed in the global economy. SATS Gateway services Headline: Smooth service, you’re on top of it. / Smooth. You make it happen. As a leading global service provider, SATS strives to make your experience truly delightful and memorable by offering you world-class gateway, security and food solutions. At SATS, we endeavour to delight our customers and exceed their expectations. We value each and every person we meet, making sure they leave us with a smile. We take every effort to ensure our passenger services are executed seamlessly from end to end. Get to know the team that makes it all happen. Security services Headline: Secure service, you’re on top of it. / Secure. You make it happen. As a leading global service provider, SATS strives to make your experience truly delightful and memorable by offering you world-class gateway, security and food solutions. Being Singapore’s premier auxiliary police force, SATS provides effective and reliable services in the areas of aviation, premises and events security. Join SATS and be part of an elite contingent capable of providing topnotch security services. Food solutions Headline: Stellar service, you’re on top of it. / Stellar. You make it happen. As a leading global service provider, SATS strives to make your experience truly delightful and memorable by offering you world-class gateway, security and food solutions. SATS’ holistic approach towards offering comprehensive food and catering services makes it a truly world-class service provider, ensuring each customer is served professionally and promptly. Be part of the team that is dedicated to making a difference.

JOB POSTING SATS SATS is Singapore’s leading provider of gateway services and food solutions, with over 60 years of operating experience and an increasing global presence. SATS places great importance on our people and strives to develop them to maximize their full potential. We seek individuals with a strong service mindset who are positive, willing to learn and able to adapt to changes. Customer Service Agents Job scope: You will attend to passengers and process passengers’ travel documents and baggage. Minimum requirements: 4 GCE ‘N’ level credits / 3 GCE ‘O’ level passes / 3 SPM with credits including English Trainees Officers (Passenger services) Job scope: You will attend to passengers and process passengers’ travel documents and baggage. Minimum requirements: Polytechnic Diploma in any discipline from the local Polytechnics Walk-In Interview We are looking for individuals who possess a cheerful disposition and enjoy interacting with people. If you believe that you have good interpersonal skills and can relate to customers’ needs, we want to meet you! Thursday, 5 August 2010 From 1.30pm to 5.00pm SATS Passenger Services Conference Room Terminal 3, Singapore Changi International Airport Basement 1, #B1-39 (Next to United Airlines Office) 65 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819663

Please bring along the originals & photocopies of your educational certificates, IC, NS Certificate of Conduct and a recent passport-sized colour photograph (nonreturnable). Only Singaporeans/Malaysians need apply. Singaporean males must be exempted from or have completed National Service. Training will be provided for all successful applicants. Training bond applies. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

JOB POSTING SATS AUXILIARY POLICE OFFICERS Responsibilities: You will be required to handle overseas escorts, execute a security sweep of the aircraft cabin and conduct anti-sabotage checks. In addition, you will also perform fraudulent travel document and visa checks as well as be in charge of inadmissible passenger handling, access control and installations protection, and x-ray and vapour tracer screening of baggage, cargo and mail. Minimum requirements: At least 3 ‘N’ level credits / 1 ‘O’ level pass / NITEC / 3SPM credits Physically & mentally fit with normal colour vision Able to work on 6-day rotating shifts As an Auxiliary Police Officer with SATS, you can expect up to $2,100 in monthly salary that includes allowances and overtime pay. You will be entitled to 13th month and profit-sharing bonuses as well as comprehensive medical benefits, holiday accommodation subsidies and corporate discounts. Walk-In Interview: Every Friday Registration Time: 1.30pm to 5.00pm SATS In-flight Catering Centre 1 (Building next to Budget Terminal) 2nd Floor SATS Human Resource, 20 Airport Boulevard, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819659 Please bring along the originals & photocopies of your educational certificates, IC, NS Certificate of Conduct and a recent passport-sized colour photograph (nonreturnable). Only Singaporeans/Malaysians need apply. Male candidates must be exempted from or have completed National Service. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

JOB POSTING REMY COINTREAU GROUP The Rémy Cointreau Group was essentially borne out of successive alliances among companies involved in the business of wines and spirits. It has its roots in 1724 and was formed later in 1990 as a result of the merger of holding companies of the Hériard Dubreuil and Cointreau families. The families were in control of E. Rémy Martin & Cie SA, and Cointreau & Cie SA respectively. Rémy Cointreau is currently seeking a driven and determined individual to join its ranks. Sales Executive Responsibilities: Establish and grow a major sales channel. Reporting to the General Manager, you will work closely with the marketing team to develop and execute sales and trade marketing activities. Actively secure promotional contracts to boost the company’s competitiveness and increase its market share. Ensure continued growth of the assigned channel by achieving individual sales targets, generating new accounts and identifying potential outlets for distribution. Requirements: Diploma holder or equivalent. At least 3 years of proven sales track record. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Able to work independently or in a team. Candidate must have the drive and determination to succeed in a challenging environment. Ability to speak Mandarin and Chinese dialects will prove advantageous.

