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Work List – Ben Brody Orchestral The Spaces Between (2012) Indecision (2011) Prelude (2009) Expressions of Night (2009) Chamber Music Ethos (2012) Electric Guitar with Delay, Electric Bass, Electric Keyboard The Verge (2012) String Quartet and Electric Guitar with Delay Drones, the Peaceful Kind (2012) Chasing Double Bass Quartet Time Will Tell (2011) 1Flute, 1Clarinet in Bb, 1 Violin, 1Cello, 1 Marimba Sax Quartet “Miniatures” (2011) Nada Brahma -The World is Sound (2011) 1 Trumpet w/ delay pedal, 1 Horn w/ Loop pedal, 1 Tuba, and 1 Electric Keyboard Indecision (Chamber Version) (2011) Vocal Music for Conversation “These Things” (David Lynch on Transcendental Meditation) (2012) Electric Guitar w/ E-Bow, Double Bass, and Electric Keyboard In Praise of Songs That Die (2011) Voice and Piano Status Report No. 1 “A Beautiful Day” (2011) Electric Keyboard, 1 Male voice, 1 Female voice - text taken from various Facebook Statuses Solo Mirrors and Beyond Part 1 & 2 (2012) Solo Electric Guitar with Loop and Delay pedals Finding Your Way Home (2012) Solo Electric Guitar with Delay Pedal Impromptu Solo for Horn (2011) Solo for Guitar (2010)

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Work List for MATA

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