MAGAZINE ARTICLE PANASONIC Headline: Get saddled in The Core Trainer EU7805 is Panasonic’s latest addition to its range of exercise machines that simulates horseback riding to improve one’s overall fitness. From a spark of inspiration: The concept of applying horseback riding to exercise machines was first conceived in 1993 by Dr Tetsuhiko Kimura, chief orthopedic surgeon of the National Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled in Japan. While on a visit to Europe, he observed how horseback riding greatly improved the physiological well-being of people who had enrolled in rehabilitation programs and wanted these same benefits to be available to people the world over. On his return to Japan, he devised a machine that could realistically replicate the movement of the saddle when a rider was riding on his or her horse. Ever since Dr Kimura’s machine was developed and introduced into the market, many health and exercise brands have started incorporating this technology into their products, advocating the health benefits that come along with simulating horseback riding. Not surprisingly, Panasonic has captured its own loyal following with their own range of ‘horseback-riding machines’. The Core Trainer EU7805 is their newest and most high-tech version yet. Getting to the core of it: As the name suggests, the Core Trainer targets your midsection, which is otherwise known as your core. Your core muscles are defined by those that wrap around your midsection and include your abdominals, obliques and spinal erectors. Strengthening your core helps one gain a better posture and improve balance. The Core Trainer promises to do just that, along with improving hip flexibility, easing lower back pain and minimizing shock to your knees that can be sustained from activities like jogging, which involves a great deal of pounding. Reaping the benefits: The Core Trainer can aid you in other forms of exercise, especially if you’re a golfer. Working on the Core Trainer regularly will build your core and lower back muscles to improve the form of your swing and extend the distance of your drive, enabling you to perform better on the fairway. This can be attributed to the saddle of the Core Trainer which rotates on 5 different exes, allowing it to twist and turn and move up and down simultaneously so that your muscles are put through a bigger range of motion. The result – a more effective overall workout. Riding on the EU7085 will also improve your sense of balance. As you move back and forth, and up and down on the Core Trainer, your centre of gravity is constantly thrown off-centre and your body compensates by activating your muscles to keep you in a stable position. This compensation effect strengthens your spinal erectors, which

MAGAZINE ARTICLE help to keep your spine straight and erect. This will in turn lead to a stronger back and improved posture. Furthermore, you will gain greater flexibility in your pelvic joints and hip area. As with Panasonic’s previous EU6441 model, regular exercise on the EU7805 increases the body’s metabolism rate. Regular exercise on these machines improves the ability of insulin in your body to break down glucose through a process known as glucose metabolism, thus leading to a healthy reduction of blood-sugar levels in your body. Getting in tune: The Core Trainer is your ideal workout partner. Anyone can use it regardless of age or fitness level. The EU7805 has 7 programmable settings that allow you to customize the intensity of your workout and an LCD screen that keeps track of the number of calories burned, angle of saddle inclination, speed and duration of your workout. The Core Trainer is essentially a great and convenient workout tool that you can use while watching television, relaxing to some music or even while reading a book. Saddling in: Saddling into the Core Trainer is simple and easy thanks to its high level of userfriendliness. The EU7805 features: • • • •

An ergonomically designed seat for maximum comfort Stirrups with 4 adjustable heights Front grips to hold onto for balance A Child safety lock

The Core Trainer is small, ultra-portable and takes up minimal space. Furthermore, its sleek and chic design serves as a decorative and albeit functional piece to add to your furniture collection. Acquiring your saddle: The new Core Trainer EU7805 retails for $2,688 whereas its older cousin the EU6441 is going for $1,688. Both Panasonic models are available at Best Denki (Junction 8, IMM, Ngee Ann city, Parkway Parade, Vivocity), Harvey Norman (Centrepoint, Milennia Walk, Suntec City, Jurong Point) as well as all other authorized Panasonic dealers.

TVC SCRIPTWRITING SATS Script <Camera takes on perspective of a passenger walking up to the SATS service counter and hands his passport to the customer service agent. Display CSA’s first name and title of occupation at this point> CSA VO: Everyday, we greet dozens of passengers and assist them in checking in their baggage before they embark on their journeys. It is important that we process their travel documents efficiently and smoothly. It is my duty to ensure that each customer is received warmly and served with a high standard of proficiency. We wish you a truly pleasant and unforgettable experience with SATS. I’m one with SATS, I’m one with you. <CSA hands passport back to Passenger. Passenger puts baggage on conveyor belt for CSA to tag. Zoom into the baggage on conveyor belt> Cut to next scene. <Zoom out to shot of chef in uniform standing up, and holding a hot tray of food. Display first name and title of occupation of CHEF at this point> CHEF VO: At SATS, we bring you expert catering solutions ranging from airline catering to food distribution and logistics, as well as chilled and frozen food manufacturing. We value the importance of using fresh quality ingredients to satisfy the most discerning tastebuds. Hence, we can provide a diverse range of high quality foods across the island. I’m one with SATS, I’m one with you. <Chef uncovers the tray of food and steam escapes. Camera zooms in on steam. Scene cuts into clouds to represent traveling time, or being on the way to destination> <Scene cuts to people having fun during their holidays. Scene cuts to them leaving and packing their bags. Zoom into baggage> (Optional. Might be too lengthy if we include this) <Zoom out of baggage to shot of baggage handler at the conveyor belt to symbolize having arrived back home. Display first name and title of occupation of BAGGAGE HANDLER at this point> BAGGAGE HANDLER VO: With a high volume of baggage passing through our hands daily, we have to be organized and efficient to ensure our operations run smoothly and without a glitch. Handling baggage is a big responsibility and this trains us to be alert and efficient at all times. I’m one with SATS, I’m one with you.

TVC SCRIPTWRITING <Passenger collects his baggage and proceeds towards exiting the belt collection point. Along the way he passes a SATS Auxiliary Police Officer. Display first name and title of occupation of APO at this point> APO VO: We hope you have enjoyed your experience with us, made possible because safety and security are always at the top of our minds. We ensure that people and installations islandwide are far removed from any threat that may cause harm. You are our number one priority. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m one with SATS, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m one with you. <APO ushers him to the exit and Passenger exits> <END>













END / / / / / / / / / /

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Writing Portfolio  

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